“Abraham’s Academy” by levenageorge


Helen Davis was the mother of the twelve years old Tommy who attended the Fifth Grade class at Abraham’s Academy. She was a charming 32 years old lady, elegant but of a rather conservative style.

Dr. Morris was a very handsome man in his early forties, attracting women not only with his masculine appearance but also with his unbeatable manner of flirting with the ladies.

 Dr. Morris first met Helen in the beginning of the school year during a teachers-parents meeting. He made her blush by saying “Lucky Tommy.”

“He has such a beautiful mother; his friends must beg to stay the night.”

They met again three weeks later when Helen escorted her son to the medical examination for the boys that were about to start extended swimming training for the upcoming swimming season.

All the boys passed from a routine check- up and Dr. Morris took the opportunity to start a long conversation with Helen.

Tommy is a well-built and very healthy boy, who watches over his health?”
Thank you Dr. Morris, that would be me, I believe he must stay fit and active physically all year, not just during his sport seasons.”

I am sure that one day he will become champion swimmer Helen, you are doing a fine job, except.” Dr. Morris turns and reaches for pamphlets that explain different victims used to keep strength and endurance high without the use of drugs.

“He loves swimming so much; I want him to be able to be the best he can. Maybe become a champion.” Helen replied in an enthusiastic tone of voice.

“I am afraid he needs a little more and possibly a bit different kind of training at times Helen, and this school is the best place for it.”

“We will all take good care of him, and discipline his activities and lifestyle to make sure his is a strong and sturdy athlete.” Dr. Morris grins at Helen.Thank you doctor, I appreciate all the new and helpful people in our lives, I believe Tommy and I made the right decision to move this directions and choosing this Academy seems right.”

‘What I would like to do is to have Tommy pass a more thorough medical examination.  A good examination will help me to help design a proper guideline for his physical regimen, at least while he is in the hardest part of his swimming training.” 

“Whatever you say doctor, Tommy’s health care is of course primary and one of the most important endeavor to me. He needs more guidance from a man.” Helen said looking down then back up making eye contact with Dr. Morris. “Excellent, are you free next Saturday morning, I can do the exam then.”

“Yes, I do believe we are available, I can be here with Tommy’ what time?” “Could you come here with Tommy around 11 o’clock?”

“Here at the academy?” Helen Asked

“Yes, the academy has a complete medical wing, it is perfectly equipped do everything I will need. I will examine Tommy, and we will discuss what he will be allowed and not allowed to eat, and do while he is here at the school.”

“We have effective and reliable guidelines to both physical fitness and discipline Ms. Davis; we will discuss this more on Saturday.”

“It will be my pleasure having the extra chance to see you again.” Dr. Norris nodded as he opened the door and let Helen walk out first; now both standing in a long hallway.

Dr. Morris watched Ms. Davis walk the long hall with Tommy, admiring her bottom was something he hoped to enjoy.

Saturday morning, Helen arrived with Tommy for his appointment to see Dr. Morris a little bit late.

Finally, Tommy glad to see you made it!  Hello, Ms. Davis, is everything alright?” Dr. Morris asked.

“I was afraid that something unfortunate had caused you not to be able to make it this morning.”

“Forgive me doctor, but I didn’t sleep well last night, and I woke up rather late. I asked Tommy to wake me, but he fell back asleep; depending on me to be the alarm clock for the both of us.” Helen started to explain the difficult time she had on Saturday mornings getting out of bed, so she could start the day off at a decent time.

“Tsk Tsk, no one should still be in bed a 11am in the morning Ms. Davis, especially Tommy.”

“Are you feeling okay, is there something causing you to be tired?”

No, No, doctor, I am okay, but a little bit tired at the end of the week; it is difficult sometimes making Tommy get up and do his chores, then his fitness program.” Helen continued to tell Dr. Morris.

“Don’t worry, you are in good hands now Helen, the academy will teach Tommy better mannerisms, and he will adjust to being better disciplined and structured to routine.” Dr. Morris assured Helen as he put his large hands on her shoulders.

“I wonder who will do the same for you now.”

Tommy got undressed and Doctor Morris gave him a thorough examination, clearing him of any illness that could possibly take him off the swimming team.

“Now Tommy, before you get dressed today, I am going to discipline you for making your mother so tired during the week; making it difficult for her by having her be an overseer of your responsibilities is unfair and not manly.”

“Di… Di… discipline me?” Tommy asked out loud, although looking directly at his mother.

“Yes tommy, you will receive four licks with a cane, and that will help you remember, and concern yourself with, how it is important to not depend on your beautiful mother to be your personal manager.” Dr. Morris scolded.

“She is your mother, not your trainer, and you will learn to respect that.”

“Now turn around and bend yourself over the exam table please.”

Tommy relucklently did what he was told to do. He would look for his mother’s help, but only found that his mother made no eye contact with him; and instead kept her eyes down at the floor.  Tommy only 12 he was completely unaware of what the sting could even feel like. Unfortunately he would soon find out.

“SWISH,” the cane landed across both Tommy’s small white butt cheeks; making an incredible splat sound, and raising a small welt immediately as it made impact.

“OWIEEEE, mommiee, mommiee!!” Tommy yelled jumping and grabbing his bottom, jumping up and down.

“No asking for mommy Tommy, she knows you must learn to be strong and not such a child.”  Dr. Morris scolded some more, grabbing Tommy by his skinny arm, and heaving him back over the exam table.

“Do not move Tommy, or I will add more licks, you will have to learn to buck up, and take some guidance and pain. It will build inner strength young man.”

“SWIIISSSHHH, SPLAT, SWIIISSHHH-SPLAT!” The cane made two impacts before either, Helen or Tommy flinched. Helen stayed lookingat the floor as she heard her young boy scream for mercy.  The can left two very hot red strips across the boys bottom. Tommy stayed in place, but.

“SWIIISHHH!” The fourth landed really quickly; Tommy was lucky it was only four cutting licks to his backside that particular day, because the fourth lick of the cane landed right across his sit stop. Dr. Morris new it would be the one lick that, Tommy felt and remembered the most.

He finished, and when Helen heard the fourth swish and splat of the cane landing on her son’s bottom, she looked up, and watched her son dance on his white socked covered feet. She actually grinned; maybe the little torrent would learn something after all around here. It was all Helen could do but hope.

“Tommy is okay, Ms. Davis.  It is your turn now for an exam; let’s make sure that you being so tired are just the normal stresses of taking care of this misbehaving son of yours.” Dr. Morris still said directing almost the same scolding tone that he had just displayed to Tommy.

“It will ease your mind, and everyone who cares for Tommy and yourself. We need to know, that you are all right, and have only have complaints of being tired due to a naughty little boy you are trying to raise.”

“Oh here?… Right now?… today?… This minute?… Helen voice started to shake and sound more like a babblerish mess of questions, which she didn’t want to hear the answers too. Why she didn’t really want to know the answers was what she awkwardly felt was different, but it was something seemed a little more off then she had ever felt before.

“In here?” Helen glances at her son.

“Tommy will go out to play ball.” Dr. Morris turned his attention back to the sobbing child, he had redressed himself and was still bawling and rubbing his bottom as though somehow the fire in his strips would diminish faster if her rubbed them well.

“Right Tommy?”

“Yee, yeess, yesss, I will go play ball. I… I.. I am sorryyyy mommy. I will get up on my own.” Tommy sniffled and tried sniff his running snot back in his nose, but his hot tears from just the four licks still streamed down his face.

Helen Davis blushes and lowers her head. She feels a thrill inside her chest. This man has really the power to keep her under a peculiar kind of control.

Here we are then Helen, why don’t you go ahead and undress for me, and I will get a few things out of the cabinet, I have not had to examine a child’s mother in a long time, our mothers learn quickly around here, or they already have been taught by their husbands, to be mindful and wholesome with their sons and their decision making.

Helen’s embarrassment rose, and it was quite visible. Her cheeks blushed, and her chest heaved three times real deep, and then she hesitated and felt the hairs on her body stand straight up like soldiers off to war.  Her tummy flipped and flopped like a fish out of water.

I won’t have t… t… tooo, to also?” Ms. Davis looked at the white tile floor somewhat trying to figure out her own fate. That seemed to be in the hands of a doctor she barely knew, and one that tried to charm her every time she had come in contact with him.

 “Ms. Davis, please relax. Everything will be quick, and you will be able to go on your way, knowing you are just fine, and that the new people you have brought into your life, will respect and care for Tommy, and yourself.” Dr. Morris assured Helen with an awkward wink..

Helen blushes and replies, “Well I guess, or assume that would be, or could be beneficial to us doctor.”

He smiles at her and moves his stool closer.

You will need to remove your jacket though Helen.

“Yes doctor.” Helen removed her off white jacket placing it on the chair she had been just sitting in. 

Dr. Morris adjusts the stethoscope to his ears; reached for the top buttonunder her blouse, but over her upper left breast. He makes eye contact with Helen. Helen looks away, she feels morally wrong in two ways.

First, the doctor was handsome and she felt a little sinful her arousal temperatures had risen the minute Dr. Morris placed his soft large hands on her pink blouse. Second, the thought of how powerful Dr. Morris was with her son moments ago made her quiver with apprehension. She was uneasy and set on the exam table, and let Dr. Morris finish listening to her heartbeat. I bet it sounded like she had been training.

Take a big breath please. Excellent!”  Dr. Morris fixes his eyes on the open area of Helen’s blouse, and moves the stethoscope a few inches further down the left side of the breast.

Anything wrong?” Helen asked as her nervousness continued to grow with in her body.

No, no, don’t worry, I just need to” He starts fumbling with her blouse, moving his stethoscope awkwardly.

Dr. Morris unbuttons two more buttons and continues fumbling with Helen’s blouse.

Do you want me to remove it myself Doctor?”

Yes, please. This will make things much easier for me” Dr. Morris replied with a grin.

Helen finished unbuttoning her blouse and stops, “would you like me to take it off my shoulders too?”

Please, that thoroughly works better for me Helen”

Helen takes a big breath and after a pause she takes off her blouse and places it to the side of her; returning her eyes sight down and to the side.  Her chest visible flushed with the worry she would have to even remove more clothing, she hurriedly crosses her hands over her covered chest.

Dr. Morris smiles at her, beautiful and, adorably shy.” Dr. Morris says, making Helen think the excitement of her fear and anxiety made him satisfied with his approach.

Helen was extremely blushing, and didn’t know how to react to the comment that Dr. Morris had just made..

Ohh Doctor,  I…, I…, know I am bashful, but you need not to tell me I am beautiful, I only feel like an timeworn women, who has uprooted her child to make a new life somewhere else.” Helen did respond.

He presses the stethoscope over her breast, moving it with a slight tingle that made Helen feel a chill running down her spine and then back up it again. It was an awkward chill, almost more like a thrill.

“Do you think maybe something is wrong doctor?”

Hmmmmm, Helen I don’t think so, but with how shy you are, I am afraid the next few steps of today exam, might make you anxious for a while.” He withdraws the stethoscope and stares at Helen.

She feels another tremble inside her chest.

Doctor, what does u mean?’

You see, what I need for you to do Helen is to fully cooperate with me, and we will get the last two matters over with, first for a correct diagnosis.” Dr. Morris started to explain.

“I will need you to remove your white cotton skirt please.”

“Oh, umm I, I, why must, oh Dr. Morris, but you do have my cooperation, but, umm I, I will remove it, if that is what is required.”  Helen stumbled over her words, being cooperative is what she knew was right, but being extremely bashful at the moment not only made her more embarrassed, it made her flush with the electrifying surges that were going through her sex .  

Dr. Morris push his stool on wheels back about 12inches and reached for Helens small white hand, and helped her down of the exam table. He looked at her beauty for a brief moment, and then removed his eyes form her figure, giving her a moment to remove her skirt. 

“Helen the bra, it must come off too.” Dr. Morris said has he stood walking to rewash his hands.

Helen was an attractive woman, long legs that were smoothly shaven and remarkably tan for the time of the year it was. Her breast were just big enough, but smaller than the average women, her tummy was bare and she shook as she finished taking off her bra first.

She quickly places her hands over her bosom to avoid any accidental exposure of her breasts.  Although, realizing that she also must remove her arms, which protected and hid her small boobs, so she could remove her cotton skirt.

Helen did so quickly, placing the skirt on the exam table; right over top over her blouse and now even white lacy bra.

OHHHHH it is cold in here Dr.” Helen muttered, almost more like whimpering.

Dr. Morris turns around, and points down at her shoes; and Helen hastily removes them.


You see Helen, maybe this feels embarrassing too you, but it must be understood that we here at academy, even our mothers must be healthy, and in proper shape. Dr. Morris spoke like a scolding father; making Helen feel even more like a shy little girl sitting waiting for a painfully shot.

 “By you removing your clothing Helen,  I can take a better look at what you have put your own body through, and what it might need to make it more resilient again.” 

“You must be tough and powerfully passionate with taking respectable and decent care of yourself; it will be the only way you will continue to benefit Tommy, so he can get stronger and more resilient to his responsbiltis.” The scolding seemed lenghthy but logical, so Helen listened.

“Plus, I owe you a spanking too young lady, and I do not administer those over anyone’s outer clothing.”

Ohhhh… Noooo, noo, Dr. I, I, Why, and Umm, please why are you going, why do you say you owe me a spanking.”  What was left of Helens comfort level disappeared; she was frightened, and couldn’t find a way to stop her troubled breathing.

“As a matter of fact I do owe you a spanking, One you were late with you son, two, you must learn to be disciplined, it will in return help you discipline Tommy in the future when he is in need of it, or at least it will teach you to have him disciplined here at our school.” Dr. Morris spoke clear rational, but thick-skinned response.

“Third because you will need to get over being so shy, reluctant and nervous when a man is in a room with you.”

“Adorably shy females, are a weakness young lady, and you need to remove yourself from the pits of unknown fears and nerves. Come out fighting with confidence, and assertive mannerism. These are what you’ll need it will help you learn to only tolerate wholesome behaviors from your growing son.”  Dr. Morris’s words were like hot draggers of ear piercing scolding. Helen’s tummy ached because, she knew he was right.

He gently pushes her hands aside, listening to her lungs.  Moving his stethoscope from front to back, and then listening to her sides, this would give him the understanding her lungs were fine. He instructed her to lie down, and place her arms to the side. She did as she was asked and kept her speech to herself. He felt and put pressure in her abdomen, and then made a few circles with his fingertips while pressing down into Helen’s tummy.

Her breasts are fully exposed now, Dr. Morris also takes the time to place his fingertips on her breast and do a full exam to both of them, he would even pinch the nipple making Helen wince and close her eyes tighter. Dr. Morris finished the exam, by feeling the lymph nodes in Helen’s neck, and then spoke cold, and demanding.

“Okay young lady; let’s turn that petite body over, so I can check your spine, and see the bottoms of those feet, the feet tell a doctor a lot about a person.

“Okay, I guess doctor.” Helen said with hesitation. She wasn’t for sure if it had to do with rolling onto her aching tummy, or if it was for the weird comment Dr. Morris just said, about feet being a way of telling someone about someone else’s health.

Helen turned her head away and rolls over onto to her stomach. She lay in her white undies and went back to closing her eyes tight. It was cold in the room and she could feel the goose bumps all over her skin.

Dr. Morris runs his fingertips down Helen’s spine and back up again; stopping to feel the nodes under her arms, and again moving back up to Helens neck. He walks around the table and looks at Helen’s bare bottom feet, and runs his finger nail up the center of both of them, tickling and making Helen’s body shiver and wiggle from the unexpected light scratch her feet just felt. She didn’t laugh, but instead felt the heat rise back through her face.

Doctor Morris moves his strong body back around the examination table and stands to the right side. Takes a deep breath and sighs.

“Did you finish doctor?” Helen asked as she started to flinch and prepare to move and sit up.

As a matter of fact, hmmm, not yet, young lady.”  Dr. Morris reaches down with force places his left hand into the small of Helen’s back. With what little strength it took, Dr. Morris had pinned Ms. Davis to the examination table face down, and in the proper position for a good spanking; he swiftly tugged her white undies down with his right hand, and pulled until they rested just above her skinny knees.

Oh, noo!” Helen gasped loudly, her face turning fire engine red. She tried to sit up, and could not bring her pinned hips up into a sitting position; her legs started to protest, but was interrupted with the beginning of her embarrassing spanking she was going to receive.

“From this day ON, SPANK-SPLAT, you will only guide your son with, WHAP-SPANKsupport, not BY being a full time attendant SPANK-SPLAT-WHAP, to all his little desires, you must SPANK-SPANK only help and guide him, SLAP-SLAP-SMACK, not do it all for him.” SPANK-WHAP-WHAP-SPLAT. Dr. Morris spanked Helen merciless with his right palm, he alternated cheeks, bringing his hand down with a heavy smack, turning her bottom cheeks a light shade of pink.

SPANK-WHAP-SPANK-SPLAT-SPANK-WHAP-WHAP, the spanking was loud, and Helens cries and yelps could be heard by several individual in the hallway, still waiting to see the doctor that day.

“If you continue, SPANK-WHAP to teach Tommy, that he has n, WHAP-SMACK-SPANK, responsibilities in taking care of himself, SPANK-SPLAT, you will have a young male adult, SPANK-SPLAT-WHAP, who still will depend on mommy, SPANK-SPANK-SPANK to wake him up for a job.”

Dr. Morris delivered several dozen spanks to Helens sits spot, making her legs kick and squirm under his controlling pin.

“This spanking is the first of many I have a feeling for you Ms. Davis.”


“I will need to teach, SPANK-SPANK, and administer SOME, SPANK-SPANK, hard discipline young lady, by my firm spankings, I guarantee you will learn to help guide Tommy, SPANK-SPANK, on the right self-controlled paths.” SMACK-SPANK Dr. Morris ended the spanking with 6 hard smacks to Helen’s very red bottom. Then releasing his pressure, and unpinning Helen, she laid crying holding her bottom in her hands, tears absorbing into her white skirt.

“Get dressed Helen, and I will see you in the hall.”

“Ye, yee, yeeesss, doctor.” Helen said through her embarrassed tears and sobs.



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