Author unknown

Seth was walking home from school and cut across the cornfield
towards his families small farm. The day had been so hot, there
hadn’t been any baseball at recess and his mind could barely
concentrate on what his teacher Miss Kensington was saying. He
glanced over his shoulder and spotted the creek. How nice would a
swim in the creek be right now? Seth began to walk towards the creek.
He knew he had chores to do and that there would be trouble if he
wasn’t done by supper time, but it was so hot.
When he reached the creek he stripped down to his birthday suit and
jumped in and swam around. It was so cool and nice in the water. He
swam around enjoying the cool water when he heard a voice – “Seth
Thompson you get your butt out of there right now!”
Seth looked up to see his father, Jack’s, angry face glancing down at
him holding his clothes in his hand. Seth stood up and slowly began
to walk out of the creek. He was 12 years old and beginning to
develop and although Jack had seen him naked many times in his
lifetime for a trip over his knee or to the barn, his hands
instinctually reached down to ‘cover up’
“Hurry up. You have already wasted enough time. Your mother has
supper on the table and you haven’t finished one of your chores. I
thought something had happened to you and now I find you swimming in
the creek? What do you have to say for yourself?”
Seth by this time was standing next to Jack “It was so hot out and I
thought I could have a quick swim before I did my chores and I must
have lost track of time” Seth reached out for his clothes to which
Jack quickly answered “there’s no point in putting these back on.
You’ll be taking them off when we get back to the house anyway before
you go over my knee”
Seth began to sob a little at this sealing of his fate but a quick
slap from Jack and he began to quickly walk stark naked towards the
house. As they got close by Seth walked towards the direction of the
barn and Jack pulled his arm towards the house “I have waited long
enough for my supper”
When they arrived at the house Jack opened the door and told Seth to
go to the corner. All his brothers and sisters were gathered around
the table for supper chatting about there days, spankings were not an
unusual occurence on the Thompson farm and they took little notice of
Seth other than the odd snicker and smirk at the thought of what was
to come.
Seth’s mother Anna came in and put the food on the table and
everyone, except Seth in the corner began to eat. When the meal was
finished Anna announced that she had made a pie and would warm it in
the oven and it would be ready soon. Seth stood in the corner
shivering a little from being wet for a long period of time and now
that the sun was setting the temperature had cooled considerably.
Jack called his son over to him and Seth came dragging his feet at
his fate. “Why are you about to be spanked?” Seth “because I swam in
the creek instead of doing my chores.
Jack looked at his son and took ahold of his left wrist and pulled
him across his knee and began to spank.
SPANK “I SPANK don’t SPANK ever SPANK want
in SPANK that SPANK creek SPANK ever SPANK
again SPANK unless SPANK all SPANK your SPANK
chores SPANK are SPANK done SPANK and SPANK
say SPANK it’s SPANK ok. SPANK Do you understand?”
“Yes, I promise I’ll be good please don’t spank me.” Jack looked at
his son. This was the second time that Seth had neglected his chores
and he wanted to make sure the message was rec’d loud and clear. “I
want you to stand up and go into my bedroom and get your mothers
hairbrush from the dresser.” Seth was shocked “No please Dad. I’ll do
my chores I will please!” Jack layed five good spanks on Seths red
bottom “I said now” Seth jumped up and got the hairbrush and slowly
walked back to his father.
Jack again pulled Seth over his knee and applied the hairbrush to his
bottom until it was crimson from the top of each globe to just above
the backs of his knees. “Now stand up and get your chair and put it
right in that corner. When we’re finished eating you can do your
chores in the dark. If I ever see you neglecting your chores again
this spanking will seem like a vacation, understand?” Seth looked up
at his father with red eyes and muttered a simple yes sir and sat on
his chair in the corner.
Anna then came back to the table “Time for pie!”

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