Do I make MYSELF clear?

Disclaimer: Like I said before, it’s just a story and it’s made up. I’m really quite a nice person and wouldn’t really want to see anyone hurt (especially young people, they’re so impressionable and they shouldn’t be reading this anyway)

Robbie was led out from the juvenile facility by Mrs. Debra Lynch in just his pajamas still crying from the introductory spanking she just gave him. His embarrassment at being treated like a little boy not the foremost thought in his head at this time nor was the fact that his clothes and other possessions were left behind. She was pulling him along by the hand scolding him all the way out the door to her car. “You will learn to behave and do as you are told immediately young man or you’re going to be the sorriest little boy”! He look up a few times, on the way to the car and noticed the legs and ass of this tall, severe and pretty woman as teenage hormone driven thoughts confused him. She opened the passenger side door and told him to “sit” and buckled him in. She slid into the drivers side as her black dress slid up exposing her thigh and dark stocking top and garter snaps. She didn’t miss his gaze at her exposure and made no attempt at correcting it. Don’t worry young man, I have more than a sneaking suspicion you’ll get plenty of opportunity to see more of this but I think you will be too pre-occupied with what is happening to you to appreciate the view I afford you. For some reason Robbie felt compelled to attempt to explain the “real” situation (somewhat). “I’m not a little boy and none of you have any right to treat me in this manner – it’s,it’s humiliating”! “Such big words from our little man, is he going to be our jailhouse lawyer”, she mockingly replied to his objections? “You don’t understand, I’m not a little kid”! Debra’s face lost the smile as the strict mother was drawn out. “What were you told about respect and how you were to address me”?! One more unsolicited outburst and we’re pulling off at the next rest stop and my little lawyer is going to have his briefs lowered and his conduct reviewed by the judge”! “Do I Make Myself Clear”!? I’m sorry Ma’am but I think you should know something”. “I know all there is to know about you”. “I’ve read your file and know how your mother got you involved in her scams”. “I was just hoping to keep you and your older brother together”. Robbie thought now maybe I have a wedge to convince her to stop all this talk of punishment and most of all spanking! “If you had my older brother David would you treat him the same way you’re treating me”? “Let’s see your brother is a grown man of… [sixteen], sixteen; and from what I read extremely intelligent”. “I think I could reason with him for the most part but he’d be still subject to house rules and if he forced my hand I would be well within my right to discipline him the same as I would any “child” in my care”. “We’re brothers, right why don’t you take that same approach with me”? “Why you snot nosed, eleven year old, prig”! “I will not be lectured to by a smart ass, eleven year old”, as she sharply veered the vehicle into a parking lot of a large country store and visitor center. She stopped the car and opened the passenger side door reached in and unfastened the restaint of her Volvo. “Out”, she ordered. She didn’t wait for an argument. She grabbed him by the arm and led/dragged him with her at a long stride pace he found difficult to keep up with. “Do you have a beauty aides section or houseware items, I need a hairbrush, bath brush or butter pat”, she impatiently barked at the cashier at the front? “I’m a little confused”? “Exactly what are you looking for…”? Robbie was being difficult which caused his new foster mother to shake him and warn him that “she’ll give it to him” right here and now! “Oh I see”; “He’s been naughty has he”? “What we do have that may help you is a nice selection of souvenir paddles that really work I’m told”, as she points to the display near the enterance. The angry “parent” selects one at random and asks in a loud voice, “Can you direct me to the ladies room”? She drags the unwilling child along, to open mouth gazes, smiles of approval and sympathetic eyes from a few of the young people present. He is taken into the ladies room where the woman and girls there are ignored and in return are seeming to ignore the fact that a pajama clad boy is having his pants pulled down and is hoisted off his feet across one knee that’s raised by the aid of a convenient stool. And as she foretold not a half hour before if he was interested, he could view as much stocking top and garterbelt as he could handle. And as she predicted he had other more pressing matters to deal with. The spanking is given in anger to a bottom that still has marks from a very recent disciplinary session as his pleas and cries are ignored. The spanking goes on unabated (which is to say about ten minutes)and uninterferred with until the paddle splits from the force applied. Robbie is placed on his feet and is left to replace his pajama bottoms himself. She goes to the cashier with the thoroughly chatised little boy in tow. He’s sobbing and rubbing a very sore backside again as she smacks the broken pieces of the paddle down and asks, “How much do I owe you”? She’s given another whole one and told, “to use it with their compliments”> “Thank the nice lady for your present Robbie”, as she glares down at him and shakes him out of his mournful reverie.”Thank you’, he embarrassingly utters. “Is that how I told you to answer an adult young man”, she asks, warningly shaking him again? “No Ma’am I’m sorry”, he cries. “Thank you for my gift ma’am”, he tries again. “You’re quite welcome young man and I hope you don’t get to ‘see it’ too often”.
The two repeat the initial scene of a mother and errant child being led off by her. This time he has no interest in even a glimpse of the waving expanse of feminine rump rhythmically swaying slightly in front of him. She straps him into the seat again and slides in the other side after securing the sobbing youngster. “Now young man, do you still want to lecture me”!? “NO Ma”am”, he cries, still feeling the heat radiating from his bottom. “I didn’t think so”. “But to answer your inquirey as to would I spank your brother as I do you”? “If he at sixteen was as forward and presumptuous as you seem to be, then I’m afraid Grandmother Lynch would be called in to show him the “beneficial” and “curative” properties of the cane”. “And just to let you know my dear husband still respected and shivered at the mere mention of its use, even as an adult”. Part 2

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