Are you a Brat, take the quiz to see…

1 For how long have you been a brat, if you think you are one?

I’ve been one since birth. Duh!

I became a brat somewhere around my teen years… It happens to everyone, honestly!

My first relationship changed me. Happy it did!

I am rarely a brat. I ‘pratice’ it only now and then.

2 Is bratting annoying you?


Sometimes… What’s too much is too much!

Usually not. But some brats can become annoying.

“Are you calling *me* annoying?”

3 What is a Top? Pick the statement that attracts you most.

A Dom/Domme. How come *you* don’t know that?

Someone who can control, love, help, and spank me.

A funny creature with a rich imagination. He/She even imagines that he/she can control me.

The target of all my evil actions.

4 Pick a color for your clothes from below:

Pink – it’s so sweet! I look innocent.

Black – the Top has to learn who’s the boss around here!

Baby blue – I just look adorable in blue.

Navy – Smart and serious. A brat in disguise can brat more successfully.

What is corner time?
A time out when I can muse over my bad behavior.

That special moment that helps me calm down after a tantrum.

The perfect way to build anticipation and/or submission.

The moment I’ve been waiting for all week. Now let me find those crayons for the walls, ok?

6 Pick the implement of your choice, please:



Cane or rod


7 Good, now that you’ve picked your implement, pick a position for your spanking:

Over the knee, the Top seated on the bed or on a chair.

Bent over the arm of the sofa or the back of a chair.

Over the Top’s knee, his/her leg planted on a stool or coffee table, his/her arm around your waist, my feet not touching the ground.

Face down on the bed or maybe the diaper position.

8 What kind of spanking this should be?

Punishment spanking! I know that’s what it is.

A good spanking before the sex starts.

Erotic spanking while we’re having sex.

A few playful pats on my behind.

9 Okay, you have your fav fantasies, but this time you did something really bad and you *will* be spanked. What implement comes out for your punishment?

The hand will be enough. I won’t do it again anyway.

Hand and hairbrush maybe. I did a pretty bad thing, after all.

Hand, hairbrush, *and* belt. I’m in serious trouble.

Crap! I should burn all the implements right now… or at least hide them!

10 “Over my knee!”, the Top says. You:

Immediately comply. You don’t want to make things worse.

Fight him for a while, maybe even pretend to bite.

Protest, cry, argue, but also comply.

“You have to catch me first!”

11 Who takes the panties down:

The Top. Because he/she wants that.

The Top. Because I like it.

I do. Because he/she wants me to.

I do. Because that’s how I like it.

12 Your butt looks best in what shade?

A few hand marks are enough, really.

Pink! I’m not *that* bad!

Actually red is good enough.

Crimson, because I deserve it.

13 Which one is better?

Anticipating a spanking. All those butterflies…

I am spontaneous so the Top better be spontaneous too!

14 The Top: “You are in very big trouble!” So, what did you do that was that bad?

Oh, yeah, I got another stupid speeding ticket! So what?

I kind of forgot to post the letters, pay the taxes, the credit card… Small stuff like that, you know?

Well, I snapped at him a few times, and maybe I also made a few smart remarks. I thought I was funny!

I’ve been spending lots of money shopping online and at the Mall. Yes, I still have lots left to buy!

15 “Count the strokes for me,” the Top says. So, how’s your counting coming along?

So good that I amaze myself!

I rarely count them wrong, really… I’m good at ‘working under pressure’.

Was that seven or four? Have no idea!

“You count them!”

16 How do you communicate your spanking needs to your partner?

Talks face to face, making jokes.

Can’t do it face to face. Better use emails and letters.

Let him/her guess by giving him/her hints and playing games

Show him/her a conclusive story or picture.

17 Weird question, please – Which food could get you in a bratting mood?

Chocolate cake, brownies, messy stuff in general.

Chocolate. Yum yum!

Ice-cream is very lickable.

Fruits… Maybe apples and bananas.

18 How many hard spankings can help you behave, even if for a short while?

One a day keeps the brattiness away.

One good one every two days.

If I get spanked good I might not need another for a few days.

I can be good for almost an entire week! Ok, maybe even two.

19 And think before you answer! Have you ever gotten your friends into trouble?

Yeah, once, and I regret it.

A couple of times and I’m sorry for my friend(s).

Many times! It was fun!

“Let me tell you about my next plan…” *weg*

20 Do your neighbors know that you’re a spanko?

Hopefully! I’m not making all that noise for nothing!

Hopefully not. But they might have heard me.

I’m not sure. I try not to make too much noise, but sometimes it’s just too hard to keep quite.

Most certainly not.

21 The hottest fantasy for you features:

Yourself, being yourself, and getting spanked for it.

You, being a schoolgirl spanked by the Headmaster teacher.

You, being a brat while playing ‘house’.

You, as a slave in a Master and slave fantasy.

22 Your spanking fantasy takes place:

Somewhere where everyone can see/hear me (Mall, parking lot, spanking party, etc).

A place where there’s always a chance to get caught (in a car on the highway, forest, park late at night).

At home, all windows open, making a lot of noise – who cares about the neighbors? Let them know!

At home, all windows closed, door locked, no noise if possible.

23 Your neighbor is getting a spanking and, by the sound of it, she/he is enjoying it. You:

Turn the TV off, grab a glass, and use it against the wall to hear better.

Turn the lights off, grab the binoculars, hide behind the curtains and try to catch a glimpse of it. Hopefully they won’t see you!

Masturbate and fantasize about it while he/she is getting spanked.

Ignore the spanking and go on with your life.

24 The next morning you will probably:

Smile knowingly when you see her/him.

Simply say “hello” as if nothing has happened.

Confront her/him in the elevator and invite her/him for a chat.

Leave an anonymous kinky note in her/his mail box, then watch from the distance her/his reaction.

25 Finally, do you really consider yourself a brat?

Call me when you need help with a spanking! I can get you one in no time!

Ok, so I am a brat now and then. But I do it mostly for the spankings.

I am most definitely not a brat.

I’ve wasted enough time with this dumb test! Gotta go annoy my partner.

To score this test, just evaluate your answers, and well if your taking the test then your a brat because you actually think you need a test to tell you are.

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