“Aunt Jillian and Uncle Paul” by WIdget Gidget

Aunt Jillian and Uncle Paul

Laura arrived as planned to drop off her kids, as she was going away for the weekend. She sent the kids to take the bath Jillian had run for them, and told us that they had become unruly again and asked if we would we give them a good thrashing, please.
Her kids were a boy, 14 and a girl, 12. Both of them were good looking adolescents.
“Of course, have a great weekend”. Laura left with a wink and, “You too we replied
We had had them over for visits before this particular weekend of spankings, and had an idea, that they had come to enjoy their visits, especially recently.
Jillian was wearing a loose frock and I was in PJ’s. “Usual scene, honey?” said Jillian. I felt beneath her frock and found her pussy, slightly damp. I strummed her clit a little.
“Let’s go and get the kids”, I said in Jillian’s ear.
We went up to the bathroom and opened the door to see them facing each other, intent on things underwater between them.
I coughed. They both sat up in fright. We helped them out of the tub and wrapped them in towels. We took them to our bedroom and made ourselves comfortable sitting on our bed. They stood in front of us, drying themselves.
They both had light dusting of pubic hair and neither seemed shy of us. We asked them why they thought their mom had asked us to spank them.
“We have been unruly, disruptive and disobedient and mom doesn’t like to spank us, but it is not true”, piped up the girl. “Well I broke curfew, and we both trashed our rooms because mom didn’t like the graffiti we had sprayed and told us to remove it with solvent.
“We sniffed the solvent and wrecked our rooms instead”.
Well, young lady “That certainly deserves a spanking”, I told her. She pouted, and began to cry. “Dry your tears, my dear. I am going to spank the boy first. Sit on the chair facing the bed and watch”. The boy burst into tears.
I took the boy by the elbow. His towel was gone and I gave Jillian a long look at his erect cock, and then pulled him over my knee.
I began to spank him, his feet to my right, his torso draped across the bed. I felt Jillian rub her pussy against my back. As I reached behind me to stimulate her, Jillian made room so she could be finger-fucked.
“Thrash him harder, dear”, she whispered. I rubbed her clit and g-spot while spanking the boy harder. He was wailing and promising to be good. I stood him up, showing off his still hard cock to Jillian and the girl. Their eyes sparkled.
I rose, went to a cupboard and got the tawse. It was soft, black leather and it had three prongs. I put the boy back over my knee and told him he was getting 6 lashes as a finale. I flogged, gave him one hard and felt Jillian at my back. I reached back and found her soaking cunt. I rubbed it fast and hard as I flogged the boy. He bucked, panted and cried. The last flog fell and he yelped. I kept him over my knee while I stimulated his Aunt until I felt her cunt tighten and heard her gasping. I thought I saw the 12-year old slip a finger between her legs.
I stood the boy up. His erection had gone. His cock hung down against his balls. The girl and Jillian noticed. “OK, you two. Swap places”, I tell them. The boy sat gingerly on the chair and the girl came over to me completely naked.
“Please don’t use the tawse, uncle”, the girl pleaded. “I’ll be good – really”. Jillian had sat up. She said, reasonably, “If you take the spanking well, maybe Uncle won’t tawse you, dear”, she said. I agreed and pulled the girl into position. Jillian moved behind me. I reached back.
I spanked the girl hard, pausing between smacks to concentrate on Jillian. The girl settled into the routine, humping her front against my throbbing, pajama-clad cock. After about 20 spanks, Jillian whispered in my ear, “Really give her it”. I sped up the spanks and their intensity thrashing her severely. The girl leaps to her feet and danced round the room, crying, holding her blazing buns.
“Now you can tawse her, Hun”, Jillian whispered.
I caught the girl and pulled her back to the bed. The tawse was on the bed. “6 of the tawse for you young lady, pass it to me.”.
The girl picked it up and passed it to me, sniveling. I felt its weight.
“Please don’t Uncle. I’ll do anything – anything – not the tawse”. I liked the sound of that, and apparently so did the boy who sat looking gleeful, with a new erection. Jillian moved against me. I reached back. The girl slid very slowly over my knee, pausing to glimpse at my tented PJ’s. As she moved forward she caught a feel of my cock with her left hand. “6”, I repeated when she had settled. Jillian was moving on my fingers.
I gave her one on each cheek, paused and ran the tawse gently over the hot bottom while seeing to Jillian with my left. Two more has the girl screaming and kicking. I held her fast as I felt Jillian push urgently against my fingering. The girl was wriggling and humping against my leg.
I flogged her once and rubbed Jillian harder.
“Last one, dear”, I told the bucking girl. She rubbed her puss hard down on me and tensed her buns. The last stroke made a loud crack and the girl humped and writhed against me. Jillian groaned and pushed hard against my fingers. I felt her cunt squeeze my fingers and heard her gasp. The girl had collapsed, sobbing.
We got the kids, Jillian, the boy who sported a healthy erection, and I the girl who had recovered and led them to the spare room which had a double bed and a table with a jar of cold cream.
We left for our room. Jillian removed her loose frock and I stripped. “I came twice”, said Jillian. “It is your turn”. She invited me to lie on the bed and started to wank me hard.
“Please don’t Uncle. I’ll do anything – anything – not the tawse”, Jillian laughed. “I saw that you almost came when she said that”.
“Wait”, I said. “Let’s see what they are up to”.
We tiptoed to their room. The door was ajar and the bedside light on. The girl was speaking.
“I got that tingly feeling over Uncle’s knee. Do you want me to give you the feeling.” “ I can use my hand or my mouth”.
The boy replied, “It is not fair. You got Uncle, but I didn’t get Auntie. If she spanked me, I’d get the feeling too”.
“That would be great to watch. I could spank you and rub your thing if you like”, said the girl. “Actually, I want to. Stand facing me”. The boy obeyed and moved to her.
The girl, sitting on the bed, pulled him closer. She spanked him slowly watching his cock swell and harden again. She paused and took his cock in her hand and rubbed it with surprising skill.
“I love Uncle spanking me. I wish I could play with his thing”.
Jillian reached for my cock and wanked me hard.
“Enjoying the show”? I was, but I had plans for her in our room to which we retired.
In our room, we got on the bed. “That made me horny”, said Jillian.
“I could spank you and rub your thing if you like. Actually, I want to. Stand facing me”, Jillian laughed again at the girl’s words.
I obeyed though and stood in front or her. “Not here silly, get up onto the padded bench”. This was where we had most of our fun. I climbed on and felt my cock and balls hanging free between the forked hip supports. Jillian took hold and wanked me, leaning over my torso.
“6 lash of the tawse. 2 minute wanks between strokes”, she whispered. Jillian was as good as her word and after 10 minutes, I was about to come. Jillian let me up and admired her handwork on my buns and cock. She knew what was coming next and draped herself over the bench. I rubbed her lily-white bottom and reached beneath to rub her pussy. Jillian pushed against my hand and lifted her bottom.
I picked up the tawse and gave her 4 hard ones. She bucked and cried. I stepped behind her and thrust’s deep into her dripping cunt. She grind-ed rapidly and in time with my thrusts, caused both of us to be near the verge.
I gave her the last two strokes and thrust deeper into her slippery puss. We came together with a lot of noise.
“Hope we didn’t wake the kids”, said Jillian. “Let’s go and check”.

We creep down the hall, quietly. Their door is ajar and the full moon is shining in through the window, so we can easily see what is happening and hear them. The girl is lying on her stomach and the boy is rubbing cold cream on her butt. In the moonlight, the red marks on their butt stand out starkly against their white skin. The girl is making “mmmm mmmmm” noises and thanking him for his efforts to make her feel better.
He thanks her for having already done his butt. “I liked watching them. Did you?” “I liked when Auntie spanked Uncle’, said the boy.
We looked at each other. They had spied on us.
As we watch, she arches her back up presenting her butt to him for more attention. “You really want me to?” he asks. “Oh, yeah, please.” she replies. He gets some more cold cream and slathers it on her anus and his erection, then gently presses his penis into her glory hole. She pushes back against him with a little “oh oh”, then they slowly rock together for a minute until he grunts and spasms.
“Don’t pull out, yet, do me”, she whispers. Keeping his dick in place, he reaches around and starts rubbing her and soon her hips buck and we can see her torso muscles contract, as she has an orgasm. She lowers herself onto the bed, the boy’s now flaccid penis popping out as she lies down.
We open the door. “Having fun, you two?”
“Oh, uh, Uncle Paul, you must have liked what you saw.” She glance at my dick which is sticking straight up.
“I’m wet, too.” She admitted.
Their butt fucking was hot.
“Do you two need another spanking?” Uncle Paul said.
“OK, it will just get us in the mood again, but we are kind of tired.” The girl said
“Hey, since you watched us, can we watch you? Looks like you want us to.”
Jillian needed no encouragement. “Lie down, Paul”. I lie on the floor, my dick pointing at the ceiling. You straddle me and impale yourself and soon are riding me to another heart stopping climax.
“That looked like fun.” said the girl. “I’m never on top because we just butt fuck to keep me from getting pregnant.”
“Good plan.” Jillian and I said in unison.
I like being on top some of the time, but, yeah, the position doesn’t really work really well for back door action.”
“Look, it is late and we probably should get to sleep.” Aunt Jillian said.
“OK, but, uh, can we crawl in with you? You have a king bed and there should be room for all 4 of us and, uh, well…” the boy asked.
We crawl in together and are all soon asleep.
At 7 am, I felt a small hand on my cock. The girl whispered, “We saw you two and we filmed it. If you don’t do what we want, we will upload it to the internet.”
The boy was licking Aunt Jillian’s pussy already. He popped up.
“Go and bathe, and then we will”, Uncle Paul ordered.
We got out of bed, bathed and returned.
Jillian wore a thin cotton nightie and I a bathrobe.
The kids ran to the bathroom.
“I want the boy – naked’, she said. “I want to see you do the girl.”
They returned, wrapped in clean, white towels. The girl came to me, sitting on the bed and the boy went to his Aunt. The girl began, “I want Uncle to spank me and get me off.”
“Same for me from Auntie”, added the boy. “And we want everyone naked”, they said in unison.
Jillian and I removed our clothes, folded them and placed them on a chair.
“Lose those towels, you two”, said Jillian “and fold them and place them on the chair”. They unwrapped and threw the towels to the floor.
I repeated Jillian’s command. “No. You are like our mum. Everything has to be tidy, tidy, tidy.” they shouted together. Stamping feet and incoherent temper tantrum followed.
I grabbed the girl and Jillian, the boy. We pulled them to over our knees.
Jillian started in on the boys behind; she smacked it with force and made him buck wildly against her thigh, his penis growing, throbbing ready to rub against anything wet.
Uncle Paul threw the girl over his knee and wasted no time rubbing her little ass, he gave it a few circles with his palm then started in on some quick vigorous snaps with his heavy hand. He had the girl howling within seconds.
Ohhh, please it hurts, Uncle please stop; why must it be so hard?” He took the girl and tossed her to the ground, grabbing her legs, spreading them while lifting them up towards his waiting tongue. He licked her delicious puss, she grind ed into his mouth with just enough force, there opposite mouth tongue and grinding puss movement sent the girl screeching into orgasm.
He placed the girl on her knees, “Open”, she did willing. He fucked faced her hard, grabbing her hair and cramming his cock down her throat, chuckling while she gagged a tad. She reached up with her hands to wank on him; he slapped her hands, “No!”
Meanwhile Jillian had the boy between her legs doing some grinding herself. She had her hands around his neck shoving his face lips into her wet pusslips. He licked wildly and moaned like a little kid licking an ice cream cone to fast causing a cold head ache.
Jillian moved and turned opening her ass wide, “Eat that young man”, she said. He did with pleasure. Licking her darkened hole; pushing his tongue in and out. She let out a high-pitched squealing sound. He didn’t stop, instead moved his right hand up and started playing with her g-spot, flicking it, pinching it, rubbing it hard. Jillian’s knee’s buckled and the boy took the opportunity to jump a pond her ass.
“Spread them again.” The boy said. She did. He wasted no time and slammed his harden boy tool deep into her ass. She shuddered as she could not help having yet another orgasm all over the young boy’s hand. It took very little thrusts and the boy pulled out and spewed all over her back.
Jillian gasped, but the boy didn’t give her time to get far. He straddled her head and stuck his cock in her mouth, making her taste her own ass. She invited it, and swallowed him to orgasm again. He released in her throat, why he held her legs high, biting her engorged clitoris. She yelped and purred at the same time. He placed his fingers in her cunt and pounded fast.
Paul finished his load off in the girl’s throat and tossed her to her feet, picking her up and swinging her to the bed face down ass up, he grabs underneath and impales two fingers in her puss, she yelps in shock. He places his thumb in her ass and fucks both her holes with one hand. The young girl’s nerves shake and quiver throughout her small body. “Ohhh, please please.” Her uncle climbs on top of the little girls reddened ass and moves in for a deep pressured thrust, its only seconds and the girl is screaming for the entrance to stop, its bigger then she thought, too late. He pounds her, giving it to her one thrust after another. He continues; she is sweaty, dripping from every inch of her body; he pounds her ass harder, making her beg for him to halt with the most humiliated cries she could express.
He pulls his cock out, flipping the girl and wanking it until he expels all over her face. She licks her lips. He lifts her legs and smacks her cunt hard. She yelps and laughs at him.
They lay exhausted.
“Breakfast anyone?”

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