Maria & Joshua

Fiction: M/f Maria & Joshua
Part 1

Maria stood on the balcony of her dorm room, looking at the sun set over the hills. The pinks and yellows glowed down on her outlining the buildings of the college campus. Her parents had helped her move in for orientation and they had just left that morning. She smiled to herself, of course being a daddy’s girl she already had the school’s yoga pants and a pink shirt with the letters to wear as she stood out on her porch. Looking down at the outside table set her mom had insisted on since her mom had loved to go outside and read her school books while in college.

Maria turned on her heels and went back into her dorm room, happy that her daddy had gotten her a single occupancy room. She twirled around in her room and smiled at the habitat for humanity, second hand couch that they got to move in so she had something more than the bed and desk that came with the room. Stopping a moment she thought of trying to call Joshua but she had seen him earlier when he helped her daddy move the couch into the room.

Finally after being apart for two years since they dated in high school, she finally was going to be able to be on the same campus as her high school sweetheart. Of course he told her that now that she was 18 he was going to look out for her as she deserved. Her heart melted at the thought, not truly knowing what it meant but it sounded sweet, and he was her first true love. So she would trust him, and follow his lead as he was going to introduce her to the faculty. Her heart fluttered momentarily just of the thought of him, he was her knight in shining armor, and the only man that could make her feel like a princess like her daddy did.

Hearing the tea kettle she poured herself a cup, feeling a slight chill she went and closed the balcony door and pulled the shades closed. She went to her bed and smiled at poohbear, the stuffed bear her godfather gave her when she was born. It was a medium sized bear saying baby’s first teddy over its heart. She smiled inside because it was her first and only teddy bear she had in her life. Sipping her tea she looked at the clock and laid down to watch some TV before going to bed. Joshua told her that her bedtime would be at midnight, and even though she thought she was in college and didn’t need one, he explained to her why It was important. So on school nights she was going to be having a midnight bedtime and that was fine with her. She smiled and closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, happy that first thing in the morning she would be able to see Joshua. She reached over and picked up poohbear, and snuggled with him as she watched TV and fell asleep.


Maria woke up with the sun already shinning down on her, she woke up startled and cursed under her breath. She had forgotten to set the alarm the night before, she looked around for her phone and had a moment’s panic when she saw it was half past eight. She was supposed to be meeting Joshua in thirty minutes, ready to meet a professor after they get breakfast at the cafeteria. She knew she was busted, but maybe, just maybe she could salvage something out of this by getting there on time. Knowing she didn’t have time to take a shower and have her hair dry she quickly went to the bathroom and began to wash her face and brush her teeth. She pulled back her hair into a ponytail hoping it cover the fact that she was late, she put on lipstick and some eye liner and headed out the door.

At the last minute as she was heading out the door with some flats on she forgot Joshua had told her to dress somewhat nice, so she scurried back into her room and out of the closet picked up an egg shell blouse buttoning and tucking it in with her shirt into her pants and tossed a black coat over it and smiled at herself in the mirror. It wasn’t dressy but it was presentable. Anyways she had a runner’s body from soccer, and at 5’2″ she was one hot tamale. Her daddy had always told her that big things come and small packages and as a former high school cheerleader she believed it. She twirled a moment and smiled. She knew that, her looks alone was often enough to get her by so far, and she smiled and scampered down the stairs towards to the cafeteria.

Maria checked her phone and gasped realizing she was half an hour late, which she had gotten lost in time and she moved as quickly as she could. She spotted Joshua at a table with his fraternity friends and smiled at them and sat down besides Joshua taking his hand in hers. Once he squeezed her hand she looked up to him and saw the look on his face and immediately got butterflies in her stomach. She squirmed in her seat, she had always known what that look was for and it always involved her in her pajamas getting a spanking. She blushed as one of his friends mentioned her pink college shirt and thought how would they know until she looked down and saw the lettering was clearly seen through her blouse. She shifted, she knew this meant she had to go back to her dorm room to change and that meant she was going back with Joshua in tow. She looked up and smiled shyly at him and buttoned her jacket so no one would see the lettering and asked, “So Josh? When is our meeting with the history professor?” She piqued up, hoping to have a pressing appointment that she could possible put this off.

She gulped as she met his eyes and knew she was in trouble. “I had to cancel my appointment, I told Dr. Walker that we were going to meet with him tomorrow. You had to see your parents off this morning.”

She shifted in her seat as her stomach sank knowing what going to come next. She excused herself and went to go get some eggs. She knew if she didn’t eat now she wasn’t going to be hungry later so she got up and went to get breakfast. After getting some French toast and some eggs she went and sat down besides Joshua again just as his friends departed. She looked down at her food and up at him briefly, “I am sorry Josh, It won’t happen again. I got to bed on time but I forgot to put my alarm on.” She smiled weakly at him, truly sorry that she had forced him to cancel an appointment designed to help her by her tardiness.

“Maria, that is no excuse, I told you about this meeting a week ago. You had a week to set your alarm, after breakfast, we will be going back to your room to discuss this further. It appears we need to have the first `chat’ of your college career so I can show you what the difference is.” She felt like a child, like when she would be scolded by her daddy but smiled when he kissed her. She smiled inside, she knew she was going to be sore, but he was not mad at her after all. She was going to be getting in trouble, but he still loved her, and that made all the difference in the world to her. She finished eating and looked up to Josh and took his cheek in her hand and kissed his lips and whispered that she loved him. She smiled inside when she heard him respond in kind, and even though she knew she was in trouble she smiled at the thought that they were having their first breakfast at the college together, just the two of them and no matter what came next this was special to her.

After breakfast they walked back to Maria’s dorm room. Even though it would have been more private to go to Joshua’s apartment she had class that afternoon and so they chose to stay on campus. Walking up the stairs to her dorm room Maria chewed on her lower lip, she had spoken to Joshua and knew what was going to happen. Now that she was over 18 she was no longer going to have the protection that her pajamas had provided her, she was going to be spanked on her bare bottom like only her daddy had done before. She knew he was setting this meeting up not just for to get to know her professors but to help her with networking and making sure she was successful in finding work. She knew this and she knew he was right to have to guide her so she can be more careful in the future. This was especially true in this case since it was an appointment he set, therefore it looked bad on him rather than reflecting poorly on her. So she knew she had a price to pay for it.


Joshua stepped into the room following Maria and closed the door behind him. Standing a foot taller than her and with a broader frame of a former high school football player and current rugby player he had the built of a protector. That is how he saw himself, as Maria’s protector and guide in her life, especially here in college. She was wearing his high school ring, on a necklace around her neck, never taking it off. It meat more than just that they were going out, but they were secretly engaged at the moment. She had wanted to get married out of high school, but he wanted to wait until after college, when he could have a job that would help support them living on their own. Furthermore Joshua was traditional and wanted to ask Maria’s father for his blessing before they were officially engaged.

Joshua locked the door and walked with her to the couch, they both knew why she had asked her father for the couch. The bed was for them to hold one another and watch movies and hang out while the couch was more of their “office” where her guidance would take place on campus. He had an apartment that she was planning to spend every weekend, and to spend the evenings together cooking and spending time. He would allow her to have a glass of wine or a beer with him but he wanted to keep her away from the parties, she was a gorgeous girl and somewhat naïve in the way the world worked. He wanted to make sure that she was not going to be slipped any drug and taken advantage of.

Joshua went to sit on the couch as Maria walked up to the closet and put both her dress jacket and the blouse back on hangers into the closet. Joshua looked up to Maria and smiled to her, “Go and wash your face, we don’t want your eye liner to run from your eyes during your spanking and to stain your couch.”

Stopping in her tracks Maria’s mouth gaped slightly in surprise and slowly she closed it, “Yes Sir” and she went to complete the task instructed of her. After exfoliating her face Maria went back to the closet and pulled from it the paddle shaped like a heart, that he said was the family paddle a friend for him. It was quite hefty and she hated the impression it made but knew it was a necessary evil in their lives and walked up to Joshua and handed it over to him.

Joshua took it and smiled to his fiancée “Thank you, my love. Now go and close the drapes tight and come to stand by my right side.” Maria smiled briefly and then went to close the drapes more fully glad he was aware of that situation. She had forgotten, but she knew that he would think of her first, and he had always in the past put her needs first even when it came to discipline.

Joshua then pulled Maria to his side and squeezed her hand gently. Placing his fingers in the waistband of her yoga pants he brought them down to her knees. “Maria, did you forget that even if you put on a button down shirt and a coat that you still have the college’s name on the back of your yoga pants?” He looked into her eyes and saw instantly that she forgot about the lettering on the back of her pants. He moved on and put his hands in her panties and started to talk them down and pulled her over his knee. Hearing her gasp as her panties came down and her bare bottom was presented to him. He had seen her in her birthday suit a few times before when they were in high school but those were different circumstances, this was the first time her bottom would be bare for discipline.

He wrapped his arm around her waist, placing his right leg over the back of hers he began to spank her bottom, beginning on the top left of her bottom and moving across to the top right. Each smack of his hand against Maria’s bottom was followed by a gasp and her slightly wiggling against him. Joshua moved down her bottom, moving from side to side until he reached the lower right of her bottom. He rubbed her bottom gently, tenderly and looked down to her, “Maria that is just the arm up we will now end with a dozen from the paddle… that is where the discipline lies, this is more of the warm up.”

Marie looked back pleading with her eyes, “Please Sir, I will try to do better, I have learned my lesson already….” She knew she could take more, she knew that while her bottom stung quite a bit, Joshua had wanted to drive the point home, that is why he told her they would need the family paddle. Even though their engagement was a secret she thought of him as her husband and was happy that she had found him, she still would plead to get out of it, but she knew he wouldn’t listen. Joshua knew what was right for her, and even though she would plead to get out of it, she knew that she had to get the paddling to learn the lesson.

Joshua lifted up the paddle and on the top left of her bottom brought down two strikes in quick succession and did the same with the top right of her bottom. She lurched forward as he calmed her with soothing words, telling her it was for her own good. Maria was proud of Joshua, not for listening to her pleas and not letting her off because he left sorry for her. He was following through, in the manner that her daddy did with her and her mommy. She knew how important it was to be in a home of consistent and loving discipline and was glad that she finally found the right man to lead her down that path, to not only lead her correctly but to do it out of love. She quickly bite into the pillow as the quick succession of paddling came across the middle left of her bottom and middle right… she started crying.

As tears slipped from Maria’s eyes, her chest heaved and she waited for the impending final four whacks against her bottom to signify the discipline was over. But as he had often done before Joshua surprised her, he was rubbing her back, calming her. She knew her discipline was far from over but he was making sure she felt safe before going on and she calmed herself, feeling safe within her heart. Thankful to God for sending her a man that would guide her as she had dreamed of all her life, to look out for her as her daddy did. Then she lurched forward with each of the last strokes whimpering as they came knowing that she was safe over his knee, that Joshua would always take care of her. She looked back with tears in her eyes and said, “I am sorry for letting you down Joshua, I will try to do better next time.”

Joshua looked down to her and with love and admiration for his fiancée in his voice said, “You never have, and never will let me down. I forgive you and you have a clean slate”. With that he rubbed her bottom and lovingly caressed it, making sure she felt safe and right at home. He held her in his arms and fell in love with her all over again, not only was Maria the love of his life, but she helped him feel more alive. He knew that for the first time in his life he didn’t always have to be strong, he was strong when he was disciplining her. But he had finally met the one girl he could let his guard down with, he finally met someone that made him feel safe and truly loved. They both believed that the other had gotten the best part of the deal, and with that they were truly in love with each other. They had finally met their own soul mate, and each of them knew that this was more than just the first discipline spanking after she turned 18 a few weeks earlier, but this was the beginning of the rest of their lives.

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