Panties for Punishment

Just as a humor introduction, today one of my friend was telling me about the new tattoo she was planning to get. This conversation drifted further along into piercings, which she has several of and of course I now have my special set….and she somehow tied all this into S&M games.

( Something about the piercings that can be used to look like a corset lace up ) But the dripping contempt in her voice for people who play “sick S&M games” made me sit back in my chair and smile.

In my head I was thinking that it probably wouldn’t be the time to tell her that I fantasize about Daddy tying to me a cross and spanking/flogging/caning etc me to his heart’s content….and then taking me every kind of way in front of a crowd….

Although the naughty part of me would LOVE to, just to watch the reaction.

Ok– introduction aside and on to Daddy’s lesson about panties…

Daddy often asks me what I’m wearing. I know he really cares about the panties. I don’t honestly know if he even cares about the rest of it so much…at least for now.
But for whatever reason, I always tell him all of it and end with the panties. I don’t know why.

Today I couldn’t really remember what was on the panties. Some kind of superhero group… So when I answered the question I finished by “panties are some kind of superhero.”

To be honest I was thinking about going to the bathroom to go look but it was too late.

Daddy: “are panties important or not important to Daddy?”

Me: Most important to Daddy

Daddy: then is “some kind” a good detail or terrible detail to give Daddy?

At this point the light bulb is going on in my head that I had been kind of flippant with Daddy. That, I already know, is not going to slip past him.

Me: I’m sorry Daddy. Terrible

Daddy: so Daddy is going to punish you as a reminder

What I do realize at this point is that I am slowly starting to see that getting in trouble with Daddy and messing up doesn’t mean I’m not loveable anymore. It doesn’t mean he goes away.
I feel bad when I mess up but maybe now the little girl inside doesn’t automatically think it’s the end of everything. At least not all the time…

So– my punishment.

I had to go to the bathroom and take my panties off. Rub the seat of them across my upper lip and my nose and then put them in my purse the rest of the day.

So, I did. That was humbling.

Initially, I didn’t really get the big deal with not being able to wear them the rest of the day… Prior to Daddy, I went commando on many an occasion.

However…First I was wearing a short dress. I was much more self conscious about bending over the rest of the day.

Second– As I said in a previous post, my faucet is pretty much almost always on. Now that I have the piercing, we can subtract the “pretty much”
Without panties I felt the need for many more potty breaks this afternoon. My staff probably thinks I have a UTI or something. Lol

But then the thought crossed my mind, that I wear my little girl panties for Daddy and he took that away. He didn’t take away being my Daddy of course, but a physical/emotional symbol of being his little girl. And this made me very sad.

One of the things I like the most about Daddy as my dominant, is that he doesn’t let me get away with things. I test him some, but not nearly like I typically do because it never takes long to get reminded of who is who and what is what. 🙂

Daddy told me once that all little girls test, and I guess we do. I wish I could say I was done, but I’m probably not.
Even though I already know the consequences for testing….but sometimes it just feels so good to hit that brick wall.

Only it feels better with panties on.

“In the Woods”

Late August we went to spend some weeks in the Alps with all thefamily. The panorama was idyllic: rocky mountains, luxuriant woods,meadows and pastures studded by crystal lakes.We walked many hours every day and enjoyed ourselves a lot.One morning our kids remained to play with some friends in abeautiful park, full of games and attractions, so Alex and I wentfor a walk in a wood quite far away. The previous day and night Ihad been in charge, and Alex was wearing marks of my belt and teeth.Besides, he had his legs striped with red and blue bruises, becauseI had beaten him with tiny branchlets. He was very proud of thosemarks and ready to switch. He informed me with a steel voice: “TodayI AM in charge, sweety.”
For half an hour we followed a beaten path, then decided to enterinto the thick of the forest. We went on for some minutes: at acertain point it was as if we were passing the threshold of anenchanted realm, and time was no more. The ground was crowded withfallen branches, rocks covered with musk, stones of different shapesand dimensions, tall grasses. A beautiful raven, black as thedeepest night, was following us from the beginning of the morningand stopped himself to rest on the tallest branch of a tree nearby.Squirrels were playing. There was an exquisite fragrance of wetearth and mint plants. For a long time we remained silent.
At last my Master told me: “I think that this is the right place.The trees are dense enough, and there’s a good supply of the kindof wood I was looking for”. The wood around us was a mixed forest,partly made of conifers and partly of oaks and birches. I wasdressed in a wool sweater, a pair of orange shorts, and heavyshoes. At my neck I wore a silver collar with very big turquoises.In my earlobes there were eight small golden earrings and two largeones of silver and turquoise. They were so heavy that were slowlystretching my holes. Over his jeans Alex wore a very big belt, withan heavy engraved buckle.
The voice of my beloved was deep and beautiful: “Slave, come here.”Immediately I did so. “Look at that tree.” said my Lord, pointingto an old, lovely pine, with a big trunk covered with resin. Iswallowed.He took my left hand and led me in front of the tree. “Bind yourhair, slave.” – he ordered. I obeyed. My hair, cut very short threeyears ago, is now of shoulder length. “Take down your shorts andpanties.” My Master said. I performed. “And now, darling, embracethe trunk.” For a moment, only for a moment, I hesitated.
My Lord slapped me with the back of his ringed hand. I fell on theground. “Useless slave, do I have to repeat my orders now beforeyou deign obey them?” I was weeping; my Lord’s hand had been evenheavier than usual. He was wearing his heavy family onyx ring,engraved with the signet of his grandfather.
Painfully I stood up and embraced the trunk. “You disobeyed me.”His voice was hard. “Forgive me, Master… please, I didn’t wantto disobey you, I didn’t mean to, really…” “You were slow, youhesitated… don’t you know who is the Master here?” My eyes werefull of tears. “Please, my Lord, punish me, but don’t be angry! Iwas slow and stupid, but I never wanted to disobey you…”
Alex answered: “I’m not angry; you are luck that for this time youdon’t see me in that state.” Now my face was in contact with thetrunk of the pine. I couldn’t see my Master, but I clearly heardthe sound of branchlets being broken; then, after a while, hisbeloved steel voice: “I will beat you with these six birch-rods.Do you have any question?” I asked, with trembling voice: How manystrokes will I receive, my Lord?” He answered: “It depends. I wantto break these rods on your buttocks. When all six are broken yourbirching will be finished.” “Master” – I said as sweetly as possible -“Yes, slave?” “Please – I repeated, because I was feeling reallyrepentant – hit me bloody, but don’t be angry. I’ll never hesitateagain, never”. My Lord said, with unexpected sweetness: “My dear,as I told you before, I’m not angry. I love you, darling, you arethe slave that I’ve always dreamed of. Now, listen to my orders.During this beating you will not be bound, but it’s better for youto remain embraced to the tree. If you change position, I’ll hityou harder. Is it clear?” “Yes, my Master”. Then he continued:”You can cry as much as you want, of course, only animals will hearyou. I love you, Laylah.”The raven on the tree nearby was laughing.My Lord began my birching.A fire different from any other I had experienced exploded in mybuttocks. I cried: “Lord, please, forgive me.” Another painfulstroke and: “I forgive you, slave.” He kissed me, then continuedmy beating. I cried and cried and cried. Again the raven mockedme with his verse.My Master went on for a long time, while I tried with all my strengthto maintain the position he had commanded me. At the end I couldn’tstay still anymore, and, exhausted, I moved, half collapsing onthe ground. The strokes now arrived on my shoulders. “Please, myLord – I begged – Please, give me some moments to regain position…”His voice was liquid iron: “No, darling, no mercy. I will go onwithout interruptions. If you want you can say red or yellow, butif I don’t heard a safeword, I will continue.”One stroke reached my flanks. At last I was again in position andthe target became again my bottom. I was mad with pain; but justwhen I was thinking: “No pleasure, this time” a huge wave ofecstasy wrapped me and rocked, lulled me in its tender arms. I wasagain dissolving in that well known ocean… thank you, my Goddess…
After a time I perceived as interminable, he stopped and told me:”The birch rods are all broken, now come on my knees.” He was sittingon a large stone. I bent myself on his thighs, and waited. “NowI’ll spank you, honey, and you will feel a lot of pleasure.” I wasin so deep a trance that I remained silent. He began spanking me.”You are really an eyeful – my Lord told me – Your buttocks areall bruised, and the marks are of many colours, blue, red, violet…In two points where the branchlets hit with knots there are a fewdrops of blood, but they are few indeed. I’m proud of my handywork.”
He spanked me very well, slowly, hotly, with a good rhythm. Thepain on a flesh so punished was hard, but there was also, as Alexhad said, an intense pleasure. I was feeling high with endorphinsand begged: “Please, green, Master …harder, my Master…” Helaughed, happily: “You wonderful slut of a slave!” In a few momentsI came – a wonderful, sweet, musked orgasm. My Lord embraced meand cuddled me for a while. We were silent, for long, calm, serenemoments.Then he advised me: “Darling, you happened to fall down the pathand bruise your face, didn’t you?” “Huh?… What, Master?” “Honey -he told with sweetness – the mark of my ring… we must find anexcuse of some kind…””Oh, my Lord – I answered – why must it be this way? I’m so proudof your marks! I dream a world in which men and women of everykind, taste and opinion can be free to act without repressions…my Goddess, a world of love, freedom and tolerance…” Alex answered,solemn and simple at the same time: “I understand you very well.I also am very proud of the marks that my beloved Lady impressedon my body… but this world, exactly as it is in this moment, isTHE PURE EARTH – all is perfect, you must only Wake up, and live…””I’m Awake, my sweet Lord, and I LIVE…”We began the way of return. Our friend the raven was still watching,mocking and following us. “Brother Raven – I said to him – friendof Wotan, grimes wrasen, this morning I didn’t give up my eye forwisdom, but in this little ordeal I’ve gained love, a DEEPER love.Thank you for having mocked me, as it was fit. Thank you for havingbeing present.” The bird cawed to us, then prepared himself to flyaway. “Blessed be!” I cried to him. Then I followed my Master towards the beaten path.