The Kaidia Chronicles 1: A Fiery Thief

Kaidia (Kai for short) was a human mercenary. A damn good one at that. She was tall for a woman, nearly six feet and seemingly made of muscle. She had curves but she was toned and obviously strong. She had short, raven black hair and often wore a stern, serious expression. If one were to see her in one of her usual sleeveless tunics, one would note the tribal tattoo that covered her entire right arm. She made a decent living from the gold she was paid for various jobs. Today had been a relatively straight forward job. Wipe out a group of bandits that had been robbing travelers and caravans along the main route and several back routes to the city in which she lived. Several others had been hired by the local ruling family of nobles and failed to return. They’d all certainly died in their attempts to eradicate the encampment of thieves, raiders, and other various dregs of humanity that made up the bulk of the bandits.

Seeing that previous warriors had failed, the nobility decided to try something beyond your standard sellsword. Thus they decided on Kaidia. The woman was more than simply an excellent warrior, she was a gifted magic user as well. Mostly offensive spells, mind you… but that’s what the job called for anyway. Also, she was popular with the townsfolk and it made them quite happy to see the woman returning through the main gate that evening. She’d been successful and it put the people of the city at ease.

Her evening consisted of congratulations and payment from the nobility, a stop at the tavern down the street, and now she found herself walking down the dirt street toward her home. Kaidia’s home was the only two story home in the southern corner of the town. You see, the city itself was shaped like a diamond. The homes of the noble family were clustered in the northern corner. In the southern, eastern, and western corners stood large homes for those people that were considered important by the nobles. The noble family’s employed mage lived in the western home, an elven ambassador lived in the eastern home, and the southern home had recently been gifted to our heroine for services rendered to the noble family. The markets and stores were in the middle whilst the homes of the common folk were scattered around within the city walls. Several farms lay outside the walls.

When Kaidia reached the front door of her stone and timber home, she paused. The door was slightly ajar and it was dark inside. She quietly drew the sword at her left hip with her right hand, pushed the door open, and slipped into the house. There was a glint of light off of a blade and Kaidia raised her sword to block the oncoming attack. A metallic clang rang out as the blades met. A twist of Kaidia’s wrist sent the stranger’s sword clattering across the floor and with a swing of her other hand, which had balled into a fist, she sent her nearly hidden enemy sprawling to the floor with a dull thud.

The warrior kicked her door closed and waved a hand. The torches in her home all ignited at once and chased the darkness to the farthest corners of the room. Kaidia’s dark, vibrant blue eyes focused on her attacker and widened slightly in a moment of faint surprise. “Just a girl.” she muttered to herself.

Laying out flat on the floor was a redheaded girl of no more than nineteen winters… possibly less. She was dirty and covered in grime, dressed in rags, and looked just a bit underfed. Likely a street urchin who’d noticed the house was empty, broke in, and went scrounging for food and valuables. She was a cute girl with straight hair that was splayed out across the stone floor around her head.

Kaidia sheathed her blade, then bent down and scooped the unconcious girl up, cradling the redhead in her powerful arms. She carried the girl out the back door, into the moonlit night, and toward the stream that ran through her fenced in back yard. Kaidia held the grungy little urchin out over the water… and dropped her in with a splash.

The redhead came up spluttering and cursing. “By the damned gods! Cold! Shit!” she shouted out rather loudly.

Kaidia’s hand cuffed the girl in the back of the head. “Hush up.” she growled. The redhead yelped, then glared up at the warrior woman, seeming to pale a bit at the sight of Kaidia but her temper persisted. “Listen here, you old hag! I’m Mytheria Redmane, thief extraordinaire! And I will not tolerate this treatm- OW!” the girl exclaimed before holding the back of her head after Kaidia’s hand cuffed it again.

“Thief extraordinaire? So you were stealing from my home?” Kaidia asked with a calm, cool tone. “Yes! I mean, no! No! Of course not! I saw your door open and went to… to… investigate! Yes! And protect any damsels in distress inside! You’re lucky I saved you!” Mytheria finished whilst standing, dripping wet, hands on her hips, and grinning like she was the greatest thing since sliced bread. And then she got thwacked upside the head again and fell back into the stream.

“Hey!” Mytheria sputtered. She didn’t get a chance to say anything else. She was grabbed by the back of her ratty tunic and pulled onto the bank, set on her feet, and promptly pulled back toward the house. Half dragged, half marched in through the back door, back into the light of the torches. Kai let the girl go once they were inside and the door was closed. “Get out of those rags.” “What!?”

Kaidia sighed. “I am going to give you something decent to wear. So get out of those pants… and that tunic. They both should’ve been thrown out ages ago. The boots too.”

Mytheria whined. “No! I like my clothes and I’m not getting half naked in front of a stranger!”

“My name is Kaidia Valengaard. Now I’m not a stranger.” the warrior retorted. Mytheria stomped a foot at Kaidia’s reply. “I don’t care! I’m not standing around here in my underwear!” she shouted. The redhead closed her eyes, crossed her arms, huffed, and stuck her nose up at Kaidia. Now, if Kaidia hadn’t been so tired, she would’ve found this amusing. But as it was, she’d spent the day killing bandits, looting the bandits’ hideout, dragging all that loot back to town, dealing with nobility, going out for celebratory drinks with her friends, then dealing with this redheaded brat who attacked her in her own home. She was out of patience at this point.

Kaidia’s lack of patience must’ve shown as she started toward Mytheria because the fiery haired young woman’s startlingly green eyes opened wide and she stumbled backward, away from the advancing mercenary. “Wait! Hold on! I’ll do it!”

“You had your chance.” was all the thief got in reply before she was grabbed by the wrist and jerked toward the stairs that led up to Kai’s bedroom. The stairs came up to a small landing that seperated two rooms. The one to the right was bigger and that’s where Mytheria found herself being dragged.

Kaidia’s bedroom was nice. Furnished with a bed big enough for two, a nice chest of drawers, not to mention a trunk at the foot of the bed, and a wardrobe. Various weapons and shields hung on the walls. Kaidia pushed Mytheria inside and closed the door. Mytheria quickly skittered to the far side of the bed, green eyes watching Kaidia with suspicion. Meanwhile, Kai went about removing the hardened leather armor that she wore pretty much every day. She unbuckled the three straps on each side and lifted it off over her head, revealing a black, sleeveless tunic that laced together at the top, showing a bit of the warrior’s cleavage. She set the armor atop her dresser and then she unbuckled her leather bracers and dropped them next to her armor one at a time.

The warrior then proceeded to walk to that trunk at the foot of her bed, open it, and look around inside for something. “Wh.. what are you looking for, Kaidia?” Mytheria stammered. Kai looked up at the redhead and then went back to rummaging. “A tool.” was her reply. Mytheria’s face took on a mildly confused look. “A tool for what?” she asked. Kaidia didn’t answer the query. Instead, she stood up with a length of an old harness strap that had been torn. Kai had found it was good for only one thing anymore… and that was smacking an errant backside. A soft smile curved the warrior’s lips as she spared a moment to recall the times in the past when she’d used this particular strap on a deserving bottom. The elven princess who thought she could order Kaidia around and got rather rude when she found out Kaidia only followed her own orders. Or that female general in the King’s army who thought and acted in much the same way that elven princess had. And ended up much the same way as well. Also those bratty girls next door who were always climbing over Kaidia’s fence and stealing the apples from the tree in the backyard. Oh… and their ticked off, rather rude mother who burst in Kaidia’s front door, yelling about her daughters getting their bottoms warmed. This harness strap had taught them all a good lesson.

Mytheria was getting a bit nervous about that smile on Kai’s face. “H.. hey… what’re you smiling about, Kaidia?” she managed to choke out. “Hm? Oh… just some nice memories.” Kai answered with a smile.

The redhead didn’t think those memories were too nice, given the slightly sinister glee in Kai’s smile. Maybe just nice for Kai. She jumped a bit when the warrior started around the bed toward her. The thief turned to run but realized too late that the bed was against the wall and she was trapped in a small corner. So she did what any desperately trapped thief in her situation would do. She jumped onto the bed and crawled across it as quickly as she could. She didn’t get far. Kai’s strong fingers wrapped around Mytheria’s ankle and the thief gave a kick, catching Kaidia in the jaw. The hand didn’t let go despite the curse that came out of Kaidia’s mouth. Mytheria just got jerked back toward the warrior by her ankle.

“You little brat!” Kai growled as she pulled Mytheria from the bed and stood the redhead on the floor. Kai sat down, dropped the harness strap onto the bed, and in a quick, slightly less than gentle motion, she had Mytheria over her lap with her left arm holding the redhead securely. The green-eyed little thief was surprised to be in this position. Kaidia wasn’t going to… no… she couldn’t. Could she? And then she felt the larger woman’s fingers in the waist of her ragged britches and she felt them slide down to her knees.

Kai had to pause… and blink… and stare for a moment. Then she looked to the back of Mytheria’s head. “Where in the name of the nine hells did you manage to swipe a pair of elven panties?” she asked incredulously with a hint of awe. “Uh… a gift?” was Mytheria’s timid… and quite obviously false, answer. Kai’s hand smoothed the fine, richly dyed, silken material of the panties out over the thief’s bottom, causing said thief’s blush to match her fiery hair. The dark, vibrant purple of the panties contrasted nicely with the girl’s pale skin. “A gift. Yes, I’m sure.” the warrior responded, voice dripping with sarcasm.

Mytheria didn’t bother to argue the warrior’s sarcastic reply. In fact, she only gave a strangled noise of protest when she felt Kai’s fingers in the waistband of the panties. “Oh hush. I don’t want to damage these. They’re finely made but they’re not armor.” was Kai’s sensible response to the thief’s protest.

With those exquisitely crafted panties resting against those tattered britches, and looking quite odd in the process, Kai rested her firm hand on Mytheria’s bottom. “You know, I’ve been quite kind to you this eve. Especially given the day that I’ve had. I could have dumped you out in the street after I rendered you unconcious. But I didn’t. This is after you attacked me, mind you. And then I try to give you better clothes and you shout and throw a tantrum. And you kicked me in the face. So you’ve earned what you’re about to get.” Kai said it all so matter of factly. And then her hand rose up, away from that pale bottom.

“Wait, no, hold on, I’ll be g- OW!”

Mytheria was cut off by the first smack of Kai’s strong, calloused hand. The warrior didn’t pause after the first smack. She simply kept going, her hand coming down on Mytheria’s bottom over and over in a steady, somewhat quick rhythm. Each smack barely having time to settle in before the next one was applied. She peppered the girl’s bottom and the backs of the girl’s thighs with those swats. She had no discernable pattern to her slaps. Each one rang out with a nice, crisp smack of bare hand against bare bottom. The sound was almost like the pops of the small fireworks the local magicians made for the festivals.

Mytheria could only squirm and kick in the warrior’s strong hold, her bottom bouncing with the smacks, little squeaks and gasps slipping from her lips. She bit her lower lip hard, trying to remain as stoic as possible. Although that ship had already sailed… and sunk.

Especially when Mytheria’s feet started kicking as Kai’s hand focused on the thief’s sit spots. “Breaking… into… my… home!” Kai said as she punctuated each word with a smack to the redhead’s rapidly pinkening bottom. “Attacking… me… and.. throwing… a… fit… and… kicking… me… in… the… face!” the mercenary continued as her hand delivered a hard smack to a sit spot for each word.

Mytheria’s effort at stoically taking her spanking was officially over after about the second swat. She started yelping and kicking her feet all the more. “OW! Sorryyyy! I didn’t mean to! OW! Ouch! Hey! OW!” was about all she could muster for a reply.

“Didn’t mean to attack me?” Kai asked rhetorically before landing a fast barrage of sharp smacks to Mytheria’s sit spots, right where that cute bottom met her thighs.

The fiery haired thief squealed and kicked, then started to sniffle. Only to fall momentarily quiet as the warrior paused in her swats… and then panic and struggle when she felt the leather harness strap tapping against her bottom. “No! No! I got your point! I’m sorry! Please no!” the redhead shouted. But it made no difference to the hardened mercenary wielding the strap.

“I said earlier… you’ve earned it.” was her only reply to Mytheria’s pleas. The strap raised up and came down across the center of that dark pink bottom with a loud, crisp, solid CRACK. The sound of leather snapping against bare flesh. It stole away the thief’s breath, leaving Mytheria only enough to gasp. The second lash of the strap fell across the backs of the girl’s thighs. This time she yelped out loudly. The third strike came down on both sit spots at once causing the redhead to buck and cry out loudly. Tears welled up in Mytheria’s eyes. When the next strike of the harness strap fell across her bottom, those tears streamed down her cheeks. Over and over that strap lashed across Mytheria’s backside and the backs of her thighs, leaving angry red welts in it’s wake.

When Kaidia finally set the strap aside, Mytheria was bawling over her lap, sobs shaking the redhead’s body. The mercenary’s strong left hand rubbed the girl’s back while her other hand tugged those torn pants off completely, along with the worn out boots. After letting the girl have a minute or two to cry and settle down a bit, Kai sat the girl up in her lap. “Shh. There there, Mytheria… it’s all over.” she cooed softly to the still crying, sniffling thief. Mytheria buried her face against Kai’s neck and shoulder and let herself cry for a few long moments more.

When the crimson maned girl had finally managed to regain her composure, Kaidia set the girl on her feet, then knelt down for a moment to tug Mytheria’s panties back up. When she stood once more, she pulled Myth’s shirt up and off, revealing a snug undershirt and making the girl blush once more. She tossed the old shirt down on the floor with the tattered britches and all but soleless boots. She picked up the strap and walked to the trunk again. After tossing the lid open, she dropped the strap in and began rummaging for something else. A few moments of searching later and she pulled out a shirt of white cloth. It was soft to the touch and she brought it over to Mytheria. “Arms up.” she said with a reassuring smile.

The girl put her arms up at the mercenary’s request and the shirt was slipped over her head. She put her arms out through the proper holes and tugged at the hem of the shirt, finding that it only fell to the waistband of her panties. She blushed brightly once more.

Kai chuckled. “We’ll get you some pants tomorrow. That’ll do for tonight.” she said softly. “Th-thank you.” Myth mumbled in reply.

Kaidia waved off the thanks with a dismissive gesture. “Would you like something to eat?” she asked.

Mytheria bit her lip and scuffed her foot against the floor. “Well… er… I might’ve… already eaten. I kind of… went through your pantry before you uh… got home.” she managed to stammer out.

“Of course you did.” Kai said with a hint of amusement. “S.. sorry, Kaidia M-Ma’am.” the thief stuttered. She’d learned a little respect apparently!

“You can accompany me to the market to replenish my stocks tomorrow.” the warrior replied with a pat Myth’s head. That made the girl smile timidly and nod. “O-okay.” was all she said in return.

Kaidia nodded. “Now off to bed with you. Out my door and to the left… past the stairs, you’ll see another door. It’s the guest room. The bed is made, the sheets are clean, the room is warm. You can stay as long as you obey my rules.” she said with a tilt of her head. “Understood?”

Mytheria could hardly believe her ears. She nodded. She thought she’d be sleeping in an alleyway again tonight. She had no other place to go. She could live with a few rules in exchange for food and warm bed. Maybe. At least for now. She stepped forward hesitantly… then back… and then she practically lunged into Kaidia with a tight hug around the warrior’s waist. Kai blinked a bit in surprise, then patted the girl on the back. “Yes yes. Off with you. Bed. Shoo.” she said it with a faint smile.

And off Mytheria went. The vibrant purple of her panties clashing with the just as vibrant red of her bottom and the backs of her thighs as she scampered from the room.

Kaidia sighed and closed her door. She stripped down to her undershirt and her own panties. Though her’s weren’t the elegant elven type. Nor were they dyed some fancy color. They were simple, snug, and grey. She sighed as she slipped under her covers. With a wave of her hand, all the torches in her home went out. The sudden extinguishing of light caused a little squeak of surprise from the guest room and gave Kai cause to smirk.


The next morning, Kai awoke to a warmth against her. She peered down out of one open eye to find Mytheria curled up against her. Some time in the night, the little thief had slipped into Kai’s room and bed, seeking the protective warmth of the mercenary. Kai smiled faintly, shook her head, and gently traced a finger over the redhead’s cheek. “All grown up… but still a little brat at heart.” Kai whispered to no one in particular. And then she chuckled to herself. “Cute when she’s asleep though.”


There is two more chronicles to this story.. I will post them over the next two days and then put the whole series on a page of its own. Happy reading and don’t forget to join our email alerts.

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