A Rough Evening

A Rough Evening

I am dead meat, Alex’s first thoughts were when he reached home, two hours later than usual. He had been wandering outside, trying to postpone the inevitable. He did his best at trying to find excuses why he had been found smoking and having his hands all over this girl in the girls’ restroom, but he was quite sure that his suspension would not make his parents happy. He could already picture his Mom having a fit; as for his Dad, he refused to picture anything.

Six months since his last spanking and it seemed like yesterday.

His heart pounded harder against his ribs when he pushed the door open.

Dad’s voice came booming from upstairs: “Young lady, open this door this instant. You hear me?”

What the heck was going on?

“Honey, please open the door…” – his Mom’s voice trailed right after his father’s. Bad cop, good cop, Alex thought.

“I don’t want to!” Alright, that was Ashley, echoing from the bathroom upstairs.

“I will count to three. If you don’t open it, I will break it down. You hear me? And if you make me break down the door, I swear to you, you will not be sitting for a month! ONE!”

“Honey?… Just open the door…”

Alex threw his jacket on a chair, unsure of what to do next. He got himself a coke from the fridge (TWO – Dad’s count continued from upstairs) and took the letter out of his school bag. He wasn still unsure if to show it to his parents or not. He could have saved it for later… for some day when they would be on vacation, when his Dad couldn’t spank him and when he stood a chance of getting away with only being grounded.


The lock was opened.

It was going to be quite a show. He felt sorry for Ashley. Honestly. Probably because she was a girl and he thought she couldn’t take a proper spanking. Also because she didn’t know much about spankings, since Dad had rarely whipped her. She feared his words and threats and stayed out of trouble. Unlike him…

There was a big commotion upstairs, with the door being slammed open and hitting the wall. Then Ashley’s pleads reached him. They scratched his nerves. He swallowed hard. Soon it wil be his turn – with his Dad’s mood today… God help me, he thought.

“Daddy, don’t spank me,pleaaseee…” Ahsley was bawling upstairs. More screaming, more crying. “Not my panties. Daddy, no!” Then, the spanking started – hairbrush, from what Alex could tell.

He saw his Mom coming down from upstairs. He would have expected to see sorrow on her face – but no, it was anger this time. No crying, no nothing. Ashley’s weeps echoed from the bathroom though, filling the room. His Mom passed him, without a word, heading towards the kitchen. Oh, shit, she knew! How could they know? How was it possible? Did Mrs Brown call home? He was screwed.

“I won’t do it again… Daddy… Owe!” – Ashley’s words rang again from upstairs.
“You surely won’t. I can promise you that!”

Chopping sounds were coming from the kitchen, as his mother had started cooking dinner.

Alex mustered his courage to go to her.

“Mom, I’m sorry…”
No reply came.
“Mooom? Please. It was a mistake, I know it. I don’t like seeing you mad at me.” That was the truth. “Mom, please… You know Dad’s gonna spank me for it…” He was begging. His only ally was gone.
“He’d better,” were her words.
He looked down, sighed. She went on chopping the carrot, so focused as if her life depended on chopping it right.
“I’m sorry,” Alex whispered one more time. He walked away. As if on automatic pilot, his steps took him upstairs, to his parents’ room. As he passed by the bathroom, he didn’t turn to look at a screaming Ashley getting her ass whipped loudly by her father. He felt his Dad’s eyes upon him, for a second, and, even though there were no words, he felt the anger. Without switching the lights on in his parents’ bedroom, he opened the closet and reached for the black belt. In his eyes, tears started forming. In slow motion, he doubled the belt over, hung his head down and walked the long mile towards his Dad’s office. He was slightly aware that the commotion had ended in the bathroom – the spanks had ceased for awhile and between his sister’s sobs he could here his Dad lecturing her. He also passed his Mom, and he caught her shocked look; but that lasted for an instant, as long as it took her to put on her stern mask again.

This is a first, he thought. They also know it. I’m not running away from the spanking. Yeah… because I know I will end up with a tanned bottom anyway.

His father’s office was dark. He switched on the lamp on his desk, folded the belt, and placed it next to it. He pulled out the envelope from his pocket and laid it next to the belt. Then the jeans came down. And the boxers, at his knees. Sighing again, he lowered his torso over the arm of the sofa, reached for the nearest cushion, and burried his head in it. He was on the verge of crying. His eyes sparkled with tears. There was a chill up his spine and it made him tremble.

Behind the closed doors he could still hear the chopping knife on the cutting board, but Ashley’s cries had subsided. His Mom’s voice coming from the other side of the door startled him:

“In your office, dear. He’s very contrite. I know you’re very angry but please don’t be too hard on him.”
“You’re kidding, right?” – Dad said, and yes, the tone was that of an angry person. “I promise you, he will have only what he deserves.”
“He’s very sorry though…”
“Yes, sorry he got caught. Sorry he’s getting a whipping.”

There was a long pause, but no one entered. Alex tensed. Then his Mom’s voice came again: “Honey, don’t spank him with that. Jack, please…”

The door opened. Alex raised his eyes to meet his Dad’s stare. The man paused for a second, looking at his son. Alex got the glimpse of what the man had brought for his imminent spanking: the ratan cane, the piece of antique crap from the garage. It was never used but it was never thrown either. Unfortunately. Panicking, Alex tried to beg his way out, but his mind decided against it, and he let out a sob, as he couldn’t control his tears anymore. The corners of his mouth went down, his chin trembled, but he still tried to pull a straight face. His face hid in his arms.

Jack walked to the desk, opened the envelope and took his time reading the letter. It wasn’t necessary, but he did it anyway.

There were no words. He put down the letter, rolled up his shirt’s sleeves. By the looks of it, he didn’t have time to change his suit. Jack simply picked up the belt, cracked it once against his desk, for emphasis, then moved to Alex’s left side. Alex tensed, teeth biting hard in his sleeve.

It landed hard across his bottom. His mind collapsed. His crying, building up inside, had been waiting for this moment to come out. His face screwed in a grimace, but no sound came out of him. The whipping was faster in the beginning, then, by the time Alex sharted shaking and hiccuping, it became slow and more determined. It gave him time to gather himself each time. And then, the disaster started – the swats came pouring down, overlapping mercilessly the previous bruises. Alex jumped. His hand went back to cover the seat-spot, but Jack was there to catch it and bring it to the small of his back. “Oh, I don’t think so,” Jack said, when Alex tried to push himself up desperately. “Give me your other hand also, Alex…” Bawling like a baby, Alex obeyed. “Normally, this spanking would be over by now. But not this time. This time you really crossed the line!” Alex cried but he felt he had no air left for crying. The belt continued to fall. It was all over his butt and his legs. He was kicking, arching his legs, begging for forgiveness. Then he stopped. He gave up. He didn’t have the strength anymore. The spanking stopped. Alex tried to reach down for his boxers.

“Have I told you to stand up?” His hand collided soundly with Alex’s ass. “Have I?”
“No… Sir…”
“You still have the cane coming. Don’t worry, the moment I am finished with you tonight, I am sure I won’t be hearing any more complaints from your teachers anymore.”
“Dad… no… I promise… I swear… it won’t happen again… Not the cane, Dad…”
“Count them for me and make sure you don’t miss any.”
“Oh, Daaaad…” Alex managed to gather his forces to start crying again.

The cane sliced his flesh almost – or at least that’s how it felt.
“One, Sir…”
The next one felt even worse.
“Two Sir!”
“Three Sir!”
“Four… Dad, please…”
The sixth one came delayed and Alex gasped a “six” before collapsing back on his cushion.

“Will I have to spank you again Alex? Skipped classes, drinking, girls, smoking… Have you finished with all of these for now or do you thik you need a reminder every week?”
“I’ll behave…”
“You’re still getting a reminder next week. And this cane”, Jack said swishing it through the air, “will remain into your room for as long as it takes to teach you how to behave.”

“Look at me!”
Alex tried to stop his hiccuping and to look at his Dad.
“I don’t want to ever spank you like this again. Do you understand that?”
Alex nodded.
“But I will do it again if necessary. It’s up to you to stop it. And what time did you get home today?”
Alex didn’t answer but started crying again, tryin to lower his eyes from his Dad’s.
“Two hours late.”
“Six with the cane tomorrow evening,” Jack said flatly.
“But I am sore Dad…”
“So you are…”
“Just ground me. Please… Anything, just don’t spank me again.”
“The cane. Tomorrow.” His Dad bent over and kissed his forehead. “I’m sorry I had to do this, but you know better.”
Alex nodded.
“You may pull up your pants now. And you are grounded for a month. Don’t even think about breaking any of the rules!”
“No Sir…”

Jack tried to smile. “Take the belt and the cane with you when you go upstairs…”
“Yes, Sir. Dad…”
Jack turned around.
“What did Ashley do?”
Jack smiled.
“She threw a tantrum about going out tonight, without doing her homework, then ran away from me and locked herself in the bathroom.”
“Yeah, she should know better than that by now…” – Alex added. He felt more spiritual now that he was off the hook, but he let out a cry when he pulled up his jeans over his bottom.
“It seems to me that at sixteen you are still learning.”
“At least I didn’t run.”
“No, you were just two hours late, thinking of a way out, and when you found none, you decided upon behaving. Because you knew that you were gonna get spanked anyway. Or else you would have still negotiated your way out. Smart move though, I’ll grant you that.”
Alex picked the belt and the cane. He wiped his nose again, and picked the cushion.
“Mom won’t be happy with this,” he said, staring at the snort and the saliva on the fabric. He paused for a second. “Dad, you weren’t serious about the cane tomorrow,right?”
Jack raised his eyebrows as if saying, ‘Excuse me? Are you negotiating with me? This is incredible.’
“Upstairs, Alex. Now. I am not kidding.”
As Alex passed by, he swatted his butt soundly again. Alex screamed. “See? You don’t want to feel the belt again tonight, do you?”
Alex flew up to his room.

by, Kelsey


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