Daddies Cock…

I love my Daddies cock. Everything about it.

The taste.

The smell.

The feel of Daddies hard cock sliding between my lips.

I like it rubbed against my face while I beg to suck it.

I want Daddies precum coating my mouth while my eyes roll up and my mouth is filled over and over again.

I want to be positioned on the end of the bed, mouth agape, face fucked, strings of spit leaving my mouth messy.

I want to watch as my Daddy masturbates from across the room so I long for him and his cock.

I want to watch as Daddies cock slides into other women, his face contort in pleasure as he knows he is fully supported for enjoying forbidden pussy.

I want to suck it afterwards.

I want to lick his ass while I am pleasuring him.

I want to serve his cock every single time he tells me to.

I want cum. I want *Daddies* cum.

My pleasure comes from making Daddies cock feel good. I would never cum again as long as I was allowed Daddies fat fucking cock in my mouth, that would be fine with me.

That’s cock worship.

The Stuffed Animal Panty Challenge

Okay so I kinda had a friend on FetLife challenge me to a stuff my panties with a stuffed animal.
SO the taboo kinky ass Indica Crimson needed to give this a try.
SO I bought Dalilah Crimson.
She is the cutest duck and her bill fit snug on my G-spot..

I GIGGLED ALL DAY!!! And as I walked around campus NO one new I had a duck in my panties making me wiggle and giggle. It brought on unique and shiver gigglish physical arousal. mmmm, I needed it.
I giggled at things I said secretly to Dalilah the duck. I was grinding on her face, and no one around me new.
It was soooo kinky… but such Gigglish age related fun.
I will do it again from time to time.
Daddy just laughs and says, that’s Interesting baby. I told him we should make subs do it. Challenge them to it.
I have challenge PITACrimson, abnewtoallthis, BlueEyedCutie CrimsonRogers, and many others to wear a stuffed animal in there panties for 5 hours one particular day.