I was running as fast as I could. in fact I was so worried about
making curfew that I was going faster then I ever thought I could run.
hoping and praying that they would not lock the gate before I got
there. you see my parents are nutcases and they have us living at this
religous compound where we are supposedly waiting for God to come
back or something. Anyway I was going out for a jog but I had to make
it back before they locked the gate at ten. if I missed it I would be
in big trouble. I round the corner and pull up short. I was too late
by mere seconds as the gate slams into place. I run up and bang on it
begging to be let in. A voice on the intercom asks me to identify
myself which I do and I show my member badge identifying myself as a
member of the group. the guard looks up my name and tells me I am late
by half an hour. I objected and said but the gate just closed didn’t
it? no he replied I had opened it for a car. you are late by half an
hour yet again. I look down at my watch in shock and sure enough I
didn’t notice that it had stopped dead. the guard agreed to let me
into the guard house to get picked up. I call my parents and they are
furious because this is the third time in two weeks I missed curfew.
my dad comes in furious and orders me into the car. I get in and we
drive back to the children’s dorm where I stay with some of the other
girl’s my age. I am told to stay in the car as my dad comes around and
grabs my arm and I half walk and half dragged into a room set aside
for parents to punish thier kids. I beg him not to but he says I
deserve it for all of my sins against them and the group. he orders me
to kneel in the corner until he comes back. I get down onto my knees
and put my nose to the wall, and lace my fingers behind my head. I
know better then to move out of this postion or my punishment is
worse. he comes back after like five mintues with a heavy strap in his
hands. I had turned my head when he came in and he ordered me to face
the wall which I did. a few more minutes go by and my knees are really
hurting me and I am tempted to beg to be let up but I know what the
answer would be. finally I can stand it no more and I am about to say
something when my father speaks and orders me to my feet.. I struggle
to stand up as I turn to face him. he proceeds to give me this lecture
about respecting him and honouring the rules that are put in place for
my safety. he orders me to bare my bottom. I beg him to whip me with
the strap over my pants but the only answer I get is him grabbing my
arm and putting me firmly but not harshly face first across a table.
with one hand on the back of my neck he uses the other one to pull
down my pants and panties. grabbing the strap with one hand and the
other hand still on my neck he proceeds to whip my bare bottom
SWISH!!! SWISH!!! SWISH!!! goes the leather against my poor undefended
bottom as lines of burning fire are laid down by the leather upon it.
I start to scream and cry and beg him not to all at the same time.
SWISH!!!! SWISH!!! SWISH!!!! I am crying so hard now from the strap
that I start to choke. he stops and I am able to regain myself. when I
regain my breath he continues the whipping… SWISH!!!! SWISH!!!
SWISH!!!! as more lines of fire are caused by the strap and welts
begin to rise. SWISH!!! SWISH!!! SWISH!!! and my father starts to
lecture me again.. SWISH!!!! are SWISH!!! you SWISH!!!!! going
SWISH!!! to SWISH!!!! obey SWISH!!!!! now SWISH!!!!!!? I choke out a
yes daddy I promise…good SWISH!!!! then SWISH!!!! let SWISH!!!! us
SWISH!!!! never SWISH!!! have SWISH!!! this SWISH!!! talk SWISH!!!
againSWISH!!!!! at this continued assault against my poor bottom I cry
and scream as loud as i can and it doesn’t dawn on me for a good bit
that he has stopped… after I stop crying I am told that my
punishment is over as he hugs me and tells me I am loved.. I hug him
back.. I then pull my panties and gingerly my pants back on and I go
straight to my room. once I am in the dark room I stumble to my bed
and pull down my pants and panties again and go straight to bed atop
the covers while a cool breeze from the window cools my poor bottom..


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