IT SURE IS FUN!” by the Crimson Kid

IT SURE IS FUN!” by the Crimson Kid
[Modified from original version to deemphasize underage sexuality]

June 21, 2013

Dear BFF Amanda,

I’m sure that my cousin Redmond, we all call him “Reddy” in my family, will be writing another letter to his girlfriend, your 13-year-old sister Anita, about how I managed to get him spanked by both Lyrica (my big sister who’s 14 years old) and my mother (she’s real old, like almost forty), saying how it was so unfair that he got his bare hiney blistered twice in front of me, even though he’s 15 while I’m only 11, for a mistake that I made. (Except that it wasn’t really a mistake, I just outsmarted and tricked him.)

Getting Reddy spanked, good and long and hard, and giggling at his being so “embarrassed at being bare-assed,” to put it the way my mother does, I don’t care if it’s fair or not. Because it sure is fun!

Besides, I’m a girl, which means that I get to watch boys get stripped bare-naked and butt-blistered until they’re bawling like babies. It sure is fun to tease Reddy whenever he’s standing in the corner, crying like a kindergarten baby but not allowed to rub his glowing, dark red rear end. He has to keep his nose touching against both walls, which makes his cute spanked bottom stick out quite a bit, but he’s not allowed to say anything. If he does, he’ll just get another fanny-tanning, even longer and harder than the one he already got.

But I can talk to him all I want, and I can tease him so that the cheeks on his face turn nearly as red as the ones on his behind, he gets so embarrassed and frustrated.

I told him this while he was still sobbing a little: “Wow, Reddy, I can sure tell how you got your nickname, because your chubby caboose (that’s what my mother likes to call his hiney, especially when “It’s spanking time,” as she always says when he’s in trouble) is really shining bright, just like a stop light.” I giggled at him, but he didn’t dare move his nose away from touching the corner. “Mom sure walloped you plenty hard with her rubber strap, she had you howling like a banshee over her knee…That’s what Aunt Carol would say, wouldn’t she, howling like a banshee? (I don’t really know what a banshee’s supposed to sound like, but Reddy howled awfully loud while my mother was strapping him.) Mom told me that Aunt Carol is certain to give you a really good licking herself, once she finds out what you did, spying on me in the shower, and Mom’s going to ask her to do it here, right in front of her, Lyr and me. That will be your third big-time, bare-bottom blistering today, because Lyr is going to take you across her lap and fix your little red wagon with the lexan paddle right after this cornertime is over with.”

You know what else is so much fun about bare-naked spankings, since it’s only guys who ever get them? There’s all those cute sayings about naughty boys being spanked, like “being marched out to the woodshed,” “getting an old-fashioned country licking,” “taking a red-hot trip to Sorebottom City” (Lyr likes that one a lot), and “fixing your little red wagon” (Mom uses that one). Reddy starts sniffling as soon as he hears any of those things said to him, then he hears another nice one if my mother’s going to tan his bare fanny, because she tells him “I’m going to give you something to really cry about, young man, starting right now!” Boy, you should see the look on his face whenever she says that to him, and it happens to him a whole lot.

I’m not allowed to interfere with Reddy’s cornertime, not by touching anyway, except that I can give his fiery-looking, sore bottom a quick pat, which is what I did then. “Ohhhh, you’re so hot on this shiny red rump, I’m betting that it must really sting and burn back there,” I told him, then I giggled. “Paddling time’s coming up right away, Reddy honey, so get ready to do lots more kicking and crying over Lyr’s knees.” I gave his cute caboose one more pat, then I walked away. I was kind of wishing that he’d say something to me, because that would earn him another spanking from my mother, but he must have remembered getting a double punishment for doing that last week when he was visiting us, so he didn’t talk back even though I was teasing him a whole lot. “What a bummer!” Mom would say, because she thinks it’s cool to talk like they do on TV programs like “That 70s Show” about the good old days, which is what she calls them.

It was really clever, the way I tricked Reddy into getting a bare-naked spanking, just like Lyr does a lot of the time. We were both swimming in the pool, then after a while he said that he’d have to get out soon because he had to pee, but he was going to swim ten laps first. While he was doing that, I got out of the pool, dried off and went to the upstairs bathroom, the one he has to use when he’s visiting us. I took off my bathing suit after I got into the bathtub, but I hung the suit beneath a towel which I put on the rack next to the tub, so Reddy wouldn’t see it right away, and I left the door not quite closed, so it would swing open a little when he knocked on it.

When he got there and called out “Anybody in here?” I was real quiet behind the closed shower curtain, so to Reddy the bathroom looked empty when the door swung open. Once he came inside, I grabbed the towel to cover myself before I started screaming “Get out of here! Mom, Reddy’s peeping at me in the bathtub, make him go away, I’m bare-naked!” Both my mother and Lyr came running, just in time to see Reddy leaving the bathroom in a huge hurry. Of course, he tried to explain that it was just an honest mistake and he hadn’t seen me undressed, but Mom believed my story, which was that I told him I was about to take a shower and so he had to wait, but he tried to sneak in.

Last week I was teasing Reddy about how bright red his fanny was, after he was strapped really long and hard by my mother, and he lost his cool and said “Someday I’ll get a look at your bare behind, Chrissie, then I’ll be the one laughing.” Since he was doing bare-naked cornertime right then, he got another butt-blistering, Lyr talked Mom into letting her wallop him with the lexan paddle over her knee, just like she did today.

You can see that I tricked Reddy using his own words from last week, it made my mother sure that he was trying to spy on me in the shower, what a great set-up that was! I’m pretty smart, don’t you think? Lyr was smart too, because when Reddy said he had to pee really bad, she told Mom that he was just stalling, but if he truly had to go then he shouldn’t mind “paying for the privilege” by taking a lexan paddling from her. Since my mother was very mad at him, she gave him one minute to “finish up your business” and then meet us downstairs in the living room, plus he had to bring the razor strop and her lexan paddle with him, but come without his swimming suit.

Reddy’s rear end was nicely round and plump, perfect for a blistering-hard strapping from Mom. It was white too, but not for long, because he had to bend forward over the couch’s arm and stick out his bum-bum cheeks for her to smack with the wicked razor strop. She really laid into those chubby cheekies with that wide leather strap, right along his “sit spots” at the bottom of his bare bottom. Reddy was howling and begging for mercy, but my mother didn’t give him any at all, instead she gave him a really long licking, I think it lasted about twelve minutes with stinging-hot, totally awesome cracks of her strop across his poor burning-hot fanny. Both buns kept on wiggling and bouncing all over, we laughed at that while he kicked and cried in front of Lyr and me. I’m soooo glad that I’m a girl, Amanda!

After I got to tease him during his cornertime, which was almost as much fun as watching his bare behind getting blistered, then Lyr put him across her lap and paddywhacked his already sore seat with the lexan spanker. It’s a see-through type of hard plastic and stings wickedly, but what I like most about it is that I can see Reddy’s rump turn even redder at the very moment it smacks against his bare hiney. What a great view for a girl like me (or you), since we “young ladies” never have to worry about our own sweet bottoms being bared and spanked.

Naturally, Reddy was bawling like a five-year-old by the time Lyr was finished “plastering” (a word that she likes) his poor, bouncing bum-bum cheeks, and right now he’s doing more crying cornertime, I’m looking at him every minute, making sure that he doesn’t rub his “shining, stoplight-red seat” (Mom just called it that), while I’m writing this letter to you. Aunt Carol agreed with my mother that she should spank Reddy’s bare rear end over her knee, using our wooden bath brush, when she gets her in another couple of hours. (He doesn’t know this yet,that he’l for certainl be getting it again in front of me, it’s going to be a surprise to him, but I don’t think it’ll be a fun one!)

On my 12th birthday next month, when I’ll be old enough to be Reddy’s babysitter, I’m going to get to give him a long, hard, bare-naked blistering with Mom’s lexan paddle, and I’m allowed to have one girlfriend help me, she’ll get to use the razor strop on his fanny first to kind of warm him up. You’re my BFF, so I’m inviting you right now, and if you don’t know how to give a naughty 15-year-old guy a good strapping you can do some practicing, maybe on your big brother Andrew. I know you get to whack his bare bottom with your mother’s college paddle sometimes, so just see if you can use a strop instead a few times. (You could borrow Mom’s if you need to.)

Good-bye for now, I think it’s time to go and pat Reddy’s glowing “glutes” (Lyr’s favorite word for bum-bum cheeks), and hint to him that there’s a nice surprise coming pretty soon. Being a girl these days, it sure is fun!

Best Friends Forever,


[Ms. Pennington, let me assure you that, in our society today, your daughter Christina’s attitude is quite normal for a preteen girl, it’s not “cruel” or “sadistic” in context. Numerous worried mothers have asked me these questions about their young daughters, and even included copies of similar communications to girlfriends, but as a child psychologist with twenty years of experience, I find them to merely reflect the position that girls have been given in our society since the acceptance of the Sacred Feminine’s dominance in our current society .
It’s now recognized that boys are much less mature than their feminine counterparts (sisters, cousins, schoolmates, neighbors, etc.) of the same age, and therefore they should be treated that way, with girls (even ones several years younger on occasion) being given significant authority over them. It is also understood that regular, sound corporal punishment, accompanied by a degree of embarrassment, is the optimal form of discipline for underage males, even ones in their late teens, so younger females being involved in their punishments, as witnesses or even chastisers, makes perfect sense.
At the moment, Christina is clearly a touch `intoxicated’ by having such an advantage over her cousin (Redmond), but once the novelty has worn off, she’ll realize that she’s actually benefitting the boy by reddening his naked posterior for him when he deserves it. Admittedly, tricking him into getting so soundly walloped seems a bit mean-spirited, but she’ll almost certainly outgrow that behavior in time—plus let’s face this fact, that a teenaged boy being `overspanked’ is greatly preferable to him being `underspanked.’ A few extra nude butt-whippings have never harmed a boy in the long run, even if they’ve hurt his bare behind a great deal at the time.
Males, whether six years old or seventy-six (not to mention every age in between), have extremely resilient rear ends, designed by Mother Nature to be emphatically stung and reddened by their loving womenfolk. (Well, the part about adult domestic discipline is merely my personal opinion, and not relevant to the questions you asked me.)
I hope that I’ve set your mind at ease about your daughter. By the way, I’m writing a book about the behavior modification of teenaged boys in modern society, so if you were amenable to it, I’d love to attend Christina’s (and her girlfriend’s) chastising of “Reddy” on her twelfth birthday, if that would be acceptable to the mothers of Amanda and Redmond as well.

Sincerely, Almeda McMichael]

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