Shower Submission

Shower Submission
Written By: Savages_slave

Steam already shading the mirror, the hiss of the shower echoing in the bathroom as you test the water, standing there before turning around with a hungry grin.

“Strip sexy sex slave.”

Your slave, swallowing hard against the collar at her neck, nods…fingers curling into the dress that falls down around her body, tugging the fabric up, exposing her bare legs, up to her shaved pussy and over her head, leaving her clad in a simple white t-shirt and white socks.

A purr as you move closer, hand dropping down to cup that bare mound, your bare sex…hot and slick, your slave’s arousal already coating her skin,

“Good girl.” Offered softly, your touch light against the exposed pussy, “Are you my sexy baby girl, Leigh?”

Softly answered, “Yes Master.” As she tugs her top up over her head, exposing generous breasts, topped with flat nipples, their weight hanging heavily.

Another sound, a pleased growl as you motion the girl towards you, having her hands undress you, reveling in the power of control as you feel her uncertain touch work at pleasing you as she strips her Master.

Undressed, your cock just awakening as you point towards the shower, following your slave girl into the burning stream, the mist cooler as your cumslut lathers you up, washing her Master as you luxuriate under the hot water.

Voices low, covered under the hiss of the water as you instruct your possession on washing your body, enjoying the feeling as her hands slide with slick soap over your skin, washing the mundane parts, arms, chest…watching with narrow eyed approval as she kneels, washing your legs before her hands slide back up, gently handling your cock as it starts to harden…

“Good girl.”

Motioning her up you turn, head tilted back as she starts a new process, washing your hair, fingers slowly combing through the wet strands before repeating her chore, washing your back, sliding down to kneel, washing your legs before moving up to intrude, explore your ass with soapy fingers. Letting the water rinse the soap away, the hot water coursing down your back as you encourage your slave to play with your ass, her touch tentative as you lean forward, the slick surprise of her mouth against the tender skin of your asshole has you moaning, encouraging your cumslut to lick your asshole. Legs braced apart, exposing your slave to the pleasures she can give you, her hand gentle on your cock, stroking as her tongue probes and teases your ass.

Your feral groans echo in the watery chamber, the steam masking actions to faint impressions. Your cock rock hard, rises majestically as you pull away, turning to draw your slave up against your body, the wetness creating little friction as her tits pillow against your chest. Letting your hands fill with the fleshy mounds, your grin one of approval before pushing her backwards,

“Sit, spread your legs cumslut.” Order brusquely towards a ledge built into the shower.

Kneeling you examine your slave’s pussy with clinical detachment, purring your approval at the bared skin, giving the wet cunt a quick and chaste kiss, out come the tools of submission, a razor and shaving cream. Lathering up your sluts pussy, letting your fingers tease as you do, lightly dipping your fingers between pussy lips, feeling the slick heat of her arousal. A soft warning,

“Be still baby slut.” As you draw the razor over her skin, the first bite of a Master’s markings, shaving his slut smooth. Careful precision work as you shave her. Letting the water wash away the stain of the cream, a wicked grin as you push a finger into the cunt that belongs to you,

“Do you like that cumslut?”

A soft groan is your answer, your slave holding her legs open as you explore her pussy, “Yes Master.” Whispered under the hiss of the shower.

A grunt as you lean forward, pushing her legs open wider to taste that fresh cunt, so newly shaved, soft and smooth, the water coursing down your slaves body adds to the sensation as you tease her with your mouth, making her squirm in the hot sauna of the shower.

“Please Master.” Whimpered as her hips arch against the teasing torment of your mouth.

“Please what?” you ask with a dark chuckle, letting your teeth graze the sensitive hood over her clit, the scent of her desire strong as you nibble, tugging the skin with your bite.

“Yes please Master.” Is the slaves answer back, her voice caught between pain and pleasure as you torment her pussy, your fingers still pushing in and out of her wet fuck hole, gripping your fingers in her desire.

“What do you want cumslut?” asked dangerously, you move back to watch her writhe under the showers streams…

The girl opens her eyes, unblinking as she watches you, her Master move to stand up, your cock jutting proudly out, erect and in demand. “Please fuck me Master? Use this cumslut…now?”

A grin crosses your face as you reach down, tugging the girl up before hugging her to you, “I love you cumslut.” Whispered tenderly before twisting her around, pushing her forward to brace her hands on the seat. Your hands hot on her ass as you grip, rub and enjoy the sight of your slave bent over, her ass and pussy exposed to your hungry gaze.

A low groan as you spread her ass, rubbing your thumb against her asshole as you press forward, pushing your cock into her dripping pussy. The echoing slaps of your legs against hers, your stomach slamming up against her wet ass carry through the shower, as well as your grunts of approval, or her soft whines of pleasure.

Feeling her body jolt with each hard thrust, sinking your cock deep into the pussy that belongs to you, feeling the hot tight hold as you fuck your cumslut, watching her ass bounce with each push, reaching down to hold her swaying tits as you fuck her.

“Are you mine Leigh?” ground out, breath harsh as you keep up the relentless pace, enjoying the feel of her body bouncing against yours, slick and slippery in the shower.

Strands of her hair, dark under the water streak her back as she arches up, pushing her ass back against your cock as it slides in and out, “Yes Master, your little fuck toy.” Gasped out as she shivers, her body reacting to the pleasure of yours.

Reaching down, sliding your hand down the smoothness of your slaves pussy, your fingers find and pinch her clit, twisting as you continue to fuck your cumslut.

“Please Master, let me cum.” Struggling to say the words as the pain travels through her pussy, rippling the heat that holds your cock, her pussy milking your length as it continues to saw in and out of your slave’s cunt. Feeling your own control slipping, your fingers tighten, twisting harder to hear your sluts gasp of pain and pleasure, hearing her plead again for you to let her cum, begging in a strangled voice.

“Cum baby girl, cum for me.” Whispered as you cum, marking your slave in a second way, pumping her pussy full of her Masters cum. Groaning as you cum, enjoying the feel of your slave squirms, gasping and whimpering softly as you feel her pussy clench and relax around your cock, her hips rocking to the pace of her own orgasm.

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