My daughter spanked me.

Imagine for a moment a single woman and her two children. The mother
had her first child, a daughter, at 18 and her second child, a son,
at 20. She raised them both as best she could, using spanking as her
primary punishment tool.

Fast forward 25 years…the mother is now an attractive 45 year old.
With both children grown up and able to take care of themselves,
she’s begun dating a man of 50 who treats her well. The daughter has
finished school and is beginning her career. The son is still in

Now that the mother is dating, she begins doing what everyone does,
canceling or just ignoring commitments to family and friends so she
can focus on her new relationship.

At first it’s a few missed dinners, then a party here and there.
Both children are sympathetic to their mother’s needs and the
daughter, not wanting to let the incidents go unnoticed reminds her
mother of the spankings mom gave the daughter as a teenager to help
improve her memory.

But then it happens, the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Upon
hearing that her daughter was involved in a serious relationship, she
invited the daughter and her new boyfriend to dinner. When the
daughter arrived early to help prepare the meal, she found a dirty
house, and mom in her sweats, relaxing. After a few questions, the
daughter realizes mom had forgotten the dinner and assumed that by
not calling to confirm, all would be forgotten.

Frustrated, the daughter reminded her mother, “Funny thing Mom, when
I forgot to tell you I’d invited The Miltons for dinner you spanked
my behind pretty thoroughly. Do you remember? I was fourteen…you
spanked my behind twice! Before they arrived you spanked me in my
jeans and then when they left, you spanked me again on my bare

The mother had taught her daughter to lead by example.

So it was on this night that the mother received her first spanking
at the hands of her daughter. Over the knee, right there in the
living room.

After the spanking, the daughter called Brian and spent the next 20
minutes canceling the date.

And then the mother received her 2nd spanking. Over the knee, bare

It was later that evening when, after much crying by both, the mother
acknowledged that she did, indeed, deserve the spankings.

More than just a spanking had occurred that day, their relationship
changed. Neither mother, nor the daughter, knew what to expect for
the future.

The mother seemed to get her act together over the next several

Although neither woman said it, they both seemed to have accepted
that the spanking had been a unique situation, not to be shared with
the brother or the boyfriends.

That seemed to be the case until the time when the mother arrived
home with a huge scratch on the bumper of her son’s car.

It so happened that Brian was out of town, so the daughter was
visiting her brother when their mother arrived.

It was odd that the son was drawn to go out and meet his mother at
the car. He immediately noticed the scratch on the rear bumper.

The mother seemed stunned and apologized profusely. She honestly had
no recollection of hitting anything. Fortunately, the scratch looked
worse than it was. The son calmed down after he was able to rub off
most of the offending paint.

It was at this time that the son reminded the mother of the time he
returned home with a scratch on the family car.

“You beat my butt, remember?” he asked. “Rex, the neighbor, was
walking up the driveway to tell you he scratched it earlier in the
day when I drove up. But rather than listen to Rex, you dragged me
into the house and dropped my pants right there in front of him.
Then you beat my butt.”

The mother looked nervously at her son and then her daughter.

When the son went back outside to look at the car, the mother and
daughter were left alone.

Both mother and daughter knew what had to happen next, though neither
was really prepared. After some silence, the mother asked,” Can we
at least wait until we go home?” Even though she knew the answer.

When the son came back in, the mother was already in the process of
receiving her spanking. Slacks and panties resting at her feet, he
saw his mother over his sister’s knee squirming and crying.

After some crying, apologizing and explaining, the day seemed to
move ahead rapidly. After a few phone calls it seemed that the son’s
girlfriend and the mother’s boyfriend were all coming to the son’s
house for dinner.

That night the food was great, but the conversation was better.
Everyone was laughing and talking. It seemed that mother, daughter
and son agreed there was no reason to discuss the afternoon’s events,

Julie, the son’s girlfriend, proposed a toast. Holding up her glass
and looking at the mother, she said,” To your son! He is such a kind
and forgiving person. When I scratched his car bumper yesterday, he
could have kicked me out of his life. But instead he just got a
little mad and…”

Neither the mother, daughter or son heard the rest of the speech.

Julie realized something was amiss and asked the son what was wrong.

The table had become uncomfortably quiet. As her mother sat
embarrassed and her brother uncomfortable, the daughter proceeded to
explain the day’s events.

She brought everyone up to date by saying, “But it appears mom’s not
the only one who’s going to get a spanking here tonight.”

The son began to squirm in his chair and was about to excuse himself
when the daughter said, “Brother dear, please go and fetch the Brush
from your bathroom.”

The table was silent as the son got up and went down the hall.

The mother’s boyfriend, Don, tried to lighten up the situation by
saying, “Hey honey, If you hadn’t cancelled that dinner a few months
back with your daughter and her boyfriend so we could go to the
movies, this wouldn’t have been your first time on the receiving end.”

It was at this point that the daughter realized her role as
disciplinarian and everything became very clear to her. She decided
that now was as good a time as any to set some ground rules.

The daughter proceeded to explain a list of offenses that would
result in spankings.

After completing the list, she looked at both her mother and then at
her brother and waited for each to acknowledge her authority. Both
answered, “I understand”. To which the daughter stated,” You
understand that you will be spanked if you break these rules?”

The mother went first and said, “I understand that I will be spanked
if I break the rules.” and the brother repeated the statement.

When the daughter turned to Julie and asked if she understood, the
girl’s eyes began to tear up and her voiced cracked as she
acknowledged the rules and consequences.

The daughter had to ask Don to speak louder, as his voice was almost
silent with fear, when he acknowledged the rules.

That night, both Don and the son received their first spanking at the
hands of the daughter. Both men dropped their pants and underwear to
their feet as they took turns going over the daughter’s lap.

Although she didn’t get spanked, Lisa also found herself skirt up,
panties down, over the daughter’s knee. She remained in that
position for five minutes as she was lectured by the daughter as a
reminder of what would happen if she broke the rules.

And the mother received her 4th spanking at the hands of her
daughter. On the bare bottom, over her daughter’s knee. Right there
at the kitchen table.

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