Dirty Ice Cream

  Please stay turned, I will continue to write, but this is my life, 24/7.

I  wonder what will become… Telling the story is indifferent. I mean, it can be summed up in one sentence. Understanding the sentence is another thing. “My Dominate Lover, is my Boss.” Lately I think more about how I got here. My career, the polyamourse lifestyle we enjoy. Our new found reationship with E. The relationships we have with others. His wife. No one can teach you to be a Mistress, you can care about someone enough to encourage them to be one, but for the definition it is seldom used in the US unless you are in a relationship with a married man. Mistress with the sexual definition twist, well thats something someone falls into, and Love, Lies and Submissions are usally the culprits. 

Love, I will start with love and end with love. Never believe love is deifned. Its a feeling of emotions whiping through someone body. We fall into types of love with everything. It is a pleasure humans desire. We yern for it. How we are taught to love matters. Who, What and Why we love makes a difference. The time we share loving something or someone is challenging. Pain is surly going to happen over and over again when we do love.  To find ways to cope through the pain is a root to making love more successful. 

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