Another Savannah story

Hey this is another story about my character Savannah this is a
fictional story that I have made up. any resemblence of people living
or dead is by accident.

Hi if you don’t know me, my name is Savannah and this is a story that
happened to me when I was nine.

you see we had just moved into this house, and when we were going
through it I found a bunch of old soda cands still unopened. Well I
begged my mom to let me have some fun busting them open and she told
me I could as long as I was careful and to put the empty cans in the
recycling bag. so it takes me a few trips but I finally get all the
cans outside. Starting out there were about 50 cans altogether to
open. I sit there for a little bit trying to think of how I could
have some fun with them. then I start to get ideas. the first 7 I
lined up in a row from the front porch railing and knocked them off
with rocks and watched them bust open on the ground. but that was
kinda boring. then I get what I thought would be a great idea. I run
and get the set of children size golf clubs my dad gave me when I
first started to take golfing lessons with him. (father daughter time)
so I put a bunch of the cans on the ground as if they were the ball
and I pull back into my swing and I slice badly straight into the car
window of my mom’s car. did you know that the sound of breaking glass
has to be the loudest noise you could imagine when you have parents
who spank? just when you want everything quiet this has to happen.
well my mom runs outside steaming mad and turns to me before barking
out one thing at me. GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW YOUNG LADY!!!!! not wanting
to upset her farther I run straight for my room and I close the door
softly behind me. Before I run straight to my bed where I sit down to
think of how I can get out of sleeping on my tummy tonight. after
about ten minutes she comes in with the ping pong paddle in her hand.
I beg her not to spank me and that I am too old she simply tells me
to bare my bottom. I resist and instead try to argue with her which
does not seem to make her mood any better. she storms over to me and
half pushes half forces me to lay on the bed face down. she then
proceeds against my struggles to lift up my skirt. because I am still
struggleing to get up and begging her not to spank me, she lifts her
hand and issues three stinking swats to my pantied bottom SWAT!!!
SWAT!!! SWAT!!! I cry out with each swat and after the third she
tells me to quit my struggleing or I would never sit for a week. with
that threat I stop struggleing and get ready to take my medicine so to
speak. she reaches over and pulls down my panties. I start to cry and
beg her not to spank me on the bare. my mom replies that I have been
giving her lip all week and then I go ahead and pull a stupid stunt
like what i did I deserve what I am about to get. with a lump in my
throat and tears in my eyes I simply nodd my head. once my bottom is
bared, she starts in on a warm up spanking with her hand. crisp swats
reign down about one every 2 or 3 seconds. SWAT!!! SWAT!! SWAT!!
SWAT!! SWAT!! I really start to cry as my bottom starts to warm up.
SWAT!!! SWAT!!!! SWAT!!! SWAT!!! my legs are really going now as my
bottom really starts to sting. SWAT!!!!! I gasp as the burn from the
paddle takes over the sting from the hand. I didn’t even notice a
pause as she picked up the paddle.. SWAT!!!! SWAT!!! SWAT!!! I beg her
to stop.. puhhhhhhhhlezzzzzz mommy my butt hurts I cry I won’t ever
do it again… pleassssseeee stop mommy I hurt, I cry but instead of
stopping she goes back to lecturing me… you SWAT!!! were SWAT!!!
very SWAT!!! naughty SWAT!!! and SWAT!!! disrespectful SWAT!!! with
SWAT!! other SWAT!! people’s SWAT!!! stuff SWAT!!!! yessssss mommmmy I
cry I wonnnntttt doooo it again pleasseeee stop I beg.. SWAT!! SWAT!!
SWAT!!! finally she stops and tells me to be more respectful and
careful with or around other people’s stuff or she will won’t
hesitate to paddle my butt again. I choke out a yes as she leaves the
room. I cry on my bed soaking my blanket for 10 mins before mom comes
in and give me a hug telling me she forgives me. I hug her back and we
both say I love you. she leaves me in my room as I lay down and doze
off to sleep taking a nap.

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