Spanked in the barn. F/fm

“Come along now sweeties, mommy doesn’t have all day to roast your bottoms. I have a roast I have to get in the oven!” Mrs. Parker was walking briskly towards the barn, towing a whimpering child by the wrist with each hand. Ten year old Billy and his nine year old sister Sally were about to pay the price for ignoring their chores.
Mrs. Parker was the most loving mother any child could hope to have. She cared for her six children with great devotion, smothering them with affection and love. When it came to discipline she administered it with the same love as giving a hug. She never spanked in anger, and she always let her children know they were loved very deeply and the punishment was for their own good.
Once in the barn Mrs. Parker led the kids to the discipline area. A corner was reserved for spanking with everything necessary in place. A sturdy straight back chair was placed with space around it to allow for over-the-knee spanking. There was a large bale of hay covered with a thick quilt nearby that served as a spanking bench. Hooks on the wall held a thin, oak paddle about fourteen inches long, three inches wide, and a single leather strap with a handle. The strap wasn’t very heavy, but it stung like a swarm of bees. Mrs. Parker had her husband make the spanking implements. She wanted spanking tools that would sting, and warm a bottom good, but not leave bruises.
“Come on kids; lay over the hay bale side by side. Mommy has some fires to light on those naughty behinds.” Mrs. Parker sang. Billy and Sally shuffled over and lay across the hay bale. The children were perfectly positioned with their bottoms high in the air making a perfect target and their legs dangling off the floor. Mrs. Parker quickly got down to business. She lifted Sally’s sundress and pulled her panties down to her knees and then lowered Billy’s shorts and underwear down to his ankles. Two lily white sets of buns shined in the low light of the barn. They would soon be candy apple red.
“Mommy, please don’t spank us.” Sally whined. “Yeah, we were going to do our chores as soon as we finished catching the frogs.’ Billy chimed in.
Mrs. Parker had retrieved the strap and positioned herself to start the spanking. “Chores first, fun later. That is the rule. You can catch the frogs when all the work is done. I’m sure you will remember that after I finish warming your fannies.” their mother replied.
The strap whistled through the air and caught Sally’s bottom square on. A loud “thwack’ echoed through the barn. Sally, howled “Oww” and kicked her legs straight out. The next stroke landed solidly on Billies right cheek. He yelped and kicked just like Sally. Mrs. Parker continued the strapping alternating on one bottom then the other. In no time both children had kicked off their underwear and each bottom had numerous red stripes on display. Sally was rolling from side to side trying to get relief from the stinging strap, while Billy kicked and scissored his legs like an Olympic swimmer. Mrs. Parker continued strapping the children ensuring each naughty bottom was evenly and thoroughly toasted. She made sure to cover every inch of each child’s backside to get a nice even fire burning in their buns. It was quite a sight to see. Mrs. Parker was concentrating on giving a sound strapping to two naughty children. Little legs were flailing and buns were getting redder with lots of howls and cry’s. The strapping ended when Mrs. Parker felt her two naughty children were well warmed up. It seemed an eternity to Sally and Billy, but it was less than three minutes. The strap had done its job. Both children’s bottoms were red and hot. No welts or bruises, but plenty of tears and kicking. The mother hung the strap back on the hook and retrieved the paddle.
Mrs. Parker sat down on the straight back chair and called to her daughter, who was still over the hay bale blubbering. “Sally, come here sweetheart so mommy can finish your spanking” she said. Sally picked herself up and shuffled over to her mother while rubbing her sizzling bottom. “And Johnny, you can go and put the roast in the oven for me. Set the temperature for 350 degrees and the timer for one hour. Then get back here for your spanking” Mrs. Parker yelled out in a loud commanding voice.
Johnny’s heart sank knowing he had been spotted by his mom. He lowered his head and slinked out of the barn to do what his mom instructed. The thought of a bottom blistering by his mom made him regret his decision to spy.
Sally was over her mom’s knee in a flash for the second part of her spanking. Mrs. Parker was six foot tall, a large but trim woman who had no trouble taking any of her children, even the teens across her knee for a spanking. Sally hung over her knees like a rag doll, her bottom high in the air to receive the paddle, still sniveling from the strapping. Her mom raised the paddle high and brought it down like lightning across both her buns. “whap!” “Owww, no mommy!” Sally squealed. Her little legs flew straight out as the fire in her bottom flared. Mrs. Parker grabbed her right arm by the wrist and pinned it firmly to her lower back. “Sally, take your right hand and grip the rung of the chair tightly” her mom instructed. “Mommy is going to sizzle your fanny good, and I want you to stay in place dear” she added in a quiet voice.
With that the paddling began in earnest. Mrs. Parker expertly spanked little Sally’s bottom with great precision. She smacked her left cheek, then her right cheek. She moved up and down her backside carefully covering every inch of her buns and upper thighs. Sally whined and kicked furiously. She tried to roll off her mom’s lap but couldn’t because she was firmly held. “I’m sorry mommy…please stop! She wailed. But her mom kept spanking, slowly increasing the pace of the paddle. Billy watched in horror rubbing his recently strapped buns, knowing he would soon be in the same position.
The paddle was only a quarter inch thick. Mrs. Parker smiled to herself knowing that she could spank hard and fast with it and not do any real harm, and that is exactly what she did. Sally was bucking and squirming on her lap, legs flying every which way as the paddle ignited her bottom. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Her mom was paddling her bottom at such a pace that her whole backside, both cheeks from top to bottom stung at the same time. The barn echoed with the cracks of the paddle and the cries of poor Sally.
What seemed an eternity to Sally was only three minutes from beginning to end. Mrs. Parker finished the paddling and lifted her daughter off her lap. A quick hug and an “I Love you” from her mother and Sally was sent back to the house after putting her panties back on.
Still seated in the dreaded chair, Billie’s mom pointed the paddle at him and said, “Your turn honey, get those buns over here!” Billy hesitated. He was the most spirited of the children and although not disrespectful, he was the most stubborn. “No mom, I think I was spanked enough” he squeaked.
Mrs. Parker smiled and stood up. She placed the paddle on the chair and grabbed the strap from the hook. “I guess you will just have to dance over here honey if you don’t want to walk” she said. With that she quickly strode across the barn, grabbed Billy by the left arm and laid a hard stroke of the strap across his bottom. He jumped and arched his back to try to avoid the next stroke but his mom had him firmly in her grasp. With his shorts and underwear still around his ankles he could hardly walk. Mrs. Parker held his left arm high and strapped his bare bottom while he hopped and danced around. He squealed and cried as his mom vigorously strapped him as she walked him over to the spanking chair. His mom was in no hurry to get him over her knee. She felt this would be a good lesson regarding disobedience. The strap continued to sizzle his backside as he danced several circles before going over her knee.
Billy was an uncontrollable wiggler when he was spanked. Mrs. Parker solved this problem using an age-old technique. She placed Billy over her left thigh, and locked his legs in place with her right leg. She crossed her ankles tightly and pinned his right arm against his back. It was like being in a vice. His bare bottom was pointing straight up at the ceiling, just waiting for his mom’s paddle.
Still sniveling from the strapping, Billy went right to all out wailing with the first few whacks from the paddle. Mrs. Parker gave him a half dozen hard and fast to get his attention. “Honey, if you would have listened to me right away this part would have been easier” she said.
“I’m sorry mommy, I won’t do it again” he blubbered.
“I know you won’t sweetheart. I am sure you will remember this fanny warming for quite some time” she added.
The paddling resumed. Mrs. Parker applied the paddle with a steady, brisk pace. It was faster and harder than she paddled Sally and Billy was soon bawling like a baby. Although he was locked in place he could still kick his legs below the knees. This he did furiously, but to no effect. He tried to squirm and roll but could barely move. His left arm flailed wildly but did little good. His mom kept him firmly in position and worked the paddle all over his cherry red bottom. He grabbed the chair rung and tried to pull himself off his moms lap. That just raised his bottom higher and made the paddle sting more. He would then force his waist down against his mom’s thigh to try to make it sting less. Crying and hollering the whole time this cycle would repeat itself. His bottom bouncing up and down with his lower legs fluttering like wild as the spanking continued. His mom was working the paddle like an artist. She would give him two or three hard spanks on one cheek, then move to the other cheek. Then she would apply it across both cheeks. The effect was that his whole backside was like an inferno.
Mrs. Parker kept the paddle flying at a rapid pace the whole time. Billy’s bottom had become fire engine red and his crying was nonstop. His mom paddled him for three minutes, just like Sally. It was worse for Billy because he had the extra strapping, and his mom spanked him fast right from the start.
Finally, Billy was released and he scurried back to the house sobbing just like Sally. Mrs. Parker looked up to see her husband standing there. She winked, pointed the paddle at him and said, “Now Dear you know what happens to those who watch others get spanked!” But that is another story.

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