My name is Jake, my mom spanks me.

My name is Jake and my mom spanks me. Usually it’s
not to bad but, last night, I angered, not only her but her in front
of her friends also. My favorite TV show was on (Simpsons) and I
wanted to watch it. The only problem was that the TV in my room is
crapy and has poor sound. The TV in the living room is big and has
suround sound.

I walked out to the living room to find my mom sitting with her
friends talking. “Mom, can I watch Simpsons.” I asked.

“Yes in your room, we’re talking here.” Mom answered sternly.

“That TV sucks! Can’t you sit in the kitchen?” I asked a little too
oud looking back.

Moms friends started whispering to each other. “No respect….”, “If
he was my kid….” Then one asked mom, “You going to let him get
away with that?”

“No, I’m not!” Mom answered. She turned to me, “Jake, go get the
hair brush now!”

I hung my head and got the hairbrush from her room. I handed it to
her and was ordered to strip. I begged not to be spanked in front of
her friends but she wouldn’t listen. Finally she told if I didn’t
they would all. I hung my head and took off my clothes. I covered my
embarrassment as she guided me over her lap, my butt upturned and
exposed. She held me there and lectured me about respect and
embarrassing her.

Finally she raised the hairbrush and came down harder that usual,
*SLAP!* “OW!” I yelled.

“OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!”

I started to squirm and she held firm.

“OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!”

Tears started to trickle down me cheek.

“OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!”
“OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!”
“OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!” “OW!”

Finally she stopped. By 25 I was crying like a baby. She put the
hairbrush down and asked if I would be rude again to her and her
friends. I shook my head no and she told me too apologize to all her

“I’m sorry Ms. Smith,” ‘sniff’ “I’m sorry Ms. Carter,” ‘sniff’ “I’m
sorry Mrs. Wallace” ‘sniff’ “I’m sorry Ms Robinson.” I said through

I was pulled up and marched to the corner with my hands on my head
and my flaming bottom on display. No rubbing after a spanking was
the rule in our house. I listened to all the compliments my mom
recieved, of her dicipline of me and stories of them spanking their

After an hour all her friends left and was allowed to dress and head
for bed. The Simpsons were long over and I would never challange my
mom again…especially in front of her friends.

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