Little House Fan Fiction

Little House Fan Fiction
Crystal is Crazy Part 1
By Christy

Twelve year old Crystal was relatively new to Walnut Grove,
and hadn’t made many friends. It wasn’t that she didn’t try, or that
she wasn’t nice; the problem she had was that she was never in school
consistently. She didn’t skip; she simply was extremely ill. She
would get violent headaches that plagued her so much that she wasn’t
able to leave her room. Her parents, while not being rich, weren’t
poor either, and had taken her to doctors, but they were all
perplexed at Crystal’s state. If she had lived a century later, she
would have been immediately diagnosed with having severe migraines.
At this point in time, however, such a thing was not known, so she
had to suffer.
It had been decided that she would do better away from the
noise and pollution and other stressors of the city they had lived
in, so her parents had promptly packed up all of their belongings and
headed off to small Walnut Grove.
The school year was already in session when they had come,
and Crystal had struggled to get caught up. Miss Beadle was more than
understanding, but it concerned her that the young woman was
extremely withdrawn.
One day, two weeks after she had just started going to her
new school, the children were let outside for recess. She retreated
to an old tree as was her habit, praying that she would just be left
alone so she could try to make up some of her school work. All of a
sudden, Nellie, Willy, and a few of their friends came up and
surrounded her.
Crystal cowered; she knew that just fed bullies’ hunger, but
she couldn’t help it!
“Well, well, well,” taunted Nellie, “if it isn’t little miss
Crystal. Where’ve you been? This is only the third day in two weeks
you’ve been in school!”
“Yeah!” piped up Willy. “I’ll bet you’ve been skipping!”
“I have not!” Crystal replied indignantly. “I’ve been sick!”
“Yeah right,” snorted Nellie. “My Ma says something’s wrong
with your head. You must be crazy!”
“I am not! I get headaches!” argued the young girl.
“Don’t lie!” yelled Nellie as loudly as she dared.
“Crystal is crazy!” teased Willie. Before long, half the boys
on the playground were gathered around the blond, taking up the chant.
“Crystal is crazy! Crystal is crazy! Crystal is crazy!”
Crystal felt tears welling up in her eyes, despite how
vulnerable it made her feel. This is part of why they had moved from
the city; all of the taunting and tormenting had been too much.
Supposedly it was supposed to be better here, but Walnut Grove was
proving to be no better than the eleven years of taunting she’d been
subject to in the city. Her adrenaline began pumping, and suddenly
all she could think about was giving Nellie Oleson and her brother a
big black eye.
At that moment, across the school yard, Mary and Laura saw
the throng of kids circling someone. They didn’t know who it was or
what it was about, but they knew it wasn’t good. “Laura!” cried
Mary. “Go get Miss Beadle! Hurry!”
Laura, who was ten at this time, took off, her legs
practically flying. Mary ran the other way, over to the throng. She
weaseled her way through the multitude, and saw the new girl raising
her arm to punch Nellie’s lights out.
“Crystal! Don’t!” Mary screamed, in order to be heard over
the noise of the chant.
The poor girl was shaking and crying by this time. She and
Mary were the same age, and Mary’s heart went out to the poor girl.
She put a comforting arm around her, easing the arm she had planned
to use to strike Nellie down, but didn’t attempt to get her through
the throng. She could just see Miss Beadle racing out of the
schoolhouse, and figured it would be best for her to see the crime
scene the way it was.
“What is the meaning of this?” she hollered over the roar of
the chant. Upon seeing their teacher, the kids immediately began to
back off. All of them, that is, except Nellie and Willie.
“Miss Beadle!” Nellie whined, ready to turn this whole thing
to her advantage. “Crystal here was just about to punch me and Willie
when you came out here! Aren’t you going to punish her?”
“Well it certainly didn’t look like that to me, Nellie,” Miss
Beadle retorted. “Crystal, would you please tell me what happened?”
Crystal was stuck. She didn’t want to get Nellie and Willie
into trouble, because she knew that they would be just that much
worse the next day. “I really wasn’t going to punch her Miss Beadle!
Everyone was making fun of me, and I was threatening them; honest,
that’s all it was. I just wanted them to leave me alone. Nellie was
the closest, that’s why it was her. Please don’t be mad at me, Miss
Mary was shocked! She didn’t feel like she could tell on
Nellie, because she didn’t know exactly what had happened. She knew
there was more to this story, though, than this girl was telling.
Miss Beadle, on the other hand, bought it completely. If she
was completely honest with herself, she would admit that she was
favoring the slight-built young woman, but at that moment, it didn’t
cross her mind as such.
“Well, I’m sure that if you really didn’t intend to hurt
anyone, then there is no problem here. I don’t like the idea of
people making fun of you, though. Would you tell me who it was?”
Crystal was caught between a rock and a hard place. “I, it
was a lot of people, ma’am. It’s okay, really.” Mary could believe
her ears, and wanted to speak up, but not knowing anything about what
had just taken place, she felt it was really out of her hands.
“Well, then, I think recess is over for today, boys and
girls,” replied a surprised Miss Beadle.” Grudgingly, the class came
in out of the beautiful weather to resume their seemingly boring
After school let out for the day, Crystal set out sullenly by
herself to go home. Mary signaled to Laura, and together they raced
after the dejected girl.
“Hi, Crystal, I’m Mary. I’m afraid we didn’t quite get
properly introduced earlier,” Mary introduced herself.
“And I’m Laura!” piped up the brown-haired tomboy. “I’m her
sister. Is it true you were going to slug Nellie Oleson one?”
Crystal shrugged. “I don’t know what I would have done if
Mary hadn’t come along,” she said. “I’ve put up with bullying my
whole life; I was told that it wouldn’t happen here, but they were
“What exactly did she do?” inquired Laura.
“Well, she started teasing me about just missing school, and
about how her mother says I have something wrong with my head. That’s
partially true, because I have this disease that gives me constant
headaches that keep me in bed all the time. That’s why I’m never in
school. Not because I skip. But then Willy started up a chant
of `Crystal is Crazy’ and I was just about to lose it when your
sister got to me.”
“Well, I think it’s too bad you DIDN’T give Nellie a black
eye. It would have served her right!” stated Laura.
“Laura!” admonished Mary. “I can’t believe you! Besides, the
last thing Crystal needs is a sore backside to accompany a sore head.”
“Huh?” asked a truly perplexed Crystal.
“Oh, don’t be silly! I’m sure your pa would skin you alive if
you beat up another girl, even if it IS Nellie Oleson,” replied Mary.
“Oh, don’t be so sure,” chuckled Crystal. Laura and Mary
exchanged looks. “My ma and pa don’t believe in spanking me.”
“Man, I wish I was you!” breathed Laura.
“No, you don’t. It isn’t fun… and, well, if I tell you
something, do you two promise not to tell anyone else?”
The sisters didn’t know what to think, but they shrugged. “Of
course you can tell us… everyone knows the Ingalls are the best
secret keepers in Walnut Grove!” said an enthusiastic Laura.
“Well… I wish I was more normal. My parents not spanking me
just alienates me from everyone else. Or at least it feels like it.”
“Oh, don’t let THAT bother you! I’m sure there’s one or two
other kids here who haven’t felt the burn of a spanking here in
Walnut Grove,” Mary said unconvincingly.
They walked in silence for a few minutes, and then suddenly
Laura broke out into a HUGE grin. “What’s so funny?” demanded
Crystal, whose sensitivity made her think that Laura was making fun
of her.
“Nothing… except… well, I probably shouldn’t be telling you
Now it was Mary’s turn to be concerned. “Laura,” she said
“No, what is it Laura?” asked Crystal, whose curiosity had
peaked now that she knew that Laura’s grin wasn’t because of
something she had done.
“Well… we both want to see Nellie get a black eye, right?”
“Well, yes…”
“And YOU want a spanking, right?”
“Well, yes, but I don’t see how that would make any
difference! I already told you… my parents don’t believe in using
“Your parents haven’t been confronted by an angry Mrs. Oleson
yet, though, have they?”
Even Mary had to grin, now. If Harriett Oleson found out that
Crystal was responsible for hurting her darling little daughter, no
matter the reasoning, she would DEMAND that she get fair retribution.
“I don’t know,” replied Crystal, though. “My parents would
still probably get out of it.”
“No they wouldn’t,” said a laughing Mary. “Harriett Oleson
would not let someone who hurt her precious flesh and blood get away
with it. And even if Nellie doesn’t get in trouble, she’ll be
sporting a black eye for a while… and she’ll probably keep her
distance from you too!”
“That would be so neat… but are you SURE my parents would
have to actually spank me?”
“Well, if you really want a lickin’, yes, I KNOW this is one
way to definitely get it,” Laura giggled. She still didn’t understand
why someone would WANT a skinning, but if that’s what she wanted, so
be it. “If you do it right in front of Mrs. Oleson, there is NO WAY
you could get away with it.”
Crystal positively beamed at the thought of getting back at
Nellie. “I wonder what it would take to get Nellie in trouble too…”
she pondered.
“Well, you could always do it in front of BOTH of her
parents… Mr. Oleson wouldn’t let her get away with it… if you could
get her to tease you first, that is,” Mary mused.
“How?” she asked.
“Hmmm… well, I suppose you could ACT a LITTLE like you were
crazy… just dancing a little jig for no real reason. And if anyone
asks, we could say you were practicing for the barn raising coming
up,” schemed Laura.
“I LOVE the way you think!” exclaimed Crystal. “It’s set
“Crystal… I don’t know if this is such a good idea… you don’t
know how bad a spanking can hurt,” said Mary.
“EXACTLY… I need to know. Besides, it can’t be any worse than
my headaches.”
Mary was dubious, but she decided to keep her mouth shut.
“When should I do it?” asked the newcomer.
“Tomorrow is Friday. Nellie always has a bunch of her snooty
friends at the store then. We could walk over there with you,
pretending that we were looking for a birthday present for Ma. It
wouldn’t take much. With some luck, Nellie will fight you back; if
Mr. Oleson sees that, he won’t stand for it!” said Laura excitedly.
“Yeah, but what if he isn’t there?” asked Crystal worriedly.
“That’s not a problem. Friday is always the busiest day of
the week for the Olesons because it’s payday. Everyone is there;
Harriett can’t handle that many customers all by herself. And since
Mr. Oleson always takes the cash register when it’s both of them in
there, he will have a clear view out the window AND the door,” smiled
“It’s settled, then!” exclaimed an excited Crystal. “We’ll
meet directly after school, give Nellie and her followers time to get
to the store, and then make our way over there! You guys are the

“Crystal is Crazy” Part 2
A Little House on the Prairie Fan Fiction

That night Laura and Mary went home and were VERY careful to
do all of their chores and homework promptly. They didn’t want to be
kept from staying after school for anything… there was no way they
were going to miss Crystal’s performance.
Once the family was gathered for dinner, Mary decided to make
sure that it was safe for Laura and herself to stay after
school. “Ma, Pa?” she began.
“Yes, Mary?” responded Caroline.
“Laura and I wanted to make sure it was alright for us to
stay after school a little bit tomorrow. There’s this new girl,
Crystal, and we promised to spend a little time with her. She’s been
out sick a lot and doesn’t have many friends.”
“Well, I don’t see why not,” replied Ma. “I have a fairly
easy day here, so as long as you aren’t out too late you may stay out
awhile. Is that alright with you Charles?”
“Of course it is! I’ve heard about this Crystal; it sounds
like she could use all the friends she can get.” Mary and Laura
breathed a sigh of relief; they were free!
The next day, Mary and Laura stayed by Crystal’s side during
lunch, so Nellie and Willie couldn’t start teasing her again. Recess
went without a single problem, although Nellie did manage to stick
her tongue out at Crystal once or twice when the Ingalls’ backs were
turned. Little did she know that she was only adding fuel to the
fire, and that she was going to pay for that more than she could ever
dream possible!
The afternoon inched slowly by, and finally the class was
released. Nellie and her friends had hung back for awhile, hoping to
catch Crystal by herself, but she had to stay and get help from Miss
Beadle, so they finally departed in the direction of the general
store. Laura and Mary, who had hung back in the rear of the
classroom, grinned at each other, and caught Crystal’s eye as she was
working with Miss Beadle. An excitement was fired up in those eyes
that had been so dull for so long.
Finally, about ten drawn-out minutes, the girls were free to
go about their way. They dashed through the door, and headed up to
Oleson’s Mercantile. As expected, the girls were hanging out near the
counter, gorging themselves on candy, and frankly making a pest of
“Now, remember, Crystal,” Mary warned for the umpteenth
time, “you have to give Nellie fair warning, and a loud one, before
you hit her. Warn her that you aren’t crazy, and for her to leave you
alone. That will probably make her go after you all the more, which
is when you should attack her.”
“I know, I know!” Crystal laughed. “I promise not to blow it,
Mary!” Mary grinned.
Finally, Mary gave Crystal the `thumb’s up’ sign, and then
she and Laura “hid” a few feet away. They were still in clear sight,
but not to the other girls and Willie, who would have their backs to
them. They could still claim to be watching Crystal `dance,’ but
Nellie’s initial reaction would be that Crystal was dancing for no
reason at all, with no one watching.
Once they were in position, Laura grinned and nodded, and
Crystal went into a lively rendition of a jig. Just as planned, it
didn’t take Nellie long to spy the twelve year old. She motioned to
her friends, and naturally, Willie trailed after his sister as well.
“See, girls,” Nellie said snidely, “I told you SHE was
“I am not, Nellie Oleson!”
“Yeah, right. Crystal, you really are pathetic. Is that why
they sent you to Walnut Grove? You were too pathetic to be around the
good city kids?”
“Nellie, I’m warning you…” said Crystal, playing her part to
the max.
“Ooh… I’m scared. What’re you going to do? Hit me? You’re too
weak and pathetic to even lay a finger on me….”
Crystal had a MEAN right curve, and she used it to hit Nellie
square in the side of the face. That had hurt! But she carefully hid
that from her opponent. And, just as Mary had suspected she would,
Nellie went at Crystal full throttle. Before long, the girls were in
a full tussle. At least Crystal was getting in some decent punches;
Nellie was satisfying herself with trying her hardest to pull
Crystal’s long, blond hair out. She did succeed in elbowing her in
the eye, but even that was an accident. In other words, Nellie was as
girly as she looked.
“What on Earth?” Nels asked Harriett as he looked out the
shop window.
“Why, it’s that insane girl! She’s beating up my Nellie!”
exclaimed Harriett.
“Harriett, I’ve told you before, she’s not insane, and it
looks like Nellie is doing her fair share of the beating up…” he
said. But Harriett didn’t even hear him, she was rushing into the
street to save her darling little daughter.
James Craiger, Crystal’s father, happened to be in the store
at the same time, unbeknownst to his daughter. He exchanged looks
with Nels.
“Yes, I’m afraid that is your daughter fighting with mine out
there. What do you say, should we go break it up?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” came the amused response. “Watching your
wife try and get in there without breaking her nails is rather
amusing.” By this time, both men were laughing so hard they had tears
running down their cheeks.
“I suppose we really should break it up, anyway,” said
Nels. “I just can’t believe this!”
“If I find out my daughter instigated it…” began James.
“No, don’t even sweat it. I’m sure it was my Nellie who
started it by making fun of Crystal. Now, shall we?”
Together the two men made their way out into the street, and
successfully broke up the fighting girls.
“What TOOK you so long, Nels?” demanded a very frazzled
“Oh, nothing, dear,” he replied, hiding his grin. That was
when he noticed the two Ingalls girls standing off to the side,
laughing their heads off.
“Laura! Mary!” he called out to them. “Do you have ANY idea
of what just happened here?”
“Well, yes, sir, I suppose we do,” replied Mary a little
“Would you please come inside, then, and help sort out this
mess?” he asked.
“Ah, yeah, sure!” replied Laura, ready to defend Crystal as
much as she could… at least enough to help her save face in front of
The party of seven went inside the store. “Could everyone
please leave the store for about half an hour?” requested Nels.
Everyone by this time knew what had taken place outside, and they
were more than happy to oblige. Before long, the store was deserted
except for the four girls and three very unhappy adults.
“Young lady,” snapped Harriett, “just what do you think you
were doing, beating up on my poor Nellie like that?”
“Now Harriett, I’m sure there is some rational explanation
for this,” replied Nels. “Laura, Mary, did you see the whole thing?”
“Yessir,” replied Mary.
“Would you care to clear up this big mess?”
“It all started yesterday at school,” began Laura. “Nellie
and Willie were teasing Crystal about her being crazy and her missin’
school all the time. Miss Beadle stopped it, but Crystal was bad
upset about it.”
“We were coming over to the store, today, to look for a gift
for Ma’s birthday with Crystal… or at least she was walking as far as
the store with us, then she was going to go home. But she wanted to
show us her jig for the upcoming dance,” Mary jumped in. “She used
Crystal’s dancing as `proof’ of her insanity. Crystal tried to tell
her what she was really doing, but Nellie kept making fun of her.
Before we could get there, Crystal had punched Nellie. Then Nellie
came after Crystal, and that’s when Mrs. Oleson came out.”
“Thank you Mary,” said Nels, but he was cut short by his wife.
“Don’t you lie to me, young lady! My Nellie would NEVER do
such a thing!”
“Harriett, something obviously provoked this young lady. Now,
the way I see it, we have two young ladies in the wrong. Nellie, go
up to your room; I’ll be up in just a minute to deal with you.”
James then added, “Yes, well I guarantee Crystal won’t be
going much of anywhere except church and school for quite a while.”
Crystal started to get a look of panic in her eyes, but she didn’t
need to fear.
“I’m sure you’ll also be giving your daughter a good tanning
as soon as you get home, won’t you, Mr. Craiger?” asked Harriett.
“No, Mrs. Oleson, I will not. My wife and I do not believe in
striking our child, not for any cause. Although I must say, my
daughter has had more than enough bullying in her short life. Do you
know how detrimental that is to a young person? If either of the
girls needs a good tanning, it’s your Nellie.”
“Why I never!” exclaimed Mrs. Oleson. “My Nellie did nothing
“On the contrary, my dear,” said her husband firmly. “She not
only fought back when she should have just come and told us about
being hit, she teased a girl until she felt she had no other resort
but to strike out. And I WILL be dealing with Nellie shortly.”
Laura, Mary and Crystal hid their smirks, but they made eye
contact. They had succeeded in getting at least one of the two girls
“You wouldn’t dare!” she screeched.
“Watch me, Harriett,” he said calmly.
Harriett took her frustrations out on the other party,
ignoring her husband’s last statement. “Mr. Craiger,” said
Harriett, “you WILL give your daughter that spanking! I won’t hear of
it any other way. She hit my daughter of her own accord! And if you
don’t, I’ll…you’ll… you won’t be allowed credit in my store!”
“Harriett!” admonished her husband. “I really am sorry,
James, don’t listen to her.”
James Craiger stopped short. He would not lose face with
their new neighbors this early in the game. “You know, Nels, perhaps
your wife is right. Maybe I SHOULD give Crystal a licking. I thought
we had brought her up better than this, but apparently our methods
have been too soft. Nels, if you would promise me that Nellie gets
what she has coming to her, I guarantee you that Crystal will get
hers tonight as well.”
“Well, Harriet, what’ll it be? Which do you want more? Nellie
to get away without my dealing with her, or to have Crystal get what
she deserves?” Nels asked his wife, a grin spreading across his face.
She didn’t have to know that he was still planning on dealing with
Nellie anyway!
“Nels…” she pleaded, but her husband remained stoically
“It’s your choice Harriett,” was all he said.
“Fine! Take your brat and give her what she deserves! She
needs it far more than my Nellie does, that’s for sure! But if that’s
what it takes!” She then gave her “Harriet Oleson screech” which was
a very long and high pitched “Ugh!” and flounced out the door,
unwilling to hear what would happen to her daughter.
“I’m sorry if I caused a problem Nels,” apologized James.
“No problem at all! I would have seen to Nellie one way or
the other, but at least this way I’ll be able to live with the
Missus! Speaking of which, how is Catherine going to take this?”
“Don’t you worry about that. I think little miss Crystal here
has had this coming; besides, my wife doesn’t have to know any more
than yours.” With that, he waved goodbye to Nels, and headed for the
“Good luck!” mouthed Laura to Crystal as she was ushered
roughly out the door.
“Thanks!” she mouthed back.
With that Mr. Oleson turned to the two young ladies. “Now,
what were you thinking about for your Ma?” he asked.
“Oh, that’s okay, Mr. Oleson,” Mary hurriedly said before
Laura could say anything stupid. “It’s not that important. You go
take care of Nellie.”
“Okay, although it would have been the least I could have
done, to wait on you, since you helped us out so much.”
“No, really Mr. Oleson,” she said just a quickly as before.
We’re fine. We… were shopping in advance anyway. Thank you. Goodbye!”
“Goodbye girls!” he called out. “Wait, would you put up
the `closed’ sign in the window for me?”
“Sure thing, Mr. Oleson!” smiled Laura.
Nels thought, wondering how to best deal with his smart aleck
daughter. It had been far too long since he had last dealt with
Nellie; he didn’t know how long it would be before he could again. In
other words, he had to make this impression last. First he picked up
a large, oval hairbrush, then set it back down. Then his eye caught
the glimmer of the buckle of a brand new belt hanging on the wall.
No better time to break it in, he thought, and he grabbed it,
stuffed it in his pocket, then headed resolutely up the stairs. He
made his way to his only daughter’s room, and then knocked sharply on
the door. “Nellie?” he called out.
“WHAT?!?!?!” she called out. Her tone just added fuel to her
father’s fire. He took a second to calm himself, then opened the
door. She was sitting at her vanity table, her face in her hands.
When she looked up, it was obvious that she had been crying; her face
was red, wet and puffy. It there weren’t traces of tears, he would
have thought it was just the aftermath of the punch.
“Young lady, lose that tone of voice,” he commanded, his
voice steely. She just sat with her nose scrunched up, her eyes full
of hatred. “It’s time you were taught a lesson young lady,” he said.
Now he could detect only the slightest bit of fear in her
face, but it was enough for him. He proceeded to go to her vacant
bed, where he took the mountain of pillows she insisted on sleeping
with, and stacked them one on top of the other on the edge of the bed.
“Father!” she shrieked. “What are you doing?”
“I’m doing something I should have done a long time ago. Now
bend over those pillows, Nellie.”
“But, Father!”
“Do it NOW Nellie. Do not make this any worse on yourself
than you already have.”
“Mother’s going to hate you for this.”
“No she won’t, she told me to, in fact.”
“She didn’t!”
“When she gets home you can ask her. But by then, this will
already be over and done with. Now, we do it the easy way, Nellie, or
we do it the hard way. If I have to make you get over those pillows,
you will not like it.”
“Father, you don’t really mean it!”
“I am giving you until the count of three to get your bottom
up and over those pillows Nellie. One….” She still remained
seated. “Two….” still she remained seated. Surely he couldn’t,
“Three. That’s it Nellie, fine. We’ll do it the hard way
then. But let me tell you, you have now lost the privilege of keeping
your bloomers up.” With that, the muscular Mr. Oleson strode over to
his daughter, picked her right up out of her seat, carried her over
to the mound of pillows, and laid her across. In one fluid movement
he pulled her frilly blue skirt and her layers of lacy white
petticoats up on her back, and in yet another movement he yanked down
her remaining set of decency, her lacy white bloomers.
“Father!” she gasped, as she felt the cool air swirl around
her perfectly round cheeks.
“It was your choice, Nellie. Don’t give me that. Now,
whatever you do, do not put your hands behind you. God help us both
if you do.” With that, Nels grabbed the belt, doubled it over, and
took a step backward.
Without so much as a warning, he lifted his strong, right arm
far behind him, and with all of the strength he had, he delivered the
first blow. The shriek that elicited from Nellie’s mouth pierced her
father’s eardrums, and rattled the glass windows in their frames.
“Nellie,” he said fairly loudly, so as to be heard over her
FOR A LONG TIME NOW. You have a lot more to go, young lady, so get a
hold of yourself.” With that the exaggerated sobs lessened somewhat,
and finally Nels was just able to make out what she was saying.
“Yeah, well brace yourself kid, `cause it’s only going to
hurt worse.”
He looked at the bright red, thin weal that had formed on her
mid-buttocks. He then stepped back, and let fly another lash, this
one landing an inch below the first. As the red began to spread,
Nellie let out another shriek, this time only slightly less intense.
Nels shook his head, trying to rid himself of the ringing in his
ears. He would be lucky to get this licking done; no sense being too
hard on her. Besides, she was only embarrassing herself, as over half
of Walnut Grove was milling around outside.
Finally he let fly yet another lash, this time having it land
in the tender area between thigh and buttock. He ignored the shriek
it produced, then went on down and hit her thighs. This really got
his daughter to hollering, but her mentally blocked it out. By now
her rear was beginning to look like the peppermint sticks she was
always filching from the store. Four stripes, and nowhere near done.
He then went back to the lower part of her bottom, laying two
more strikes right there in the crease. The reddish glow was becoming
more prominent, but he wasn’t done yet. He had decided to make this
lesson stay with her every time she sat down in the near future, and
he wasn’t going to break that promise. He attacked her thighs two
more times. By now, her screams were dying down to hoarse sobs. He
was surprised that she hadn’t reached back, but figured she was
gutsier than he had thought.
He decided to land the last five right back down on her
thighs and bottom crease; a few small bruises would hardly do her any
harm; she would be forced to think of this every time she sat down
for a few days, anyway. If he could keep her behaving better for just
that short period of time, it would be worth it.
He laid each one on with as much force as he had, leaving her
with one swollen, red, and just slightly bruised rear and pair of
thighs. If he had been caught doing what she had done as a boy, he
would have gotten much worse than a stroke per each year of his life,
but to Nellie’s unaccustomed backside, he decided to let go at that.
He felt that she should be aware of this, however.
“Nellie?” he asked.
“What?” came her muffled response.
“I’m sorry that was necessary, but you should know I let you
off easy. You should have gotten twice that.”
He got no response from her, so he assumed she was simply not
speaking to him. “Well, when you are ready, come downstairs and I’ll
get you some ice for your eye. You’re going to have a nice black eye
from this.”
“Can’t you bring it up here?”
“No, Nellie, I can’t. I don’t want you using it on your
backside.” With that he went and pulled up her bloomers, and it was
when he reached up to pull down her skirts that he realized his
mistake. Her skirts were so long and so full that they had pinned her
arms down, prohibiting her from reaching back like he had been almost
relying upon. He finished lowering her garments, and left the room.
Nellie’s last thoughts were: My father is SO naïve.

Crystal is Crazy Part 3
A Little House Fan Fiction

James Craiger roughly grabbed his daughter by the arm and led
her out to the waiting wagon. Crystal was excited at the chance of
finally getting what she had always dreamed of, but she was also
becoming slightly worried. She had never seen her father this livid
“Just wait until we get home, young lady,” he growled. “How
I’m going to explain this to your ma I just don’t know. But you are
going to pay for this. I thought we’d taught you better than this!
Maybe we’ve been too easy on you. Is that it? Should we have been
spanking you all along? Should we continue to do so?”
Crystal wisely kept her mouth clamped shut; these questions
seemed to require no real response, and she didn’t want to get into
any deeper trouble. She already was scared. She had no idea how this
was going to go.
The closer they came to their large farm the more she became
worried. Tears were beginning to start to trickle down her fingernail-
scratched cheeks, causing them to burn. She brushed fiercely at them,
but they didn’t go unnoticed.
Finally they made it to the end of the line. James hopped out
of the wagon, briskly walked around to the other side, and lifted his
daughter up and out. He left the team hitched up; it wasn’t terribly
hot out, and they could stand it. Once again he roughly took her by
the elbow and led her into the house.
The smell of freshly baked apple pie greeted them as they
passed through the threshold. Julia, Crystal’s brown-haired mother,
turned around from putting the finishing touches on a pie with a
large smile on her face. That smile quickly disappeared at the looks
coming from her husband and daughter.
“What’s the matter? Why, Crystal! You’re hurt!” she cried,
running over to inspect the scratches left by the Oleson girl.
“It’s nothin’, Ma,” she replied quietly.
“Oh, isn’t it, Little Miss Crystal?” her father instigated.
“Papa, don’t make me tell her!” Crystal cried out.
“James, what on Earth is going on here?” demanded Julia.
“Our daughter got in a fist-fight with none other but Nellie
Oleson over just a little teasing,” he replied grimly.
“Just a LITTLE teasing?” cried Crystal indignantly.
“Young lady! You will speak only when you are spoken to,” her
father said harshly.
“Crystal, go up to your room while your father and I decide
on your punishment,” sighed her mother.
“You don’t have to,” she replied quietly.
“Go on,” urged her father with fire raging in his eyes.
“Mrs. Oleson insisted that Papa… oh please, don’t make me say
“You WILL say it young lady, or it will be considerably
worse,” he replied harshly.
“Come on, it can’t be that bad, sweetheart,” coaxed Julia,
totally oblivious to what her daughter was trying to say.
“Ma, Pa has to spank me,” Crystal said sadly, so softly that
she could barely be heard.
“Oh no he does not!” she retorted.
“Actually, dear, I do. Harriett Oleson is making me. And
quite frankly, I think our daughter is asking for it!” a very angry
James said.
Crystal immediately worried. Had her father said that “she
was asking for it?” Did he mean in the literal sense or not?
“Do you really think that is such a wise idea, James? Sure,
she’s been getting a little out of hand, but I don’t think Crystal
has been asking for a spanking!”
“No, Julia, her attitude has gotten to be too much. I don’t
care if she is sick; she has to know right from wrong. And if
confining her to the house as punishment doesn’t get through to her,
then maybe a little pain will.”
Phew, Crystal thought, he hadn’t meant that she’d literally
been ASKING for it, asking for it. Just that she’d been deserving it.
“Crystal, go on up to your room. I have to unhitch the team,
and then I’ll be up to deal with you.” With that, James strode back
outside, slamming the door shut on his way out. Crystal broke into
“None of that, now, Crystal. I’d be getting up to your room,
if I were you. I wouldn’t want your pa catching you down here when
you’re supposed to be up there. You’ll be alright. Sure, you’re going
to be hurting for a while, but you’re a tough young lady. You’ve been
through so much pain, you can certainly get through this.” With that,
Julia gave her daughter a quick, comforting hug and planted a kiss on
top of her head. As Crystal turned to go upstairs to her room, Julia
landed a swift smack to her daughter’s backside.
Crystal slowly made her way up to her room. She had no
brothers or sisters, and so she had many things other children did
not, including her own room. She didn’t know what to do, or how her
father was going to do this. She had heard about different ways kids
got it, of course. She hoped he wasn’t going to grab one of the
straps from the barn while he was out there. How she’d be able to
tolerate that was beyond her.
Finally she just sat down on her bed and waited, tears
glistening in her eyes. After about ten minutes she heard her father
stomping up the stairs. The tears that were welling up in her eyes
spilled out as she heard him twist the doorknob.
What she saw scared the living daylights out of her. In his
right hand was a switch.
“Papa, no!” she cried.
“Don’t give me that. You’ve had this coming a while, and I
intend to deal with your impertinence here and now. In fact, you are
getting two spankings young lady.”
“But Papa!”
“Don’t `But Papa’ me, and DO NOT INTERUPT me, young lady, is
that clear?”
“Yessir,” she sobbed.
“You’re getting one spanking for all the times you have
misbehaved in the past and we’ve allowed you to get by with your
actions, and then you are getting a totally separate one for what you
did today. You embarrassed both your ma and me, and I won’t have my
daughter getting into fights, no matter what the cause may be. Now,
go over and get your hairbrush.”
Slowly, as if in a dream, Crystal stood up, walked over to
her desk, and opened the ornate drawer. With shaking hands she
withdrew the large, oval, oaken brush. She reluctantly made her way
over to her father and proffered the weapon to him. He strode
purposefully over to her bed, set the switch down, and then perched
on the edge.
“Come over to my right, Crystal,” he said calmly and
meaningfully. She hesitated a moment, and then made her way over to
him. “I’ll let you choose. You can keep your bloomers up for one of
the spankings. Which will it be?”
Crystal was stunned! She hadn’t had any reason to believe her
father would make her show herself to him! She didn’t have any clue
which spanking would hurt worse, so she randomly chose.
“Uh, I’ll keep them up for the hairbrush, I guess” she said
“If that’s your choice, fine.” With that, her father crossed
his legs. “Bend over my knee, Crystal,” he commanded not altogether
Slowly she lowered herself in the unfamiliar position. As
soon as she was safely balanced, she felt her skirt and petticoat
being raised, uncovering her buxom, bloomer-covered bottom.
“Give me your right hand, Crystal,” her father demanded, and
she readily, although extremely confused, obeyed. He took it in his
left hand, and pinned her arm behind her back, restricting her from
reaching back to interfere with her punishment.
With that, he raised his right arm, which held the heavy
hairbrush and brought it down with a WHOOSH, and then it made contact
with her prime right “sit spot.”
Crystal kicked her right leg, and let out a cry. The spank
burned its message deep into her backside. Why had she wanted this?
She had no idea. But now there was no backing out of it… and it
sounded as if her father wanted to continue to spank her for her
She was brought out of this reverie by another swift SMACK,
this time on her left side. It too left a burning imprint, and she
let out yet another cry. Not SCREAMS, like Nellie, but just loud
cries, the norm for a spanked child.
Her father went back to her right side, landing the hairbrush
right on top of the previous strike. Her cries elevated, and her
father could just barely see a hint of pink through her thin white
bloomers. He didn’t let this deter him from his task, however, and
let the hairbrush land hard on the left side, then the right, and
then the left again. By this time a hint of red could CLEARLY be seen
through her undergarments, and her legs were kicking futilely.
Never had Crystal felt such pain; even her headaches seemed
like nothing compared to this. Of course, any amount of pain you feel
always seems much worse than it is at the time you are experiencing
it, but she couldn’t help but to feel that this was the worst she’d
ever felt! She felt awful for causing Nellie pain, for being a pain
to her parents, and simply, she just felt punished. This was
something new to her; her confinements had done nothing to make her
feel like she was in the wrong. They had only managed to make her
angry at her parents. For the first time ever she felt true, complete
remorse for what she had done. And she felt that she was paying the
price, and that once this was over, she’d be in the right again.
Her father kept alternating sides, never shifting to another
spot. As he laid the sixth and final swat to her left side, he
literally felt the heat radiating from her punished posterior. He set
the brush down, and gently rubbed his daughter’s back. He murmured
comforting words in her ear until she finally could keep from crying
out. He knew she could hear over her soft sobs, so he spoke.
“Okay, baby girl, we’re halfway through. I promise to make
this last part quick, okay? I need you to stand up, though.”
She was utterly confused, but she shakily obeyed. He steadied
her as she righted herself. Then he, too stood up. Crystal rubbed her
seat, all the while watching her father’s every movement.
James was setting her pillows up quite similarly to how Nels
had recently done for Nellie, although he would never know it. After
he had piled three fluffy pillows into the world’s softest
skyscraper, he patted them a few times. “Go ahead and bend over those
pillows, honey.”
Crystal gradually minced her way over to the mound, and,
after taking a deep breath, bent over them.
“Now hold onto the other side of the bed,” her father
instructed. She hastily obeyed, finding that it provided a little
extra support. “Crystal, I’m going to have to ask you to do something
very difficult, okay? I know you can do it though. I need you to not
reach back during this part of your punishment. I will have to give
you an extra stroke if you do, okay? I don’t want to hurt your hands.”
She nodded her agreement, all the while sobbing into the
quilt. Her father came up behind her, raised her skirts, and, after
taking a deep breath, pulled down her bloomers. Crystal sucked in her
breath as she felt the rough cloth being pulled down over her sore,
swollen cheeks, but wisely kept her mouth shut.
James reached over and grabbed the switch. He had promised to
keep this quick, and he intended to keep his promise. With
strengthened resolve, he snapped the switch across the backs of his
daughter’s thighs. This time she let out a little screech, but she
clutched the quilt for all she was worth, promising herself not to
reach back. And, unlike Nellie, she could if she wanted to.
James didn’t give her more than a second’s rest in between
strikes, and quickly landed the third, fourth and fifth strikes, one
below the other, each eliciting a slightly louder screech. He thought
that just maybe she would get through this first licking without any
extra strokes, when, after the sixth stripe was added to the mix,
causing her thighs to look like the red and white portion of the
American flag, she started to reach back.
The pain had become so intense, she had forgotten the rule.
Thankfully, he didn’t hit her as he wasn’t planning on striking for
another second or two, but he did catch her.
“Crystal!” he thundered ominously. “Put that hand back! We
were half done, but now we still have seven to go.”
“No!” she cried out as she reached her hand forward again,
but she was cut short by a flurry of three hard strikes. James took a
second for a breather; he was perspiring heavily. Finally he reached
back, and quickly let fly the last four strokes before she could
reach back again. By this time, she was broken, just lying across the
pillows sobbing.
James gently pulled her bloomers back up, and sat next to
her, softly stroking her hair. He was quite taken aback when she said
once she had caught her breath, “Thank you, Pa.”
“What?” he asked.
“Thank you for finally punishing me how I needed it. I know
you love me enough to do it now.”
“You thought we didn’t love you?” he asked, unbelieving.
“No, I knew you loved me, but… I’ve always seen kids get
punished and stuff, but have things go right back to normal once
their licking was over. It felt like you and Ma always held a grudge
against anything I did.”
“Why didn’t you ever say that?” he asked.
“I thought you would think I was stupid… and I was scared.”
“Of the spanking or our reaction?”
“Both.” she replied quietly.
“I’m sorry we let you down, sweetie,” he said genuinely.
“That’s okay. I love you Pa.”

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