What happened at Camp!

This particular week at summer camp was hot beyond belief. Angel had an hour before she had to be at her next activity. What is a 17 year old girl supposed to do? Crashing in the bunk for an hour would be awesome to catch up on some sleep. Last night’s spin the bottle event went way too far into the early morning. But it is so damn hot. Swimming. That will be perfect. Angel goes to her cabin and puts on her skimpy, hot pink bikini and heads down to the waterfront. The bikini isn’t a thong, but when she walks, it tends to crawl up, um, you know where, and looks pretty much like one. As an affirmation, on Angel’s way to the water, Mrs McGillicuddy, the camp nurse, calls out “Angel…adjust your bottoms!” Without breaking stride, Angel makes a half hearted effort to cover her delicate little bottom.

To be able to swim, Angel needs a buddy. But there isn’t anyone else around she can pair up with. It’s got to be nearly 100 and the sun is relentless. Angel sees a blank tag and the the red, blue and black markers used to make the tags. She checks around and “borrows” the necessary supplies to make a tag. Two minutes later, she checks in on the buddy board and heads toward the deep end. Diving off of the dock and into the water is so refreshing. And the sensation of her bottoms slipping down almost to her knees is also a wonderful feeling. Not only refreshing, but perhaps something, perhaps naughtier. That delicate tingle that Angel gets when she showers with the girls on the high school volleyball team.

Angel isn’t in the water 5 minutes and the waterfront weenies call a buddy check. Crap. Now what? These eagle eye dock Nazis spot the unaccompanied swimmer almost immediately. The short interrogation commences, and within a minute or two, Angel is back on the dock, looking damn hot in her wet, clingy bikini that when wet shows everything, BTW, but in trouble with management for not having a buddy. Off to the camp directors office go Angel, and a very fit college sophomore lifeguard grasping Angel’s arm very authoritatively.

The girl escorting Angel, her name is Kelli. Perfect tan, blond hair half way down her back, and a Lycra, form fitting blue, one piece suit that is making Angel have improper thoughts. The camp director is not in his office, so the two girls have to wait for his majesty to return. The two go over the rules, Angel explained that she had a moment of insanity due to the heat, forged the buddy tag and it would never happen again. Kelli was sympathetic, but was sticking to the corporate policy of rules are rules. Angel noticed that Kelli was sneaking sideways glances at Angel’s hard little body, complete with six pack abs. Angel decided to try to confirm what she was thinking. She got up and walked around the room. Yep, Kelli was tracking her every move. Angel went to the window and gazed outside, seemingly ignoring Kelli. She supposedly adjusted her bikini bottoms, but when Angel was done, they were exposing more of Angel’s delicious butt, top and bottom, than before she had adjusted the bottoms. Kelli’s eyes were riveted on Angel’s sweet ass. She wasn’t even trying to hide her desire to gawk at Angel’s butt any longer.

Angel came back and sat down next to Kelli. “Am I in big trouble?”, asked Angel. At that moment the camp director walks in. He was quite fit, but only about 5’6″ and had a rather Napoleonic aire about him. Angel took an immediate dislike to him. He went through the rules, yada, yada, Angel rolled her eyes. “I saw that, young lady,” the camp director barked, summoning his deepest most masculine voice. “I have no other option, but to punish you.”

Angel saw him go to the closet and bring out a delicious 2″ wide leather belt. He folded it in half rather menacingly. “Kelli, have her assume the position.” Kelli gave a glance to Angel that she would be ok. Angel was faced toward the big oak desk in the room and her hands were placed on it. As Angel turned to see what was going to happen next, Kelli gently turned her head back straight ahead toward the wall and winked at her.

Angel felt her clingy, wet bikini bottoms being lowered to her knees by Kelli. Angel felt a rush of hormones course through her body. Kelli stood to her right. She grabbed a big hank of Angel’s hair and made her continue to look ahead.

CRACK. The belt was smacked expertly across Angel’s bare, beautiful bottom by this little squirt camp director. Again and again, until Angel’s bottom and her upper thighs were blazing red.

Then it stopped. Kelli delicately raised Angel’s bottoms and whispered, “I’ll make you forget all about this. Go to the showers.”

Angel was sore and it hurt to walk. She didn’t want anyone to see her upper thighs from behind, so she make her way quickly to the showers. Camp had outdoor showers that had barriers to protect for the stray passerby, but you could see the trees above. Angel gingerly striped off her bikini and let the water flow on her athletic body. When the shower water hit her bottom, it stung, but as she stayed in there, she sort of numbed up.

Angel heard someone enter the shower. It was Kelli. Almost matter of factly, Kelli stripped off her swimming suit and Angel’s mouth dropped open. Her body looked as if it had been sculped by Micheal Angelo. She came over to Angel and said, “I’m gonna make you feel better.” Kelli grabbed the soap and washed Angel from head to toe, being extra delicate with Angels red bottom. Then her hair. That was delicious, having this naked beauty wash Angel’s hair.

“I have something that I think you are gonna like,” said Kelli. With that, she turned away and put something in her mouth. Standing in front of Angel, Kelli dropped to her knees and thumped on Angel’s lower inner thigh to move her legs apart. And then she buried her face in Angel’s sweet, pristinely groomed pussy.

Angel had enjoyed being provided oral before, but this was different. It felt like the Fourth of July on there. Holy crap, between the expertise of Kelli’s tongue and the popping and snapping that was going on down there, Angel was on the verge of an orgasm within a couple of minutes. Trying to relax and stay cool was only going to work for a little… Damn, Angel wrapped one of her legs around Kelli’s face and pulled her in close. Both hands grabbed Kelli’s long blonde hair and made certain that even if she wanted to, she was not going to escape. Pulsations of muscle contractions enveloped Angel’s entire body. She had never had an orgasm like this before. Angel flooded Kelli’s face and had to grab the shower stall to keep from falling down. Kelli looked up with a devilish grin and said, “You like?”

“Uh huh. What did you put in your mouth?”

“Pop Rocks.”

“Do you have any more?”

“Uh huh”

With that, Angel snatched the little packet of candy and emptied the remainder into her mouth. Pushed Kelli’s sweet bare ass up against the shower stall and said, “Spread em!” As best she could with a mouth full of fizzy candy. Angel made direct eye contact with Kelli and gave her the most wicked, sexy look…And dropped to her knees.

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