Acknowledgments: True Confessions (AS)

Judge rules bare-bottom spanking of girl, 14, by man okay By Sheila McLaughlin, The Cincinnati Enquirer, January 17, 2003

MASON – A judge on Thursday acquitted a middle-aged psychologist of an assault charge for pulling down a 14-year-old girl’s pants and spanking her hard enough to cause bruises.

The prosecutor and children’s advocates expressed surprise at the decision in a corporal punishment case that raised questions about how far a nonparent can go in disciplining another person’s child.

Gary Freudenthal, 49, of Blue Ash, testified Thursday that he thought he had permission from previous conversations with the girl’s grandmother – her legal guardian – to discipline the child, who was a friend of his daughter.

On Aug. 31, Mr. Freudenthal, a single father, said he was upset because the girl was picked up by police the night before on drug and curfew violations when she was supposed to be spending the night at his house after attending a football game with his daughter.

So, he went to the grandmother’s Mason home about 9:30 a.m.walked into the girl’s bedroom after asking the grandmother where she was, took the girl out of bed, placed her over his knee and spanked her.

When the girl laughed, Mr. Freudenthal said he pulled her bikini bottoms down and administered another spanking. A police officer testified that the spanking caused bruising on the girls’ upper legs and buttocks.

“I spanked her hard enough so she could feel it … so it would sting, so she wouldn’t be able to sit down, so she would remember it,” Mr. Freudenthal testified. “She was so out of control.”

He said he hugged the girl after the spanking and told her, “I’m sorry it has come to this, but I want you to live.”

The girl’s grandmother said she did not give Mr. Freudenthal permission to strike the child, although she had discussed her granddaughter’s discipline problems with Mr. Freudenthal.

City Prosecutor Robert Peeler told Judge George Parker that the issue was clear-cut: “Did he commit an act where he caused or attempted to cause physical harm?” to the teen, which are the elements of a misdemeanor assault charge.

“This case was about whether a 49-year-old man has the right to go into someone else’s house and pull down the pants of the 14 year-old girl and strike her,” Mr. Peeler said after Judge Parker issued his verdict.

“It was undisputed there was physical harm. My position was that under any set of circumstances, (Mr. Freudenthal) crossed the line.”

Judge Parker alluded to a police report that included comments from the girl’s grandmother that the spanking was “appropriate.” The grandmother denied that statement from the witness stand.

Mr. Freudenthal said he was relieved by the verdict and insisted that he did nothing wrong.

“I was trying so hard to be there for this kid,” he said, adding that he felt he was acting in a parental capacity that day. “Parents should be free to do what is in their best perception to control their children.”

Yvette McGee Brown, president of the Center for Child and Family Advocacy in Columbus and a former domestic relations and juvenile judge in Franklin County, said she was puzzled by the verdict, given the circumstances of the case.

“It sounds like assault. There is no authority I’m aware of that gives someone who is not the parent the right to spank or hit the child,” she said.

However, if consent was clearly given, a judge or jury could lean toward acquitting the defendant, she said.

“You can’t hit a neighbor’s dog, so what was he doing hitting a teen-age girl?” said Nadine A. Block, executive director of the Center for Effective Discipline, a Columbus-based national organization that opposes corporal punishment.



Over the years the only school spankings I had witnessed or even heard about at school were of boys, but then this one incident occurred when I was in 6th grade (11 years old) that I found quite memorable. In the strict environment of our catholic school there was no such thing as getting a hall pass to go to the bathroom. A couple of times a day we were given bathroom breaks where we were led single file out into the hallway and were expected to stand silently and wait our turn to get a drink from the water fountain and go to the boys or girls room. It was absolutely forbidden for us to talk or make any other sort of noise. After our bathroom break was complete we were led single file back to our desks.

Most of the time that bathroom break process was uneventful, but on one particular day after we were all seated, Sister Mary announced that one of the girls was caught talking while we were out in the hall. She told Kathy (not her real name) to come up to the front of the classroom. Kathy was a tall blond girl and she was of course dressed in the standard school uniform of a navy blue pleated skirt and white blouse. Kathy slowly walked up to the front of the room and Sister Mary announced that she was sorry to have to do this, but that the girls need to know that if they misbehave they will be punished just like the boys are.

Sister Mary then picked up the long wooden pointer, and bent Kathy over at the waist. She then hooked her hand into the waist of Kathy’s skirt to hold her in place, raised the pointer up and:

Swoosh Wack .. Ouch, the pointer came down hard, and then the second swat hit,
Swoosh .. Wack .. Yelp

You could see that Kathy started trying to get away, but Sister Mary just held her in position, and then brought the pointer down the third time:

Swoosh .. Wack . Ooww!

Kathy tried to block the next swat with her hand and Sister Mary told her she better move it unless she wants to get her palms swatted with the pointer. Just after her hand was out-of-the-way the fourth swat landed:

Swoosh . Wack Oooww!

After which Kathy you could hear Kathy start to cry. Sister Mary then followed up fairly quickly with the fifth and sixth swats:

Swoosh .. Wack Swoosh .. Wack… This had Kathy crying harder.

Sister Mary then let her stand up and sent her back to her desk where she continued to sob quietly for several minutes.

During the whole incident, even though I was supposed to be reading, I couldn’t get myself to stop watching. I do recall that I had a strange mixture of feelings. I felt sorry for her because I could tell how painful and embarrassing it was for her and at the same time I felt some strange sort of excitement, which I didn’t understand at the time.

In retrospect, I think incidents like these played a role in developing my Spanko tendencies.

Most of the parental punishment spankings I can recall came from my father. But, I do recall my mother giving some spankings when I was growing up.

The most significant one that I do recall came when I was around 8 years old. By that age my mother usually resorted to the “wait until your father gets home” line, but I believe during this incident my father was out-of-town on business and was not going to be home for several days. I can’t remember what my particular misdeed was, but I do recall that she was very angry with me.

My mother’s usual weapon of choice was a fairly heavy kitchen spatula, which she normally just used to threaten me with to get me to listen, but, in some cases she would actually put it to use. Usually she only gave a couple quick swats over whatever clothes I was wearing at the time. But in some cases, as in this particular scenario, it was more intense. Following is a recreation from that particular event based on what I can recall:

Mom: “I can’t believe that you did this Allen, you should know better!”
Me: “I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to.” I whined.
Mom: “You are going to be a lot sorrier when I’m done with you! Now go to your room and I will be in to deal with you in a few minutes.”
Me: “Mom, please don’t spank me”
Mom: “Go to your room now!!!” SWAT! SWAT!
Me: “Owww!! “ As I scurried off to my room.

I then laid on my bed trying to think of a way to get out of what I knew was coming, but deep inside I knew it was unavoidable. Then a few moments later my mom walked into my room carrying the dreaded kitchen spatula.

Mom: “Allen get out of that bed.”
Me:”Please mom, don’t spank me!” I said with tears of anticipation already forming in my eyes.
Mom: “The more you argue with me the worse you are going to get it!”

After which I reluctantly climbed out of bed.

Mom: “Now drop your pants and underwear!”
Me: “ No mom, please don’t..” I whined.

Mom then grabbed my arm and turned me around and gave me two quick swats with the spatula:

SWAT! Owww! SWAT! Nooo!

Mom: “The more you argue the worse it is going to be”

At which point I slowly started to fumble with unbuttoning my pants.
Mom: “Hurry” SWAT! “Up” SWAT!”

At that point I started to cry, both from the sting that was developing in my bottom and in anticipation of what was coming, as I quickly lowered my pants and underwear.

Mom: “Now lay over the edge of the bed” At that point not wanting to make it any worse I did so reluctantly.

Shortly after I laid over the end of the bed the first several swats started to fall:


I then tried to roll onto my side to protect my bottom and then mom said:

“You are only going to make it worse for yourself. Now get back into position and take your spanking like a big boy, or I will have your dad use his belt on you when he gets back in town.”

After hearing that I did move back into position reluctantly because as much as the spatula stung it wasn’t as bad as Dad’s belt. As soon as I was back in position, mom followed up with several additional smacks:


By the end I was blubbering like a baby. Then mom said: “Honey I’m sorry I had to punish you like this but you know you deserved it. Now get changed into your pajamas because you are in your room for the night.”

Once my crying settled down I slowly changed into my PJ’s and laid in bed rubbing my sore bottom until I fell asleep.


Spanked as a child?
Very rarely! If I had been exceptionally misbehaved, my mother would grab arm, turn me around and administer a single hard swat on my backside while she lectured me. That’s it! No canings, no standing in the corner, no being spanked repeatedly until I cried, no use of implements and no clear rules of when a spanking was earned.
I guess I could call my mother the surprise-attack kind of spanker. Sometimes she would let me get away with anything, sometimes she would get very angry at me and send me to my room, sometimes she would threaten me by saying that I would get spanked but without doing anything about it, sometimes she would just laugh at me when I charmed my way out of the trouble and of course, SOMETIMES she grab me by surprise and swat me. It did the trick… I did cry when she ambushed me that way, but mostly out of surprise.
It has happened so rarely that I can only remember a very few times and when I was spanked, it was in no way a “sexual” experience for me (thank God)!
However, I must have sexualized spankings at some point anyway. Whether it has to do with those very very very few spankings or something else entirely, I do not know. I grew up in a very loving family and I adore both of my parents, so there is absolutely no traumatic cliché-happenings there.
Does it matter where this obsession came from?
Not unless it becomes a problem or if it is something that you are unhappy about, in my point of view. I LOVE my sexuality and I LOVE spankings. I intend to enjoy this “hobby” of mine to the fullest without giving a rat’s behind about where it came from.
When did my spankingfetish start?
Waaaay back when I was little. I remember playing spanking with my dolls and teddy bears… Even back then I knew it was something I should “keep to myself”, something that was naughty and something that tickled my fancy pleasantly when I played my little secret games. Thus, it was always something I did behind closed doors and I never involved my friends in these games either as I somehow knew it was taboo.
Later on, the fantasies became more and more elaborate and I made up entire story lines and little worlds in my mind. I could often spend hours on my own thinking up plots and characters in my little stories and would prefer this to a Disney movie or a bedtime story anytime if I was given half the chance.
Now, let’s not make it sound like I did nothing but fantasize all day long 😉 I had many friends, I played hide and seek, I went to amusement parks, I played with my toys and acted just like any normal little kid would do as well – just to get that straight!
What about later on?
Once I began realising that boys weren’t as annoying and uninteresting as I had initially thought, my spanking fetish went away for a little while. I was focused on being a teenager, I trained martial arts a lot, I starting going out with my friends, went to parties…etc
Once I began high school, the fantasies returned with full force. I searched on the internet and read all about domestic discipline, spanking, bondage, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism…and I knew then and there that I belonged to a sexual minority. My research continued and I started chatting with others who had the same interests. I exchanged stories and fantasies, I wrote letters…but I was still too young to meet up with anybody I felt and I couldn’t join BDSM clubs before turning 18.
I still dated of course…and I was happy, in love, had boyfriends, flirted, was interested in school and had fun like everybody else.
I did feel that there was something missing from my relationships in a sexual aspect though! I was turned on by my boyfriends and of course I wanted the intimacy…but I found it to be so very very very dull and mechanic in the long run. I wanted to explore, to seduce, to take risks with my latent exhibitionist and more than anything I wanted to include dominance in our relationship…and especially spanking! I slowly “smuggled” bondagerobe and tawses inside the bedroom and tried to seduce my boyfriend into taking control over me. I was a lot more experienced and a lot more assertive than he at that point though, so it ended up with me topping…and to my surprise, I absolutely loved being the one in control as well. He was absolutely repulsed by the thought of bringing anything painful into our relationship and even proclaimed that spanking and the like was sick and deviant.
I lost most of my interest in him after that. Not because I didn’t have feelings for him, but desperately trying to keep things strictly vanilla while pushing away my own absolutely glorious fantasies to satisfy his need to be utterly boring and decent, didn’t do a lot of good in our relationship.
To make a very long story short(er), we split up in the end and I wrote a profile on a dating site called “scor” in Denmark. I was contacted by an insaaaaaane number of nasty men who sent pictures of their genitals to me, wanted to strangle me or organise gangbang-rape scenes with me as the recipient. Suffice to say that I turned them all down and I was almost annoyed that when I FINALLY was ready to come out of my closet, only sick people seemed to notice. I did get some very nice letters, but none of them were “just right”.
Then the day came when…
A Sadistic/Dominant BDSM couple contacted me. The man in the relationship had written one of the most eloquent and exciting letters I had ever received in my life. We talked a bit, decided to meet…and all of a sudden I was involved in a sadomasochistic threesome that lasted almost a year.
We didn’t play a lot with “spanking” as a genre on its own. It was incorporated into a multifaceted world of kink and I was introduced to everything from ,needle play, bondage, fire play, violet wands, wax play, bondage….and so on. That way I found out that my turn ons as a masochist are vast even though I have a special love for old fashioned spanking.
The relationship ended when I had to move to another part of the country to commence my studies. We are still very close friends and we often see each other and keep in contact.
At the beginning of our relationship, I was introduced to the Danish BDSM scene. I became (and still am) a member of the BDSM association called SMil as well the fetish scene, Manifest.
Also I embraced my own dominant side…but that’s another story all ..

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