Something Sadistic to do… by, Coleman

The kids lit a fire in a shed by the sea. They did this to eat marshmallows and enjoy each other’s company.
Coleman came through time and space looking for something sadistic to do. He appeared by the front door and smelled the marshmallows. He opened the door, he did not take precautions to avoid things, Coleman saw the fire, and he walked in silently despite his weight. There were four children, two guys and two girls. One of the boys saw him and yelled to the other.
Coleman hurled an agonizer at the boy which hit him in the shoulder and gave him such intense pain he fell over.
“Don’t fucking move unless one more of you want be like your friend.” He yelled. He drew another agonizer which none of them recognized.
A girl tried to run; Coleman threw the second agonizer which hit her in the back dropping her she was screaming too, the pain went through her spine and shook her bone.
Coleman said “Oh I have no agonizers such a shame.” He said in a low tone of voice.
The other girl said “Don’t hurt us who are you?”
Coleman walked to the first guy whose screams were getting horse and pulled off the agonizer the boy fell unconscious.
“He and the girl when I remove the agonizer they will be fine.”
“Who are you?” said the girl her nervousness made her speak loudly.
“I am Coleman the time traveler.”
The boy that was up was shocked “You can’t be him.”
“I am him, you have never seen the agonizer I can do more things to show I am him but you will see when the police can’t find me.
Coleman got the other agonizer. “Now Im going to spank you two which is better than the agonizer,” he looked at the fire and willed three buckets of water to appear by him. “I don’t want this to burn up part of the pier and your friend, pick up these fucking buckets and put out the fire.”
The boy who had had a bowl hair cut like a man from the group the Beatles. But he was 12 years old and 5 ft. 1, thin and wiry, he reluctantly took a bucket and tried not to tear.
“What are your names?”
“Clarence,” sighed the boy.
“Sharine,” despite her name she was white, 11 years old her hair was in two bangs like the purse lady in the Carol Burnett show she also had a small bubbled butt. Both children poured water on the fire and so did Coleman, the fire was put out. But the smoke was forced to the ceiling by telekinesis then the spoke wafted out the windows, Clarence saw this and shivered.
‘I hope I am changing your lack of belief Clarence Jike,’ Clarence heard in his mind.
Coleman went to each of the children that was in shock from the agonizer and placed his hand on their temples and moved the event in their minds to only trigger when they see or make a bon fire and even when the others talk about the event they will know something happened but the effect of what the agonizer caused would not happen until a bonfire happens.
Sharine thought about running but the thought of being like Bonny kept her there. Bonny and Justine were walked by Coleman to sit by the door.
“They will be fine.”
He made a comfortable chair with armrests, come through time. He put it down and called Clarence and Sharine to pull down their pant and underwear which they did and called to him looking them over like sex objects, Clarence could not stand it, he ran towards the door, but Coleman used an agonizer on Clarence’s left butt cheek the pain he pulled it away and lifted up Clarence to his legs and moved his legs to secure Clarence who was crying from the agonizer pain but Coleman hit him hard (X2 human strength) to make his pain throb and his right butt cheek shake and so the spanking kept going for three minutes but the pain throbbed in his ass.
Then Coleman did the same with Sharine but Sharine moved her ass around to avoid the hits so Coleman targeted the nerve bundles in her butt cheeks making her cheeks hurt more than Clarence’s did, but it did stop her from moving.
“Stop moving Sharine.” Then he hits her twice.
“Stop moving, fuck.” He hits her on the sit spot twice, Sharine’s pain stops her from moving.
He stood her up got two marshmallows, gave her marshmallows and led them out.
Sharine’s ass was throbbing for a day, she swore that she would get him back for this.

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