A visit to Aunt Roxanne, by simone

A visit to Aunt Roxanne


Abbey walked across the car park dragging her feet, this was a long walk knowing how much trouble she would be in when her Mother got her home. The wait in the Head Master’s office had been terrible, knowing it had been reported to her Mother that she had been caught playing truant.

Abbey had to sit listening to Head Master speaking to her Mother on the phone, informing her that she had been asking her to come and collect her, she had been suspended; as this was the fourth time in three months. It was a very good thing Mr Monks knew her Father or he would have expelled her, what would Daddy say thought the trembling girl as her irate Mother ordered her up to her bedroom.

Abbey could hear her Mother talking on the phone downstairs for quite some time in hushed tones, her mother’s voice boomed up the stairs calling Abbey down into the lounge, and handed her the receiver. Her Father lectured her for twenty-minute leaving Abbey sobbing, the naughty girl ran back to the safety of her bedroom; she was to visit Aunt Roxanne! This always meant dire trouble Roxanne was a strict disciplinarian, and when her parents felt they could not deal with the misdemeanour Abbey had to attend Aunt Roxanne. At times like these Abbey never left Roxanne without her bottom burning and the naughty girl sobbing.

There was no point in Abbey trying to beg and she knew it, the naughty girl paced her bedroom floor just waiting. Roxanne lived in the centre of the village next to the post office, she was a beautiful brunet with a curvaceous figure and an imposing demeanour, and standing at just over six feet, she would send terror into a miscreant when unlucky enough to attend her. Abbey had to attend to her many times more in the past few weeks as her Father was overseas working and she always dreaded the summons.

It was early evening when the front door bell sounded, startling poor Abbey out of her daydream, she had been waiting for hours but would have been happy to stay where she was until she was an old maid rather than to be called downstairs! When her Mother came to the bottom of the stairs and called Abbey, her voice held ice-cold rage just as it had at the school. Abbey opened her bedroom door with trembling hands and obediently descended the stairs; her bare feet padding on the thick piled carpet.

Abbey had wondered who had come to visit her Mother and had thought that she had missed hearing the door as they left, so therefore on entering the lounge Abbey was in for a shock. Aunt Roxanne was standing in profile next to the open French windows. She look beautiful wearing a very smart pale green silk dress her pearl necklace warm against her throat, poor Abbey was visibly trembling now, her mouth too dry to speak, her word faltered, “ hello Aunt Roxanne,” with a pleading look at her Mother “ Mummy can I go back to bed now” the poor girl wanted to run.

Both the ladies ignored the naughty girl but when Abbey made to sit on the sofa Roxanne glared at her gesturing towards the far corner, snapping her fingers, “ Abbey corner now I don’t suggest that you start to be cheeky!” the girl stumbled tearfully in to the corner not daring to answer. She stood facing the wall listening to the ladies talking about her behaviour acid panic rising with every word.

Abbey stood in deep introspection trying to think of some way to explain her absence from school adequately enough to satisfy her Aunt, yet knowing this was impossible her bottom ached in dreaded anticipation. A sharp and very hard smack landed on her left thigh making Abbey yelp “you know full well young lady that when you have been sent to stand in the corner you put your hands on your head, that will cost you in the morning!” Roxanne was extremely strict and as this visit would be the second that month, Abbey new her punishment was going to be severe.

Abbey could feel the burn of that smack intensifying but did not dare try to sooth it; she had seen Jenny do that when she visited Roxanne three weeks ago for cheating in the exam and did not want her hands tawsed! The naughty girl whimpered an apology in a small timid voice but did not dare to look around therefore gaining another smack. She was aware of movement within the room but was startled by Roxanne’s stern voice “Abbey come here, we have a few things to discuss don’t we young lady?” Once more snapping her finger startling Abbey making the naughty girl she slowly walking towards her and stopping in front of her, Roxanne sat on the large leather sofa.

Abbey looked into the stern gaze of the woman upon whom she looks with respect, and at times like these fear, she was unable to speak. She felt Roxanne hook her thumbs into the waistband of her pyjamas suddenly tugging them down to her knees. Abbey involuntarily grabbed at them gaining an almighty slap across her thigh making her yelp. Before the naughty girl could react, she landed over Roxanne’s knee and felt her firm hand resting on her bared bottom.

Abbey’s Mother had been sitting in an armchair watching her daughter feeling sicken that her child could behave as she had. “Abbey your Father has told you that you will be receiving a severe thrashing for your naughtiness I have decided the Roxanne will administer it, no Abbey I will not change my mind. We have discussed this and I have given Roxanne my permission the deal with you as she feels you deserve.”

With this, her Mother gestured to Roxanne and without further comment poor Abbey’s bottom took a severe hand spanking. Roxanne seemed to land her hand covering the naughty girl’s cheeks all at once, all Abbey could do was scream and wriggle trying to escape knowing this would never be permitted.

The ladies discussed the naughty girl’s lack of discipline as Roxanne spanked her naughty niece. Roxanne told Abbey how appalled she was with her resent behaviour at school, her lack of aptitude and disrespect both at home and at school. Roxanne looked at her sister, “Holly, I really do think Abbey needs to learn her action have serious consequences, Abbey you will not get away with this. Keep still you naughty girl!” All the time her hand was slamming down hard on poor Abbey’s bared bottom.

Abbey started to sob and wriggle her legs flailing trying to save her burning bottom from those terrible whacks. Each harsh smack echoing around the room as indeed were the naughty girl’s howls. The spanking lasted ten minutes and left her bottom scarlet. “Abbey stand up, don’t you dare touch that bottom young lady. Get up to your room and go to bed, Holly will bring you to me in the morning you will learn to behave yourself even if I have to thrash you daily!” Roxanne looked sternly at her pretty niece as she landed with yet another harsh slap to her bottom, Abbey pulled up her pyjamas and ran sobbing to her bedroom.

That night was not pleasant her Aunt had told her that this spanking had been just to warm her bottom,’ my God I’m on fire she has to be joking, she can’t spank me again Mummy won’t let her ‘ thought the rebellious girl as she lay on her tummy kicking her lags in temper. Roxanne’s words kept replaying in her head as she tried to sleep, pouting to herself Abbey mused, life is so unfair!

Early the next morning Abbey was distraught Holly had told her white-faced daughter after her shower she was to dress in clean pyjamas and slippers, on Roxanna’s command, as she was grounded. There was no talking her Mother round try as she might, all her arguments gained her was that Aunt Roxanne would be informed that she was still being rebellious! Holly’s next comment made life ten times harder on poor Abbey.

Holly had been into her husband’s study to collect the items Roxanne required that morning, Daddy’s heavy leather soled slipper and wooden hairbrush placing them on the table. “Abbey your Aunt has told me that she expects you to carry these in full view as we walk to her house. No Abbey not in a bag in your hands, yes so that everyone will see that you are going to her house to be spanked!” Abbey looked at her Mother as though she were mad, but not daring to argue knowing that if Roxanne heard that Abbey had a tantrum her thrashing would be far more severe.

It was humiliating to have to walk though the village wearing her pyjamas but also having to carry these implements, it was too much poor Abbey sobbed. All her friends would see and they would all know that she was going to be spanked then an even worst thought her boyfriend would know too! Holly had put the slipper and brush on the hall table by the door they seemed to ridicule Abbey every time she walked past them and the hall clock ticking away the seconds seemed to be shouting nearly time as panic rose within Abbey. Was it really worth ditching class to go through this!

Roxanne expected them at 10am and Abbey was acutely aware of every passing second as time flew toward that dreadful event. Holly had told her tearful daughter that she would not be allowed to cover her clothing with a coat, it was to be a part of her punishment to have to walk with her dressed as the naughty little girl she had been. At 9:45 Holly called Abbey downstairs and ordered her trembling daughter to collect the implements , there was nowhere to hide them no pockets poor Abbey walked beside her Mother blushing knowing everyone was looking.

As they approached Roxanne’s front door Holly shocked her white-faced daughter further by tugging down her pyjamas bottom revealing her still marked bottom commanding her not to dare try pulling them up.

Abbey glared at her Mother in pure temper “what the hell, how could I with these in my hands!” instantly regretting her words as Roxanne opened the door

Roxanne stood in the doorway looking at Abbey sternly, and then without a word she reached around the naughty girl and slapped her bared bottom resoundingly making the girl yelp. Roxanne took Abbey by the wrist firmly and escorted her into the hall, taking the implements from her. “Abbey that little display has just added to the thrashing you were already due! I will not accept any girl speaking as you just did, you will learn to show respect with the aid of my cane” Abbey stared at Roxanne as though she were mad.

But Abbey was given not time to assimilate this dreadful prediction as Holly propelled her towards the far end of the hall, Abbey hated this part of her punishment the most, corner time! Roxanne followed them to ensure Abbey’s compliance, “Abbey you will stay in the corner,” landing a very sharp smack to Abbeys’ left thigh, “with your hands on your head until I call you into the study.” Without a backward glance, the ladies left the whimpering girl, knowing that Abbey would not dare to disobey.

Roxanne gestured Holly towards her punishment room where she showed Holly to a comfortable armchair, taking one opposite her. Roxanne leaned back into the chair looking at her sister, “I intend to be very strict this morning, and Abbey has attended me far too often recently. I spoke to David this morning on the phone as you are aware Holly?” Holly nodded her agreement “Roxanne I think it’s the only way to deal with Abbey she was still being rebellious this morning,” Holly raised her hands in exasperation.

Holly looked around the familiar room seeing that Roxanne had set up for her daughters’ spanking prior to their arrival. The implements had been placed in a row on the desk now including the hairbrush and leather paddle, were the two-fingered tawse and razor strop and the slipper. In the centre of the room was the spanking bench, made of the softest red and black leather. Holly felt a slight twinge of compassion for her daughter knowing how harsh this morning’s spanking will be.

Roxanne stood up and went into the dining room to collect her spanking chair, which she carried through and place in front of her desk facing Holly. “Holly please would you call Abbey I am ready to start, do not allow her to disobey tell her firmly. God help that brat if I hear any cheek!” Holly got up and went into the hall calling Abbey to come in, her voice firm, but her face white. She knew the girl had earned this spanking for her continual misbehaviour this was why David had ordered it.

Abbey had stood as she was told, nose to the wall hands on her head, her arms were tingling after twenty minutes, her fingers numb. The naughty girl had just lowered them to try to relieve the ache when Holly looked out of the door! Holly glared at the disobedient girl as she walk up to her “Abbey, Roxanne told you to do what!” Poor Abbey struck dumb; she just looked in horror as Roxanne came into view.

With a sharp snap of her fingers, Roxanne commanded the naughty girl into her study, and Abbey obeyed with timid steps “I’m sorry Aunt Roxanne my arms had gone numb! You left me there a very long time like that” pouted the cheeky girl. Roxanne understood that Abbey was nervous, but still she smacked the cheeky girl’s bared bottom as she walked past, ensuring that she left her hand print.

Abbey yelped and looked to her mother for sympathy but got a stern look as Holly sat back in her armchair. It was then that Abbey saw the spanking bench tears filling her eyes; she tried to back up, wanting to escape. Roxanne grabbed Abbey by her armed and firmly led the reluctant girl with her to the spanking chair.

Abbey stood at Roxanne’s side whimpering her bottom tingling trying to think of a way out of this spanking, knowing that was not possible. The trembling girl hung her head regretting every cheeky comment and disrespectful word, a sudden movement startled her, Roxanne gently draws her well-manicured fingernails across Abbey’s quivering bared bottom. The feeling both terrible and wonderful awakens her senses.

Roxanne continued to stroke her victims bottom as she decided just which of her implements she would use first, this little brat needed to learn a harsh lesson, “Abbey go and fetch the slipper, and bring it to me, no girl now!” Poor Abbey was horrified she had hoped to carry the monster was enough every time her Daddy used it, it burned her. With small timid steps, Abbey turned to the desk passing her hand over the heavy wooden backed brush gulping at the thought of the tawse, and reluctantly retrieved the hated slipper.

The weight of this slipper always seems more when ordered to fetch it Abbey stopped in front of her Aunt and unwillingly presented it to her. Roxanne looked at Holly, her sister knew what was coming, “Holly please take the slipper for a moment. Abbey come and stand next to me here” Roxanne gestured the naughty girl back into her former position, at her side. Abbey looked into her mother’s eyes silently pleading, do not let this happen! Holly stood just in front of Roxanne on the opposite side to her daughter tapping the leather sole on her palm.

Abbey jumped as Roxanne resumed her gentle stroking drawing her fingernails over Abbey soft bottom and upper thighs, just as Abbey started to relax the moment she had dreaded had arrived. Roxanne continued to stroke Abbeys’ quivering bottom, gliding to the small of her back, then with firm downwards, pressure helped the naughty girl over her knee.

With her victim now wriggling and helpless over her lap Roxanne told her “Abbey I want your hand out in front of you palms up, held flat. Holly place the hairbrush onto Abbey’s palms please, young lady if it falls as I slipper you, you will regret it” said Roxanne sternly as she took the heavy slipper from Holly watching her sister retrieve the brush and place it as requested. Holly then returned to her armchair, to watch her naughty girl punished.

Abbey looked at the wooden brush in dread, last time she kept it there only three swats, tears welled up in her eyes a she felt Roxanne’s firm palm resting on her tingling bottom. After administering a firm sharp slap dead centre Roxanne delivered a very hard fast hand spanking smacking first the left, and then right cheek and just kept going. Abbey wriggled and yelped desperate not to drop the hated brush trying not to jump, as she needed to, Roxanne smacked hard.

Abbey was sobbing after five minutes of this treatment her back arched her arm aching, burning all she could think of was trying not to drop the bloody brush! Abbey once more felt the comfort of Roxanne’s gentle hand stroking her burning cheeks, “your arm aching are they little one” crowed Roxanne fully aware how sore Abbey’s arm would be.

Abbey tearfully answered, “Yes Aunt Roxanne, please I’m sorry I moved when you left me in the corner, I can’t hold it much longer. Oh no, the slipper too, please no!” Roxanne had leaned over her prone victim and taken the slipper from her desktop, she began to tap Abbey’s bottom with it. Abbey tensed holding her breath and as the slipper began its devastating barrage of welt inducing whacks. Abbey screamed unaware of the brush landing on the carpet. Her legs kicking wildly the naughty girl howled.

Roxanne continued to land those mighty swats one after the other fast and hard giving her no reprieve, methodically striking each cheek with vigour. “Abbey stand up and touch your toes as you dropped the brush you will take twelve strokes with it instead of six!” Landing a last hard whack to Abbey crimson bottom allowing her to get up, Abbey looked at Roxanne with tear-filled eyes pleading. “Abbey if I must I will double it again until you comply now bend over palms flat to the carpet.” Roxanne stood towering over her naughty victim forebodings.

Crying hard Abbey placed her feet wide apart keeping her slender legs straight, bending forwards until her hands felt the thick piled carpet beneath them, she shifted until she felt more able to keep this terrible position as Roxanne took up position adjacent to her throbbing bottom. Abbey felt to coolness of the wood caress your burning flesh, before Roxanne delivered the first four mighty swats, causing poor Abbey to howl and arch her back.

Abbey was trembling in pain fighting to keep her place panting hard the next onslaught of five hard whacks almost made her fall, the poor girl screamed; but before her breath returned Roxanne delivered the final three awesome strokes. Roxanne smiled at her niece “well done baby, you did well. As soon as you wish you may stand, but do not touch that bottom!” Roxanne walked back to the desk dropping the brush loudly on to the wooden surface as Abbey collapsed on to her knees sobbing.

Roxanne looked at the clock “Abbey go and stand at the spanking bench now please, I want you to place your tummy on the body rest legs wide your hands are to hang loose. Now girl!” Abbey knew to complain would merely increase her strokes so wearily and painfully stood up the skin on her bottom complaining as she moved. The leather was warm to the touch as she laid across as instructed, she stretch her legs as wide as she could hate to feel so vulnerable .

The ladies walked out of the room leaving the naughty girl to collect herself and to give her bottom a short time to recover before Roxanne administered her heavy leather paddle. They sat in the lounge listening to Abbey’s plaintive sobbing, until the girl finally managed to calm herself.

On arrival, back in the study Roxanne wasted no time collecting the paddle from the desktop and placed it on Abbey’s bottom, before walking around the prone figure inspecting her, knowing how much Abbey hated this. “Abbey, when your teacher gives you home work I expect that homework to done by you, and not given to another student to do for you. Roxanne raised the paddle and delivered a resounding whack, making Abbey jump.

She managed to keep her legs apart as she knew she must by curling her toes tightly, the girl watch Roxanne’s feet circling her as she was lectured knowing that each time Roxanne passed her aching bottom she would take another whack. After receiving seven such awesome swats Abbey was sobbing again wriggling, and as the twelfth landed her legs started to kick. Roxanne was pleased with Abbey she was taking this thrashing bravely, “Abbey you will go back into the corner for thirty minutes I think you have earned a break, you may use the bathroom and get a drink if you wish you have the ten minute in which to do this. You will keep your hands at your side palms open is that understood!” Roxanne looked sternly as Abbey sobbing replied and thanked her before leaving the room.

Roxanne returned to the study after half an hour and commanded Abbey on to the spanking bench for her final punishment twelve stoke with the governess cane, Abbey clambered on to the frame white-faced and trembling this would be her first caning.

The girl placed her knees one on each of the softly padded leg rests laid herself prone across the main body resting her arms next to the restrains; Roxanne secured her wrist ankles and thighs tightly then finally attaching the leather belt across her waist there was to be no escape from the bite of the cane!

Roxanne went to the walls and took down the thick rattan cane standing so Abbey had full view of what she was doing; Roxanne flex the cane showing her victim it could bend almost double. Abbey was fighting the bindings pleading not to have to take these strokes, as she had to listen to Roxanne’s practice swishing as her cane whistled through the air, and then whacking the cushions of the sofa.

Roxanne wasted little time in this exercise, before taking up position to the left of her struggling victim. Holding the crooked handle firmly she tapped the tip across Abbeys still pink bottom, Abbey felt the ice of panic running up her spine. These strokes were delivered with a firm flick of her wrist making contact with only the tip, after positioning herself to see only Abbey’s left cheek to compensate for the shift in position during each sharp stroke.

As each swipe landed, Abbey howled for mercy feeling each burning red stripe grow before the next was delivered, Roxanne was not harsh but ensured that each was felt. Roxanne noted the trembling of the girl’s thighs and the involuntary chatter of her teeth telling her that Abbey had taken enough her lesson had been learned.

Roxanne left Holly to apply cream to her daughter’s ravaged bottom before removing the bindings and helping her into her pyjamas. She held her sobbing daughter to her; know that another visit to Aunt Roxanne would not be required for quite some time!

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