Trusting the power of Domination and Submission

Trusting the power of Domination and Submission

Domination needs to trust in submission and well as submission has to trust in the domination. Look at it like this, If you had a disease, would you want a physician you could trust in? Of course, everyone answers Yes to this question. You would want to trust in your physician. Make sure he was creditable and cared for you. If you were going to give your self up, submit to a man or women, let them do what they want to your body, gentle or rough, would you want to give it to a person you did not trust. No

A goal should be to push limits. To push each others limits. Whether, your the Dominant, or a submissive, limits are a large element of what keep a relationship moving forward. Willingness to push a submissive’s limits should be a prerequisite as a dominant, and it is extremely important to recognize the value of a submissive pushing a dominant’s limits also. I believe it is a grave oversight for all involved, if willingness to push and explore limits on either side of the dominance or submissive realm is suppressed. The relationship goals you have will fail. People mistake and expect Dominant’s and submissive’s to be passive partners in sex and kink.

Equating passivity with submissiveness is stupid as equating power with penises. When willing to actively push a Dominant or submissive’s limits, everything sexual should heighten, and becomes more arousing fun. Consider looking at it like roleplaying or acting. However, this doesn’t mean demanding how the other is to push your limits. If your instructing “everything” being done to you, then your the Dominant. Some people refer this to “topping from the bottom”. Letting go of limits, and becoming submissive to them, opens your sexual gate, and hopefully breaks into the arousing stimulation a sexual encounter should be, ultimately fulfilling the goals.

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