Bras, panties, and a garter belt.

Checking my cell phone I noticed I had somehow missed a phone call. It must have happened when I was in Grand Central. It was the HR manager once again.

She asked if I could come in to do paperwork on Friday morning and start work on Monday. I rang her back and left a message saying I would be there at 10 am as she requested.

Friday morning I got into the shower before my husband and shaved my legs, underarms and touched up the lips of my softness. I slipped on my robe and got my husband off for work. I had an hour before the train so I went into the bathroom and rubbed perfume scent cream into my skin. I made up my face and paid extra attention to making my eyes look big and wide. My lashes were long and by touching the mascara along the bottom lashes, they seemed to open wider. I blew my hair dry while upside down so that it would be fluffy. After carefully applying my lipstick I thought I looked pretty good. I dressed carefully. I had to be alluring underneath but conservative on top.

I slipped on my pale pink, almost white bra, panty and garter belt set. The stockings were sheer beige with a beige seam but plain heels. I touched my pulse points with Chanel 5 and then dragged a bit along the top of my stockings and in my sparse trimmed pubic hair. My nipples hardened so I had to rub a little on them. Then I donned my pale pink blouse and my black skirt.

I slipped on my black pumps with the straps and looked at myself in the mirror. Nice and conservative unless you saw my huge fat nipples pushing through the silk. I put on my jacket that matched the skirt and tied the black silk ribbon that closed around the waist.

Nice look. As I grabbed my bag I also grabbed a wrap to ward off the morning chill and drove to the train. I felt good, sexy and pretty and sometimes I think that men can tell. This morning was no different and as I slide out of the long slung seat of the convertible, my eyes met the set of the man getting out of the car next to me. I smile and moved my head in a downward motion, a submissive move that men took for flirting.

Well hell, I was flirting. I made my way to the platform, paid my daily parking, then my paper and moving to the ticket machine I saw him again looking at me.

I smiled, purchased my ticket and stood on the platform in the place that would let me board the train in the rear section of the third car. Why? Hell if I know, it just was the car I always rode in.

My admirer was near and when the train stopped in front of me he followed me into the car. I moved to an empty seat by the window and he followed sitting next to me with an empty seat between us. I crossed my legs and saw him look at my shoes and ankle bracelet. Had he seen my seams? Oh yes he had.

He smiled when I caught him. I thought now would be a good time to tease him. I pulled my wrap off and laid it across my lap. I undid my jacket so that he could look right at my breasts in my blouse.

My nipples were still hard and I knew he could see them. I stretched to poke them out a little and then settled against the window to sleep. He had the paper in his lap and his hand went under the paper to adjust himself without anyone seeing. I saw and I smiled. I toyed my lips and wet to sleep. I woke to the train going underground and the cabin of the train a little darkened. I stretched and straightened my blouse pulling it tight across my nipples.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as he watched. I kept my jacket open while I made an attempt to adjust my stockings slightly they did not need it but I liked him watching. Then I slowly buttoned my jacket and tied the tie.

He watched me carefully throughout the whole time.

The train came to a stop and we stood to move off the train.

I went to put the wrap around my shoulders and this man helped me and smiled fully at me. God he was nice looking, just my type. Nice haircut, dark suit, white shirt. He smelled great as he offered me to move in front of him to get off the train before him. It was a shame but I lost him in the train station. I went and had coffee and at 9:30 my phone rang.

It was HIM.

He called to ask me if I was coming into the city today to meet him. I said yes and he asked me to meet him in the same place at 1:00. He said he would call me with the room number. I grinned all the way to the office building. I was almost his Assistant and he did not know it was me. How could he not? I met the HR manager and filled out paperwork. Then she took me upstairs to show me were I would sit come Monday. While we were standing at my new desk the man from the train walked by and stopped. He looked both shocked and amused to see me. I felt myself get very nervous and very excited at seeing him. I was introduced to him by the HR manager and found out he was another V.P.

on the floor and that I might occasionally be asked to help him out. He told me he looked forward to us working together and left. The HR manager told me that my new boss had just left for lunch and would not be back in time to meet with me today but would see me on Monday at 9 am. I knew he would see me very soon

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