Mrs. Snow has a visitor

Mrs. Snow has a visitor

Continuing down the sidewalk I realized my best friend Ann’s house was
> coming up. I knew her mother spanked hard. I’d seen her in action.
> Ann and I had been spanked by our respective mothers at her house once
> in the past and I knew my mom was no match for hers when it came to
> spanking. Her mom told me more than once that if I was her daughter
> she’d give me a spanking to remember for awhile. Mom never gave her
> spanking rights so I’ve escaped her so far. I wanted to avoid that
> house at all cost and walked quickly past to Mrs. Snow’s house.
> I knew Mrs. Snow didn’t spank because she was pretty vocal about it when
> my mom shared the story of my picking out a souvenir paddle while on
> vacation last summer. Her kids were younger and mom told her she might
> change her mind in time like she did but Mrs. Snow was pretty sure of
> herself and asked for more detail about the vacation. Mom liked to
> share that story with the other mom’s in the neighborhood when she got
> together with them for coffee.
> When I first saw that paddle I was very keen on wanting to know what it
> would feel like to be paddled with it. It had a picture of a boy and a
> girl bent over into a big wooden pickle barrel with the boys jeans
> having a lighter color at his sit spots and the girls panties showing
> under her dress. It said ‘Never spank a child in the face, nature
> provides a better place.’ When I asked Mom to buy it for me she gave me
> this funny look. She knew by that time that I liked birthday spankings
> and even caught Ann and I in a spanking game before so I think she was
> being careful.
> “Are you sure you want this paddle?” Mom asked me in front of the sales
> lady.
> Smiling I nodded yes with a bashful flush of embarrassment as the sales
> lady looked at me curiously.
> Then she said, “I don’t think you know what your getting yourself into,
> Patty. This think will hurt.”
> “It ok, Mom.” I said getting a little annoyed at her. Then the sales
> lady piped into our conversation.
> “Maybe you should give her a sample swat.”
> Mom frowned but then looked at me and smiled.
> “Turn around and stick out your bottom. Hurry up!”
> I did what she said and she gave me a sample swat with it right there in
> the shop in front of the sales lady over my shorts. Some other folks in
> the store looked our way. It made cool whack sound. I was embarrassed
> about it and it stung pretty good but I liked the way it felt making my
> cheeks bounce. In fact I giggled. I thought it was pretty cool because
> it didn’t really hurt afterward. Of course I didn’t know at the time
> what a real spanking with it would be like. I think Mom was just
> teasing me.

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