A wise Mistress is the best Mistress. Mistress Gone Mad.

A Mistress who becomes a wife, leaves a vacancy. – Never forget that as hard as it is to swallow.
What would you do if suddenly the man you had been seeing, who is married decides to leave his wife? Would you run away or would you embrace it?

Lets talk about the reasons why it’s a bad idea…

A wise mistress is the best kind of mistress. One that can have fun and not get her heart broken.

When a relationship begins between a woman and a man who is married ground rules need to set, you need to make sure you are both on the same page. He may tell you he is unhappy with his marriage, that he is in the process of divorce but chances are he is only saying that to keep you around, to make you think you have some kind of “chance” with him. Don’t make the mistake of believing it, you will only get your heart broken in the end. There is only a 1% chance that would actually leave his wife anyway. If he truly wanted to be with you and only you he would be divorced, he wouldn’t still be hanging on to his wife

Being a mistress, you get to have all the fun, you get as much hot sex as you want, you feel sexy and wanted. You get dined and treated like a queen. He may even buy you expensive gifts and take you shopping or take you on expensive vacations during his “business trips.” These are all things that chances are his wife doesn’t experience. His marriage with his wife was probably at one point exciting, but over time all relationships deteriorate, it never lasts. Chances are while you are being wined and dined she is sitting at home cleaning poopy diapers and folding his underwear. What a life huh? She has to deal with him when he is in a bad mood, clean up after him, do his laundry, basically all of the unfun things a relationship entails. Your his escape from reality, your what he looks forward to in his life. Your his fantasy and that’s why he picked you. It’s like the perfect relationship. No responsibility and basically all fun and games.

Having an affair with a married man is not something that really anyone considers acceptable, it is important to keep the relationship essentially meaningless because people will look down on you and think of you as a whore and a home wrecker if the relationship goes beyond just an affair, even though it takes two to tango most people will look down on your more than him. As a mistress you are enabling him to cheat on his wife and people will hate you for that, and not only his wife.

At the beginning of an affair rules must be set and respected and if either person strays from those boundaries, the affair should be ended immediately. A mistress never expects commitment from her married man. That is not your place. If you want a boyfriend than go ahead and get one, you have no place destroying other people’s lives especially young children. When you choose a married man you want to pick one that will make you feel great, that makes you laugh and someone you have fun with and of course someone who is great in bed and makes you feel great. You do not want to pick a guy who will try and make you fall in love with him. Your time spent with him will be limited, he has a family that he will go back to and spend the majority of his time with especially if he has children. Jealousy will nearly kill you if you let yourself get attached to this guy and count the minutes till you get to see him again, or get upset that he doesn’t call you/contact you. He isn’t going to sometimes, you are #2 and that is something you need to accept if you want to be a mistress.

A mistress should always keep her own life busy, Try to keep from talking about your own life issues or long explanations about why you can’t meet him. The less he knows about your life without him the better. He is not a part of your reality, he is the fun that you sometimes get to have.

Every date you have with your married man should be like a first date. You should always look amazing, hair done nice, make-up, jewelery, clothing that compliments you and is sexy, sexy bra and panties, nice shoes. Your nails and toe nails should always be done nicely and you should always smell amazing. I also go tanning but that is up to you. Remember, if he wanted a girl who hangs out in granny panties, he’d go home to his wife, not hang out with you. Your job is to keep him wanting you, needing you. You will get a lot more out of your affair with your married man if you do this. Never allow yourself to be too comfortable with him. You should always have a good attitude, be funny, sweet, sexy, you should NEVER complain or whine about anything, that’s what your girlfriends are for and chances are his wife is doing plenty of nagging and the last thing you want to do is to start acting like her.

Keeping the affair discreet is extremely important. He needs to trust you and you will not be doing anything good for either of you by trying to bring the affair to light. Both him and his wife will hate you for it, not to mention chances are you will look like a whore to everyone you and him know. If you want to continue having a good time with him you have to be discreet. Never call him, wait till he calls you. If you see him in public, don’t even look at him. Never ever show up at his work or anywhere else in a public place unless it’s in a town far enough away from where he lives and even then there is a chance someone might spot you. You can never leave your guard down. The moment he is caught he will most likely try to work it out with his wife and leave you in the dust.
Here is some simple etiquette for mistresses-

1. If he tells you he loves you, he is lying. Remember, your with a man who lies to his wife ever day. He is a good liar.

2. You should be ready to give up all holidays. Those are reserved for his wife and kids. Prepare yourself to not even hear from him on valentines day, christmas, your birthday, any important holidays.

3. Don’t complain/put down his wife. It makes your look petty and it’s just not classy or sexy. He does not want to hear about his wife while he is with you.

4. DO NOT CALL HIM, WAIT FOR HIM TO CALL YOU!! This includes txting.

5. Don’t ask him for money, he will then feel like you need him and you don’t want him to think you need him. If he buys you nice gifts that is fine, they are just that gifts. You are not a prostitute, don’t expect money

6. Mistresses never complain, he gets enough of that from his wife and it’s a huge turn off

7. Always have more than one married man. If one leaves its easier to get over it when you still have someone else. It helps the heartache.

8. He should pay for everything in cash as to not leave evidence behind for his wife to find- remind him of this.

9. Never let him see you cry. You don’t want him to see you as a vulnerable person and he gets enough whiny tears from his wife. You are supposed to be making him happy not guilty.

10. If his wife starts getting suspicious, get out while you still can. Resist the urge to stay around, it’s only going to get ugly and you don’t want to be around for it.

11. Don’t think too much- Just enjoy the moments of happiness you have with him. Live for the moment while your with him, never think about him in the future because chances are he won’t be there in the future. Just cherish those moments you do have with him.

12. You never want to be #1, so don’t allow yourself to think one day he will be “your man.”

One should always be in love. That is the reason why one should never marry. – Oscar Wilde

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