My Angels Die

Like a shot. I have been murder. Your poison. Open me up. My angels died. They jumped. I will not wait for the world to wake up. I will resolve and choke this out. I will not be confused anymore. You keep digging. I will not stop. Guilty can take the shot. I will resolve the illusions. I will cut, so you keep digging. Do not stop! Train wreck. I am not afraid of you using me. You always move that way. Keep on digging. It feels like the world has grown dark anyways. Leaving the grave as though I do not care. I cannot bring back the emotions taken. You reach out, and I do not come. It feels like darkness.

Facing Reality

Face the real you, somehow you will need to learn to bend. See clearly. All the times I step aside. You never listened. All the time you watched from the outside, and did not know what was wrong from right. You are like hell inside me; I will leave the past behind me. I accept whom I become, you never seen clearly. You stepped aside. Watched and never listened. One-day darkness will surround you and you still will not listen. Never understood, never apologized.