“Brothers Interview, a Sisters tail”

The Interview by Robert

EDITOR: So, first off I want to thank you for talking with us.

MATT: You’re welcome.

MATT: I took your survey.

EDITOR: Yes I see that. It looks like you have an interesting story.

MATT: I guess so.

EDITOR: You said you and your sister went to live with your aunt and uncle when you were young.

MATT: Yes. I was 7 years old and my sister was 10.

EDITOR: From the survey I gather that your aunt and uncle were quite strict.

MATT: Yes but fair.

EDITOR: I also see that the main form of punishment in your household was spanking is that correct?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: So both you and your sister were spanked when you misbehaved?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Can you remember your last spanking?

MATT: Kind of. I think I was 16 or 17 years old.

EDITOR: So, basically a senior in high school?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: How about your sister. Can you remember the last time she was spanked?


EDITOR: When was it?

MATT: She was in high school.

EDITOR: So she was about 17 when she got her last spanking?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Who did the spanking?

MATT: Mostly my uncle.

EDITOR: So your aunt never spanked you?

MATT: Rarely. It was mostly uncle.

EDITOR: How about your sister. Did your uncle also administer her spankings?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: I see.

EDITOR: So how would a typical spanking be given?

MATT: Depends.

EDITOR: What does it depend on?

MATT: Whether it’s a serious offence or a minor one.

EDITOR: What is the difference?

MATT: For minor offence we allowed to keep our underwear. For serious, we were not.

EDITOR: So if you committed a serious offence your uncle would spank you on your bare ass?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Was this also the case for your sister?

MATT: Yes it was.

EDITOR: So, if you were going to be spanked on your bare ass what would happen?

MATT: First we would have to stand in the corner and wait. Then we would be scolded and then we would be sent to our room to get ready and wait.

EDITOR: How long would you have to stand in the corner?

MATT: Maybe 30 minutes.


MATT: To think about what we had done.

EDITOR: I see.

EDITOR: So when you said you had to go to your room to get ready what did you have to do?

MATT: You mean if we were getting a bare bottom spanking?

EDITOR: Yes I mean if you were going to get it on your bare ass.

MATT: When we got to our room we would have to completely undress then lay face down on the bed and wait.

EDITOR: So you would be laying on top of your bed face down on your tummy totally naked waiting for your uncle to come in and punish you.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: And it was also the same for your sister?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: So your uncle would come into your sister’s room and she would be completely undressed lying face down on her bed waiting to be punished?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Did your uncle spank you with his hand or did he use something?

MATT: He used a wide leather strap.

EDITOR: A wide leather strap?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Can you describe what the strap looked like?

MATT: Yes. It was about 3 foot long including the handle. It was 3 inches wide and it was about 1 quarter of an inch thick.

EDITOR: This sounds very similar to the description of a typical prison type strap that was used in some reform institutions.

EDITOR: Where did he get it do you know?

MATT: No. Not sure.

EDITOR: I see.

EDITOR: So he strapped your bare ass if you did something serious.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: And your uncle punished your sister in the same way?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Did you ever see your sister get a strapping?

MATT: Yes, once.

EDITOR: Were you ever spanked in front of each other?


EDITOR: So how then did you see your sister getting a strapping?

MATT: It was by accident. Not supposed to see it.

EDITOR: You mean you were not supposed to see your sister being strapped.

MATT: Correct.

EDITOR: So your sister’s strapping, was she wearing her underwear that time?


EDITOR: So your sister was totally naked and your uncle strapped her on her bare ass.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: What did she do?

MATT: Caught smoking at school.

EDITOR: Did the school send a note home?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Did you attend a private or public school.

MATT: Private. It was Catholic.

EDITOR: So you wore uniforms?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: So was your sister in her uniform when she was scolded that night?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: How old was your sister when this happened?

MATT: I think 16 or 17 years old.

EDITOR: So what did your uncle tell her?

MATT: She was scolded about smoking then told to go to her room.

EDITOR: Was she told that she was going to be strapped?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Was she told it was going to be without any clothes on?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: So your uncle told your sister to go to her room and remove all her clothing and to lay face down on her bed?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Were you present when he scolded her and told her to go get ready?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Was your sister embarrassed that you heard what your uncle said to her?

MATT: No, not that I remember.

EDITOR: So you knew that in just a few minutes your 17 year old sister was going to be completely naked in her bedroom and that your uncle was going to strap her bare ass.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Were you planning on trying to see your sister’s strapping then?

MATT: No. I saw only by accident.

EDITOR: So how did that happen?

MATT: When uncle went into her room he didn’t close the door completely.

EDITOR: So the door was open wide enough for you to see in.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Where was your aunt?

MATT: Downstairs.

EDITOR: So what did you see?

MATT: Sister lying face down on her bed with nothing on. I could see her plump bottom.

EDITOR: Is your sister overweight?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: How fat is she?

MATT: She has a plump bottom.

EDITOR: So neither your sister nor your uncle realized that the door was not closed and that you were standing there?

MATT: Sister was facing head of the bed away from the door.

EDITOR: Could you see your uncle?

MATT: Yes, at the side of the bed.

EDITOR: Was he getting ready to begin strapping your sister?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Then what happened?

MATT: Uncle started strapping her big plump bottom.

EDITOR: Did she cry?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: So how did you feel watching your uncle strapping your sister’s big plump bare ass with that 3 inch wide leather strap?

MATT: Felt sorry for her but also got very aroused watching.

EDITOR: You became sexually aroused?

MATT: Yes. Every time the strap came down my sister’s big plump bottom jiggled.

EDITOR: Did your sister plead with your uncle to stop.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: So you knew what your sister was going through but you still were sexually aroused by watching your uncle’s strap landing on her big bare bottom.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: How many times did your uncle strap your sister’s bare ass?

MATT: I think 20 but not really sure. Something like that.

EDITOR: What did you do when your sister’s strapping was finished?

MATT: Went back to my room and closed-door.

EDITOR: Did you ever confess to your sister that you watched her being strapped while she was totally naked?


EDITOR: Hopefully she doesn’t read this interview.

EDITOR: Do you have contact with your sister now?

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Maybe you can finally confess to her what you saw and how you felt.

EDITOR: Do you think she would be angry?

MATT: Don’t know, possibly.

EDITOR: Well, you will have to decide for yourself the best thing to do.

MATT: Yes.

EDITOR: Well, this is about all the time we have. Thank you for spending this time with us.

MATT: You’re welcome.

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