Ants in Her Panties F/f By Mary L

Disclaimer: These spankings takes place in an alternate reality, where the spanking of naughty children and spouses is a common occurrence. In our reality I do not advocate or approve of the spanking of children or the non-consensual spanking of adults.

Ants in Her Panties F/f By Mary L

This is a short story about 4 year old Ashlyn Angelica and he mother Kristie. We’ll met her father and Aunt Kellie in another story. For now this story takes place in a little church in the Spanking Zone.

Ashlyn started misbehaving as soon as they arrived. As son as they entered she started running around then back of the church almost knocking down Mrs. Rogers, who is 87 and need a walker to get around. Kristie caught up with Ashlyn and after grabbing her left arm, she gave her daughters bottom a quick slap before heading to their seats.

I the pews Ashley would not sit still nor be very quiet. She would sit then stand then sit again. She would move from her Mommy’s left to right and back again. The laying down on the pew, When standing up, again. Sometimes she would say things in a loud voice. Despite Kristie’s frequent attempts to get Ashlyn to behave including two more bottom slaps, nothing seemed to be working.

Until now, Ashlyn’s behavior was just annoying and was not really disturbing the other church goers. It was now time to collect the offering and Ashlyn was just getting started. Kristie had bent down and whispered in her ear. “Ashlyn Angelica, you better behaving or you will be a very sorry little girl” The was punctuated with another bottom slap.

This time Ashlyn quickly stuck her tongue out and turned away and started to try to walk away. In doing so she bumped into Miss Thompson and knocked the collection basket out of her hand and all the envelopes and loose change went all over the floor and underneath the pews. By this time Ashlyn was almost at the aisle. The nearby parishioners let out a collective gasp and there were a few murmurs and a few giggles. Kristie was now very embarrassed and angry.

Kristie had enough. After a couple of steps, she caught up with Ashlyn and picked her up. She politely asked Mr. Burns if he would let them through and he quickly stepped aside. Ashlyn knew what was coming and she was kicking her little legs and flaying her little arms shouting “No, No, No” as her Mommy quickly carried her to the back of the church. Kristie was very embarrassed and her face was beet red and she felt all eyes were looking at them.

Kristie used her back to open the wooden doors to the sanctuary and sat down on the top of the steps that led to the doors that led outside. Since it was 18 degrees outside this was as good a place as any. The sounds of the organ, she thought, would drown out the sounds of the ensuing spanking.

She placed Ashlyn, who was still shouting “No, No, No,” face down across her lap and quickly lifted the hem of her daughter’s blue dress above her waist and pulled down her white tights and Hello Kitty panties to her daughter’s knees


Kristie’s, hand is big enough that each spank covered Ashlyn’s entire bottom. These were not the soft love taps Ashlyn received earlier. They were hard and soon Ashlyn’s bottom was as red has her Mommy’s face.

Ashlyn soon stopped shouting “NO, NO, NO” and was shouting “STOP, STOP, STOP”, but her shouts soon gave way to tears. She was kicking legs as fast and as wildly as she could and attempted to twist to avoid the spanks but Mommy held her so her bottom stayed in position.


Ashlyn thought the spanking would never stop, but it did. Kristie set Ashlyn on her feet and pulled up her panties and tights and adjusted them under her dress. She then tried to smooth the wrinkles over. Ashlyn buried her head in her Mommy’s chest and was sobbing profusely. Kristie cradled Ashlyn’s head against her chest and held her hands so she could not rub her bottom just yet.

When the sobbing subsided and Ashlyn stopped doing the spanking dance, “It’s is all over honey. I forgive you and I love you.”
Kristie let go of Ashlyn’s hands and hugged her tightly until she stopped crying.

“I love you Mommy.”

They returned to their seats and for the rest of the mass, Ashlyn lived up to her middle name.

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