danny danced in frustration 

 LI and James were waiting for the bell to ring at exactly 9pm.

To pass the time, they played Daddy / daughter on the sofa. Daddy wore a shirt and pants. He tore off all of LI’s clothes. She knew it meant a thrashing and more, so she resisted strenuously. It was futile: in 2 minutes LI was naked as a baby and over his knee. “Why, Daddy?” pled LI. “Because it makes us horny. Just a warm-up, love. We’ll have more fun with danny in 20 minutes. Push it up, please. You can use your vibrator, but don’t come yet.”

Daddy spanked LI’s sit-spots and fingered her puss between strokes until she wiggled and wanted to come.

“Ok, honey, sit on the sofa and rest while I strip. I want to see you give danny a good thrashing.” He undressed, and put LI’s hand round his hard cock. LI was giving Daddy a slow handjob, when he caught sight of danny looking in the window. He did not say what he had seen. “Mouth. Deep in, honey. Right in.

The bell rang. James pulled out and they put on their bathrobes. “Get it, please, honey.”

Danny appeared looking shame-faced. LI instructed “Strip so I can thrash you naked.” He complied, his cock already rising. She tied him face-down on the bench, dropped her robe and took the tawse from James. Danny wriggled as LI stood to let danny see her naked. She ran the tawse through her hands and moved to danny’s left. LI raised the tawse and lashed his ass 6 times. Danny bucked and sobbed. James said “ He was spying on us through the window.” “Oh, you like watching, do you?” said LI, rhetorically. I’m going to blow James. Want to watch, you worm?”

She untied danny and hoisted him to stand under the hanging rings where she tied his wrists to them. His cock was flaccid. LI strapped on the metal cock-cage, and then shoved the butt plug into his ass. Danny danced in frustration, his cock straining. She stood to show off her body. “I’ll be back, worm. Like what you see? Cock straining to rise, is it?”

James watched LI’s actions with excitement. She knelt between his legs and wanked his tumescent cock. “In deep, honey. All the way.” LI could see danny struggle to contain himself. She took James’s cock deep in her throat, bobbing her head. James came, spurting down LI’s throat. They relaxed on the sofa, watching danny’s discomfort James stroking LI’s pussy.


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