I wanna see Santa Clause! By, Mary.

Disclaimer: These spankings takes place in an alternate reality, where the
spanking of naughty children and spouses is a common occurrence. In our
reality I do not advocate or approve of the spanking of children or the
non-consensual spanking of adults.
> I welcome all thoughts and critique on this story. I apologize in advance
> got spelling or grammatical errors. I hope you enjoy the story
> Alan never got to see Santa Claus by Mary L.
> Early Saturday morning, Robert Alan Hofmeister wakes up. He washed himself
> and got dressed. He is so excited, This is the day that his Mommy will go
> into the big city to Dobson’s department store. Each year at this time the
> store is transformed into a mini Santa’s village. Alan was looking forward
> to this day for months. He was extra good, and his grades were straight
> A’s. He wanted nothing to go wrong.
> Alan wanted everything to be perfect. He retrieved the morning paper and
> placed it on the kitchen table. After breakfast, he went upstairs and
> brushed his teeth. On the way back down, he heard a conversation, he wished he
> hadn’t.
> “Again, honey? Didn’t we buy him all new clothes?, “Yes, we did, but he is
> growing so fast.” “Do we need a second mortgage?” “I hope you notice I’m
> not laughing. Anyway I am taking Alan to see Santa, we’ll have time to get
> new clothes.”
> Alan, then bounced into the kitchen, “when we leaving Mommy.” “Now” Before
> Laura could say another word. Alan had his coat on and was buckled in the
> back seat of the car.
> During the 45 mile drive, they sang Christmas carols and told Santa Claus
> stories.
> In the parking lot and before Alan even had a chance to get out of the
> car, he received these words of advice. “Robert Alan Hofmeister, there are
> going to be a lot of people here and it will be easy to get separated, I want
> you to hold my hand at all times. Understood?” “Yes, Mommy” “No wandering
> off. Understood? “Yes, Mommy” “You will listen to me and do what I tell you
> to do, Understood?” “Yes, Mommy” “Good, now let’s have some fun.”
> The first thing on the agenda was to see the reindeer holding area. There
> were nine reindeer plus Santa’s sleigh. While most of the children gathered
> around Rudolph, Alan walked up to Donder. He petted him and fed him the
> special reindeer food Mommy bought.
> “Come along Alan.” Hand in hand Alan and his Mommy walked around the store
> looking at the window displays of scenes from Charles Dickens’ A
> Christmas Carol. On every corner were carolers, dressed as Santa’s elves.
> Once inside, the battle of wills began. Alan wanted to see Santa
> immediately and Mommy wanted Alan to get new clothes and to see all the wonders the
> store had to offer. In one of the corners of the first floor was a
> interactive display of candy making. Alan loved the fact that he was making candy
> for his friends and himself. He was all smiles, until Mommy suggested that
> next was to buy new shoes.
> Alan was very impatient and rude to the salesman trying to help them.
> “Young man, you are walking on thin ice. Do we need the visit the ladies room?”
> Laura whispered in her son’s ear. Alan was old enough to use the men’s
> room by himself, so this only meant one thing. “I am sorry, sir. I like these
> shoes, but they are a little tight.” After some trial and error, three
> pairs of shoes were purchased.
> Thy made their way past more carolers and up to floor number two, the
> train floor Santa’s train took good little boys and girls all around the floor
> and past and through scenes of Santa’s workshop. There was also a large
> model train display. Alan was having the time of his life and did not want to
> leave. They even bought a model train set.
> A stern look from Mommy and a reminder led him go with Mommy to the third
> floor. There were more carolers and scenes of elves sewing hats and mittens
> and sweaters.
> There were even a couple of sheep in a special holding pen and a lady
> explaining how wool and other thread is made. Alan looked in awe at all the
> wonders in the store. Feeling a tug of his hand, they are soon in the boy’s
> clothes department. “MOMMY, NO!” “I Wanna See Santa Claus.” He stomps his
> feet as shakes his arm, breaking free of his Mommy’s grasp and he starts to
> run towards the escalator. “I Wanna See Santa Claus.” With a sigh and two
> steps, Laura grabs him and picks him up. They return to the boys department.
> “I Wanna See Santa Claus.” Alan then sees a boy about his size. The boy’s is
> face all red and he is crying, He is rubbing his bottom with one hand and
> following his Mommy, his hand in hers. Rubbing his bottom in empathy Alan
> then says “I’ll be good Mommy.” True to his word, he joyfully participated
> in picking out his new clothes.
> On to the fourth and fifth floor. More caroling and elves making toys and
> goodies, and an bit of history being taught. And more purchases
> .
> Finally, they are on the Santa floor. Here was also the top of the tall
> Christmas tree. Alan looked over the railing to see its beginning way down on
> the first floor. “Wow,” he exclaimed, “Mommy, how did they get a tree that
> big in here?” Mommy spotted the plaque and read how the skylight was
> opened and the tree was lowered down by helicopter. “Wow!” Alan yawned. He was
> getting tired and hungry. So was Mommy.
> “Alan, what to you say to a quick lunch and then we’ll go see Santa.”
> “Alan nodded. It was to be a short wait. The store even had the waiters take
> the orders while the visitors were in line to speed things up. They were
> standing next to a young mother and her daughter. While the ladies were looking
> over the menus and talking about their morning and having agreed to share
> a table, they did not notice their children had gone AWOL.
> In a panic, they informed security and started to look for their missing
> children Alan and his new friend Susie went off to see Santa Claus.
> Unfortunately they went off in the wrong direction and were smack dab in the middle
> of the kitchenware department. Alan and Susie wandered around for ten
> minutes trying to find Santa.
> INSTANT.” They turned around and saw their mommies standing about ten feet away,
> each of them holding a paddle. Alan was frozen and started to cry. Susie
> took one look at the paddle her Mommy was holding and started to run in the
> opposite direction with her Mommy chasing her.
> Laura was quickly upon Alan and grabbed his arm so tight she lifted him a
> few inches off the ground and carried him like this past all the people at
> Dobson’s all the way down to the first floor. Alan was trying his best to
> get free and he was screaming at the top of his lungs over and over “I Wanna
> See Santa Claus.” “I Wanna See Santa Claus.” “I Wanna See Santa Claus.”
> His mother was getting angrier and more embarrassed with each step she took.
> She had warned Alan to stay close and not to wander off. They were so close
> to accomplishing their mission, .but running off in a crowded store was
> unacceptable and must be dealt with. “I Wanna See Santa Claus.”
> Alan’s voice was getting hoarse ad he was crying so by now he words were
> unintelligible.
> Once on the main floor, she took Alan into the ladies room. The room had
> three sections. The outer room, with a couple of couches and chairs and a
> few vending machines, the room with the toilets, baby changing stations and
> sinks and a few private rooms, not unlike the changing rooms in the clothes
> departments.
> That is where the two found themselves. Laura sat down on the bench
> setting the paddle down next to her and putting her purse under the bench. She
> began to prepare Alan for his ordeal. While scolding him in a quiet and firm
> manner, she took off his coat and tossed it on the stool in the corner.
> Then she undid there buckle of his belt an opened it. Next she undid the
> buttons of his pants and lowered the zipper. Laura then picked Alan up and
> positioned him so his bottom would be at the center of her lap. She looked up
> and saw the closed purple curtain. She thought while no one could see the
> spanking everyone who was close by could hear the spanking. While not ideal,
> it would have to do. She grabbed the waistband of Alan’s pants and
> undershorts and yanked them down to his knees. She ignored all of Alan’s
> protestations.
> SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK. She delivered a firm hand spanking until the
> entire spanking surface of Alan’s bottom was lovely shade of pink. Alan
> tried to remain motionless and quiet throughout. He felt Mommy’s hand and not
> the paddle so he thought he had gotten a reprieve. That was not to be the
> case.
> Mommy stopped just long enough to reposition Alan so his legs would be
> trapped between hers. He was moved forward into a bending over position. His
> head was nearly touching the floor and his bottom was sticking up high.
> His thighs and sit spots were now more exposed, Laura picked up the paddle,
> SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK Alan howled at each spank. The paddle swats were
> slowly administered but the were much harder than the hand spanks. This was
> a spanking Laura intended Alan would never forget.
> Alan was beside himself. Mommy held him so tightly he could barely move.
> Mommy also held his hands behind his back. He thought the spanking would
> never end. All he could do was cry.
> After two dozen swats Laura placed the paddle aside. Alan was still
> howling and screaming and his legs were still twitching his bottom, thighs and
> sit spots were cherry red, but not to the point of blistering or bruising.
> She wondered how Susie and her Mom was getting along. While Laura usually
> lets Alan cry it out across her lap, she knew they were not at home. She
> quickly redressed Alan and carried him out of the room. Sure enough there was
> someone waiting. She sat on the couch and with Alan standing in front of her
> she held Alan in her arms until he stopped crying.
> After they picked up their purchases at the wait desk. Yes, Laura did buy
> that paddle in the kitchen department, it was a small oval bread paddle
> about twice an big as her hand and just as thick. It would get a lot of use.
> Alan was allowed to lay on his stomach on the drive back. The drive was
> silent, expect for Alan’s intermittent crying. Once home Alan was sent
> straight to his room until it was time for dinner. That was in a couple of hours.
> Alan was very sad and well behaved all week, thinking he missed his one
> chance to see Santa Claus this year.
> Early Saturday morning, Robert Alan Hofmeister woke up. He washed himself
> and got dressed. He thought about last Saturday and began to cry. He
> really wanted to see Santa, but he was naughty and not only didn’t he see Santa,
> he got a spanking right there in the store. He laid down on the bed when
> his Mommy came in. “Get up lazy bones” She giggled, “Do you want to see
> Santa or not?” This time Alan behaved. On the drive home, he wondered if Susie
> got a second chance.
> .

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