The Kaidia Chronicles 5: A Rough Return Home

The Kaidia Chronicles 5: A Rough Return Home

Rose and Mytheria practically burst into Kaidia’s dark home, slamming the door shut with a thud behind them. The two giggled together in the near pitch darkness. The only light that shone through the windows was that of the pale moon high in the cloudless night sky.

“We gave them the slip!” came Mytheria’s excited whisper. “We did. I can’t believe I let you talk me into that.” Rose said in a hushed tone. “Yeah, well, we got it and we can sell it.” Myth replied with glee.

Just then, the torches of the house all flared to life with a quick, low, collective roar. Rose and Myth both squeaked and jumped. Both of them looked around until their eyes found Kaidia sitting in her chair off in one corner, near shelves that held Kai’s favorite books. Kitiara was sitting on the floor, leaning against Kai’s leg, her head in the warrior’s lap. Kai was quietly scratching the neko behind an ear while she eyed Myth and Rose. For a moment, the catgirl’s happy purr was the only sound in the room.

Kaidia raised a hand, silver rings glinting on her fingers. “What’s all this now?” she gestured to the thief and the tavern girl. Rose and Myth looked at each other and stuttered a bit before Myth tried to change the subject by pointing at Kit. “Who’s that?” she asked inquisitively.

Kai’s fist slammed down on the arm of her chair, causing Kit, Rose, and Myth to jump. “Do NOT change the subject, Mytheria Redmane!” she growled dangerously. The warrior knew something was up and she wasn’t being told what. It was causing her to become a tad cross with the two girls. “I will ask again. What is going on?” Kai repeated her inquiry. Kit had one eye open, watching Mytheria and Rose trying to think of an answer.

“W-well, you see, Kaidia… the Temple of Neersa had this jeweled necklace and we all know they’re one of those temples to the new gods and the new gods are all hogwash and the necklace wasn’t serving them any purpose so we liberated it and were going to sell it and put the gold we got to good use, you see.” Mytheria explained. Kaidia didn’t look too thrilled. “Liberated, hm? Interesting choice of words.” the warrior said as she rose from her chair, causing Kit to slip away and to her feet.

Rose and Myth backed up to the door as Kai approached them. The mercenary stopped just in front of them, holding out a hand. “Give it to me.” she demanded. The bar maid and the redhead looked to one another before Mytheria grudgingly held out the jeweled necklace and dropped it into Kai’s palm. Aside from the initial weight of the jewels, the necklace was unremarkable. The jewels were clear, worth a decent amount but not enchanted in any sort of way. Plain as could be. Another would be relic from one of the new gods’ religions. She tucked it into a hip pocket, then reached out and took Rose and Mytheria each by an ear, then started off towards the long table that rested against the back wall of the house, leaving two long sides and one end open for people to sit at.

She put both Rose and Myth at the end and pushed them both over it, side by side, Myth on the left and Rose on the right. Mytheria began to regret her choice to wear the short skirt she’d put on that morning. It was loose and meant to make everyone look at her legs. It only fell to about mid-thigh. Kai flipped the skirt up and tugged down the soft but plain panties underneath, much to Myth’s embarrassment. Kai then moved to Rose and reached under the girl to undo the bar maid’s leather breeches and jerk them down, along with a pair of richly dyed blue panties. Rose blushed. “Those were meant to be a um, welcome home surprise in bed tonight, Kai.” she muttered quietly. The warrior showed her first hint of amusement for the night with a chuckle. “They’re still a nice surprise, Rose.” Kai said with a smirk. The mercenary stepped back, taking in the two bare bottomed girls, bent over the table. “Stay put.” she commanded and then stepped away and went upstairs.

Kit had settled herself into a chair that sat against the wall, out of view of the two girls. She figured it’d be nice to see Kai go to work on a bottom that wasn’t her own, let alone two. She was practically purring at the thought.

Kai came back down the stairs, her favorite torn length of harness strap in hand. Both Rose and Myth stared at Kai with wide eyes. Rose knew that thing would sting, Myth was remembering her first go around with the dreadful length of leather. Kaidia stepped up behind the two girls.

“I am highly disappointed in both of you. Stealing from a temple? Really? Even if the place is a sham, that necklace is their’s not your’s. Even though they’re con-artists scamming gold out of the pockets of gullible villagers, stealing from them isn’t the correct thing to do. Two wrongs do not make a right.” Kai scolded. “Yes, Ma’am.” Rose and Myth responded in unison, knowing better than to back talk at this point.

“Mytheria, I thought I’d made it clear that your days as a thief are done. I will NOT tolerate this sort of misbehavior. And Rose, you’re supposed to be the mature one here. The boss when I’m not around and here you went along with her!” Kai continued, her voice elevated a little. Both of the girls cringed under the tongue lashing. “Sorry, Ma’am.” was their only reply. Anything else might not be safe for their already endangered backsides.

Kit was watching with a little smile, her ears perked forward, her tail flicking back and forth lazily as her golden eyes took in the whole spectacle.

“You are about to be very sorry, girls.” Kai growled before she lit into Myth’s bottom with the strap, raising a welt across the middle of the redhead’s bottom and eliciting a yelp from the young woman. A twin stripe was quickly painted across Rose’s rear, accompanied by a similar yelp. Kaidia wasn’t in the mood to be dealing with brats, so she immediately fell into a rhythm, her strokes across the girls’ bottoms were quick, concise, and sharp.

Rose’s right hand grabbed the edge of the table as Myth’s left hand took the other edge in a hard grip. The girls’ free hands found one another and held each other in a tight hold as Kai’s strong arm delivered lash after lash across the pair of presented bottoms. A few welts were raised across the backs of the girls’ thighs. Both the redhead and the brunette jumped, kicked, squealed, yelped, and cried out as the strap burned across their bottoms, time and again.

Kit winced faintly, golden eyes wide as she watched Kaidia deal out the merciless strapping. She and the warrior had only been here for about an hour before the two girls came stumbling in. Kai was irritated, weary, and likely the last thing she needed was Myth and Rose behaving like little brats or so Kit assumed.

Rose’s left hand squeezed Myth’s right as the redhead started to tear up and sniffle. Rose was a little stronger, she hadn’t quite gotten to the point of crying yet, despite the fiery welts across her backside. But then again, Kai was far from finished with the two.

Kaidia readied herself for another strike when her ears picked up the sound of many feet pounding the dirt street outside her home, along with the clamor of angry voices, and the clanking of weapons. It was all drawing nearer. She threw the strap down on the table. “Girls, make yourselves presentable and be ready.” the warrior said quietly.

Mytheria and Rose looked at each other whilst tugging up their panties. “For what?” Rose asked in a sniffly voice while pulling her snug pants up over her stinging bottom. “Trouble.” Kaidia replied without a hint of amusement. She strode to one of the many weapon racks that decorated her home and took a sheathed sword in hand, then turned and tossed it to Kitiara. Two sheathed daggers found their way into the hands of Myth and Rose.

“I only expect you two to use these if you have to.” Kai said to the redhead and the bar maid, giving them each a serious look. The girls nodded. The warrior turned her attention to Kit as the sound of someone’s fist slamming on the door rang out. “If this goes sideways, you take them out the back and out of the city to the south. I’ll catch up to you.” she said with a voice that brooked no debate and no argument. The neko just nodded and moved to stand near the girls.

Kaidia went to her door and flung it open, scowling into the crowd of clergymen, guardsmen, and the faithful of Neersa. The makeshift mob outside her door carried weapons of all sorts. Swords, sickles, pitchforks, torches, daggers, and axes, all out, ready to use. But despite all that weaponry, all the angry glares, and all the righteous bravado… they all stepped back when Kaidia crossed the threshold of her house and stepped onto the dirt path outside her door.

“We’re here for the two girls who stole the necklace of Neersa!” the man at the front of the crowd said with an authority to his voice that Kai knew he didn’t deserve.

Without a word, she pulled the jeweled necklace from her pocket and threw it into the dirt at the feet of the man who had spoken, the head priest of the temple. He looked down at the necklace, then back to Kaidia as the warrior turned to walk back into her home. “Such disrespect to a temple relic! Neersa will see to it that you pay for your insol-” the priest shouted, starting to condemn the sellsword.

“Do not tell me of your false god’s vengeance!” Kaidia roared as she turned around, eyes ablaze with anger, cutting off the priest’s words. The priest jumped back into the guardsmen behind him at the outburst. But he quickly gathered himself and began his rhetoric again. “The almighty Neersa will destroy you unless you repent from your wickedness and turn over the theives tha-” the holy man started again and was again cut off. This time it wasn’t Kai’s angry voice but a lightning bolt from the clear night sky that came crashing down between the warrior and the priest with a deep, thunderous crack and a blinding flash.

When the priest could see again, he looked down to where the bolt had struck, and gaped in horror. There, on the scorched earth, lay the cooling, melted remnants of the necklace. The priest looked up, still slack-jawed. “Some holy relic you have there, priest.” Kai said with a smirk. Instead of taking the destroyed necklace as proof that his beloved Neersa was just a myth, the holy man became enraged and charged at Kaidia blindly. The rest, of course, followed his lead. Kaidia looked back over her shoulder, into her house. “GO!” she shouted to Kit, Myth, and Rose. The trio of girls didn’t need to be told twice and they all bolted out the back door. At the same time, everything in the home disappeared, leaving it bare, as if no one had lived there in ages. Not that the three girls really had a mind to question the phenomenon as they ran like hell out of the house.

As the neko, thief, and wench ran, Kaidia drew both her sword and the blade that had belonged to Cortessa. These people were here to take her girls, harm her girls… and Kai wasn’t having any of that.


Kit, Rose, and Mytheria had bolted out the back of the house and followed the stone wall of the city a short distance to the southern gate. Unfortunately for the trio, the gate was guarded more heavily than usual. “Damn it to hell.” Kit hissed under her breath. Mytheria reached up and tapped the neko on the shoulder. Kitiara’s head turned and she looked back to the redhead questioningly. Myth pointed to the stone wall that they were all currently pressed against. Kit’s brow rose and her eyes watched the thief tapped on the wall, about two feet off the ground. Myth’s knuckles hit one block, then another, then a third. The neko’s keen ears perked. The block was hollow. Mytheria smiled brightly. Rose glanced between the two, then gave the block a push with her foot. It slid into the wall a bit. Then Myth simply kicked it and stepped back. Kitiara stepped over and bent down, seeing a clear, if somewhat small tunnel, to the other side of the wall. She glanced up to Mytheria with an arched brow.

“I am a thief, Kitiara.” the redhead said with a smile and a shrug. Kit rolled her golden eyes and gestured to the tunnel. “Go. Quickly.” she said. When Mytheria got down on all fours and started into the tunnel, Kit swatted the girl’s bottom. The redhead gasped and Rose giggled. Once Myth was through, Rose slipped through as well. Kit crawled through last, then lifted the false block and pushed it back into place. After a moment’s glance at her surroundings, Kit headed south, Myth and Rose just behind her.


The last of the city guard fell to the ground, a bloody mess. Kai stood over him, both swords dripping with blood, her eyes frighteningly calm, and her body devoid of injury. Most of the men on the ground were groaning and holding wounds. Kaidia had avoided killing most of them. She had just wounded the guards and the few townfolk who’d joined the in the mob. The clergymen, well, they were all dead. This might speak to the warrior’s thoughts on the new gods but seeing as how there wasn’t anyone there at the moment who had the presence of mind to analyze Kai’s psychological mindset, it would remain a bit of a mystery.

Kai turned at the sound of clanking armor and a savage smirk curved her lips. The noble’s elite guards. Knights, all of them. They were marching down the street toward Kaidia and the battle ground that the street had become. Kai started toward them and met them on a clean patch of the dirty street.

A knight at the front of the procession of armored men and women unfurled a scroll in his hands and began to read. “Kaidia Valengaard, you are hereby placed under arrest by order of His Grace. The charges are as follows. Mur-” and the knight cut off when a stone pinged off his helm.

He looked up, clearly insulted, and glared at the smirking Kaidia. “I will not be coming with you lot, knight. You can either choose to let me go or experience pain the likes you’ve never felt before.” the warrior said calmly as she wiped her swords off on her pants and sheathed them. The knights looked at each other, then to Kai, then to the mass of dead and injured men laying behind her, then back to each other once more, and then they all drew their swords and charged, battle cries ringing in the air.

Kaidia grinned.


Kit, Rose, and Mytheria whirled around as an explosion within the city walls lit up the darkness around them and briefly turned night to day in the city and beyond it’s walls. Kit’s ears laid back and all three girls squinted as the brightness remained for a few long moments before the darkness engulfed them once more.

“What in the nine hells was that?!” Myth asked in a loud whisper. Rose just shook her head. Kitiara sniffed the air. “Kaidia.” she said. The two girls looked at the neko questioningly, then squeaked as they were each swatted on the rear. They whipped around to look straight up into the eyes of a none too pleased Kai.

“Crap.” the thief and the tavern wench said in unison. Kai crossed her arms. “We need to find some shelter. In the morning, I’m switching a pair of girls raw.” the warrior growled out, then turned and started off into the night. Kit stifled a snicker while Rose and Myth lost all the color in the faces. “Come along. There are ruins not far from here where we can spend the night.” Kai said over her shoulder. Rose, Myth, and Kitiara quickly followed.

“Where uh… where are we headed, Kaidia?” Rose asked a bit meekly. “Vortha.” Kai responded shortly. Mytheria, Rose, and Kit all exchanged glances. “What’s there?” Myth asked. Kai paused and looked out into the black of night, in the direction she knew the city of Vortha to be.

“Home.” she responded, her voice matching the quiet of the night.

Spring Break, caught on video.

This is a fictional story about a co-ed who gets into
trouble with her Father on spring break.

Christina a freshman at State University is an attractive slender
girl with a bit of a goth look. This story all got started during
spring break. Her father had allowed her to go with her friends to
Bermuda for spring break.

Everything seemed fine when she returned she was nicely tanned and
very relaxed and had many pictures to show for her trip. Her story
abruptly one day a few months later while her Father was at work.
One of his co-workers brought him a video tape and said. “I think
you should check this out John, If I’m not mistaken Christina’s on
it. John looked at the box there on the front was a picture of a
young woman flashing her breasts titled “Spring Fling Girls 2003”

John didn’t want to believe that his daughter could do any thing
like this so he forced the thoughts from his mind until he got
home. When he got home he went straight into the living room and
put the video tape in and started it playing the first few minutes
showed what he’d expected to see rowdy coeds flashing and mooning
the camera then something caught his watchful eye. No. . .That
couldn’t be, the girl lifting her skirt flashing her basically bare
bottom, those thong panties she was wearing covered nothing. He
couldn’t be sure because he hadn’t seen her bottom since she was
potty trained but that dimple looked just like the one on the under
curve of Christina’s left buttock. Then the girl spun around, first
pouring a beer over her t-shirt and then flashing her breasts. His
heart sunk, it was his daughter. John shut off the tape and sat
stunned for several minutes. He knew what he had to do, He
retrieved the video, got back into his truck and drove to his
daughters dorm room, luckily for the both of them her room mate was
out for the evening. Christina was wearing thin flannel lounge
pants and the tops of the same orange thong panties were visible
between the waist of her pajama pants and her thin tee shirt. It
was also painfully obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He knew
then that he had been too lenient with her since her Mother had
died. John new then that he had no alternative she needed a
spanking, a good hard on her bare bottom. Even though her thongs
would provide no protection they were going to come down.

“What’s the matter daddy you look upset?” Christina asked half
knowing the answer.

“THIS is what’s wrong Christina! Do you have anything to say for
yourself?” Her father asked in anguished tone.

“I’m sorry Daddy. . .” Was all she could muster.

“Well young lady your lucky that your roommate is out or she would
see you getting something you should have gotten a long time ago.”
He said rolling up his sleeves.

“W. . . Wh. . .What are you going to do to me?” She asked nervously.

“I’m going to give you a long hard spanking on your bare bottom
Christina!” Her Father said taking her by the wrist, pulling her
closer. In one fluid motion he untied and yanked her pajama pants
and skimpy panties down and pulled her over his knee and began
spanking her hard and steady he fell into a steady rhythm his hand
rising and falling along with her gasps and sobs as she began
kicking and wriggling more and more frantically over her Daddy’s
strong lap.

“I’m sooooooorrryyyy Daddy PLEASE stop, I’ll be good I
Prrrrrooooooommmmmmiiise.” She squealed as her Father spanked her
harder and harder. Just when she thought she could take no more he
stopped and helped her to her feet.. Christina jumped and danced
around grabbing at her sore red bottom as her Father stood up she
bent over to retrieve her pants.

Here Father swatted her bottom saying “Leave those there you won’t
be needing those for a while!” Fe said sternly moving her two
pillows into a pile on the center of the bed. Face down on the bed
with the pillows under your hips he said as he unbuckled his belt
and drew it out from his belt. Christina cringed and moved over to
the bed and climbed up onto the bed and over the pillows carefully
retaining what little modesty that she could.

“I’m sorry Daddy she sobbed as the belt smacked down onto her bottom
right across her upper thighs. Her Father crisscrossed her well
spanked bottom with 24 hard strokes from his belt reducing her of
gasping hiccupping sobs. He put his belt back on and helped her up
and hugged her close. I’m sorry I had to punish you sweetie, but
you know that I love you dearly and I only want what’s best for you.

“I know Daddy.” she sobbed, melting into her Fathers arms
sobbing. “I love you Daddy

“You’re my special girl, now I want you to go stand in the corner
bare bottomed until this egg timer goes off and then right into
bed. I’ll pick you up in the morning for breakfast.

Skinned Alive

I don’t know much about drugs and stuffers, so please don’t yell at me that I’m wrong. *hides* This was a quickie, don’t know how good it is.

Jared and Jessica

I sat, staring at my watch. Jared would be there soon to pick me up. I was in downtown Portland, a little drunk and a little stoned. I had no idea how to get home from there. So I called Jared and explained to him that I was lost and tired, and he agreed to pick me up.

Jared was my older cousin. I moved in with him after my sophomore year in high school so I could become an Oregon resident. I had my heart set on going to the University of Oregon and there would be no way that I’d have the money to pay for out of state tuition. Besides, my parents didn’t really want me around anyway because I was “causing them too much trouble.” They gladly packed my bags and shipped me up to Oregon.

Living with my cousin wasn’t all so bad. He was in his late twenties, tall and thin, dark hair and blue eyes. Anytime I had a friend over they flaunted over him, which bugged the hell out of me, but it was all okay. Jared didn’t mind me drinking occasionally and smoking a cigarette or two, but he swore if I ever drank and drive, or did any type of drug, he’d skin me alive. I wasn’t planning on being skinned alive, so I stayed away from that kind of stuff. Anytime I drank, I found a designated driver, and if I decided to smoke a little weed, I stayed away from my house.

Anyway, so this particular night I decided to smoke weed and drink and my ride ended up ditching me. So I had to wander around downtown looking for a ride but not really having the money for a cab. I was only 17 and didn’t have a job, because Jared wouldn’t let me. I had spent the last of my money going to a huge concert. That’s why I was downtown in the first place. I felt kinda bad, ringing him up at two in the morning, explaining that I didn’t have any way to get home and I’d walk but I didn’t know how to get there. I think he kind of assumed that I was a little drunk, so he just asked me what street I was on and ordered that I stay there. So that’s what I did.

The beat up blue car pulled up next to me. “Jessica?”

I looked inside to see Jared with his hair all messed up in a white undershirt and a pair of baggy jeans. “Yeah?” I murmured, not really realizing that it was him.

“Get inside.”

I nodded and somehow managed to walk over to the car. Opening the door was another story… I couldn’t even find the handle, much less actually open the door. He sighed and leaned over to open the door. I fell inside.

“Goddamn,” he muttered, pulling away. “You reek of marijuana. Have you been smoking?”

“Only a little,” I admitted.

“A little? Jesus Christ, you smell like you’ve smoked a few joints.”

“Well, only four.”

He looked at me. “Four? Jesus, Jessica, are you trying to kill yourself?”

“Nahhhhh,” I said, and giggled a bit.

He didn’t say anything, just kept driving while I dozed off a bit staring out the window at the pretty lights. Next thing I knew, I fell into Jared’s arms.

“Where am I?”

“We’re home,” he said softly, lifting me up and cradling me like a small child.

“Oh, okay,” I answered then rested my head on his shoulder and dozed back off again.

I awoke the next morning on the couch with Jared sitting in an arm chair, head leaned back and eyes shut. I stretched out. The clock said that it was four, but I figured that it must be a mistake because that would mean I had already gone to school and came back. Yes, I went to concerts on school nights. I rolled off of the couch. “Jared,” I whispered. Why the hell I whispered when I was trying to wake him is beyond me. “Jared!” I whispered again, a little louder then shook him a bit.

He jumped. “Huh?”

“What time is it?”

He opened his eyes. “Huh? Oh.” He glanced at his watch. “It’s four in the afternoon kiddo.”

I blinked. “Did I go to school?”


“Why not?”

“Because you were stoned off your ass and you’d been drinking.”

Utoh. I hadn’t remembered that Jared picked me up, and at the time I called him, I had been hoping that he didn’t realize I had smoked. Did I really let him know that I smoked? “I wasn’t stoned..” I argued.

He raised up in the chair, looking at me deep in the eyes. “Yes, you were.”

I looked away. “Oh.”

There was a minute of silence. “Jess, remember what I told you about drugs?”

I decided to play dumb. “No.”

“You don’t? I thought I had made myself clear..”

I shrugged.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

I lifted my head. “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t remember what I told you about drugs?” he asked again. I tried to look back down, knowing that I couldn’t blatently lie to his face like that, but he stopped me, lifting my chin with his fingers.

“Yes,” I murmured.

“Oh, you do? Then why’d you do it, Jess? Why’d you go and do something so stupid?”

“I don’t know.”

He sighed heavily. “I took you in when your parents said they couldn’t handle you. I fed you, I put a roof over your head and this is how you repay me?”

“I.. I’m sorry, Jared. I wasn’t thinking..”

He stood. “I have told you over and over again that I don’t want you drinking and driving or doing any type of drugs. I don’t like you drinking and smoking, but I let it slide. And I’m not going to let this slide, Young Lady.”

I felt my stomach sink. He’d never called me Young Lady before, and I didn’t like how young I felt when he did call me that. “I won’t do it again,” I said.

“Damn right you won’t do it again,” he said then paused. “Wait, how many times have you done it before this?” He was pacing back and forth by now, hands on his hips, biting his lower lip.

I looked away.

“Look at me!” he ordered.

I looked back up at him. I couldn’t lie. “I dunno, Jared. A couple of times. Two or three.” He gave me a look that made my stomach sink more. “Okay, so a little more than that. A few times… six or seven… only when I’m out with my friends and we’re at a concert and someone happens to offer me some.” He was still giving me that look. How could he always tell when I was lying to him? “Okay, so everytime I go to a concert I smoke weed. I can’t help it. Everyone else is doing it.”

“Oh? You can’t help it now? Everyone else is doing it? Well, I hope you enjoyed your night last night because that’s the last concert you’re going to.”


“I don’t want to hear it! Do you realize what happened last night? I was waiting up for you all night, waiting for you to call, tell me where you were, and you call me at two in the morning and you have no way to get home. And I don’t mind picking you up. You get in my car smelling like marijuana and alcohol and you pass out on the way home and I have to carry you inside and I don’t know if you’re okay or not. I didn’t know if the weed you smoked was laced with shit or not. And I stayed up in here with you all night just to make sure you were fucking okay. I was worried to death about you, Jessica. I had to call in to work and tell them that I couldn’t make it. I’m not going to listen to your excuses. I don’t care if everybody on the fucking planet was smoking weed, that doesn’t make it okay for you to do it and I’m going to make sure of that.”

I hung my head. I’d never seen him so mad before.

“No more concerts ever, and you’re grounded, grounded until I tell you otherwise, do you hear me?”

I nodded.

“I expect an answer out of you.”

“Yes, sir,” I murmured, letting a few tears slip down my cheeks.

“Stand up,” he ordered.

I did as I was told, still hanging my head.

“Pull down your pants.”

I blinked some more tears away. How was it that I managed to live nearly two years with my cousin and never had anything I had done amounted to this? I was from the south, I knew what it meant when I got in trouble and the authority figure said “pull down your pants.” It was basically saying, “you’re in for a long trip over my knee that you won’t forget for a long time.” But I couldn’t even imagine Jared spanking me… he was my cousin, and he understood me. He wasn’t like my friend’s parents who spanked them when they did something wrong. He wasn’t like my uncle who spanked me a couple of times for doing something I wasn’t supposed to, or taking something that wasn’t mine. My parents had never spanked me, but Jared’s parents, they were firm believers in spankings. But I had never expected him to actually do that to me… I was 17!

“I’m not going to wait all day, Jessica.”

I gulped and slid my pants down to my knees. Jared sat down on the couch and pulled me over his lap.

“I want to be sure that I’ve made myself clear, Young Lady.”

My stomach was twisted into knots. I hadn’t been spnaked much before, and I didn’t want it to happen again. “You have,” I whimpered, tears steadily streaming down my cheeks.

“Well, I’m going to make sure.” I felt his fingers between my back and the waistband of my panties and then he tugged them down to meet my pants. His cold hand rested on my bottom. “I’m disappointed that you would disobey me like you did. I’m disappointed that you’ve done this before and haven’t felt any remorse for it whatsoever. I’m sorry that I have to do this, but this is the only way I can get through to you, Jessica.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, not really liking this position at all.

“Good.” He lifted his hand and I clenched my butt cheeks and closed my eyes and held on tightly to the couch cushion. I prayed that he’d go easy on me, since, afterall, he was grounding me and everything.

My prayres, however, were not answered.


He rapidly smacked each of my butt cheeks, taking absolutely no time for them to feel like they were on fire. I squirmed with each smack, and after a couple, I began exclaiming “OW!” and stuff like that. I tried not to kick and fight too much, especially when he began spanking one cheek in the same spot over and over again.

“I don’t SMACK!! want to ever SMACK SMACK!!! hear SMACK!! about you SMACK!! doing any drugs SMACK SMACK!!! again!” he said, spanking me harder and faster at this time. I felt like I was sitting on a freakin’ campfire or something my bottom was in so much pain. “Am I making myself clear!”

“OWWWWW!! Yessir… owwwwieesssssss. I won’t do it again! I promise!!!”

He didn’t listen to me, just landed more smacks on my upturned already red bottom. He showed absolutely NO mercy for me and I was already regretting my first puff on a joint.


I began pleading. “Pleaseeeeeee Jareddddddddd. I won’t OW do it again! OWWW! I’m s-OW!-orry!”

After over 100 smacks, he finally stopped. My bottom was hurting like crazy and the first thing I thought to do was rub the sting out. The thing was, he wasn’t finished yet. He caught my hands and pressed them against my back. “It’s not over,” he said, lifting me up.

I stood there, my pants and panties around my ankles, he holding my hands behind my back while he stood, too.

“Hands on your head,” he ordered.

I did as I was told, putting them there and basically dancing around from so much pain. He unbuckled his belt. “Nooooooooo,” I pleaded. “Pleaseeeeeee Jareddddd I’m sorrrrrrryyyyyyy,” I began full out crying because I didn’t want to be spanked with his belt and the thought of it made my bottom ache more and more.

“I know you are.” He slide his belt through the loops then folded it over. “Okay, over the couch,” he ordered.

I could not move. “Pleaseeeee,” I begged.

“JESSICA!” he yelled. “Get over that couch RIGHT NOW! I’m not playing games.”

I was taken aback by his yelling, but it got me over the couch. I breathed in and steadied myself, placing my hands firmly on the cushion and my feet slightly off the floor. I blushed like crazy, too. I hated having my bottom so exposed.


The leather crashed down on my already sore bottom. I let out a squeak so loud and high-pitched, I didn’t even know I was capable of making that type of noise!

I felt his left hand holding me down and then he swung the belt once more and it came crashing down on my bottom. I made that loud squeal again, but before I had time to regain myself, it came crashing down again and again until I was sobbing and making those loud awful noises nonstop. I buried my face into the cushion and cried. All I could do was cry. Even when I heard him throw the belt onto the floor, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt so guilty for letting him down when he’d done so much for me. Don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t the only reason I was crying. My bottom was throbbing especially at my sit spots and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably for a while.

He finally lifted me from the couch and cradled me in his arms. “I’m sorry I had to do that, Jess. I love you so much. I couldn’t stand it if something happened to you.”

I nodded. “I-I’m sorry,” I choked out inbetween sobs.

He held me closer. “I know, Jess. I know.”

“I’ll never do it again,” I promised.

“Good girl.”

I finally stopped crying and pulled my panties and pants back up then washed my face and decided to rest for a while, on my stomach of course. Later that night I found a stash I had hidden under my bed and gave it to Jared, letting him know that I didn’t need it nor want it anymore. He smiled and hugged me and told me how much he loved me. Aside from my throbbing backside, I felt much better.

Hide a seek!


Gary and Susans mother had dropped them off with her friend Pauline
for the afternoon Paulines children Mary and Mark were friends with
Gary and Mary both being seven Mark was six and Susan five and a half.
As the weather was dreadful they were told they could play indoors as
long as they did it quietly and leaving the living room and kitchen
doors open she carried on with some cleaning. The children however
soon became bored and Mary sugested a game of hide and seek and she
would seek first,as she turned her back and started to count to 100
Mark motioned for the others to follow him and they went upstairs.
Mary finished counting and then after a swift hunt round the living
room she also went upstairs. She checked her own bedroom first and
found Susan hiding underneath the bed she carried on searching with
Susan tagging along behind. The bathroom and Marks bedroom were both
empty so she crept into her parents bedroom, as she opened the
wardrobe door Mark, wearing a werewolf mask jumped out and roared.
Mary jumped backwards tripped over the stool in front of the dressing
table and sent half the contents of the table on to the floor as
tried to keep her balance and several scent bottles broke on the
Pauline was alerted first by the shout and scream and then by the
sound of breaking glass rushed upstairs to find out what had happened.
She found Mary sitting on the floor amongst debris from the dressing
table with Susan looking guilty and Mark trying to hide the mask
behind his back. Pauline picked Mary up and checked she wasn,t hurt
she then asked where Gary was Susan blurted out that they had been
playing hide and seek and they had not found him yet. Gary Palmer
come here this instant she shouted and a some what shame faced Gary
crawled out from under the bed. Pauline then began to lecture them
about going upstairs without permission and even worse entering her
bedroom which they knew was out of bounds to them. The childrens
apologies seemed to cut little ice however Pauline sat down on the
bed and called Susan over to her. She hauled Susan over her knee and
turned up her red tartan skirt and applied 4 crisp smacks to the seat
of her navy blue knickers she then lifted her up and faceing her to
the wall instructed her not to move.She lead Gary back to the bed
with her and sat down she then pulled his shorts down and he went
over her knee for 7 hard spanks on his underpants he was oredered to
pull his shorts up and stand next to his sister.Pauline then
instructed Mark to come to her, Mark started to cry a little and was
told by his mother not to make her fetch him. Mark still stayed were
he was his apologies becoming less coherent as his sniveling
increased. When his mother stood up he did start moving towards her
but was grabbed by the arm his shorts and underpants were yanked down
and his mother said “You do not defy me young man do you understand”
each word being followed by the crack of hand on bare bottom. “and
this is for playing upstairs and scaring your sister” another half
dozen smacks rained down turning his bottom red all over. Mary was
walking over to her mother as Mark was taking up position facing the
wall. Pauline placed her daughter across her knee and turned up the
back of her green dress she then pulled her white knickers down just
enougth to bare the bottom. She then lectured Mary on how as the
eldest she should have been the most responsible and how her pocket
money would be stopped until she had payed for the breakages. Takeing
a tight grip on Mary with her left arm she reached down and picked up
one of her slippers and gave her 12 spanks with it as fast as she
could. She left Mary across her knee until her tears subsidedand then
all four were taken down stairs and stood in the four corners of the
living room.

Mommy's Secrets

My son came in one night while I was playing with my cunt. I was lonely you see And hadn’t had a good fucking in a while. Well he asked me what the fuck I thought I was doing, I was shocked to hear him speak that way and told him just that. He said. Oh shut the fuck up mom, you’re always with your prim and proper ass but you’re really a fucking whore and I am going to show you how much.

He unzipped his jeans and slammed His big cock inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I gagged and when I did He slapped the crap out of me and told me swallow it all you cunt! My eyes were tearing up hard But I did what he said cause, I knew he meant business!. After I sucked his cock for a while, It felt…

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