Shower Submission

Shower Submission
Written By: Savages_slave

Steam already shading the mirror, the hiss of the shower echoing in the bathroom as you test the water, standing there before turning around with a hungry grin.

“Strip sexy sex slave.”

Your slave, swallowing hard against the collar at her neck, nods…fingers curling into the dress that falls down around her body, tugging the fabric up, exposing her bare legs, up to her shaved pussy and over her head, leaving her clad in a simple white t-shirt and white socks.

A purr as you move closer, hand dropping down to cup that bare mound, your bare sex…hot and slick, your slave’s arousal already coating her skin,

“Good girl.” Offered softly, your touch light against the exposed pussy, “Are you my sexy baby girl, Leigh?”

Softly answered, “Yes Master.” As she tugs her top up over her head, exposing generous breasts, topped with flat nipples, their weight hanging heavily.

Another sound, a pleased growl as you motion the girl towards you, having her hands undress you, reveling in the power of control as you feel her uncertain touch work at pleasing you as she strips her Master.

Undressed, your cock just awakening as you point towards the shower, following your slave girl into the burning stream, the mist cooler as your cumslut lathers you up, washing her Master as you luxuriate under the hot water.

Voices low, covered under the hiss of the water as you instruct your possession on washing your body, enjoying the feeling as her hands slide with slick soap over your skin, washing the mundane parts, arms, chest…watching with narrow eyed approval as she kneels, washing your legs before her hands slide back up, gently handling your cock as it starts to harden…

“Good girl.”

Motioning her up you turn, head tilted back as she starts a new process, washing your hair, fingers slowly combing through the wet strands before repeating her chore, washing your back, sliding down to kneel, washing your legs before moving up to intrude, explore your ass with soapy fingers. Letting the water rinse the soap away, the hot water coursing down your back as you encourage your slave to play with your ass, her touch tentative as you lean forward, the slick surprise of her mouth against the tender skin of your asshole has you moaning, encouraging your cumslut to lick your asshole. Legs braced apart, exposing your slave to the pleasures she can give you, her hand gentle on your cock, stroking as her tongue probes and teases your ass.

Your feral groans echo in the watery chamber, the steam masking actions to faint impressions. Your cock rock hard, rises majestically as you pull away, turning to draw your slave up against your body, the wetness creating little friction as her tits pillow against your chest. Letting your hands fill with the fleshy mounds, your grin one of approval before pushing her backwards,

“Sit, spread your legs cumslut.” Order brusquely towards a ledge built into the shower.

Kneeling you examine your slave’s pussy with clinical detachment, purring your approval at the bared skin, giving the wet cunt a quick and chaste kiss, out come the tools of submission, a razor and shaving cream. Lathering up your sluts pussy, letting your fingers tease as you do, lightly dipping your fingers between pussy lips, feeling the slick heat of her arousal. A soft warning,

“Be still baby slut.” As you draw the razor over her skin, the first bite of a Master’s markings, shaving his slut smooth. Careful precision work as you shave her. Letting the water wash away the stain of the cream, a wicked grin as you push a finger into the cunt that belongs to you,

“Do you like that cumslut?”

A soft groan is your answer, your slave holding her legs open as you explore her pussy, “Yes Master.” Whispered under the hiss of the shower.

A grunt as you lean forward, pushing her legs open wider to taste that fresh cunt, so newly shaved, soft and smooth, the water coursing down your slaves body adds to the sensation as you tease her with your mouth, making her squirm in the hot sauna of the shower.

“Please Master.” Whimpered as her hips arch against the teasing torment of your mouth.

“Please what?” you ask with a dark chuckle, letting your teeth graze the sensitive hood over her clit, the scent of her desire strong as you nibble, tugging the skin with your bite.

“Yes please Master.” Is the slaves answer back, her voice caught between pain and pleasure as you torment her pussy, your fingers still pushing in and out of her wet fuck hole, gripping your fingers in her desire.

“What do you want cumslut?” asked dangerously, you move back to watch her writhe under the showers streams…

The girl opens her eyes, unblinking as she watches you, her Master move to stand up, your cock jutting proudly out, erect and in demand. “Please fuck me Master? Use this cumslut…now?”

A grin crosses your face as you reach down, tugging the girl up before hugging her to you, “I love you cumslut.” Whispered tenderly before twisting her around, pushing her forward to brace her hands on the seat. Your hands hot on her ass as you grip, rub and enjoy the sight of your slave bent over, her ass and pussy exposed to your hungry gaze.

A low groan as you spread her ass, rubbing your thumb against her asshole as you press forward, pushing your cock into her dripping pussy. The echoing slaps of your legs against hers, your stomach slamming up against her wet ass carry through the shower, as well as your grunts of approval, or her soft whines of pleasure.

Feeling her body jolt with each hard thrust, sinking your cock deep into the pussy that belongs to you, feeling the hot tight hold as you fuck your cumslut, watching her ass bounce with each push, reaching down to hold her swaying tits as you fuck her.

“Are you mine Leigh?” ground out, breath harsh as you keep up the relentless pace, enjoying the feel of her body bouncing against yours, slick and slippery in the shower.

Strands of her hair, dark under the water streak her back as she arches up, pushing her ass back against your cock as it slides in and out, “Yes Master, your little fuck toy.” Gasped out as she shivers, her body reacting to the pleasure of yours.

Reaching down, sliding your hand down the smoothness of your slaves pussy, your fingers find and pinch her clit, twisting as you continue to fuck your cumslut.

“Please Master, let me cum.” Struggling to say the words as the pain travels through her pussy, rippling the heat that holds your cock, her pussy milking your length as it continues to saw in and out of your slave’s cunt. Feeling your own control slipping, your fingers tighten, twisting harder to hear your sluts gasp of pain and pleasure, hearing her plead again for you to let her cum, begging in a strangled voice.

“Cum baby girl, cum for me.” Whispered as you cum, marking your slave in a second way, pumping her pussy full of her Masters cum. Groaning as you cum, enjoying the feel of your slave squirms, gasping and whimpering softly as you feel her pussy clench and relax around your cock, her hips rocking to the pace of her own orgasm.

The Kaidia Chronicles 8 – Kitchen Calamity

The Kaidia Chronicles 8 – Kitchen Calamity

Kaidia, Mytheria, Rose, and Kitiara were all standing outside the front door of a very large, elegant house that stood a couple of streets over from Kaidia’s home. None of them had changed clothing from earlier in the day. “Remember. Behave yourselves.” Kaidia said, giving each girl a look. The warrior then reached out and knocked on the door.

The woman who answered the door caused everyone but Kaidia to stare. She bore a striking resemblance to Kai. She was older but no less beautiful. “Mother.” Kaidia said curtly. The woman looked Kaidia up and down, her piercing blue eyes sweeping over her eldest daughter with an intense scrutiny. “Kaidia.” she returned formally. Then her gaze drifted over the other three young women, taking them in. “As always, you keep interesting company, daughter. And I see your sister wasn’t lying about the tattoo.” the elder Valengaard said while her eyes lingered on Kaidia’s right arm. The warrior’s brow arched. “Issue, Lady Valengaard?” Kai asked with a hint of sarcasm. The older woman smirked faintly. “None. I am just happy to see you had a decent artist do the work.” she returned before turning and walking inside, beckoning the group to come in.

Kit leaned over to Mytheria. “Did you get the familial connection there, red?” she asked with a snicker. “Shut up, cat.” Myth retorted in a sharp whisper. Rose giggled.

Kaidia’s mother, Syren, had shoulder length black hair that she had tied back in a ponytail, bangs and all. Nadia, Kai’s little sister, was somewhere in between. She had the same jet black hair but wore it shorter than her mother’s but longer than her sister’s. The youngest Valengaard wore her hair up in a ponytail as well but let her bangs fall loose to play about her face. Said little sister came running through the house, intent on flying past Syren and pouncing her sister. But as she got beside her mother, the older woman reached out and snagged the back of the girl’s shirt, then let go, effectively dropping Nadia on her butt.

“Hey! Mom!” Nadia growled from the floor. “No running in the house.” was all she got in reply as Syren walked back toward the kitchen. Nadia huffed, stood up, and brushed herself off before walking toward Kaidia, who was smirking. “Didn’t she used to paddle you for that?” the warrior asked. Nadia blushed. “Shut up, sis.” she responded whilst wrapping her arms around Kai in a tight hug.

Kai hugged back and kissed the top of her sibling’s head before letting go. She turned to her little family. “Nadia, this is Rose, Mytheria, and Kitiara.” she said as she pointed to them in turn. Nadia pounced on and hugged each girl in turn. “Welcome to the family.” the younger Valengaard sister said with a warm smile before turning to her sibling. “Dinner is almost ready. I’ll tell Dad you’re here.” she said and then bounded off, running of course. “Nadia! No running!” Syren shouted from the kitchen. Nadia grumbled and slowed to a fast walk.

Kaidia ushered her clan into a sitting room with a fire crackling merrily in a stone fireplace. “Sit and don’t touch things.” the mercenary said with a gesture to the shelves lining the walls that held books and various trinkets. The tattooed woman turned as she heard heavy footsteps coming quickly down the hall. A moment later, a big bear of a man came into the sitting room and grabbed Kaidia up in a crushing hug. Kai grinned and wrapped her arms around the man’s neck. “Ah, Kai, you’re as pretty as ever. And strong from what I’ve heard.” the man said. “Thanks, Dad. What’ve you heard?” Kai asked with a curious look as her father set the warrior back on her feet.

“Oh, just stories of a lone female warrior wiping out hordes of bandits, visiting the elves, commanding some of the King’s army, and taking out a demoness who’d taken over a town. Among other things.” the man replied, obviously a proud father. During this whole exchange, the thief, the neko, and the bar maid were all staring, slack jawed, at Kai’s father. The man was easily seven feet tall. He was a wall of muscle with long hair, a great beard and a moustache.

Kai’s father, Boreth, glanced around at the three other young women. “You’d better close your mouths or flies will shoot right in there, girls.” he said with a grin. All three of them snapped their mouths shut while Kaidia snickered. “You must be Kitiara, Mytheria, and Rose.” Boreth said as he pointed to each girl in turn. He named them all correctly. “I see you like to surround yourself with beautiful women, Kai. Just like your father.” the big man said with a wink. Kai just smirked and crossed her arms. “Best not let Mom hear you say that.” she said. Boreth huffed. “She has nothing to be mad about. I married her instead of any of the others.” the man reasoned. Kaidia just shook her head.

Boreth eyed Kaidia’s right arm. “Who did the tattoo?” he asked. Kaidia glanced down to the ink decorating her arm. “The warrior clan on Gravestone Mountain.” she replied. “How the hell did you get that group give you that??” Boreth asked with a bit of awe in his voice. Kaidia shrugged a bit. “Well, those priests of the new gods think the warriors of Gravestone Mountain are a bunch of heathens and tried to wipe them out with a hired mercenary force. I fought on the Gravestone side and after we’d won, then made me a honorary member of the clan. Hence, the tattoo. They gave me the name Thunderblade.” Kaidia explained with bit of a smile.

“That’s my girl.” the big man said with a grin. Mytheria, Rose, and Kit had all been listening intently. Despite living with Kaidia, they all realized just how little they actually knew about the warrior. All of the sudden, a clamor arose from the kitchen and the angry voices of Syren and Nadia rang out. “There they go again. They’ve been at it all day.” Boreth muttered. “Why?” Kai asked her father with an arched brow. “I don’t know. I don’t get involved unless I hear swords being drawn.” he responded with a small smirk.

Kaidia just shook her head at that. Though everyone in the room turned their heads toward the kitchen when they heard a shriek, cursing, and then a sound Kaidia hadn’t heard in this house since back in her early teen years. Everyone bolted for the kitchen. The sight that greeted their collective sight made five jaws drop.

There, in the middle of the kitchen, was Syren. She was seated in an armless, wooden chair and draped over her lap was Nadia. Nadia’s leather pants and dark green panties were at her knees and Syren was using a wooden spoon to pepper the poor girl’s bottom with hard, quick swats. Nadia was caught between cussing and yowling out in pain. Sure, she was a warrior but Syren was no weakling and that wooden spoon burned like hell. Neither mother nor daughter seemed to notice their audience.

That spoon kept coming down with terrible accuracy and tremendous force. Each slap of the oval implement against Nadia’s backside left a red ghost behind. Five pairs of eyes watched that spoon slap against the young woman’s bottom time after time. Quickly enough, the girl’s bottom was a dark shade of pink and Nadia was cursing less and apologizing a hell of a lot more. Not that any of that apologizing seemed to be reaching her mother’s ears or stopping that wicked spoon from slapping down over and over.

The slaps echoed in the candle lit, stone room. So did the yowls let out by Kaidia’s little sister. Just when Nadia was starting to kick her feet, Syren stopped. The spanked girl hopped up immediately and started rubbing her rear. “Ah, gods.” she muttered.

Syren stood, and tossed the spoon down on the heavy table between herself and the doorway. Her eyes flickered to the five in the doorway, and then fixed on her youngest daughter. “We aren’t done, Nadia.” she said sternly. Nadia’s mouth opened to protest but before she could, Syren spun the young woman toward the table with a hand on her shoulder. Upon seeing her elder sister, her father, Rose, the cat lady, and Myth, Nadia’s eyes opened wide and her cheeks flushed scarlet. She hadn’t realized that she had an audience for this.

Syren picked up a thick, heavy cutting board, one of those with the handle, and tapped it on her palm. “Bend over the table, brat.” she ordered sternly. “But…” Nadia protested weakly, gesturing to the crowd at the door. “Your father has spanked you before, your sister has seen you spanked before, and I’m sure Kit, Myth, and Rose have all been spanked or witnessed a spanking before. Now bend over, Nadia Valengaard.” the irritated mother demanded once more.

Nadia, with some trepidation, bent over the table and put her palms flat on the the top. She looked down at the table top as she presented her already sore bottom to her mother. “This is bullshit. I’m an adult.” the girl muttered. “Yes you are. Which makes it all the more shameful that I have been forced to punish you, young lady.” Syren responded sharply.

The older woman got into position behind her errant daughter and brought that cutting board turned paddle down hard against the young, firm bottom that was presented to nicely to her. The sharp crack of wood against skin rang out and Nadia shouted her displeasure. The next swat landed with an equally loud smack that caused Nadia to jerk and yelp out. The next swat of the board landed across the backs of Nadia’s thighs, causing the young woman to yowl and jerk against the table. “Mom!!” she said as a protest, a complaint. Syren didn’t answer, she just gave her daughter another crack of the paddle, right across her poor sit spots. Another cry of discomfort echoed in the room.

“Think you’ve learned, little one?” Syren asked. Nadia blushed at the title and nodded. “Yes.” was all she said. The paddle came down once more on the center of the young warrior’s backside. Nadia yelped out loudly and stood up, rubbing her reddened cheeks with a hiss and a wince. “Corner, dear.” Syren said as she set the board down. “Wh… what?” Nadia asked.

Syren only gestured to the nearest open corner. Nadia sighed softly and trudged to the corner. Her nose nearly against the wall as she stood there, rubbing her bottom.

It was then that a snicker came from the doorway. The young warrior blushed in her corner. Syren’s eyes snapped up to the audience still standing there. “Who was it?” she asked sharply. Four fingers immediately pointed to Mytheria. “Oh what the hell, you guys?” the redhead glares at her companions each in turn. Syren stepped over, took Mytheria by the wrist and pulled her into the kitchen.

Before Myth really knew what was going on, her loose pants had dropped to her ankles and her pale blue panties were tugged down around her knees thanks to Syren’s quick hands. She was marched right out of her pants and towards an empty corner. “If you want to snicker like a little child, you can join her.” Syren scolded as her free hand slapped the redhead’s pale bottom with each step to the corner.

Myth squeaked and jumped with each slap until she found her nose in the corner, her cheeks blushing, and her bottom stinging a bit. A few more swats caused Myth’s rear to bounce and turn a soft shade of pink before Syren left the redhead there to think about what she’d done. “Two pretty girls with their spanked bottoms on display.” Syren announced before looking to Rose, Kit, and Kaidia. “Do I need to add any others?” she asked sternly. Rose and Kit shook their heads vigorously. Kaidia just smirked and stepped away from the kitchen and headed back the way she’d come.

Syren gestured to the neko and the tavern girl. “You two. Dishes are in the cupboard in the dining room. Set the table, please.” Kai’s mother said with a warm smile. Neither woman wanting to be the next to feel their host’s motherly fury on their backsides, Rose and Kitiara scrambled to set the table.


Mytheria and Nadia were in their respective corners until dinner was served. They were allowed to wear their panties and pants again but they both sat gingerly at the dinner table, Nadia a bit more so than Myth. Despite sore bottoms on a pair of the attending guests, the dinner was great fun, filled with lively discussion, stories, and jokes.

Once the dishes were cleared and in the kitchen to be washed, everyone settled into the sitting room. Well, everyone except Kaidia and Nadia. No one could say where the two had gone but they didn’t worry. Instead, Syren and Boreth delighted the neko, the barmaid, and the redheaded thief with tales from Kai’s childhood as well as Nadia’s younger years.

Kaidia could hear the giggles from her little family of cast offs as Boreth told them some silly story from the warrior’s past. The laughter brought a faint smile to Kai’s lips as she stood on stone porch behind the house, looking out over the marketplace and poorer residential section of the city nestled below the high end residential neighborhood in which the two Valengaard homes stood. The city was a mass of twinkling lights from the torches that lit the doorways of businesses and homes to the light that glowed from within taverns and inns. Off in the distance, the woman could make out the looming shadow that was the massive wall that surrounded the city.

Kai was staring out toward the wall when Nadia came out onto the porch, grumbling and rubbing her bottom. “That old bitch knows how to swing that stupid board.” she muttered. Kai snickered. “You probably deserved it.” she replied. “Oh shut it.” Nadia huffed. The conversation paused as both women looked out over the city.

“You aren’t staying, are you?” Nadia asked quietly. “No.” Kai said with a shake of her head. “But you just got here.” the younger sibling whined softly. “And I’ll be gone by morning’s light.” Kai replied. “What about the girls?” Nadia questioned. “I will leave them a note. My house is big enough for them. There is no lack of gold within my home. They’ll be fine.” Kaidia answered. The younger sister just sighed. “You’ll find me when you want.” Kaidia said before turning and kissing Nadia’s forehead. With that, the warrior turned and walked off the porch and into the darkness of the night.

Little did Nadia know that in the not so distant future, her path would collide with her sister’s in a battle that could end the known world. But for tonight, the younger Valengaard sister stared up at the stars, enjoyed the soft breeze that caressed her face, and silently wished Kaidia safe travels.

The Takeover, by Stricthohcple

The takeover!

By: stricthohcple.

Warm breeze comes across the room mix with the sounds of heavy breathing as Ann at this moment has straddle her Boyfriend / boss body brings herself down on Bills joy stick. As she grinds away, Bill’s hands roam over her breast, Ann leans down as Bill begins to tongue and suck and Ann grinds her crotch to begin the pace slamming herself on top of him, and then the gates open with Ann and Bill in sync the passion explodes, Ann tightens her legs squeeze all she can from Bills body and falls in exhaustion on top of him as there breathing becomes normal. Ann lays secured in Bill’s strong arms, his hairy chest puff now from his morning love session. They kiss and let the day dream as Bill kisses her goodbye and Acknowledge that he shall see her in the office later today.

Ann a mature women, takes care of her body, staying trim and showing off her figure whenever she can , Climbs into the shower as Ann cleans herself hands and cloth runs over her body, under breast she reflex on how she so needed Bill this morning to suck on them and squeeze them like Bill does, her mind racing as her soapy hands run down to cover her pussy and rubs gently driving in finger as she stand there in hot shower, dream of Bill having his way with her as her release comes just as she needed to begin her day. Bill and she have to have an afternoon of it, as she thoroughly thinking of what was coming down the road today at work. She works for a big company, a sectary to the owner son whom age was equal, for they came up the ranks together. She began in the mail room and her boss, lover and owner was an intern under his grandpa’s wing. It was a parent company and the # 1 son, Bill took control years ago when his grandfather and father had un-expected pass in an auto accident. Bill was young and fought his way to control the family money with his mother and the board as he stir the ship in the direction, it was heading today, but his secret to his success as the world always said behind every successful man was a women.

Ann is that women, she and Bill fought tooth and nail, and over the years Bill listen and Ann never the final say, but had the great influence on Bill, even over his sister and mother.

Yes this strong moral man took the advantage when they had trips out of town together, he has taste her sweet nectar many times, and Ann as at work seem to control the bedroom very well. For her strong legs and thighs she knew how to use it and move it, and Bill never said no to that body, if he could find the free time to tap it.

Ann been through a couple of men in her life time and felt proud of whom she was in the company that she work for, and the feeling around the company was that she held more power than Bill’s sister whom was VP, whom did not really get along with Ann, for she knew, but never was able to catch them to hold anything over anyone.

Ann life was heading the direction she always planned, except for the certain man in her life, she waited for years for Bill, but he was committed to his wife and mother from the day they meant in the company, but Bill always made a point to address Ann with his gentleman ways his grandfather taught him, how to treat the women in his life, as well take advantage of them for if you can, because you have money and power, so use it, and Bill never forgot that at all.

Ann stood front of mirror and admired her well trim body it serve her well for her years, many men wine and dine, but her demeanor, eventually shut them down, for it was Bill her heart went for she will be ready when the time is right for her to really be in control, for no way will Bills sister take over this company.

Ann felt good and was feeling a bit strong today, so she got out her arsenal, push up bra, nylon’s and garter, thongs and a tight skirt to show off her best asset and out the door she went. Arriving, she walk through the pool of office girls acknowledge each and some she stop a moment a give them a stern talk, by the time she was through the room the ladies were back talking and stabbing her in the back, for no friends in this office.

She walks into Bill office and shuts the door and kisses Bill passionate and reminds him of what he had this morning, as she allow his finger to feel her inner thighs, Ann hand cups his balls and squeeze them, honey she said maybe we can have a nooner, would you like me to book us for a meeting this afternoon. Wink, wink, Ann Smiles.

No honey am too busy, have some personal matters to attend to, it have to be another time, Ann hurt and slams the door walks as she exits his office passing the gentleman in the office and heads for the ladies room.

Quite some time passes and Ken sits waiting patiently for her to return, 30 min later Ann arrives at her desk, her smile is gone and her eyes dried Ken can see she was crying, and tried to see if she is ok and she just shut him down, he interrupt her and ask if she can see Mr. Stone, Ann ask what was it about in her hurt women way, and Ken just tells her it personal, Oh sure she says under breath and go to Bills office , Bill and her exchange a few words, but Ann forgetting the man in office just try to grill Bill for his afternoon, Bill, just says go back to your desk. Ann slams the door and returns then see Ken sitting there, oh sorry he is busy, Ken says ok I will wait, fine you may if you have the time, and turns her back on him.

For the next hour Ken sits there and watches Ann and her demeanor, as she answer calls and gives orders in much unprofessional ways. The office girls come in to get direction for projects and Ann belittles them in front of Ken.

Ken taken note not liking what he is witnessing and all he can think is this lovely lady will need to feel my strap on that tight skirt ass.

After the hour, ken excuse himself and interrupts Ann for some coffee, she just says it on the 3rd floor cafeteria in a snappy voice ,Well can you check on Mr. Stone to see if he has forgotten me.

Ann Said ok, I can and she dials her own home number and acts as thou she is talking to Bill and hangs up saying sorry he says no time for you today.

Ken leaves and reminds her he be back in the morning and leaves locking in all the details of the day.

With a smile, he says, I know what I have to do once I take over.

The next morning bright and early Ken is at the office waiting for Ann to arrive, she does show a bit late and ken take notice, Ann greets him and make a smart ass remark of being an early bird, then tries to tell him that Mr. Stone will be running late today I think you should have requested an appointment.

Ken said well I guess you really do not understand what Mr. Stone agenda is today, so I called his mother. Ann smirk, well as thou she controls this place, she laugh and smiles very good Sir I guess then you know what is going on today.

Ann opens her calendar and looks about for any clue of what Ken is talking about. Ann now with the mother threat she ask a bit more polite I really am surprised I do not see anything on record of you being here at all this week.

Yes I know it all arrange now by Mrs. Stone, Mr. Stone’s Mother.

Oh I see Ann smiles, well I guess then she can be in charged.

Ken smile well I think she already is since she owns the company.

Ann smirks yes she thinks she is, but Bill I mean Mr. Stone really is.

Ken smiles oh sure he is, we shall see, As Bill and his mother now arrive as Ken stated. Ann Smiles at them both greets Mrs. Stone, and her one remark to Ann. I see you are still with the company, Ann smiles at her and say yes Ma’am I am, Bill ask Ann to bring in pot of coffee and 4 cups for the meeting. Ann in a good submissive way says Yes Sir as she trots off to cover the task asked.

Ann smirks oh 4 cups I guess I be able to sit in on the meeting now what the old witch doing, damn Bill he will not have a clue what to do, good thing I be in there.

As she comes back, she realized the company attorney in the room and ask if he like also to have coffee and Ann says she will get him a cup, Mother speaks up that ok Ann we have 4 , you can go to your desk now, Ann stun and says Yes ma, am and firmly closes the door. And now really wonders what in the hell is going on.

As the clock ticks, Ann in her a mood now because she has no control what Bill is doing at this time and then what the old hag is doing as well, OH geez maybe Bill is getting divorce , Ann now smiles, yes bet that it for the old lady wants to make sure the soon to be ex does not get a share of the company, after all Bill did mention that yesterday it was personal , so just maybe since he never left , that what is going on, But then whom is This ken fellow?

Close to noon Now Bill and the company attorney now emerge from the office and greet Ann good bye as they walk by her desk, Ann in her lady ways smiles and glares at Bill which he does notice.

The door now still close and she wonder what the hell, what now is going on and then her bell rings and Mrs. Stone ask her to come into the office.

Ann enters and notice that Ken is now sitting in Bills Chair, Ann greets both in a somber mood and as she is about to sit Mrs. Stone reminders Her that no one said you can sit Ann. Ann caught by surprised and huffs as she stands again.

Ann. You’re the first to know, you just might not be needed here any longer, Ann shocked, stutters and choked back tears and ask Why Ma’am she squeaks out, I been here all of my life I give plenty.

Ken now speaks; well this is not what I hear? Ann not thinking now blurts out at him, what that to you, I seen you for 2 days who in the hell are you she screams, Well Ken said I think you best sit now, Ann slumps in the Chair.

Ken, stands up walks to the front of the desk and leans his butt on the edge, looks right into Ann eyes and says I am the new owner of this company, your boyfriend is gone. Ann looks at Mrs. Stone and there the old lady smiles and says, I knew you been in my son bed and his poor wife stuck at home with his children, you’re a piece of dirt, that needs to be swept away.

So as I asked Ken, he stated he understood and now it is his decision.

Ann looks back at Ken then to Mrs. Stone, and she is dumb founded and loss of words.

So now Ann I want you to go home now, you have until tomorrow morning to make up your mind with my proposal, Ann mouth says without thinks, A Proposal??? What the fuck are you saying?

Ken smiles, just like that just now; your mouth can get you into trouble.

Tomorrow morning, you may either have a choice of reporting to work and OBEY ME or stay home and be terminated.

Ann sits and stare’s off in space, then says can I speak, of course you can ken answers.

Ann begins I am appalled at the request you 2 are making, I do not care of you Mrs. Stone, you old battle ax, I am glad you’re gone from this company now, It was all Bills doing you were nothing to him but an anchor holding Him back.

Mrs. Stone, raises from her chair, and for her age she is quite feisty, as she walks over to meet her face to face, she calmly says well you’re not rid of me, young lady, for I am still on the board and I do believe Ken here will listen to my recommendations, of what I feel should be done to you. Ann attempts to get up, but Mrs. Stone shoves her back in the chair, you’re not going anywhere yet.

Ok Ken, you can handle her from here on, I recommend we follow the instructions that we have laid out.

Ken now looks at Ann, stand up Ann. Now as we were saying before you let your mouth fly off with the words, that is one thing I do not put up with. For offensive of fouled words in my company you be subject to 15 min with a bar of soap in your mouth in the corner. Ann looks about her eyes roll Oh sure you think I am going to bow to that stupid rule.

Let me finished Young lady I am not through with the rules for you.

Weekly beginning today and each Friday you will report to my office for your discipline for the week.

Ann says give a fucking break. I quit and heads for the door, but not quietly, before her exit she is loud enough that the floor heard her as she attacked both of them verbally with her mouth.

Ken just smiled and then calmly told her that he expect her resignation on his desk 7 am in the morning. Ann slammed the door as she left.

On the drive home Ann thinking about the meeting and just figure the hell with them, but she needed to talk to Bill, see what he going to do and wonder if his wife knows now that she knows that Bill mom knows what they been doing, and then at that moment then she smiled, good it might be perfect time for Bill to be leaving his wife, and they then can be happy together.

As Ann now on a high note, her phone rings and her heart flips, as she see Bills number coming across the phone. Quickly she answers and Bill just says I see you at your place in 15 min. Ann agree and her mood increases as she only can think of Bill, being in bed at this moment she needed comfort and assurance that Bill will be there for her.

Both arrive at the apartment at the same time and once in the door Ann drops all of her things and hugs him tight, kiss his lips and just begins to tell him how bad a day she had. Bill stands there hugs back, but the assurance in his arms are not there and Ann sense this, she stands back, looks at Bill and can see it as well, Bill what wrong honey, and pull him close again, Bill says Ann it has to end. What Ann stammers, oh Bill you mean US, why?

Ann, My wife knows Mom told her everything and I am sorry , But I cannot leave , so I have to end us meeting and now that I do not work there, I will find it harder to meet up. But Bill Ann begins to explain, I quit today also, for I thought we go together, the place is no good without you there.

Ann, honey I am sorry, but you cannot quit you know you need that job. Even at 60 it too early for you to retire, you’re all alone and you need the income. Well it will not be with them, for they want to spank me weekly for pete sakes the fucking idiots whom they think I am anyways?

Bill not acting surprised , it figures I am certain that is Mom’s doing, for she would always wipe us kids and Dad also, OH mom the old lady of the firm ruled the house and dad acted strong, but he sat back and submitted.

Then Ann could not hold it in, so you’re just the fucking wimp I knew you were, not a single ball between your legs oh mommy dearest has them along with your wife. No wonder you needed me there, get the hell out of my house you spineless wimp. As Bill leaves she slams the door. Falls into chair and cries. As she clams down dry’s her tears she begins to think of what Bill said and she knows she will need the job, but heck I have connection I can get a job anywhere, “The Tech Firm” always wanted me.

Gathering her wine glass and black book she settles in for a few calls to the contacts and as the moments pass, the connections begin to get less and less, along with the wine in the bottle, for she finding out no one really wants a good looking mature lady. With the last drop and the last call Ann comes to the end of her rope and she now has no job and no one really wanted her after all of the years of her flirting at parties and how they all wanted her, but now all they wanted was a women to fuck them. Well fuck them all as she then slams the glass against the wall and cries to sleep.

Ann wakens and hard as it can be she think now she will have to accept the firm’s discipline. She needed the job, so well I guess it cannot be any worse than what her own father did when she was a youngster, so she gets dress up looks like a million and heads for the office.

Walking thru the sectary pool she see 3 other girls in early like her, she greets them and finds out that Mrs. Stone is also in office with Ken and another sectary Mary. As Ann reaches her office she can hear sounds and as she tuned them in she realized someone is being spanked. She gasp , wonder what OH my it has to be Mary , But why, OH my god maybe my replacement, I wonder if the other 3 will be taken to his Office. Then Mary comes out, hold her head up, but you could tell she had been crying. Mary reaches her desk and then Jane gets up to come into see Mrs. Stone, But then Mrs. stone appears at the door and acknowledge That Ann is in and tells Jane to wait, for they have to speak to Ann. As Ann enters, she remembers to stand before Ken and Mrs. Stone, They greet her like any other day, Good morning Ann and have you brought us the papers, Ann shaken and nervous a bit, No Sir, I have thought it over and decided if you are still open I will now listen to your terms and accept what you have offered. Mrs. Stone begins, Well Ken I think we can still use her, for the other 3 out in the office really do not have the potential that Ann has, but I think now that she bluntly use her dirty mouth at us both and quit, we hire her back at a lower scale. Well Ann, As Ken speaks are you accepting the lower pay, Um no Sir I think I earned what I been getting paid, and Mrs. stone pipes in well only because you had Bill in your bed. Ken also agree to that as he looks over Ann files, I see you climb the pay scale quite quickly, So I am going to knock you back 2 pay increase and you begin again today at the new scale and then next year at this time we will discuss possible raise as well , Take it or walk NOW.

Ann stammers and fidgets with her hands as she looks at the floor and quietly says I will take it Sir. very Good, now the 2nd phase, now you must have thought over the office discipline ,hmmmm Yes Sir, Good so I take that you are also accepting that along with the lower pay , yes Sir , but will I still be over the office pool. Yes Ann we will let you stay in your office and be over them. Is the pool also going to be held to office discipline as you are holding me hostage too? yes Ann they will all be held hostage as you say to the same rules and all of the pool will be subject to discipline , but you be held to higher standards and if you do not hold them , then you be demoted more and place in the pool.

Understood, Yes Sir, I do she answered.

Ok now let’s begin, Mrs. Stone would you like the honors, YES I would.

Ann please remove your skirt, Ann obeys her quickly and removes her skirt reveling her hosiery sexy panties and garter belt, Mrs. stone comments Ken eyes open wider , but he hold his comments of how well she looks for her age, but so much now see why even more Bill was in her sack.

Mrs. Stone, then tells Ann now remove your panties, place on the desk with Mary’s, Ann looks at Ken and Mrs. Stone, This is the rules Ann do it or walk. Ann obeys and removes them, places them on the desk with Mary’s, in that Ann thinks of why Mary’s are left on the desk.
Now step back, let me get a full view Mrs. Stone comments.

Mrs. Stone walks around her and slap her butt a few times Ann jumps at first.

Now the rules Ann. Mrs. Stone begins.

Each Friday, you have to wear a skirt or short dress, no panties, but hosiery is allowable only under your dress. UNDERSTOOD? < With hair brush SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT, Yes, Ann stammers as she try hard to hold position.

Ann it now Ma’am and sir always, none of this ok, nod head or just a yes and ya;s show us some respect you work for us, UNDERSTOOD? < swat swat swat swat swat < Mrs. Stone brings the point across, Ann now winching a bit answers as she should, Yes Ma’am I do.

Good now each Friday you yourself will report to this office 7 am sharp. you will be handle first, you will be spanked weekly for just routine to help you keep focus on the job and then if discipline is needed that will follow your routine spanking. UNDERSTOOD?

Ann eyes closed biting her lip from the brush strokes answer proper again Yes Ma’am.

Routine spanking is otk, hand spanked you will receive 50 each time.

swat swat swat swat. Mrs. Stone again paces around Ann as she brings the point across to Ann. SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT

If discipline like this morning is needed it can be a combo of items with a paddle, belt or cane, or can be double up. SWAT SWAT SWAT

Dirty mouth like you showed us this week is soap bar place in your mouth corner time for the first offense 15 min.

Open mouth wide Ann, Mrs. Stone instructed.

Ann obeys opens mouth and bar of soap is shoved in, Bit down Ann and hold it. Mrs. Stone saddle up closed to Ann places her arm around Ann’s waist and let off a rally with the brush , SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT , holding Ann firm the assault continues on Ann’s bottom, SWAT SWAT,SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT , Mrs. Stone has firm belief in the discipline , She now rest a moment and continue with the rules.

The second offense of a foul mouth is 20, and each offense just keeps added it up. UNDERSTOOD? Swat SWAT SWAT SWAT , Yes Ma’am Ann muffle sound from the soap.

Very good now go to that corner leave soap in your mouth

Ann obeys and goes directly to the corner. Where she now has a moment to think what she did by accept a job with these terms.

Ken and Mrs. Stone mummer behind her back, Ann ear tries to tune them in, but is no such luck.

Ann!!! Ken speaks up, her name waken her, as she listen to her order.

Back over here please, Ann says yes Sir Best she could with the soap. Ann shuffles over, her hands trying to protect her privates, she stands before Ken.

Ken grips the soap and tells Ann to open mouth, she obeys, he hands her glass of water and a small bowl tell her to rinses.

Ann tries, but Ken only allows one rinse and now the taste is worse, So now Ann the Soap is because of your mouth and the words you use towards me, So enjoy it and this will be repeated on the spot if any foul words come out of your mouth, UNDERSTOOD? Yes Sir Ann quietly answer as she reflect back to her childhood and her father of how he would just slap her face for the words she used.

Now Ann place your palms on the desk, and move feet back, Ken stand behind her and moves her legs wider as he spread them, Ann obeys and realized how well expose she now is to ken and Mrs. Stone, Whom sitting and admiring the thrill of knowing that this women has slip down to answer to them both, as the cool room air swirls between her legs as Ken’s hand roams her warm bottom.

Ken hand then begins to SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP . slow , and steady, the pace goes on, Ann just squirm’s , she beginning to enjoy Ken hand when he stop, open the desk drawer and bring out a double leather strap. Now young lady even thou she is older, Ken reminds her he is the boss and you’re not allowed to talk to me like you did, and the strap is brought down on Ann butt, quite heavy and Ken brings it down again for 5 more times, without a word. Ann quickly shown signs of the strap as Ken hand rubs her bottom again, without a word, the next quick 5 fall, Ann now hand fisted, her eyes wench, her head up and down, as the strap falls, then again Ken rubs her red bottom and in a low tone reminds her once again that he is in charged, and follows with a set of 10 quick swats, Ann elbows hit the desk , her legs wobbly , for the pain is beginning to be unbearable, Mrs. Stone watches with a smile at the wench whom interfere with her son and his marriage. Ann notice the smile on her face and wanted to speak, but all she can do was cry , as the tears fall and the strap falls again and again, SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT, now Ann at the point her chest is laying on the desk, her feet begin to kick, ken lay in her hard, ANN scream now, the tears are real, her ass in pain and she loses control and now is limp, lay across the desk, knock some stuff, off the desk, but lays there sobbing as then ken ease up. But give her a final 10 a bit lighter. And then takes a deep breath, for his aggression is gone as he looks at the lady whom thought one day she run this company and there she was submitting to him.

Ken lets her cry out and suggest I think she had enough, Mrs. Stone agree yes let her compose and get her back to her desk.

Ken helps Ann up and takes her to the office door and tells her to go sit at your desk.

Mrs. Stone tells Ken, it was wonderful, now Honey, I need you to give me a good spanking, please. I miss it so much, yes Mom, if you are sure that’s what you want I’d be delighted to. OH, Son if you only knew how I dream of this Day.

The end

IT SURE IS FUN!” by the Crimson Kid

IT SURE IS FUN!” by the Crimson Kid
[Modified from original version to deemphasize underage sexuality]

June 21, 2013

Dear BFF Amanda,

I’m sure that my cousin Redmond, we all call him “Reddy” in my family, will be writing another letter to his girlfriend, your 13-year-old sister Anita, about how I managed to get him spanked by both Lyrica (my big sister who’s 14 years old) and my mother (she’s real old, like almost forty), saying how it was so unfair that he got his bare hiney blistered twice in front of me, even though he’s 15 while I’m only 11, for a mistake that I made. (Except that it wasn’t really a mistake, I just outsmarted and tricked him.)

Getting Reddy spanked, good and long and hard, and giggling at his being so “embarrassed at being bare-assed,” to put it the way my mother does, I don’t care if it’s fair or not. Because it sure is fun!

Besides, I’m a girl, which means that I get to watch boys get stripped bare-naked and butt-blistered until they’re bawling like babies. It sure is fun to tease Reddy whenever he’s standing in the corner, crying like a kindergarten baby but not allowed to rub his glowing, dark red rear end. He has to keep his nose touching against both walls, which makes his cute spanked bottom stick out quite a bit, but he’s not allowed to say anything. If he does, he’ll just get another fanny-tanning, even longer and harder than the one he already got.

But I can talk to him all I want, and I can tease him so that the cheeks on his face turn nearly as red as the ones on his behind, he gets so embarrassed and frustrated.

I told him this while he was still sobbing a little: “Wow, Reddy, I can sure tell how you got your nickname, because your chubby caboose (that’s what my mother likes to call his hiney, especially when “It’s spanking time,” as she always says when he’s in trouble) is really shining bright, just like a stop light.” I giggled at him, but he didn’t dare move his nose away from touching the corner. “Mom sure walloped you plenty hard with her rubber strap, she had you howling like a banshee over her knee…That’s what Aunt Carol would say, wouldn’t she, howling like a banshee? (I don’t really know what a banshee’s supposed to sound like, but Reddy howled awfully loud while my mother was strapping him.) Mom told me that Aunt Carol is certain to give you a really good licking herself, once she finds out what you did, spying on me in the shower, and Mom’s going to ask her to do it here, right in front of her, Lyr and me. That will be your third big-time, bare-bottom blistering today, because Lyr is going to take you across her lap and fix your little red wagon with the lexan paddle right after this cornertime is over with.”

You know what else is so much fun about bare-naked spankings, since it’s only guys who ever get them? There’s all those cute sayings about naughty boys being spanked, like “being marched out to the woodshed,” “getting an old-fashioned country licking,” “taking a red-hot trip to Sorebottom City” (Lyr likes that one a lot), and “fixing your little red wagon” (Mom uses that one). Reddy starts sniffling as soon as he hears any of those things said to him, then he hears another nice one if my mother’s going to tan his bare fanny, because she tells him “I’m going to give you something to really cry about, young man, starting right now!” Boy, you should see the look on his face whenever she says that to him, and it happens to him a whole lot.

I’m not allowed to interfere with Reddy’s cornertime, not by touching anyway, except that I can give his fiery-looking, sore bottom a quick pat, which is what I did then. “Ohhhh, you’re so hot on this shiny red rump, I’m betting that it must really sting and burn back there,” I told him, then I giggled. “Paddling time’s coming up right away, Reddy honey, so get ready to do lots more kicking and crying over Lyr’s knees.” I gave his cute caboose one more pat, then I walked away. I was kind of wishing that he’d say something to me, because that would earn him another spanking from my mother, but he must have remembered getting a double punishment for doing that last week when he was visiting us, so he didn’t talk back even though I was teasing him a whole lot. “What a bummer!” Mom would say, because she thinks it’s cool to talk like they do on TV programs like “That 70s Show” about the good old days, which is what she calls them.

It was really clever, the way I tricked Reddy into getting a bare-naked spanking, just like Lyr does a lot of the time. We were both swimming in the pool, then after a while he said that he’d have to get out soon because he had to pee, but he was going to swim ten laps first. While he was doing that, I got out of the pool, dried off and went to the upstairs bathroom, the one he has to use when he’s visiting us. I took off my bathing suit after I got into the bathtub, but I hung the suit beneath a towel which I put on the rack next to the tub, so Reddy wouldn’t see it right away, and I left the door not quite closed, so it would swing open a little when he knocked on it.

When he got there and called out “Anybody in here?” I was real quiet behind the closed shower curtain, so to Reddy the bathroom looked empty when the door swung open. Once he came inside, I grabbed the towel to cover myself before I started screaming “Get out of here! Mom, Reddy’s peeping at me in the bathtub, make him go away, I’m bare-naked!” Both my mother and Lyr came running, just in time to see Reddy leaving the bathroom in a huge hurry. Of course, he tried to explain that it was just an honest mistake and he hadn’t seen me undressed, but Mom believed my story, which was that I told him I was about to take a shower and so he had to wait, but he tried to sneak in.

Last week I was teasing Reddy about how bright red his fanny was, after he was strapped really long and hard by my mother, and he lost his cool and said “Someday I’ll get a look at your bare behind, Chrissie, then I’ll be the one laughing.” Since he was doing bare-naked cornertime right then, he got another butt-blistering, Lyr talked Mom into letting her wallop him with the lexan paddle over her knee, just like she did today.

You can see that I tricked Reddy using his own words from last week, it made my mother sure that he was trying to spy on me in the shower, what a great set-up that was! I’m pretty smart, don’t you think? Lyr was smart too, because when Reddy said he had to pee really bad, she told Mom that he was just stalling, but if he truly had to go then he shouldn’t mind “paying for the privilege” by taking a lexan paddling from her. Since my mother was very mad at him, she gave him one minute to “finish up your business” and then meet us downstairs in the living room, plus he had to bring the razor strop and her lexan paddle with him, but come without his swimming suit.

Reddy’s rear end was nicely round and plump, perfect for a blistering-hard strapping from Mom. It was white too, but not for long, because he had to bend forward over the couch’s arm and stick out his bum-bum cheeks for her to smack with the wicked razor strop. She really laid into those chubby cheekies with that wide leather strap, right along his “sit spots” at the bottom of his bare bottom. Reddy was howling and begging for mercy, but my mother didn’t give him any at all, instead she gave him a really long licking, I think it lasted about twelve minutes with stinging-hot, totally awesome cracks of her strop across his poor burning-hot fanny. Both buns kept on wiggling and bouncing all over, we laughed at that while he kicked and cried in front of Lyr and me. I’m soooo glad that I’m a girl, Amanda!

After I got to tease him during his cornertime, which was almost as much fun as watching his bare behind getting blistered, then Lyr put him across her lap and paddywhacked his already sore seat with the lexan spanker. It’s a see-through type of hard plastic and stings wickedly, but what I like most about it is that I can see Reddy’s rump turn even redder at the very moment it smacks against his bare hiney. What a great view for a girl like me (or you), since we “young ladies” never have to worry about our own sweet bottoms being bared and spanked.

Naturally, Reddy was bawling like a five-year-old by the time Lyr was finished “plastering” (a word that she likes) his poor, bouncing bum-bum cheeks, and right now he’s doing more crying cornertime, I’m looking at him every minute, making sure that he doesn’t rub his “shining, stoplight-red seat” (Mom just called it that), while I’m writing this letter to you. Aunt Carol agreed with my mother that she should spank Reddy’s bare rear end over her knee, using our wooden bath brush, when she gets her in another couple of hours. (He doesn’t know this yet,that he’l for certainl be getting it again in front of me, it’s going to be a surprise to him, but I don’t think it’ll be a fun one!)

On my 12th birthday next month, when I’ll be old enough to be Reddy’s babysitter, I’m going to get to give him a long, hard, bare-naked blistering with Mom’s lexan paddle, and I’m allowed to have one girlfriend help me, she’ll get to use the razor strop on his fanny first to kind of warm him up. You’re my BFF, so I’m inviting you right now, and if you don’t know how to give a naughty 15-year-old guy a good strapping you can do some practicing, maybe on your big brother Andrew. I know you get to whack his bare bottom with your mother’s college paddle sometimes, so just see if you can use a strop instead a few times. (You could borrow Mom’s if you need to.)

Good-bye for now, I think it’s time to go and pat Reddy’s glowing “glutes” (Lyr’s favorite word for bum-bum cheeks), and hint to him that there’s a nice surprise coming pretty soon. Being a girl these days, it sure is fun!

Best Friends Forever,


[Ms. Pennington, let me assure you that, in our society today, your daughter Christina’s attitude is quite normal for a preteen girl, it’s not “cruel” or “sadistic” in context. Numerous worried mothers have asked me these questions about their young daughters, and even included copies of similar communications to girlfriends, but as a child psychologist with twenty years of experience, I find them to merely reflect the position that girls have been given in our society since the acceptance of the Sacred Feminine’s dominance in our current society .
It’s now recognized that boys are much less mature than their feminine counterparts (sisters, cousins, schoolmates, neighbors, etc.) of the same age, and therefore they should be treated that way, with girls (even ones several years younger on occasion) being given significant authority over them. It is also understood that regular, sound corporal punishment, accompanied by a degree of embarrassment, is the optimal form of discipline for underage males, even ones in their late teens, so younger females being involved in their punishments, as witnesses or even chastisers, makes perfect sense.
At the moment, Christina is clearly a touch `intoxicated’ by having such an advantage over her cousin (Redmond), but once the novelty has worn off, she’ll realize that she’s actually benefitting the boy by reddening his naked posterior for him when he deserves it. Admittedly, tricking him into getting so soundly walloped seems a bit mean-spirited, but she’ll almost certainly outgrow that behavior in time—plus let’s face this fact, that a teenaged boy being `overspanked’ is greatly preferable to him being `underspanked.’ A few extra nude butt-whippings have never harmed a boy in the long run, even if they’ve hurt his bare behind a great deal at the time.
Males, whether six years old or seventy-six (not to mention every age in between), have extremely resilient rear ends, designed by Mother Nature to be emphatically stung and reddened by their loving womenfolk. (Well, the part about adult domestic discipline is merely my personal opinion, and not relevant to the questions you asked me.)
I hope that I’ve set your mind at ease about your daughter. By the way, I’m writing a book about the behavior modification of teenaged boys in modern society, so if you were amenable to it, I’d love to attend Christina’s (and her girlfriend’s) chastising of “Reddy” on her twelfth birthday, if that would be acceptable to the mothers of Amanda and Redmond as well.

Sincerely, Almeda McMichael]

About Getting Busy

Hot News About Getting Busy
MAR 23, 2013 7:20 AMANNIE TOMLIN,


What’s new in sex? A lot, actually — and the news is definitely not what you might expect. Right now, sex is more daring, more complex, and more surprising than ever. From rethinking one of the biggest taboos (we were shocked!) to virtual sex (not kidding), this is need-to-know info about getting it on. Want a grown-up lesson in sex ed? Keep reading to get schooled.

1. Think Kink
One of the last sexual taboos is having a major moment — bondage tape, handcuffs, and all. BDSM (that’s bondage, discipline, submission, and masochism, for folks keeping score at home) may not be mainstream, exactly, but it’s inching out of the underground. Harvard has its own officially-recognized group for students interested in kink, while social networking site FetLife nearly doubled its membership in the last year. And, tourists can visit the San Francisco offices of, the subject of a James Franco-produced documentary that premiered at Sundance.

“There has been a growing interest in alternative practices like BDSM, pegging, and non-monogamy for several years, and that growth has only increased,” says sex-positive writer and activist Tristan Taormino. “Coupled with more mainstream media coverage of these issues, I think we’re likely to see more people come out about their sexual identities and practices that don’t reflect the cultural norm.”

So, is everyone getting kinky now? Not so fast, says sexologist Dr. Jill McDevitt. “I think mainstreaming of S&M will be a long road, mainly because it’s misunderstood,” she says. “I’m not sure 50 Shades of Grey has helped with that, because it largely misrepresents BDSM as abusive and controlling — which it’s not.” So, even though pop-culture interpretations might not always get kink right, one thing’s for sure: Collectively, our sex lives are a lot less vanilla.

2. Adult Social Media
This may come as surprising news, but pornography is popular on the Internet. (Shocking, we know.) The newest developments are less silicone, more Silicon Valley. Whereas adult entertainment used to revolve around high-gloss pay-for-play sites, some startups are creating XXX versions of popular sites that don’t allow T&A in their TOS.

Snatchly, for instance, is basically Pinterest for porn; instead of hair-braiding DIYs, though, its boards include “Amazing Boobs” and “MILF.” Then, there’s Offbeatr, a crowdfunding site for adult projects. It’s like Kickstarter, but it has funded projects such as an online game for furries and a NC-17 take on World of Warcraft.

The ‘net effect: more X-rated entrepreneurs. “The Internet has radically shifted the ability for independent porn producers to exist, and sites like Offbeatr help promote a different financial model and encourage people to take the reins of production,” says Taormino. And, she says, this is just the beginning: “Indie porn has been on the rise and will continue to be.”

3. The Personal Gets (Really) Political
If you’re not outraged about what’s happening with reproductive rights, you must not be paying attention. Need evidence? The North Dakota House of Representatives just passed a bill that defines life as starting at conception. A Kansas Senate committee approved legislation barring public schools from using sex-ed materials provided by health care providers that offer abortion. And, in our nation’s capital, Republican senators tacked on five anti-abortion amendments to the budget resolution. All of those developments happened just this week.

This push to restrict access to family planning and women’s health care is unprecedented and relentless, says Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President and Chief Experience Officer for Planned Parenthood Action Fund. “The attacks we’re seeing in states right now are a wake-up call for women across the country,” she says. “Politicians are passing laws that are blatantly unconstitutional and that seek to erode and take away rights that we’ve had for decades.”

Women are fighting back, though. Planned Parenthood has gained two million new activists in the last two years, and new groups such as UltraViolet are leading the charge against attempts to restrict the Affordable Care Act’s birth control coverage. “Women need to be aware that opponents of women’s health continue to work tirelessly to chip away at or ban access to birth control, family planning, preventive care, and safe and legal abortion,” Laguens says. So, if you don’t want someone else having a say in your reproductive rights, get active — now.

4. No Sex? No Problem
Our culture may seem sex-obsessed, but that doesn’t mean everyone is interested in sex. Around one percent of the population is believed to be asexual, meaning that these people don’t experience sexual attraction. Unlike celibacy, which is a choice, asexuality is a sexual orientation. And, as a number of asexuals will tell you, they’re perfectly okay with that.

Asexual pride is gathering momentum. Once a nearly-invisible minority, asexuals are gaining visibility — and using their collective voice. (There’s even a social networking site, Acebook, for those interested in nonsexual romantic relationships.) “People used to be shocked that we exist,” says David Jay, founder of the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), which now claims 70,000 members across the globe. “Now, they’re exploring the ways that asexuality creates a new perspective on the relationships between love and sex.”

5. Future Sex
The term “virtual reality” sounds so 1996, but it may finally live up to its promise in the next year or two. Video game fans are geeking out over the forthcoming Oculus Rift headset, which will place gamers in a navigable 3D world. For those interested in playing with, uh, themselves, an Irvine, CA startup called Sinful Robot is developing a virtual reality experience that promises “fully-immersive erotic encounters.” While there’s still a long way to go before computer-generated sex can live up to the real thing, this project will be more realistic than any of its predecessors. Leisure Suit Larry, we hardly knew ye.

The Collar

Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism: The Collar

Chloe Thorn, Yahoo! Contributor Network
Sep 24, 2007


Just like many aspects of “Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism,” the collar is very controversial in its meaning and need. In many but not all dominant and submissive relationships, there is a collar or necklace that symbolizes a submissive belonging to her master or dominant. The meaning and background of the collar has been interpreted in many different ways but the following are some of the important points.
The Collar is given to a submissive usually in a ceremony like a marriage ceremony but kinkier. The Collar being like the ring symbolizing the fact that the submissive is taken and no longer available. It also states the obvious which is that the individual wearing it is the submissive not the Dominant of the relationship. Usually behavior will tell you this however occasionally you will see a submissive trying to dominate his or her Master.

The Collar is also used for role-playing games which are prominent in the Dominant/submissive lifestyle (D/s). It can help the submissive feel her role and Mastered which is what she or he desires.

There is also the connotation of the Collar being given due to the idea of a submissive being a “pet”. Now keep in mind that some submissive do believe this way and choose to, and are exceptionally happy. However there are also submissives that are not inclined to this way of thinking and their Master is not either.

Now being collared does not always mean literally wearing a leather collar with buckle. The actual collar can be many different things, from a small metal ring that encircles the neck, to a diamond necklace. Chokers seem to be a very classic style of a collar for many submissives because of the tightness and incessant reminder of their Master.

In the past and some more traditional BDSM relationship there were 3 collars which you can liken to relationship stages. The first is a “Collar of Consideration” this collar is like the first dating stage for the D/s relationship. The reason for it is so that both the submissive and the Dominant are showing they are taken and that they are actually trying each other out. The next stage is the boyfriend/girlfriend stage which is the “Training Collar”. This collar is for the more serious dedicated Master/Submissive couples. This also shows that the submissive is training with her Master so that both become able to fit each others needs. Lastly there is the “Slave Collar” which is as important in BDSM as a wedding ring is to many other women. This Collar is given in a ceremony and with much thought and purpose being put into it. Usually with this set of collars they start out simple and become more ornate with each step.

Not all submissive wear their Collars full time, unless it is main stream enough to be allowed within working confines without distraction. However there are quite a few submissives that choose to wear their collar at all times. The pride behind wearing it is so very much like showing off your engagement ring.

Although many people outside of the BDSM world believe the collar to be a sign of degradation, it is actually something worn with pride and love from any submissive within this lifestyle.