The rising of “lil cunt”, by Widget Gidget.

The Rising of lil cunt, by Widget Gidget.

Lil cunt went to her uncle’s from school as she had been told, wondering what to expect. She knew she had been naughty. Most of the kids in the 1st junior year got spanked and they talked about it. Lil cunt felt that tingling between her legs that she always had before visiting uncle.
“Hello” she called and dumped her bag in the hall. Cunt, her aunt and Gidget, little Lil cunt’s uncle were sitting opposite each other as she entered the living room. “Where is your schoolbag, Lil cunt?” said her aunt. “Pick it up and take it to your room, then come back here.” Lil cunt obeyed.
Cunt said “My sister has asked us to correct Lil cunt. You do it while I watch. You know how it turns me on. And you, by the look of the bulge in your trousers.”
Lil cunt came back, pigtails, white blouse, black, pleated skirt, bobby socks and strapped sandals. “Come here” said Cunt. “Your mother is at her wit’s end. She has sent you here to be punished for provocation, cheek and dishonesty. Now, remove your knickers and go to your uncle.”
Lil cunt walked the three steps to Gidget, feeling the tingling getting stronger. Gidget’s penis throbbed. “Give it to her hard, please” said Cunt, squirming. He pulled Lil cunt’s skirt above her waist. “Naked” said Cunt. Gidget stripped her, pulled her over his knee and spanked her lovely peaches as he rubbed his hard penis against Lil cunt’s front. He spanked hard and fast. Lil cunt began to buck and sob. Soon, she was wailing.
“Bring her to me, Gidget. I want to give her a few,” said Cunt. Soon, Lil cunt was over Cunt’s knee. Cunt spanked her red peaches gently, and this aroused both of them. Cunt lifted Lil cunt to her feet and told her to collect her clothes and go to bed. “I’ll be up shortly”. Lil cunt’s pussy tingled.
Cunt and Gidget went to their room. Cunt lay on the padded spanking bench, naked. She positioned her puss on the bump located in the perfect position on the bench. Gidget removed his leather trouser belt and stripped. He picked up the belt, flexed it, doubled it and held the buckle end. He raised it and thrashed Cunt’s peaches twice before switching on the vibrating bump. Cunt humped and rubbed. 30 seconds later, he switched it off. “Do you want more?” Gidget asked.
Then Cunt heard a giggle and turned her head. “That is little Lil cunt” she said. “Let’s introduce her to this. I want to watch.” She got off the bench, and ran to the door, catching Lil cunt by the arm. Cunt took Lil cunt in her arms and whispered “You will enjoy this. Just relax.” Cunt knew. She positioned Lil cunt on the bench, noting that the bump pushed her pretty butt high. Gidget gave Lil cunt 15 seconds of the vibrating bump. She gasped and pushed her little pussy against the vibrator. Gidget switched it off.
“Belt her” said Cunt. Gidget agreed, his penis rigid. He belted Lil cunt’s bubble butt to get her wriggling and squealing , and then switched on the vibrator.
He moved to Lil cunt’s tear-stained face and pressed his throbbing cock into her cherub lips. Lil cunt bucked and squirmed as uncle thrust into her, the vibrator stimulated her as Cunt gently spanked her. Aunt Cunt stepped back as uncle Gidget moved to Lil cunt’s bare, bucking butt.
Cunt took his hard penis in her hand and guided it into Lil cunt’s tight, wet, little cunt. Gidget thrust hard and fast as Lil cunt squealed and gasped as she enjoyed the vibrating bump, Cunt spanking her upper thighs all the while.
He pulled out and ran his penis up between her legs till he found her little pucker, and thrust in as Cunt watched and spanked her little butt. Gidget thrust hard and fast into little Lil cunt. “Enough” said Cunt, “I want her ass.” He pulled out and switched off the bump.
Cunt strapped on her vibrating dildo and stood behind little Lil cunt’s butt. “Want more, you little cunt?” Lil cunt sobbed and nodded. Gidget switched on the bump and stood behind Cunt, who thrust the dildo hard into Lil cunt’s bare little butt. Lil cunt squirmed and squealed, rubbing on the bump.
Gidget gave his wife’s ass a couple of had spanks to encourage her and then pressed his tumescent cock into Cunt’s cunt, as she thrust in and out of Lil cunt’s pretty little asshole. Gidget loved the scene, watching Lil cunt getting it and his wife doing her. He came fiercely, hammering Cunt’s cunt and spurting into her while she did the same for Lil cunt’s little ass. Lil cunt bucked and squirmed.
They came in unison. The ooohs and aaaahs filled the room.
When they had disconnected and relaxed, Jean told Lil cunt to go to her room. When they were alone in bed, Cunt whispered, “I liked that, Gidget – and so did she. I expect she will be sent to us often.
To be continued?

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