By: Juanoneone

Disclaimer: This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and

Fifteen year old Nicole Fullerton plonked herself down in
a seat near the front and smiled at the dark-haired, tan girl
sitting to her left. “Hi!” she said brightly, flashing white
teeth “I’m Nicole”.
“Shut up!” hissed the other girl through clenched teeth,
keeping her eyes fixed on the blank chalkboard, despite the fact
that the teacher had not even arrived. Nicole wasn’t going to waste
her time being offended. She turned to her right and flashed her
smile again. “I’m Nicole. It’s my first year at this school.
What’s your name?”. The girl sitting across from her pretended not
to hear her, but just sat perfectly still, eyes to the front. Now
Nicole was getting irritated despite herself. She span in her seat,
and realized for the first time that the entire class of thirty
girls were still as statues. She turned to her left again, and
asked “is this a joke?”.
“Shut *up*!” hissed the girl again, never even looking
Nicole in the eye. Nicole frowned.
“*You* shut up!” she retorted.
“Nicole, listen very carefully and I just might save your
ass. Everyone in this room prayed never to be put in Miss Banks
class, but we are. For two years. Now keep your mouth shut and
never draw attention to yourself for any reason”. Nicole shook her
head in incomprehension, her blonde pigtails swinging. “I could
have been in any class, but I head the academic results were good
for Miss Banks. I was told she had Tourette’s Syndrome or
something, but I can ignore that”. A grim smile spread on the other
girl’s lips. “You *chose* to be in this class? You’ll regret it.
Now be quiet. If Miss-“. The door swung open suddenly. Nicole
snapped her attention to the front of the room, beginning to feel
butterflies in her stomach. Something wasn’t right here.
Miss Banks entered the silent classroom. She was a tall
woman, beautiful with icy blue eyes and blonde hair bound tightly
behind her head in a bun. She wore a neat gray tweed skirt and a
long-sleeved white blouse. Apart from a touch of red lipstick, her
fair skin seemed free of makeup. Her face twitched for a second,
one eye winking, as she scanned the room. She hiccuped. Miss Banks
began to walk up and down the rows, looking at the girls with a
steely gaze. The students tried not to lean away from her as she
patrolled. “I am Miss Banks” she announced “and I will be your
teacher for the next two years”. Her face twitched
again. “Spanking” she said quietly. Then more loudly “over that
time, we shall get to know each other very well. I expect the
highest standards of academic excellence, and in return, I offer the
highest standards of teaching. Bottom”. The girls hardly dared to
breathe. “I trust that we shall have a fruitful spanking. Excuse
me. I trust that we shall have a fruitful relationship. As most of
you have no-doubt heard, I do have a neurological speech
impediment. A paddle. A neurological speech impediment that causes
me, on occasion, to spank your bare bottom. That causes me on
occasion to bare bottom spankings. That causes me on occasion to
add words to my sentences. It has been my sad experience, over the
years, that certain girls find this a suitable inspiration for
mirth. Well let me assure you young ladies that I will not be
standing for mockery. I *will* have respect in this classroom, and
if you are not grown up enough to give me that respect, then I will
*make* you give me that respect. Anyone who thinks that it is funny
to laugh at my neurological speech impediment will bare bottom
spankings will soon be laughing on the other side of their face. On
the other face of their bottom. On their face. Will be facing
another spanking of their bottom. Will soon not be finding my
neurological speech impediment so very funny anymore”. Nicole’s
reason told her that this *had* to be some kind of joke, but her
instincts for self-preservation kept her perfectly still. She
wished that she had signed up for another class.
“You may have heard that I am strict. Yes, I am strict
punishment. Yes, I am strict, but I am fair skin turning to pink
and to red as it is slapped by my palm. But I am fair. Now, I
would be the first to pull down a girl’s panties. I would be the
first to admit that no class is ever perfect. You all have firm
young bottoms. Yet perfection is not what I seek. What I seek is
your personal best, and you *will* give me your personal best if I
have to *make* you. Those of you who behave yourselves will have
nothing to wear. Nothing to fear. On the other hand, I will not
stand for troublemakers. If you need to be punished, then I will
punish you. As much as I hate to, if necessary, I will resort to
the ultimate deterrent”. She paused, then said “spankings”, drawing
the word out slowly, as if unsure how to pronounce it. I do enjoy
administering corporal punishment. I do *not* enjoy administering
corporal punishment. However, if you force my hand slapping hard on
your bare red bottom spank spank however if you force my hand, then
I can and will employ it”. All eyes were locked on the teacher’s
face, their attention complete.
“You may even have heard that no girl has ever made it
through this class without having had her bare bottom soundly
spanked by me. That’s all true. But don’t lose sight of the reason
we are all spanking. Don’t lose sight of the reason I am spanking.
Don’t lose sight of the reason we are all here. Education.
Spanking you. Education. Bare bottom. What did you say?”. She
jabbed her finger at Nancy Gallagher, who had been absolutely still
and silent the entire time. Nancy’s heart froze in terror. She
started, shifting in her seat and then freezing in a new position,
eyes locked on her teacher’s face, above and to her right-
front. “Me, ma’am?”.
“Yes, you with the long dirty-blonde hair and the and the
brown eyes and the freckles. Bottom. What did you say?”
“I didn’t say anything Miss Banks” answered Nancy in a
wavering voice.
“See me after class. Where was I? Education.
Spankings. Education. Those of you who excel academically *will*
receive the recognition they deserve to have their bare bottoms
soundly spanked. Receive the recognition they deserve. Much of the
material that we will be covering will be new to you, and nobody.
Nobody. No panties. Spankings. No panties. Spankings. No
panties. Spankings. Nobody understands better than I do that new
material requires new study habits. While the academic demands made
on you will be challenging, you will be relieved to hear. You will
be relieved to be spanked. You will be spanked. You will be
relieved to hear that I am a reasonable woman. A cruel woman. A
reasonable woman who will not expect more of you than you can give.
The discipline and skills that you learn in this classroom will be
invaluable to you in later life, whether in business, or academia,
or firm young bare bottoms, round and smooth, hot and red under my
palm as I spank and spank and spank. Or other fields. Spanking
Susan Gallagher’s bare bottom after class. Red spanking”. Susan
Gallagher’s jaw dropped in despair, but she shut it quickly and
fearfully. She tried not to let her eyes grow damp.
“You have no doubt read bottom. You have no doubt read
about the raising of skirts. Raising of the standards of living
over the last twenty years. Last twenty spankings. Years.
Spankings. However, what you may not have read, is that skirts are
raised for a spanking. Is that standards have been rising for a
reason. Hard work. Hard spankings. Hard spankings work. Work
spankings. Hard spankings. The hard work of the generations of the
past. If standards of living are to continue to rise in the future,
it can only be through the hard work of the generation who will be
the workers of tomorrow. I have a paddle. If the generation has
worked hard, things will go well. But nobody will prosper if no
panties. No panties for you. But nobody will prosper if nobody
works hard, long spankings. Bend over! Over my knee! Down with
your panties! What does this mean for you? It means that I will be
spanking you. It means that you must work hard. Working hard is not
a matter of degree. You either work hard or you don’t. Work hard
and you will get spankings. Work hard and you and I will get along
very well indeed. Spankings over my knee! But if you don’t work
hard, it is my duty to guide you back *on* to the path of hard
work. Strict spankings. You must do as you are told”.
“Punishment. Now is the time of the punishment. Now is
the time to seize the day. Sometimes I feel you lying over my knee,
panties down as I spank your peachy bare bottom. Your bare red
bottom begging for mercy. And the only time to seize the day is
*now*. Spank your spankings bottom. Spank it hot. When I make
you work, it is for your own benefit. Remember that. If you are
unruly, I will put a stop to it. If you behave yourself, I will
spank your bottom. If you behave yourself, and if you work hard,
which is really just a part of behaving yourself. Then I will spank
your bottom. Then I will recognize your bottom, just as you have
recognized my authority.
“Let us not forget that while we don’t face the same
challenges that our forebears had to face, our times bring new
challenges of their own. Whether we like it or not, our country is
now part of a global community. The competition is very real. If
citizens of foreign countries work harder than citizens of this
country, then they will overtake us. The Japanese have hot
spankings. The Japanese girl gets hot spankings. Hot spank. Hot
freeze. Freeze you!”. Her finger pointed at Alice Nakada. The
Asian girl tried to freeze, but cringed a little in her seat as she
looked up at Miss Banks with frightened brown eyes. “You with the
shiny black hair, cut to shoulder length. Soft. You with the brown
eyes. The Japanese girl bottom. The Japanese girl with the
bottom. You with the Japanese girl with the Japanese girl bottom
hot spankings”. There was silence for a moment.
“Yes Miss Banks?” Alice asked very quietly.
“Spanks. What were you just doing?”
“When Miss Banks?”
“Spank the little Japanese girl. When? When I
said `Freeze’! When do you think? Are you trying to try my
patience young lady? Now tell me at once what you were just doing”.
“I wasn’t doing *anything* Miss Banks” she swore. As far
as she could recall, the only thing she had been doing at the time
Miss Banks said “Freeze” was sitting perfectly still, praying that
the woman would not notice her.
“I see. Stay after class Japanese spankings”.
“I’m American Miss Banks. In case you… I’m an American
citizen. If that’s-” offered the frightened Alice in a small
voice. “It’s just that you said `Japanese spankings'”. She heard
the clock ticking for a couple of seconds, the world otherwise
frozen silently around her. She could feel a damp chill under her
collar. The chill grew into a cold tremor running down her
spine. “You said that we have to be competing with other nations.
And then you said that the Japanese girl gets hot spankings and then
you told me to freeze and-”
“Are you making fun of me?” demanded Miss Banks, hands on
her hips.
“No Miss Banks!” promised Alice desperately. “Its just
that Kyoko Toda over there was born in Japan”. Kyoko almost
squealed in rage and fear. The taller girl wore an immaculate
uniform, and sat with a perfect posture. Not a strand of her long
black hair was out of place. Her eyes locked with those of her
teacher. She passionately wished that her English was better. “I
am a good girl” she promised “beneficial spankings will please not
be needed thank you ma’am”.
“You be *quiet*!” snapped Miss Banks at her, stabbing the
air at her with her index finger. Kyoko gasped with a sharp intake
of air and flinched backward. Miss Banks turned her gaze back on
Alice Nakada. “Are you making fun of me girl with the bottom smooth
and just a little plump spankings are you making fun of me girl with
the Japanese bottom girl. Girl with the off with your panties. Are
you making fun of me?”
“Oh *no* Miss Banks” Alice assured her desperately.
“Because it seems to me that when I tell you freeze, and
you suddenly start telling me that some other girl has no panties
on, is Japanese with no panties Japanese, then you aren’t being very
respectful. I don’t stand for lack of respect. That would be bad
enough. But then you try to excuse your behavior by telling me that
*I* said bare bottom spankings. Telling me that *I* said that the
Japanese have hot spankings. That you deserve a hot spanking. That
bottom. Telling me that *I* said that in Japan, bare bottom
spankings on the bare bottom as you beg for mercy. The fact that I
have a speech impediment does not give you the right to wear
panties. Does not give you the right to make a mockery of this
classroom. Hairbrush in my drawer. You can stay after class every
day this week young bare bottom spankings and we’ll see what that
does for your attitude. Where was I before I was so rude. So rude
bottom. Before the comedian graced us with her bottom over my
knee. Before the comedian graced us with her wit. Where was I?
Born in Japan girl, you can stay after class every afternoon this
week too”. She suddenly jabbed her finger at Kyoko, making the girl
gasp in horror. She gaped. Her mouth moved a little, but no sound
“Not another Japanese bottom from you young lady, or so
help me, you can stay after class every day for a month! I won’t
allow your panties in this classroom. I won’t allow strict
misbehavior. Obedient misbehavior. I *will* have Japanese
spankings. I will have appropriate Japanese girl spankings behavior
on the bare in this classroom from *every* student without
exception. It doesn’t matter *what* country you were born in –
here, you will do as you are told. I will *not* be mocked!”.
“You may think that I am strict with you, but believe me,
some day you will thank your spank. You will thankfully spank. You
will spank Susan Gallagher’s bare bottom as red as can be after
class. You may think that I am strict with you, but believe me, I
am strict with you. But believe me, one day you will look back and
take her panties down for what I have done”.
“Remember, there is only one teacher but there are two red
Japanese bottoms after class. There is only one teacher but there
are two spanked Japanese girls with their panties down. But there
are two ways you can relate to the teacher. You can be spanked over
my knee. You can relate as a bare spanked bottom or a spanked bare
bottom. You can relate as a prisoner to a jailer or as an obedient,
hard working student to a fair and reasonable bitch cruel bitch.
You can relate as a prisoner to a spanking jailer. You can be my
spankings prisoner. You can relate to me as a prisoner to a jailer
or as an obedient, hard spanked student to a fair and reasonable
“Let me draw your attention back to the smack. To the
smack smack smack. Let me draw your attention back to the reason
you are in this class. Down with your panties. Education.
Learning. And learning, as you should know, requires your focussed
attention. Nobody will be napping in my slapping. No-one will be
napping over my knee. Nobody will be napping in *my* class. And
when I say slapping I mean your bottom. When I say napping, I mean
sitting there daydreaming, as if the knowledge were just somehow
magically going to transfer itself to your head”.
“I am in charge here. I run this classroom as I want to,
so as soon as you enter this room, you might as well bend over. So
as soon as you enter this room you might as well bend over and drop
your panties for a good spanking you naughty girl there’s no point
pleading with me young lady you’ve earned it and now you are going
to get it. Bad girl. Naughty girl. Spankings for you. Spankings
on your spankings. Naughty spankings girl spankings spankings. I
run this classroom as I want to, so as soon as you enter this room,
you had better be doing things *my* way. Look at the title for
today’s class in your syllabus: “Orientation”. The girls looked at
their syllabi obediently. There was no class titled “Orientation”.
The title for today’s class was “Bare bottom spankings on the
spankings bottom”. The girls all looked back up at their teacher.
None of them made a sound. “That means that today is the day you
orient yourselves, the day you find out how life will be in my
class. Oriental girl spanked across my knee, panties down, crying
from the pain of her richly deserved strict corporal punishment.
Crying from the spankings bottom of the crying from the spankings
bottom of the spankings bottom of bottom bottom. Just calm down.
Spankings. Calm down. Settle down. Bare bottom spankings bottom.
Take a deep breath”. The teacher stopped talking and took some deep
breaths. The class sat absolutely still, watching her with wide,
fearful eyes.
“Now, you should have before you a notebook of clean white
paper, at least three blue pens, and a rulers are for spankings.
And a ruler for spankings on your bare bottom, and a bare bottom
spankings ruler. Notepad, pens and a ruler are what you will need.
Oh – not just three blue pens. I almost forgot. You will also need
a pencil with sharpener, a black pen, and a red spanked bottom. A
black pen and a red pen, red like your bare spanked bottom. Listen
carefully this time. Pens – three blue, one black, one red.
Pencils, one with sharpener. There. Don’t you dare forget. I will
punish you if you forget. Five pens and a pencil – six writing
implements in all. *You*!”. Her finger extended directly at the
new girl, Nicole Fullerton. Nicole jumped in her chair as if a shot
had rang out. She quickly looked left and right in the vain hope
that someone else might be the target of the terrible finger, but
all eyes were on her. She returned her gaze to the cold blue eyes
above her, her heart hammering madly in her chest. “Me Miss Banks?”
she squeaked.
“Yes *you*! Girl with the long blonde pigtails and the
dimples and the expression on your face, you know the expression
like you are a naughty girl who needs a good spanking. Blonde girl
sitting there like you need a good hard spanking. Have you been
paying attention? Why don’t you tell me what I have been saying?’.
Nicole knew very well that she had been paying close attention. All
she had to do was disentangle everything. She took a quick deep
breath in a gasp and hurriedly answered “you are Miss Banks and you
will be my teacher for the next two years. You have high
requirements for us academically and demand a high standard of
behavior. We must always take you and your class seriously. You
are strict but you are fair. Girls who behave themselves have
nothing to fear, but troublemakers will be punished, and if
necessary, spanked-“.
“Firm bottom” interrupted Miss Banks, twitching slightly.
“We are here to be educated, which will require new study
habits, and the education we receive here will be very useful to us
in later life. You said that while standards of living have been
rising in this country over recent years, this is because of hard
work, and if standards are to continue to rise, more hard work will
be required, particularly given the international competition we
face. You are in charge and you will make us work and behave. We
must have a white notebook, three blue pens, a black pen, a red pen,
a pencil, and a ruler”. Miss Banks stood there, the left side of
her face occasionally twitching.
“That was very good” she conceded, and Nicole let her held
breath slowly escape from between her teeth. “You are new here
aren’t you?” asked the teacher.
“Yes Miss Banks. I am Nicole Fullerton”.
“Nicole Fullerton” mused Miss Banks, as if carefully
tasting the name in her mouth. “Yes, I remember. You have a
reputation for being intelligent, and a hard worker, and well
“I will work hard and do what you say, Miss Banks” Nicole
promised. Under other circumstances, she would have found the
conversation demeaning, but right now, all she wanted was to be
whatever the teacher wanted her to be.
“I’m very pleased to hear it. I think that you and I
shall get along famously”. Nicole could have wept with relief, but
kept her cool. “Thank you, Miss Banks” she said. The teacher
turned her back and began to walk back to the front of the
classroom. “Of course, I would be remiss in my duties as a teacher
if I didn’t ensure that my girls were as prepared for the outside
world as they can be. So often, it is the good pupil, inexperienced
in the ways of punishment, who strays from the right path. She
doesn’t know just how *painful* punishment can be, and so does not
always have the sense to fear it, as does the girl who has been
*made* good through administered discipline”. Miss Banks had
reached the front of the room, and span on her heel again to face
the class in general, and Nicole in particular. “Given this, it is
my unpleasant duty to ensure that you have sufficient experience of
being punished punished bottom bare bottom spankings. Excuse me.
Where was I? Spanking. Yes. Nicole Fullerton, it is my sad duty
to give you a spanking. Right here. Right now. Come to the front
of the class”. Nicole felt no fear. Everything was too unreal, the
world a dream about her. She put her pen down tidily against the
side of her notepad, and stood. Followed by all eyes in the class,
the girl slowly made her way down to the front where her teacher
waited. Miss Banks placed her chair away from her desk, and sat in
it, facing the class. “Bend over my knee like a naughty girl.
Naughty girl. Spank naughty girl” instructed Miss Banks. Still in
a dream of disbelief, Nicole walked to the woman’s left and gently
laid herself across her knees. She stared at the dull beige
carpet. Miss banks raised her blue skirt and laid it up over her
back, leaving the girl exposed in her little pink panties before the
class. Nicole bit her lip and crossed her ankles behind her. She
tensed all over and gasped quietly as Miss Banks took hold of the
sides of her panties and slid them down to her thighs, presenting
her bare bottom to the view of the thirty girls who sat as still as
statues, watching in helpless sympathy. “Take a good look at those
rounded white cheeks, girls” instructed Miss Banks “they will soon
be as red, as hot and as spanked as can be. Keep in mind that when
you are bad in my class, your bottoms will be treated exactly the
Miss Banks began to give Nicole her bare bottom spanking,
hard. The sound of the slaps filled the air as the woman’s palm
rained down across the poor girl’s naked behind. Nicole felt a fire
lit behind her and fought hard to choke back her cries, emitting
only the tinniest of yelps as her bottom burned. The girls watched
as her shuddering buttocks pinkened and reddened from slaps. Nicole
screwed up her eyes but tears broke out between her eyelids and
began to make their way slowly down her lightly freckled cheeks. “I
do enjoy this. I don’t enjoy this” Miss Banks told the class. “I
consider it an onerous duty that I must perform as Nicole’s teacher
to take her helpless over my knee, pull down her panties and spank
and spank and spank and spank that young bare bottom just as red as
can be as she begs and pleads for mercy. No mercy for Nicole. No
panties. Where was I? Yes. I do enjoy this don’t enjoy this. It
is a sad thing to have to spank and spank your pupils”. Nicole
clutched the legs of the chair in her pain, gasping and snorting as
she jerked with every smack. “How much sadder it is to know that
every last one of you, sooner or later, will be taken over my knee,
your skirts lifted up and your panties taken down, to have your
firm, bare young bottoms punished without mercy. Think about how
hot and red and *sore* your naked peaches will be! Think of how I
shall slap and smack and spank you! How you will cry as you lie
helpless on my lap, my palm striking cruelly again and again and
again onto your tender flesh. Oh yes. How sad. Duty is. Duty is
so sad”. Nicole’s breath came in ragged sobs now, her salty tears
dripping freely onto the carpet. Still the spanks came, hard and
fast. “But regardless of the spanking of the sadness of the
spankings, let us never lose sight of our ultimate goals and
ideals. Why is it that Nicole Fullerton spank will be spanked
today? Why is it that Nicole Fullerton will be spanked on so many
other days, being laid again and again and again across my knee, her
panties taken down by me time after time after time? Why is it that
she will be punished and punished again, regardless of how perfect
her behavior may be? Yes indeed. Let us never lose sight of that.
Let us never forget that bare bottom spankings spankings bare bottom
hot red bare bottom spanking. If we keep that in mind, then the
future cannot be but rosy bottom indeed”.

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