Back to School

Back to School 27

I would have stayed over with Jenna and Cat Saturday but after two nights of non-stop playing I needed some down time. Both girls were beautiful and delicious pieces but too much of anything can be too much. I did manage to get a great night’s rest and woke up feeling refreshed. I got cleaned up and had some lunch.

I sat down at the tube.

Football was over and there was nothing on so figured there was only one thing to do on a boring afternoon. I was going to see Cathy that night so I called Nichole. She was surprised to hear from me and thrilled to come over. Nic was one of my students and one of the hottest, best looking babes I’d ever had the pleasure to play in a long time.

I had held off her advances most of the year but when she turned 18 I couldn’t help myself. Even though I had warned her not to tell anyone she had brought one of her friends along last weekend. I had told her as punishment I wouldn’t see her this weekend but I was overruled by my stiff thingy. Nichole showed up happy and horny. “I’m so glad you called, ” she sighed as she melted into my arms. Our tongues met as we devoured each other’s mouths.

“I know how mad you were, ” she added, “I was afraid you might really cut me off for the rest of the year.” “And do without this perfect body?” I grinned, rubbing her perfect soft place.

I put on the stereo and sat down. “I’d love it if you’d do a striptease for me, honey, ” I told her. “No problem, ” she smiled. Swaying back and forth to the music she slowly started to unbutton her shirt. She took her time, tantalizing me with her body. She finally got her shirt off. She tossed it aside while playing with her white lace bra. She reached around and unsnapped it. She caught it before it fell, rubbing her tits with it. She came over to me, wrapped it around my head and used it to pull me into her perfect, full tits. She shook them back and forth as I held out my tongue, toying back and forth between her nipples, trying to catch one between my teeth. She danced away before I could catch a nipple. I watched as she started to unbutton her pants. She could tell by the massive bulge in my pants what effect she was having on me. She finally lost her pants and turned around, slowly humping an imaginary partner.

She had a perfect, tight body without a hint of fat anywhere on her. She pushed her perfect, round soft place out at me, turning around and smiling while toying her cute, full lips. She turned back around and humped her way over to me.

She rubbed her perfect, firm tits in my face again.

They weren’t as big as Cathy’s or Jenna’s but they were perfectly round and firm pale white, tipped with dark, round areolas. Her nipples were longer than most. She turned around and backed down, rubbing her crack against my throbbing length which was bursting to get out of my pants. I reached around and grabbed her firm, young tits, pinching her nipples while nibbling on her neck.

She rose up and reached under her soft place to undo my pants and pulling down my zipper. Pushing my pants down to my knees she sat back down, rubbing my length into her slit while gyrating back and forth. Her softness was nice and wet. I grabbed her tits again while kicking off my pants.

I held her tightly as, rubbing my length against her personal place, she started to cum. Her softness was hot and wet but I wasn’t ready to play her just yet. When she finished cuming I picked her up and sat her down on the couch, falling to my knees between her legs.

The first time we’d played l had gotten her so hot she had squirted cum all over me. I wanted to see if I could do that again. She wrapped her legs around me and raised her softness to my lips, anticipating what was to come. I didnt disappoint her as I slid my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, ending at her personal place, sucking and pulling on it with my lips. She was primed and ready to go as she began thrusting her softness up and down my face. I held my tongue out and let her do the work, positioning her softness where it felt best for her. She worked it to her advantage, riding my tongue up and down and all around her softness and personal place. She ended with her softness centered on my tongue as I thrust in and out of her sweet, wet softness. She grabbed the back of my head and started cuming as she squirted cum all over my face.

I reached up and patted her personal place while toying up as much of her sweet, sweet cum as possible. When she finally finished cuming I ran my tongue up her body to suck her tits, teasing cum as I went. Nichole held me tight to her bosom as I toyed and sucked her now cum covered tits. Youre too good, baby, she moaned as I sucked her tits, lets go into your bedroom. I helped her to her feet.

We rubbed our bodies together and kissed for several minutes. “OK, ” I finally said, “let’s go.

” As she turned I caught sight of her beautiful soft place and stopped her. “Hold on a second, ” I said.

She did so. “Now bend over and grab your ankles, ” I ordered. “Have I been a bad girl again?” she asked as she waved her soft place back and forth in front of me. “Fortunately you’re always bad when you’re around me, ” I replied, whacking her across the soft place cheeks with my length, “but that wasn’t what I had in mind.

” Just as she started to ask what I did have in mind I slid my hard, ten inch length all the way into her softness.

“Oh, ” she moaned as I grabbed her tits and started playing her, “I like that.” “I thought you might, ” I replied as we slowly played our way into the bedroom. I had to hold Nic up by her tits as her knees buckled several times. When we finally made it I leaned her over the bed and really started driving my length in and out of her trembling softness. She was crying out, begging me to play her harder and faster. As her body convulsed with orgasm after orgasm I thrust my length in extra deep and started filling her softness with shot after shot of good, hot cum. She screamed even louder as the shots of cum hit the back of her softness and we played until both of us were spent. She sat on the bed and toyed the cum from my length while I massaged her tits. Would you like a shower before you go? I asked with a grin. I hated to send her home with her body covered in cum. Sure, she smiled, but Im not going to fall for that soap trick again. No? I asked as we headed to the bathroom. OK, she admitted as I turned on the shower, I might.

Thats better, I replied as we climbed into the warm shower. We held each other and made out as the water fell down over our bodies until I grabbed a bar of soap and let it fall to the floor.

I got it, she grinned. Only this time instead of facing away she faced towards me as she bent down. She got to her knees and took my length into her mouth. It took only a few moments for my length to grow back to full strength as she sucked.

I was thinking earlier when I was toying you clean, she said with a grin, how youve never given me a mouth full of cum yet. Well lets see if we can rectify that, I replied, stroking her hair as she took my length back between her lips. She wasnt the best lengthsucker Id ever had but she was certainly good enough. With the warm water running over our bodies it didnt take her long before she had me on the verge of orgasm. I closed my eyes and played her mouth until I felt myself start to cum. Nichole clamped down on my length and sucked up every last drop of cum I had to give her.

She took my length out of her mouth and looked up and grinned as she swallowed my load.

That was delicious, she said as I helped her to her feet. We finished washing each other off and got out. When can I see you again? she asked as we were getting dressed. Youre a horny little slut, arent you? I grinned. Once Ive had the best its hard to go back to the boys my age, she replied. Im not sure what my schedule is, I told her, well have to play it by ear. OK, she said, kissing me goodbye. She had been a terrific way to pass a boring afternoon and the best part was I didnt even have to change the sheets on my bed. I got dressed and opened up a bottle of wine.

She had wanted to meet at my place.

She was prompt I didn’t have to wait long.

I invited her in for a glass of wine.

Im so glad you wanted to see me so soon, she said as we sat down with our wine. She was wearing a skirt and a top similar to the one shed worn the previous night except this one had tiny straps holding it up. She had beautiful shoulders and tits and the top showed off her body without being too suggestive. Im glad you wanted to see me, I replied, I had a lot of fun.” “Nichole tells me youre between boyfriends right now. Guilty, she grinned, how about you? A guy as hot as you must have dozens of girlfriends. I have a few friends, I replied, but, like Nichole, theyre not in a position to get into a relationship. Are all your girlfriends married? she asked. A couple of them, I replied, others are just not interested in being tied down. And you? she continued, are you looking to be tied down? Ive never tried it, I grinned, but if you bring the rope Ill be happy to try it. If we had more time, She laughed, we could try it right now. Too bad we have to go, I agreed. I helped her up and into her jacket. We drove to the restaurant and met Nichole and Jeff. I was curious to see if Jeff remembered me from the wedding now over a year ago. Cathy introduced me. Jenna acted like she was just meeting me for the first time and, from his reaction, Jeff didnt remember me. Dinner was fun. The baby behaved pretty well. Jeff was pretty cool, if a bit of a smartass. “I like this guy a whole lot better than the last dweeb you dated, ” he said at one point.

“Me too, ” agreed Jenna, tossing me a quick wink. I didn’t know whether to be flattered but we all laughed about it.

“What did you think of Jeff?” Cathy asked on the way home. “He seemed alright, ” I said.

“I can’t stand him, ” she said, “he wasn’t so bad tonight but he usually treats her like crap. She was talking about dumping him before she got knocked up. Now she’s stuck with him.

” “I’ll try not to be like him, ” I replied, trying to change the subject, “speaking of pains in the soft placees what do you do for work?” “I’m the branch manager down at Land Bank, ” she said. “Cool, can I have a loan?” I told her about my teaching gig and by that time we were back at my place. I asked her up and she agreed.

“Maybe I can tie you down, ” I joked. “You really know how to show a girl a good time, ” she giggled. She stopped and retrieved an overnight bag. “I came prepared, ” she grinned. “You’re pretty confident, ” I remarked.

“Last night I had to share you, ” she replied, “tonight I want to take my time.” We made it inside and sat on the couch with a bottle of wine. We shot the shit while polished off the bottle of wine. “Well, ” I asked, “are you ready to get tied down?” “You bet, ” she grinned. She grabbed her bag and followed me into the bedroom.

She ducked into my bathroom.

“I’ll be out in a second, dear, ” she said. A few minutes later she poked her head out the door. “Can you hang this up for me, honey, ” she asked, handing me her outfit, “I have to wear it to work tomorrow.” I went into the closet and hung it up, taking the opportunity to strip down to my boxers. I grabbed a handful neckties and sat on the bed, waiting. I didn’t have long to wait. She came out wearing a black fishnet body stocking, stopping to pose for me. “Holy shit!” I exclaimed, “you look good enough to eat.” “Do you really think so?” she grinned as she reached down and rubbed a finger up her softness. I took her in my arms, sucking on her finger before kissing her. She really was quite hot as she rubbed her body against mine.

“Have a seat, ” I told her, helping her to lie down on the bed. “Are you going to tie me down?” she giggled as she spread her arms and legs wide. Her outfit was crotchless and her freshly shaved softness was looking awfully tasty as I tied her wrists to the headboard and her feet to the footboard. “What are you going to do now?” she asked as I stood at the foot of the bed, admiring her hot, eminently playable body.

I dropped my boxers and took out my ten inch erection. “I was thinking I might watch some TV, ” I told her as I climbed into bed. “Very funny, ” she replied as I dragged my length up her body, “why don’t you play me instead.” “Ill play you when Im good and ready to play you, ” I told her as I rubbed my length around and around her tits, until then shut the play up or Ill have to put a gag over your mouth. She didnt say anything but she grinned as I paid particular attention to her large, hard nipples poking through her fish net. I rubbed up to her face, patting her cheeks and nose, keeping it just outside the reach of her darting tongue.

“Come on baby, ” she pleaded, “give me your length.

” “What did I tell you, bitch? I asked as I straddled her face, “shut up and suck my balls like a good little whore.” She opened her mouth wide as I tea bagged her.

She toyed and sucked with just the right amount of pressure making my balls tingle.

After several dozen dips I slid forward slightly, saying, Lick my sensitive place, slut. She dutifully complied and she didnt hold back.

It was all I could do to hold back my cum as she toyed around the rim of my sensitive place and slid the tip of her tongue inside. I let her toy back and forth between my sensitive place and balls for several minutes, savoring the pleasure. I think youve earned a little taste, I finally told her, sliding back and placing the tip of my length in reach of her tongue. She eagerly toyed my length as I gave her more and more of it, plunging into her mouth several times before pulling out and moving back down to her tits.

The were pressing up against the material, begging to be freed so I reached down, grabbed the material on each side of her right nipple and tore it apart, allowing her entire tit to poke through. Play yeah, baby! she cried as I tore the other tit free, suck my tits! What did I tell you about talking, whore? I said as I squeezed her tits.

Im sorry, she replied. Thats it, I said, hopping down off the bed, time to shut your playing mouth. I grabbed my boxers off the floor. Wadding them up I stuffed them in her mouth and tied them with a necktie. She struggled as I tied her mouth shut but I could see in her eyes she was loving it. Are you going to be a good playing whore now and shut up and play? I asked as I climbed back down to her tits. She shook her head yes. I let my length rub against her slit and personal place as I squeezed her tits together and started sucking. She closed her eyes and started dry humping me as I bite into her nipples, working herself into a nice orgasm. She was gasping for air so I untied her mouth and pulled my boxers out.

Are you going to shut the play up now? I asked. She grinned and shook her head yes. Good, I said as I sat on her face again, you can toy my sensitive place some more then.

She eagerly tongued my sensitive place while I reached down and played with her tits. I finally climbed off her face and made my way back down her body. I stopped briefly to suck her tits some more before moving my tongue slowly down towards her waist. Her outfit was crotchless so I slowly drifted my tongue down one thigh and up the other. She was already wet but I wanted to make her wetter as I teased her with my tongue, avoiding her softness and personal place.

This isnt working, I said. I untied her feet and pushed them up over her head. Hold them there, I instructed her. She held her feet over her head as I tied each foot to the head of the bed. Now she was locked in a position with her softness up in the air and spread wide open. Much better, I said as I stood above her and dragged my balls up and down her wet slit.

I wasnt ready to play her yet so I jumped back down. This time I ran my tongue all the way up her slit from the rim of her sensitive place to her quivering personal place. She couldnt help but cry out as I squeezed her personal place between my lips and gently bit down.

Her entire body shook as she started to orgasm.

As she did so I plunged my tongue in and out of her sweet, tasty softness, lapping up her cum. When her orgasm passed I leaned over and laid across her softness as we kissed long and deep. I ran my tongue back down to her softness, dipping it in and out of her slippery, wet softness.

As I tongued her softness and personal place she started breathing heavy again. Her cute, little sensitive place was pointing straight up at me so I ran my tongue down and gave it a few toys. Cat started to cum again as I slid my tongue over and around and into her sensitive place. As I tongued her sensitive place her orgasm grew in intensity until she was thrashing her soft place back and forth, straining to get free from her bonds. I toyed back and forth from her sensitive place to her softness as she came and came.

Are you ready to play, bitch? I asked. She knew better to reply. She just grinned and shook her head. I stood up and straddled her crosswise above her well positioned soft place.

I rubbed the tip of my length back and forth from her sensitive place through her softness to her personal place.

The problem Im having, I said, is I dont know which warmth to play. What do you think, slut? She just looked up and smiled from ear to ear. Maybe even this one, I said, kneeling down and shoving my length into her gaping mouth. She clamped down with her lips and did a good job on my length as I slid it in and out. I pulled out and slid the tip of my length back to her slit. I cant decide, I sighed as I slowly slid my length into her slippery, wet softness. I gave her five or six long slow strokes before pulling out and sliding it into the indentation of her sensitive place.

Her eyes were on fire and she was moaning deeply as I slowly eased my length into her tight, slippery sensitive place. She started to cum again as my length slowly filled her sensitive place.

I poked her a few times in the sensitive place before pulling out and drilling her in the softness again. She was crying continuously as I plunged into her softness then into her sensitive place, cuming with multiple orgasms. I built up a pretty good rhythm as I played back and forth from softness to sensitive place. Play me baby! she screamed as her body shook and she pulled at her ties, Play me! Play me! Play me! So you didnt learn your lesson yet, you playing slut, I said as I pulled my length from her softness and knelt over her face. Lets see if this shuts you up, I added as I shoved my length into her gaping mouth.

She was still cuming but she clamped down on my length and started sucking. I leaned over and drove my tongue in and out of her softness and her sensitive place while she kept cuming. At the height of her orgasm I felt my balls release and started filling her mouth with hot, sticky cum. Even though her body was still shaking with orgasm she kept sucking as I exploded into her mouth until she had drained every last drop. I reached up as she swallowed and untied her hands and ankles. Play that was wonderful, she moaned as we cuddled together, rubbing our bodies together, I havent cum like that in years. Thank you so much. My pleasure, I said as I gently rubbed her tits, Im glad you liked it.

We fell asleep for awhile. I woke up some time later with Cathy fast asleep on my chest. Much to my surprise as I considered her beautiful, naked body I found my length getting hard. I gently rolled her over on her side and slid my length back into her slick softness. Her eyes fluttered open as I gently started to slide my length in and out of her softness. More length? she asked with a huge smile, you feel so good inside me.

Your softness feels great, baby, I replied as we played ourselves back to sleep. I woke up the next morning with a nice stiff thingy.

I rolled over on top of Cat and woke her again by sliding my length into her warm, wet softness. “Good morning, sweetheart, ” she smiled as I started sliding my length in and out of her softness, “I love morning sex, don’t you?” “You’re just my type of girl, ” I said as we kissed. We quickly played each other to a nice mutual orgasm before climbing out of bed and getting ready for work. “When can I see you again?” she asked as we shared the bathroom. “I’m free all week, ” I told her. “Super, ” she grinned, “I’ll be over after work.” She came over after work with a few things and somehow never moved out.

It wasn’t all bad the sex was great and she didn’t mind sharing me with Jenna. Fortunately I still played in the band every now and then and we had a practice loft downtown. I convinced Cathy that we practiced twice a week. Nichole and I met usually once a week and I met Pat there a couple time a month. All things considered it was a great winter and spring.

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