The Crimson Family Belt

In poly relationships it is not about the sex some one has with the other individuals it is how they continue to help you grow as a special someone to them and your relationship. There are all different versions of Dom’s. My preferred choice is Daddy, I like him kinky and poly.
A Daddy must understand and be able to balance his “daughters” not make one feel so much more special then the other. Yes there are times when one deserves more attention then the other. We as submissive’s should understand that.
There has been tons of debate on what makes a good Daddy Dom, my guess is it is because no one really understands why we as adult individuals like to be attached to someone we call Daddy. Someone we also trust enough to inflict pain on us. A Daddy is someone you could trust physically, but know mentally he would be able to pick out a few special things and use them as ways to represent the feelings that your wanted as ALSO a special kind of daughter to him.
In our family we use the belt Daddy wears to represent a lot of things. It is like a ring around his waist that represent he loves us, cares for us, is there for us, will punish us, but most of all be OUR DADDY. Something a daddy should not do is throw his daughters away. A belt can hold so much meaning. Just like the collars and tags we wear around our neck in front of him, and are always to keep on our body at all times. Representation means a lot.

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