Paddle Fun

I was in my favorite organic healthfood big box store and went over to the cooking implement aisle. I like looking there as new implements appropriate for spanking are typically on display. Sure the implements are for cooking or preparing food, but some metal spatulas and wooden spoons are good for spanking naughty bottoms. I had heard that a new display of breadboards was coming so I was hoping for a wooden paddle. As I was walking to the display, there was a blonde woman with a sexy fat bottom there looking at the wares. I came along the display and saw her face and she was attractive. I smiled and she smiled back. She was holding one of the new breadboards that was shaped like a good spanking paddle and she was running her hand back and forth on it. I grabbed one also and admired it.
She said that the bread board was nice looking, thick and wide and well balanced for holding. I also commented on the width and thickness and said it was not too heavy to hold. She said that it looked very useful for many things and the way she was holding it looked like she was looking for a bottom. I said I was looking for a good paddle, er ah bread board and her eyes lit up and she said that the paddle, er ah board was exactly what she was looking for. I asked what her use was and she said if I want to find out, then follow her to check out and then to her condo close by. So we went to the check out and in five minutes we were in her condo. She looked at me and told me to bare my bottom and bend over the couch. I got a raging hardon and she saw it and said that a brisk spanking will make that go away. So I dropped my pants and briefs and bent over, offering my bottom to her and she immediately whacked my ass. I gasped and grabbed my butt, but quickly re-assumed the position as I wanted the spanking as much as she wanted to give it to me. 15 hard spanks later, she told me that she wanted a spanking and down went her pants and panties, exposing a very sexy fat bottom. I told her to assume the position I had done and kissed her ass. She asked me if I like her ass and I said yes and that I was going to turn it deep red. WHACK! And she shrieked and grabbed her ass and got back into position and I took careful aim and spanked her fat bottom hard and fast with her gasping and OWWing. I stopped and admired her ass and told her she had a very red bottom. She said that paddle was great and I told her I agreed.
She told me to bend over the end of the couch again and she hammered my ass another 15 times, very hard and very fast. I was in deep pain but loving every second of it. She asked if I had had enough and I said no and she said she was going to really give me a spanking, as if what she already had done was not a spanking. She sprayed water on my bare ass and it felt cooling but I knew that more pain was seconds away and WHACK. OMG, the pain and sting of the paddle striking my wet bottom was mind blowing and before I could really compute what had happened, the paddle had hit me three more times and my ass was seriously on fire. She stopped a few seconds to spray more water and started again and the pain was reverberating throughout my body. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK on and on it went and my ass had to be turning purple. Finally she stopped and told me that all told, she had spanked me 30 times with the paddle and that she was done for a while. I tenderly reached back to my bottom with my hands and lightly rubbed it. I gingerly stood up and vigorously rubbed the pain away. After about five minutes, I had recovered a bit and told her that the spanking was great. She handed me a mirror and my ass was swollen and a very deep red. I told her that the paddle was great.
She bent over the end of the couch, offering that sexy fat bottom up for a spanking and I sprayed water on it and started paddling her hard. She was OWWing and moving and gasping and moaning, but I continued. I wanted her ass to look like mine . 30 spanks later and yes her bottom did look like mine. She stood up rubbing and gasping. We laid down on the bed on our stomachs and kissed.
She asked me what I thought the paddle would be like if there were holes in it. I said the pain would be exentuated and said I have a drill and would buy my own and let her know when done. She said great while clasping the globes of her fat bottom. I moved closer and planted several kisses on that beautiful red bottom and she did the same to me.

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