Megan and Rachel

Dirty Ice Cream

His sister-in-law’s visit was almost over. Max really didn’t mind having his wife’s younger sister Tammy and her two kids stay with them for a week. The Hall family had a pool and with the warm July weather that is where they stayed all day. Tammy’s husband Tom was still in the service, so Max felt like he was helping out by giving his wife and kids a place to vacation while he was deployed. Donna and Tammy were very close growing up in Florida, getting into plenty of trouble together. Donna always claimed that she had taken several paddling that Tammy had earned, but Tammy’s stories seemed to have a different take on it. The sisters almost looked like twins – tall, blond and athletic. Both had their mother’s blue eyes, substantial bosom and belief that child rearing required a sturdy, wooden backed hairbrush. Having two Southern women in his house meant that Max was well fed, that the kids were well behaved and everything was in order. The added benefit was two well built blonds by the pool. Max tried to remind himself that one was his wife’s sister, but at times that just added fuel to his thoughts. It didn’t help that Tammy could be flirtatious, a habit that Donna claimed had earned her sister a few serious spankings even as a teen. It was Saturday. Max had planned on mowing the lawn and his plans were confirmed when he heard Tammy and Donna having issues with the kids. “Megan and Rachel, if I have to tell you one more time to quit pestering each other, its going to be the paddle. Understood?” The ten and eleven year old cousins were so similar that after a week they were getting on each other’s nerves and it was only a matter of time before one or both ended up with sore bottoms. Max decided it would be quieter out front. It took about an hour for Max to mow the front lawn. It was only 11:30 but he had earned a beer. He headed into the house, but stopped short as he entered the kitchen. There was Tammy, a flurry of motion in a white bikini. If the sight of his tanned, toned sister-in-law hadn’t caught Max’s attention, then the two girls with their bikini bottoms pulled down, hands on the kitchen island would have. Megan and Rachel had apparently failed to head their mothers’ warnings, because both seemed poised to get a reminder of what Southern discipline meant, even if given in Colorado. “Maxie, be a dear and help me find that spoon your wife was telling me about.” Tammy was digging through drawers and cupboards, pulling utensils out as she went. And now that she was bending over, going through a lower kitchen drawer, Max couldn’t help but notice how Tammy’s bikini was barely covering her bottom in this position. “Max, did you hear me?” Tammy was now standing with her hands on her hips. Max came to and realized that his sister-in-law was referring to what Donna called the “spanking spoon.” “Let me look.” Max walked into the kitchen as Tammy found a candidate – more like a spatula than a spoon. She took it and stood to the side of her daughter, eleven year old Rachel, whose black bikini bottom was pulled just below her cheeks. “Not sure this will work.” Tammy gave Rachel some solid swats that jiggled her cheeks and left some redness. Rachel squealed and Tammy told her these were just a “test.” She then grabbed a wooden stirrer that had come with a rice cooker and walked over to Megan. There was no question about Tammy’s authority to spank her niece and Megan received twenty stinging licks with the utensil. But Tammy was not satisfied. “I am going to find something to really teach you girls a lesson.” The response was subdued, but clearly Rachel and Megan wished that she was not successful. By this point, Max remembered where the spanking spoon was kept and grabbed it out of a pantry cupboard. “Here you go, Tammy.” Max handed over a large wooden spoon, made of hard wood and with some heft to it. Tammy called Max a “dear” again and took the spoon over to Rachel, standing to her left side and measuring the distance to her bare bottom. Pulling the spoon back, she snapped it into Rachel’s left cheek, then right, alternating stinging swats. “Keep your hands on that counter” was Tammy’s response to her daughter’s slight movement as the spoon went back and forth, causing what had once been a very white bottom to turn red. Tammy’s spanking technique was impressive, thought Max, as were her long, tan legs. Max wasn’t sure he had ever seen a bikini clad woman so determined. Rachel was sniffling and had tears in her eyes as her mom announced that her “warm up” was over and moved over to Megan. Tammy had to use a well manicured finger to adjust Megan’s suit down a bit, and then began a rhythmic lesson on her niece’s bottom. Once both cheeks were red and Megan was crying softly, Tammy walked back to her own daughter. “Both of you were told to stop arguing, stop fighting and watch your tone. Neither of you listened. Now you are both getting a real spanking and you are going to apologize.” With that, the heavy wooden spoon made solid contact with Rachel’s bottom, leaving a darker red oval shaped mark. Tammy spanked hard and fast, pausing to ask her daughter to say she was sorry, to her cousin and the rest of the family. Rachel was crying now, but resisted the request. Tammy’s jaw clenched and Max knew his niece was in trouble. Tammy grabbed hold of the bikini bottoms that were still gripping Rachel just below her buns and gave a sharp tug. Rachel was now bare from the waist down and her mom wasted no time smacking her daughter’s upper thighs with the spoon. A high pitched scream was the response, as was an overall reddening of Rachel’s brown legs. “Momma, please, please I am sorry” came out between sobs. Tammy gave a number of additional swats to make sure the lesson was learned. Back across the kitchen, Megan awaited her fate, knowing that she had better say she was sorry. Aunt Tammy tattooed her bottom as well and, to be fair, pulled down her bottoms and spanked her thighs too. Max was impressed – that woman could spank. And standing to the side of Tammy, the view of her cleavage was as impressive as her discipline. Donna walked in as the spankings were ending. Two very red bottomed girls, bare except for bikini tops, still had their hands on the countertop. The contents of multiple drawers were strewn across the kitchen. And her husband appeared to be staring as her sister adjusted her top and bikini bottom. “Nice show?” Donna asked as she gave a playful swat to her husband’s butt. Tammy noticed what was going on and in her most innocent way said that it wasn’t her fault. “Never is, sis, never is.” Donna laughed. At least someone was having a good time in that kitchen.

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