“Get over here”

Disclaimer:First let me state that this is fictional story (that means I made it up) and in no way should it be taken for real world behavior nor as approving of any non consensual acts to anyone; especially minors (those people have enough to worry about, working so deep below the surface)

David’s mom made her way most of her life scamming or grifting. If there was a way to get by without working hard she would find it. David grew up in this bohemian, pre-hippy era being a useful tool in many of her schemes. The one that she used very successfully was one that many parents have tried and used (to lesser extents of course), That of passing your child off as one underage to get a reduced fare or theatre ticket. When she read that it looked like a package of generous financial aid to single mothers was being introduced in Maryland, she left for the promised land. She found a way to get David a second birth certificate stating his age as three years younger and passing him off as her second son and using his middle name of Robert or Robbie as she referred to him to the welfare people as. David being innately bright, had an school record that showed he completed the tenth grade by age 14 due to being skipped in his former out of state school and by statute could legally ‘drop out’ of the school system in this state. But his “younger brother”, Robbie at “eleven” almost “twelve” was compelled to remain in classes until he at least completed the tenth grade, four to five years from now. As much as he didn’t like the age charade or want to continue being bored with repeating grade and middle school, his mother cajoled and persuaded him to go along for the ride a little while and be her little Robbie.
Things would have been okay if not exactly fine (they were receiving their government checks on a monthly schedule for herself and “two” children) if his mother didn’t try her grifting skills on an undercover cop in the Baltimore area. She was arrested and given 5 to 10 on numerous charges. The “two” boys were sought but only “Robbie” was turned over to authorities. He knew enough to keep his mouth shut as to not only add to his mother’s troubles but he feared the authorities could charge him as a willing accomplice even at the age of 14. So Robbie-cum-David was put into the foster program.
Mrs. Debra Lynch was a mother of two girls, 16 year old Veronica and 12 year old Rebecca. She was also on the list as a foster parent even though she was a young widow. They lived in the well to do suburbs of still rural Maryland with her mother-in-law, the girls paternal grandmother. She opened her home to the children who needed looking after and guidance, not for the money(which she obviously didn’t need)but for a sense of civic responsibility a sort of modern day ‘noblesse oblige’. In fact both adults in this house thought alike on those lines. They felt if a little more sound and consistent discipline were applied to more of the young people today; respect, civility, manners and obedience would once again be restored to the community. The two girls knew only too well where and what rebellion would get them. And even Veronica, as big as she was would not dare defy the expressed “wishes” of either her mother or grandmother. Their mother was a former fashion model in a time when models weren’t “starved skeletal” icons. She was tall of course but well built and “athletically” proportioned. The girls grandmother was thin and quite tall at just under six feet in just her stockings(which she nearly always covered with high heel shoes that accented her already imposing figure). Together the two older woman assured that their household would be models of good behavior.
Robbie met Mrs. Lynch after the door of his detention cell was unlocked and the matron took the chair he was strapped to, turned it around and was taken out of the corner. He was in “time out” isolation going on the third day and the room had the nauseating aroma of pee and excrement. “He is the worst child I have ever handled”, the matron explained. “He has attempted to run away I don’t know how many times and refuses to go to class, rudely insisting he doesn’t have to anymore there’s no reason anymore whatever that’s supposed to mean”! “I’ve never seen an eleven/twelve year old act so arrogant and defiant in all my days”! “You’re taking on a hand full I can tell you that”! “Call in some orderlies, have him showered and changed into clean pajamas and brought to me in the directors office”, Debra spoke in a commanding tone for the first time. David/Robbie was exhausted and had ‘bed sores’/’diaper rash’ on his butt from the restrictive corner time punishment he was sentenced to and was led away without any protest.
In the office, the door was closed, locked and the key taken by Mrs. Lynch. Robbie, alone and confronting Mrs. Lynch, and somewhat renewed, showed he was more than a little annoyed and displeased with how he had gotten in this situation in the first place. “You gonna be my foster mother” he spoke with that teenage nasty edge in his voice?! “I Most certainly am young man”. “And when you speak to me and that’s when I say you may, you will be respectful and will address me in one of three ways”. ” You will say Ma’am or Mrs. Lynch or Mama if you so choose”. “Do you understand”?! “Yeah, but I don’t need another one”. “I don’t think you do, you little snot nose brat”! At this point she picked up a heavy 18 inch ruler from the desk and patting it sharply on her palm. “Get over here”, she ordered pointing to a spot in front of her. “Why”, he defiantly asked, really knowing all the signs of having gone too far. “One, because you were told to”! “And Two, if you don’t and make me chase you, you will make me angrier than I already am”! “You have one more chance to comply”! He slowly and trepidatiously walks towards ‘the spot’. Disgusted with the child’s passive aggressive behavior, she takes a step forward, reaches out grabs his arm,spins him around and applies the ruler with as much force as she muster (which is considerable when you evaluate her physical stature). She ‘dances’ him around the room and he immediately looses that teenage bravado and becomes more preteen or younger. She stops and drags the tearful little boy to a chair sits down and pulls his pajama bottoms down. She waves the ruler in his tear filled face and says,”Before we leave here I’m going to make damn sure you understand how it’s going to be little man and why you’re going to behave like a gentleman. The spanking covered his ‘diaper rash’ mottled bottom with welt after welt until the entire area was a deep, deep red and Robbie was a very well spanked little boy.
Mrs. Lynch stood the sobbing boy on his feet, pulled his pajamas up for him and asked for his hand. A slight hesitation earned him a hard swat of her hand on his smoldering rear that caused him to jump a foot in the air. “Hand”, was all she said and this time there was no hesitation. They left together a still angry foster mother and her ward being dragged as he couldn’t help but gently rub his mistreated backside. End of part 1


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