WeCare.com, by manicrooster


by manicrooster

This is an infomercial for WeCare.com.

Hello, my name is Connie and I am the founder/owner of WeCare.com. I would like to take the next half hour to tell you all about my company. We specialize in providing babysitters and nannies for the care of your children. But first, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I am the oldest of four siblings. My parents were very strict and they encouraged me to be strict too. I often helped them with the family punishments. They were so proud of the way I handled my brothers and sisters that they would often discuss this with other parents who used spankings. This led to me babysitting a couple of kids in the neighborhood. Once the other parents around town saw how well behaved the children were, I was booked solid. All my time, except for school, was spent taking care of unruly brats who needed to be disciplined. After high school, I became a full time nanny. Moving from house to house. At twenty three I got married and later had two daughters. I still worked as a nanny, part time, but not as much. Fifteen years later I got divorced. I was a single mother with two daughters. I needed to find a source of income and the only thing I was good at was caring for children. So I started this company. It started with me calling up a couple of contacts that I had built up over the years. And it has grown from there. As you’ll see, I am very thorough in selecting my employees.

Connie walks into another room. It is plain except for two chairs and a desk. Sitting in one of the chairs is a twenty six year old woman. In one of the corners is an eleven year old girl. She is softly whining.

Shush child, I will have none of that. Mommy is working. The girl goes silent.

Connie walks over to the woman and the lady stands up to shake her hand. They both sit down on opposite sides of the desk. She starts to interview the woman.

Hello, Ms. March. I have read your application and I did a background check. Everything seems to be up to par, so far. As you have probably already seen, my waiting room is full of potential employees. It seems everybody wants to get a job here. My clients expect the strictest discipline for their children. I will need you to demonstrate your skills. One of my two darling daughters with help us out with this part.

Isn’t that right, sweety?
Yes ma’am.

Now, don’t go easy on her if she starts crying right away. I’ve had two interviews already this morning and this one will be the last one before lunch break. Her behind might be a little sore, but I really need to see what you can do. And remember, I see at least six people a day, five days a week. So you really need to make an impression on me. Upon hearing that, the little girl starts to cry. For this part of the interview, Ms. March, the scenario will be that you just found one of my client’s daughters playing with matches. You have put her in the corner to await punishment. GO.

The woman stands up and walks over to the little girl. You have been very naughty, she says. She puts her hand on the girls shoulder and gives her five whacks to the seat of her pants.

Do you know how dangerous that is? You could have burned down the house.

She gives her five more whacks. The girl winces every time her butt is struck. She doesn’t say anything, just whimpers. The woman grabs her under her shoulder and pulls her over to the chair. She sits down and flattens out her skirt.

You are in for one hell of a spanking, miss. By the time I am done with you, it is going to feel like I lit a fire under your ass with those matches.

Connie’s daughter starts to loudly sob at this point. Ms. March unbuttons her jeans and pulls them down. She turns the girl around so she can get a good look at her bottom as she pulls her panties down. She grabs the waistband and pushes them down to meet her jeans. Kelly’s butt is still glowing from the earlier spankings. The lady tells her to bend over and get comfortable, you are going to be here for a while. She raises her hand as high as it will go and slams it down on her left cheek. She does the same thing to the right one. Over and over she repeats this process. The little girl instantly screams and doesn’t stop until she hears the lady speak.

You are never to play with fire. Do you hear me? You are going to be one sorry little girl when I’m done with you. Your little behind is the only thing that’s going to be burning up in this house. If I ever catch you playing with matches again I am going to make you fetch your father’s belt and use it, after I blister your butt.

Kelly’s behind was turning a dark red. Ms. March was looking for any pale spots to spank. Once she covered the girl’s entire bottom she looked up at Connie. She did not look impressed. Ms. March then reached into her pocketbook and pulled out a hairbrush. Connie smiled and nodded for her to continue. She raised the hairbrush the same way she had raised her hand and brought it down as hard as she could. The girl screamed even louder this time. The hairbrush left little oval marks all over her butt. After she covered every inch of the poor little girl’s sore cheeks, she did it again, just to be sure Connie would be pleased. The girl was a bawling mess. Exhausted, the woman dropped the hairbrush and looked over to Connie.

Excellent work, Ms. March. I think you have what it takes to work for me. I’ll give you a call.

Connie walks back to the first room she was in before.

I have any kind of babysitter you could want. From teen girls to older ladies. All have been approved by me. And if any of them ever makes a mistake in your home, well let’s just say they will never do it again. Misbehaving children are my specialty. From toddlers to teens. Do you need a live in nanny? I can help you out with that too. I have a wonderful mature woman straight from England. She’s a master with the cane. Whatever your needs are, I’m sure I have the right person for the job. Think it’s too late for spankings or your teen is too old? Let me introduce you to Mrs. Stout.

Connie walks in to another room. It is similar to the last one. A desk and two chairs. This time there is a tall, mean looking, heavy set woman in the room. In the corner is a sixteen year old girl, completely naked. You can see that she has recently been paddled.

I see you’ve started without me, Connie says.
This one just went bonkers when she saw me come in the room. I had to calm her down, answered Mrs. Stout.

Connie walks over to her oldest daughter and whispers in her ear.
When we get home tonight, what happened here is going to feel like a pleasant dream.
I’m looking forward to it mother, Carrie snickers.

Her mother walks behind the desk and sits down.

What we have here is an uncooperative teenager. This is Mrs. Stout’s specialty. Ma’am, would you please demonstrate how you would deal with such a problem.

The huge lady calls over to Carrie to come and bend over the desk. She doesn’t move. The lady asks again. Carrie says ‘No’. The woman walks over to her and grabs her by the back of the neck. She lifts her up and drags her over to the desk. The teen is barely on her tippy toes the whole way over. She pushes her head down to meet the desk and picks up a paddle. She swings it down hard, flattening out the girl’s cheeks. The paddle rains down over and over in the same spot. A red rectangle shaped mark can be seen across her behind. The girl hardly makes a sound. ‘You done yet’, Carrie asks. Mrs. Stout takes the paddle and puts it in between the teenagers legs. She starts tapping the inside of her thighs, A little harder each time, until the teens legs are spread out as far as they can go. The woman begins to paddle her again. Every blow pushes Carrie’s legs an inch closer to the desk. She hits the same spot every time. Two, small, beet colored bruises start to appear on each cheek. Little gasps come out of the teen with every whack. Mrs. Stout stops when the front of the girl’s legs touch the desk. Carrie is heaving like she had the wind knocked out of her. When she catches her breath she says, sarcastically,’ Thank you ma’am, may I have another’.

Connie looks up from the desk and begins to talk. Normally this would be enough for any child. But those of you with teenagers, who just won’t give up control, know what I am talking about .More is needed and Mrs. Stout is only half way done.

Mrs. Stout puts the paddle down and walks behind Carrie. She puts her hands on the girl’s hips and picks her up. She sits down on the chair and tilts the girl’s body forward. The teen’s hands go down to the floor and her legs rest on the woman’s lap, separated by her body. She is in the wheelbarrow position. The lady raises both her hands sideways and brings one, then the other, down on the outsides of the left and right sides of Carrie’s cheeks. She has the hands of a brick mason. The skin on her palms is thick and hard. Each cheek wobbles from left to right with every smack. When she is satisfied, she puts her hands out straight and starts to spank her at the top of her bottom where it reaches her back. This brings out real ‘Ooos’ and ‘ouches’ from the teenager. After this humiliating experience, Mrs. Stout picks the girl up and sets her on her feet. She tells her to place her hands on the desk and bend over. Carrie is very compliant at this point. The woman picks up a thin leather strap. It’s about two feet long but only three inches wide.

Connie speaks. This is Mrs. Stout’s implement of choice for rebellious teenagers. Trust me, your teen will never forget it.

And with that, Carrie starts to cry. Mrs. Stout takes a step back and swings the strap. Just as the tip is about to strike, she flicks her wrist. A loud SNAP echoes around the room, followed by a loud yelp.

Connie speaks again. This feels like taking a rubber band and putting it around your wrist. Pulling it back as far as you can and letting go. Except ten times worse. Please continue, Ma’am.

Mrs. Stout tells Carrie that she wants her to tell her ‘No’ after each hit for not coming out of the corner when called. The lady proceeds to paint little quarter sized marks, like the ones from the paddle, all across the girls bum. Strike after strike you hear SNAP YELP NO. Finally, Carrie is crying like a well spanked little girl. She grabs her butt cheeks and falls to the floor. She starts to murmur, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Connie and Mrs. Stout smile at each other. She stands up and leaves the room.

I have a 100% success rate with all of my customers. I offer a money back guarantee if your child is not well behaved by the time you get home. Please, give us a call or visit my website for more details.

Here at WeCare.com – We Care about your children.

The End

Mall Santas, by manicrooster

by manicrooster

The Griffen family is preparing for their annual trip to the mall to see Santa Claus. The children are in the kitchen writing their lists to show Santa. Timmy looks over at his younger sister. She is kneeling on the chair, her little tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth, concentrating hard on her list. She looks up and asks him if he knows how to spell ‘roller skates’. He tells her how it’s spelled and she writes it down with her green crayon. Timmy looks back down at his own list and sighs. It’s a long one this year. Their mother comes in and announces that it is time to go. Yay, Suzy yells enthusiastically. Timmy does not feel the same way. He puts his head down and follows everybody out the door.

On the way to the mall, Suzy is talking a mile a minute. She is really excited to see Santa. She can’t wait to show him her list. Timmy hasn’t said a word since they left the house. His mother asks him what is wrong. She wants to know why he is being so quiet. He tells her that he wrote a lot of things down and he was worried about what Santa was going to say about his list. She tells him that it’s too late for that now and don’t worry about it, Santa is going to give him everything he deserves. Timmy slumps back in his seat and crosses his arms in front of his chest. He tells his mom that it just isn’t fair.

The whole family walks to the center of the mall. It is very festive with decorations every where. There are two lines of children. The father takes Suzy’s hand and gets in the right line The mother grabs Timmy’s hand and gets in the line to the left. There is a definitely a difference in attitudes between the two sides. Suzy’s line is filled with kids jumping up and down, chatting away. Timmy’s row is more somber. The boys and girls are all staring at the floor. Some are even crying. Timmy hears some loud smacks coming from the front of the line. He peeks his head out to take a look. He sees a little girl over Santa’s lap. Her skirt is pulled up and she is getting spanked on her panties. The little girl starts to holler. He looks over at the end of the other line and sees a boy sitting on Santa’a lap, smiling. Timmy pulls his head back in line and looks at his list again. There are twenty different things on it. He is getting anxious now. He pulls on his mother’s hand to try and get out of line. He asks her if they can come back another time. She tells him no. He tries to get loose from his mom and run away. She holds him tight. His mom tells him to behave or she’ll add another thing to his list. He calms down. Timmy does not want his list to reach twenty one.

Fifteen minutes later, Timmy takes another look. This time it’s a little boy over Santa’s lap. He is getting spanked over his clothes. Timmy thinks the boy is lucky. He must have a short list. Five items or less and you get spanked over your clothes. Six to ten and it’s on your underwear. Eleven to fifteen and you get it bare bottom in front of everybody. If you have sixteen to twenty things on your list, you get your naked behind smacked with the hairbrush. Twenty one and up and it’s Santa’s special little paddle with ‘Randy the Red Butt Reindeer’ on it.

Another fifteen minutes and Timmy is nearing the front of the line. The slaps and crying are getting louder now. He peeks again and sees that it is another girl. Her pants and panties are down around her ankles. Santa is spanking her bare bottom with the hairbrush. Every time he lands a blow, she howls out in pain. Her butt is redder than his over-sized suit. She is begging and pleading that she will be a good girl next year. Santa pays her no mind and keeps on walloping her. Timmy shutters at the sight he is witnessing. Soon it will be his turn. He looks over to the line with his sister in it and sees that she is happily singing along with the Christmas music that’s playing through out the mall. He wishes he was in that line.

When Timmy is next in line, he looks in between the two Santas. Standing there are some of the kids who went before him. They are standing with their backs to everybody and their hands on their heads. The children have to remain in the same state that they were spanked in. There’s a girl and a boy, the way they came to the mall, fully clothed. Next to them is the girl who got the hairbrush. She can hardly stand still. Her behind is beet red and he can almost see it throbbing. She is still crying. To her left is a small boy. His pants are down and he’s wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles underwear. He turns his head around to see if anybody is looking. When he sees that everybody is, he blushes and quickly turns his head back around. The last person looks like a teenage girl to Timmy. Her skirt is on the floor and her panties are on full display for the whole mall to see. She has on red and green holiday underwear with the words ‘Tis The Season’ written across her buns. The kids are made to stand there for the benefit of the children in the ‘Nice’ line. That way all the good kids can see what would happen to them if they were to be naughty next year.

It’s Timmy’s turn now. He looks over to the other side and sees his sister climbing onto Santa’s lap. He hands his list to his Santa. The jolly looking man reads it over and says ‘you’ve been very naughty this year’. Then he adds ‘looks like you’ll be getting it bare bottom with the hairbrush’. Timmy’s mother is already unbuttoning his pants. She pulls them down and then grabs the waistband of his underwear. She pulls them down to meet his pants. She picks him up and places him over Santa’s lap. A short lady dressed as an elf comes over and hands him the hairbrush. She whispers in Timmy’s ear ‘naughty, naughty, naughty’. The white bearded man raises the brush and whacks it down with full force. He is very good at what he does. He has had a lot of practice over the past few weeks. Ten hours a day, seven days a week. He really loves his job. The pain is instantaneous for Timmy. Every blow hurts more than the last one. It doesn’t take long before Timmy is hooting and hollering. Santa spanks him in the middle of the left cheek. Then the right. Next he spanks in circles around the first strikes, alternating between the two cheeks. Then he makes a bigger circle around what he has already done. On and on till Timmy’s behind is glowing red. As one particularly hard smack lands, it forces Timmy to raise his head. Through his tear filled vision, he sees his sister stick her tongue out at him and then she smiles. Because he is so full of emotion right now, he carelessly yells out ‘I hate you, Suzy’. Santa stops spanking him. It feels like the whole world has stopped. Until his mother speaks up. What did you just say, his mother asks. She scolds him about how he should love his sister and tells Santa that she thinks that she is going to add another item to his list. That means his list of wrong doings has reached twenty one. Timmy realizes this and screams in horror. He begs and pleads to be forgiven. His mother is unsympathetic and calls for the paddle. The female elf from earlier delivers it quickly to the man in red and white. Santa shows the paddle to Timmy. It is slightly bigger than a ping-pong paddle On the front is the first half of a reindeer, crying his eyes out. On the other side is the back half, with a very bruised bottom. Timmy’s fears grow. He wails in anticipation. Santa doesn’t keep him waiting for long. A loud splat is heard echoing around the mall. Another and another. Kids in line start to cry from what they are seeing. Santa does not hold back. He spanks Timmy until there is a puddle of snot and tears on the floor under his head. The little boy is all cried out. The only thing he is doing now is gasping for air. He comes back to life when his mother picks him up off of Santa’s lap. She takes out some tissues from her purse and wipes his face. She puts her hands on his shoulders and guides him over to were the other spanked kids are standing. His mother takes his hands and places them on his head. As she walks away he hears a lot of ‘wows’ and ‘oh my gosh’ from the crowd. He even hears one lady tell her daughter ‘you see that, that’s what your little butt’s gonna look like soon’. The little bit of numbness that comes from a spanking like this starts to fade and Timmy is beginning to feel the fire on is rear end again.

He hears his sister’s voice. She’s telling her Santa that she really, really wants some roller skates for Christmas. She thanks Santa and climbs down from his lap. As she walks by her brother she says ‘nah nah’. Right at that moment her father grabs her hand and tells her to stop teasing her brother. He then walks her over to the ‘Naughty’ line. He tells his wife to go do some shopping because they are probably going to be a while. He tells Suzy that they are going to make a new list. She starts to whimper. Timmy looks back to see were his parents are. He sees his father and sister standing in the spanking line. He turns back around and smiles. He knows his sister is going to be spanked It’s the only thing he wants for Christmas.

The End