Hide a seek!


Gary and Susans mother had dropped them off with her friend Pauline
for the afternoon Paulines children Mary and Mark were friends with
Gary and Mary both being seven Mark was six and Susan five and a half.
As the weather was dreadful they were told they could play indoors as
long as they did it quietly and leaving the living room and kitchen
doors open she carried on with some cleaning. The children however
soon became bored and Mary sugested a game of hide and seek and she
would seek first,as she turned her back and started to count to 100
Mark motioned for the others to follow him and they went upstairs.
Mary finished counting and then after a swift hunt round the living
room she also went upstairs. She checked her own bedroom first and
found Susan hiding underneath the bed she carried on searching with
Susan tagging along behind. The bathroom and Marks bedroom were both
empty so she crept into her parents bedroom, as she opened the
wardrobe door Mark, wearing a werewolf mask jumped out and roared.
Mary jumped backwards tripped over the stool in front of the dressing
table and sent half the contents of the table on to the floor as
tried to keep her balance and several scent bottles broke on the
Pauline was alerted first by the shout and scream and then by the
sound of breaking glass rushed upstairs to find out what had happened.
She found Mary sitting on the floor amongst debris from the dressing
table with Susan looking guilty and Mark trying to hide the mask
behind his back. Pauline picked Mary up and checked she wasn,t hurt
she then asked where Gary was Susan blurted out that they had been
playing hide and seek and they had not found him yet. Gary Palmer
come here this instant she shouted and a some what shame faced Gary
crawled out from under the bed. Pauline then began to lecture them
about going upstairs without permission and even worse entering her
bedroom which they knew was out of bounds to them. The childrens
apologies seemed to cut little ice however Pauline sat down on the
bed and called Susan over to her. She hauled Susan over her knee and
turned up her red tartan skirt and applied 4 crisp smacks to the seat
of her navy blue knickers she then lifted her up and faceing her to
the wall instructed her not to move.She lead Gary back to the bed
with her and sat down she then pulled his shorts down and he went
over her knee for 7 hard spanks on his underpants he was oredered to
pull his shorts up and stand next to his sister.Pauline then
instructed Mark to come to her, Mark started to cry a little and was
told by his mother not to make her fetch him. Mark still stayed were
he was his apologies becoming less coherent as his sniveling
increased. When his mother stood up he did start moving towards her
but was grabbed by the arm his shorts and underpants were yanked down
and his mother said “You do not defy me young man do you understand”
each word being followed by the crack of hand on bare bottom. “and
this is for playing upstairs and scaring your sister” another half
dozen smacks rained down turning his bottom red all over. Mary was
walking over to her mother as Mark was taking up position facing the
wall. Pauline placed her daughter across her knee and turned up the
back of her green dress she then pulled her white knickers down just
enougth to bare the bottom. She then lectured Mary on how as the
eldest she should have been the most responsible and how her pocket
money would be stopped until she had payed for the breakages. Takeing
a tight grip on Mary with her left arm she reached down and picked up
one of her slippers and gave her 12 spanks with it as fast as she
could. She left Mary across her knee until her tears subsidedand then
all four were taken down stairs and stood in the four corners of the
living room.

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