A Bikers Party

Jerry and Missy had been married for five years. Jerry had always wanted a Harley and this year his dream came true. They had saved for a long time and ordered their Harley the year before. They started riding every day and hanging out at the local biker bars. They seemed to fit in perfectly with a biker club called The Hexons. Missy said they were not wild like most people think. They had jobs and families like everyone else they just liked to ride.

Jerry wanted to join the gang and become one of The Hexons. Missy agreed. They had spoke to the leader of the gang about it. The gang leaders name was Snake. He told them he would have a meeting with the club and they would vote on it. He explained to Jerry that, even if they got voted in they might not pass the gang’s initiation. Jerry asked what the initiation was but Snake said it was secret and they would only find out if you got voted in.

Two weeks later Snake met Jerry and Missy at the bar and gave them the good news. Yin’s guys are in he told them with a smile. They celebrated with beer and shots of whiskey. Snake said the initiation would take place at the party on Friday. Friday morning Jerry and Missy loaded up the bike with a small tent, and blankets. They road up to the mountains for the big party. They were a little nervous about the initiation.

When they got there they unloaded their stuff and drank a beer from the keg. They knew almost everyone by now. They drank and talked for hours around a campfire. Then Snake approached Jerry and told him it was time. He told him to be part of the gang you have to prove you would share everything you have with the other gang members. Snake said the way for them to do that was for them to sleep with different members of the club. “To share your woman with your new brothers is to prove your loyalty,” Snake explained. Jerry was shocked he thought they must have been joking. They were not.

Jerry turned to ask Missy if she would go along with such a thing. It was already too late. Missy had two large men standing on each side of her. One had his arm around her neck. Missy looked at Jerry “Is this ok Hon?” she asked. Snake’s wife was standing topless in front of Jerry. Jerry looked her over and nodded at Missy. The men removed Missy’s clothes quite quickly. She stood naked and cold as they ran their hands all over her body. Her nipples became instantly hard as the men’s grubby fingers explored her body. Someone laid down a blanket for Missy to lie down on. A large beer bellied man undid his belt buckle and pulled down his pants. The man’s entire body was covered with hair. He had a small penis, but it was hard. He carefully positioned himself between Missy’s legs as he climbed on top of her. She reached between her legs with one hand and began guiding the man’s penis inside of her. Jerry watched curiously, as his young bride welcomed the strangers cock into her vagina. Missy moaned as the large man’s belly bounced off her tender body with each aching thrust.

Jerry wasn’t sure why but he enjoyed watching his beautiful wife getting fucked by another man. The man’s large belly almost covered Missy as he lunged in and out of her. After a few short moments Missy let out a squeal. The man pumped Missy hard and deep as he filled her with his hot cum.

The next man in line for Missy was Snake. He laid on the blanket beside her and slid his hand between her slender thighs. He massaged Missy’s sweet cherry pie with his fingers. Then he spread her legs wide apart. He looked over Missy’s open naked body closely as he inhaled the tantalizing aroma of her freshly fucked muffin. Snake slipped a finger into her hot cum filled box. A gush of cum dripped from Missy’s pussy and down the crack of her ass as his finger entered her. The man watched his finger disappear inside of Missy as he slowly fucked her with it. He gazed, hypnotized by the awe of Missy’s soggy fruit as he fingered her for several minutes. Missy moaned and bucked her legs. Snake licked Missy’s hard nipples and sucked them into his mouth. Then his tongue moved down her stomach. He licked her in a continuous stream all the way down to her pussy. Then he spread her farther open and sucked her clitoris into his mouth. Snake didn’t care that one of his brothers had just filled Missy with a hot load of cum he wanted to eat her. The smell of his buddies fresh cum mingled with Missy’s juices made his penis swell. Snake dipped his tongue into her hole and tasted the sweet nectar from within. He stretched his tongue deep inside of her. He dipped it in and out of her wet pussy devouring all the cum from the first man’s sticky load with each deep dip. Missy panted uncontrollably and lifted her hips to meet Snake’s tongue as he fucked her with it.

Next Snake told Missy to roll over. He waived at the man standing closest to him to come over. That man eagerly pulled down his pants and got on the blanket. Snake instructed Missy to get on top of the other guy and fuck him. Missy got on top of lucky number three and guided his cock into her pussy. She sat up and road him like a horse. Missy threw her head back and squealed in ecstasy as she wildly fucked the man underneath her. Then Snake slipped behind Missy and began licking her ass cheeks and planting little nibbles down each of them. Missy leaned down on the man she was fucking to grant Snake access to her entire ass. Snake’s tongue darted around Missy’s asshole licking the outer rim. Then he slowly slipped his tongue in Missy’s tasty ass. Snake had a birds-eye view of another cock fucking Missy as he tongued her tasty ass. Missy was really hot and juicy.

Then Snake got on his knees behind Missy and rubbed his hard cock on Missy’s asshole. Missy gasped as Snake forced his cock a little at a time into her virgin ass. “You like to fuck don’t you,” Snake tormented her. Missy had never had anal sex before, and she certainly had never fucked two guys at the same time. It hurt a little when Snake forced the entire length of his penis into her tight virgin ass. She sure pretended to enjoy it though. Getting her pussy fucked at the same time seemed to help take her mind off of the pain. Both men one in each hole dug their members in and out of Missy. Suddenly, Snake let out a grunt and shot a powerful load of hot sperm deep into Missy’s ass. He thrust deep inside of her as he pumped her full of cum. The man under Missy had his hands on Missy’s ass and was bouncing her up and down hard on his cock. He began moaning quietly as he too, let out spurts of cum overflowing Missy’s dripping wet pussy.

Meanwhile Jerry was fucking one cute biker chick while dipping his tongue deep into the hairy cunt of another chick. Jerry watched as one man after another had his way with Jerry’s young wife Missy. Jerry fucked many women that night but always kept one eye on his luscious bride. The couple both seemed to enjoy the initiation process. It went on most of the night one man after another fucking Missy. Since Jerry couldn’t get it up too many times he had to eat out almost all of them women.
Now that’s what I call a biker party!!!


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