You Can’t Spank Me!! – by Metal Mike

The year was 1986, and the students of Jessie Williams High School in Sacramento, California are all excited about the recently held election as there was
a proposed new law on the ballot that would outlaw the use of corporal punishment in all public schools across the state. None of the students at this point
know the outcome as the results were not counted until late at night. So, as Mr. Wilcox the 10th grade government teacher walks into the classroom, he
greets the students as usual, Hello boys and girls, I trust your all ready to learn this morning. One of the students speaks up, yes sir but first we all want to
learn the results of the vote last night. Mr. Wilcox chuckles and says, yes I bet you would, well I have some good news for you all, the law passed. The
students all burst out cheering and clapping. Settle down now, Mr. Wilcox says clearing his voice. Since the students all like and respect him, they do as
asked. He goes on to say, I must admit, I am slightly surprised that it passed, but oh well, the fact remains it did. He then reaches into his desk removing
his paddle, and tosses it into the trash. Now take out your books, and turn to page 105, he says as he begins the daily lesson. But not all of the students
follow his directions, 18 year old Ashleigh Madison turns around in her seat and begins talking to her best friend Jennette Adkins. Mr. Wilcox clears his throat
and says, excuse me Ms. Madison did you hear my instructions, Yes I heard you, but again instead of doing as Mr. Wilcox asks, she again turns back and
resumes talking to her friend.

This time Mr. Wilcox walks over with a ruler in his hand, young ladies may I ask what your talking about that could possibly
be more important than doing your lesson? Oh well, sure you may ask, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to answer your question. That’s does it young lady,
come to the front of the classroom for the rest of the period. With that, Ashleigh defiantly rolls her eyes, and gets up taking a seat at the front of the
classroom as the teacher asked. Now you will stay there for the rest of the period, is that clear young lady? Yes Mr. Wilcox she replies. Her slightly older
brother john who is sitting in the 2nd row mumbles, oh great, we are going to miss the bus, and have to walk home. Because he knows that not only will
she have to stay there till class ends but remain there for a lecture on classroom behavior afterwards. And then about 20 minutes later the bell rings to
end the school day, and all the students except for Ashleigh are dismissed for the day. John walks up and says, I will be in the boys gym playing basketball
when your done. Then he walks out. But to Ashleigh’s surprise there is no lecture, instead Mr. Wilcox says I want you to take out your notebook, and for
the next hour write ” I will pay attention in class” repeatedly. How many times sir? Ashleigh asks. Just keep writing till I say that you can stop.

With that she begins, thinking to herself, man this sucks, but at least I don’t have to worry about getting paddled anymore. She continues to write the same thing
over and over as/?\ the next hour ticks by, but then she asks, may I stop now sir, my hand is beginning to cramp up. Very well the teacher replies. Have you
learned anything? Yes sir, from now on, instead of talking in class, I will just pass notes. No you will not! Mr. Wilcox says taking out his fiberglass paddle.
What are you planning on doing with that? Ashleigh asks with a sarcastic tone in her voice. Remember teachers aren’t allow to spank us students anymore
Then as she laughs collecting her books and purse, Mr. Wilcox says, yes you are correct, we teachers are not allowed to touch the students anymore. But
that does not mean that you can just do as you want, and do as you want with no regard for the rules. Now come with me. He walks over and takes Ashleigh
by the arm leading her out of the classroom and down the long hallway, her arm in one hand, the fiberglass paddle in the other. Where are you taking me? she asks in a slightly concerned tone. you’ll see, soon they arrive at the principals office, but as they enter, they discover that no one is inside. Well it looks
like your little plan on getting Mrs. Davis to spank me fell through, Ashleigh says feeling confident that she has won and will not face further discipline.
Oh that was not my plan, he says as he lays the paddle on the de?sk. He then walks to the next room where the morning announcements take place, and
as he takes out the microphone, he hears Mr. Wilcox paging her brother John to the office.

What are you paging him for? You’ll soon see, now why don’t
you just be quiet and bend across the desk. What! no way, you must be out of your mind. About that time, she hears her brother John enter the outer
waiting room area. HELP JOHN, MR. WILCOX IS THREATENING TO SPANK ME! with that John walks in but does not seem to be concerned,
As he enters, Ashleigh stands straight up again, I told you, you can’t spank me you jerk, it is illegal. You quite right Ms. Madison, I cannot spank you
anymore, but do you remember me telling you in the classroom that, that does not mean that you will be able to do as you want and disregard the rules?
Yes sir, good then I don’t have to remind you. So what are you going to do to me? Oh I won’t be doing anything he says as he laugh, your brother will.
What!! she yells out in shock as she sees Mr. Wilcox handing the paddle over to John. No!! you can do this, you know mom and dad won’t like it!! she says
in a scared voice. It has already been approved Ms. Madison, I texted your mother during the time you were writing sentences and she said it would be
fine. Upon hearing this, Ashleigh begins trying to get past her brother and run, but to no use, as Mr. Wilcox grabs the back belt loop of her blue jeans ]
pulling her back, Now across the desk you go, Mr. Wilcox says as he is now standing behind the desk, holding ashleigh by her wrists. She the feels her
brother begin patting her backside with the paddle, and she begins trying to kick, only succeeding in kicking her shoes off, and then her brother delievers
the first swat across the seat of her tight jeans, SMACK! Ashleigh lets out a high loud scream and begs her brother to please stop but to no avial, are you
kidding? he says, this is going to be fun, then he gives her 5 more swats across the seat of her jeans only harder than the first one. SSMMAACCKK!!!

Ashleigh is now allowed to rub and turns around slapping her brother
across the face. You little Jerk, just wait till we get home, your going to get yours. Then Mr. Wilcox spins her around and says please continue John, I
do not believe she has had enough. No!!! she screams, as now she feels the hands of her brother reaching around and unhooking her jeans. Ashleigh is
now totally humiliated as she realizes that her brother and teacher are about to see her bare bottom as she didn’t wear any panties today. As John gives her pants
a firm pull, they fall to her ankles exposing her perfectly round bottom, which is already a little pink due to the first 5 swats. Quickly her face turns bright
red as she beings to cry but not out of pain, she says in an angry tone, I hate you John Madison, and I swear someday i will get you back for this. Oh sure
John says as he begins spanking her once again. SSMMAACCKK!!! SSMMAACCKK!!! SSMMAACCKK!!!SMMAACCKK!!! the spanking continues
till John is no longer able to swing the paddle and the teacher takes his paddle and says, see you two bright and early Monday morning. Ashleigh looks up at him, I’m sorry for being bad in class Mr. Wilcox. I know you are, so I am sure Monday will be a lot better. I know I am in for more when we get home, you know mom’s
rule, spanked at school, spanked at home, she tells her brother as they leave the building and begin the 2 mile walk home. He then walks out. As Ashleigh dries her eyes,
her brother says, well at least it happened on a friday, so you got 2 whole days to recover. Oh yeah today is Friday, Ashleigh says. As they reach home, Ashleigh is sent
to her room with the instructions of staying there till her dad comes home. Upon their dad’s arriving he is told about Ashleigh’s school behavior, he walks
upstairs to have a little talk with Ashleigh, He enters her room finding her sitting on her bed, now wearing only bra and panties. He instructs her to remov
her panties, and fearing an even harder spanking she quickly does as instructed. Who did this? he asks I thought teachers were no longer allowed to spank
students. John did, whispered Ashleigh. Whata was that? her father asks, I said John did it sir. Her dad thinks for a minute then says, I see. Next thing
Ashleigh hears is the sound of her father calling her brother to her room.

She smiles into the pillow thinking that she is about to see her brother get a
spanking that equals the one he gave her. But to her shock, her dad says. So, you did this to your sis, huh son? Yes sir, he replies quietly but mom said it
was okay. He says also expecting to get a spanking. Well you are quite a good disciplinarian son, his father said. In fact, your so good that from now on,
when your mom and I aren’t around, if Ashleigh misbehaves, you have our full permission to spank her. John’s eyes light up at the thought of doing it
again, and their dad leaves the room, the evening continues as normal, and over the next couple of years that John and Ashleigh continued to live at home,
John had the pleasure of spanking his sister several times

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