“Bamm Bamm”

Sara was use to taken bath’s with her younger brother Kenny. So when mommy told her to, “not splash around and watch her younger brother”, why she ran down stairs and checked on dinner, Sara was positive nothing would go wrong.

“Okay mommy”, Sara spoke with such a good dose of young lady confidence.

Sara watched her mother nod her head in approval with how much confident her daughter’ encouraging word’s sounded. She knew she could handle her brother for a brief moment. She just knew it. Four sure this will show her mommy how grown up she can be when the running water was at risk. She can take care of that little boy, it is her brother.

“Now now Kenny, you sit still, Sara spoke in her young lady pre mommy voice. I am going to get the wash cloth wet and wash you dirty feet.”
“DId you have fun in the sand” Sara turned to put the wash cloth under the warm running water and that’s when it happened. That damn brother of her’s always causes trouble. Why would she think today, of all days, he would make it less troublesome?

Kenny was the Bam Bam of all boy’s. Naughty to the bitter end, a no holds brat that needed spanked more often, however… Mommy always had a large cup sitting on the edge of the tub. Mommy would use it to wash her and Kenny’s hair after a long day playing. They would take turn pouring warm water on each others head with it. Kenny didn’t like water or soap near his eye’s. Okay, So what happened? Well the water would collect in the cup from shower’s their older sister Emmy, and their Mommy and Daddy would take earlier in morning. Leaving the water to get quite cold while just sitting in it throughout the day. Just as Sara dipped the wash cloth in the warm running water, that Bratty little Bam Bam poured the cold water right down Sara’s naked backside. She about piss in the clean water it startled her so bad.

“Kenny, you brat.” Sara flung her naked body around and pushed Kenny right in his chest and knocked him back in the the water, clunking his head on the tub. Oh, he was fine, he got up, and hauled off and smacked his sister, who was standing directly in front of him right on her white upper thigh. When Sara reached down to rub her assaulted thigh that damn Bam Bam pulled her hair downwards making her fall face first in the water.

Sara stood straight up spitting bath water out of her mouth and flipping her hair back, flinging water everywhere, she knew she shouldn’t react with such beastliness but her reaction just happened.
SMACK!!, Sara hit Kenny right in his arm, sending him screaming like the little boy he was, but of course Sara did it just as mommy walked in . Now Sara, laid in her bed crying, why is Kenny such a brat? Look what he did again, Kenny had a good way of making one or both of his sisters be lying in their bed, their naked bottom’s bent over a pillow resting under their hips, their rump up high, red and sore from a good spanking he seemed to start but not get in much trouble for.

“Young Lady” Mommy spoke with such shock.

“Mommy Kenny poured cold water down my butt crack, then smacked me, and pulled my hair, I.. I… I was trying to get the wash cloth warm.” Sara spit more water from her mouth.

“SO YOU HIT HIM, So you think you should take it upon yourself to hit your brother, he is just a young boy?”

“Nooo, mommy nooo, he hit me first, right here on my leg Sara pointed.

Kenny wasn’t crying, he was sitting in the water now looking up at his mommy when he decided to finally bud in, “Mommy mommy, her pushed me backwards in the tub, I hit my head.

“Me help mommy, clean Sara stinky butt, peee-uuuu, mommy.” Kenny holds his nose.
“I thought the water was warm, mommy.”, Kenny had those blue eyes, those eyes he could just stare at his mommy in just right way, and she would always turn soft, believe that her little Kenny did not meant any harm. He was just her little Bam Bam.

“You liar Kenny”, Sara was mad now.

“SIt you butt down young lady, and finish you bath, soap that skinny little body up and get it rinsed off” Mommy was mad, you could tell in her voice. She went through the motion of cleaning Kenny’s hair, even through all the squirming, and then went right to washing Sara’s long blond hair.

“Mommy I want my toys.” Kenny points, “please mommy?”

“Okay baby, here you are.” Mommy hands Kenny his bucket of bath cars. He bounces up and down and sits hard in the water.

“No splashing mister, and get out of that tub young lady and get dried off.”
Sara did what her mother said grabbing her pink Hello Kitty towel and starts drying her long hair. She was nervous, mommy and daddy don’t believe in that nonsense about not hitting your children, as consequence to their own hitting. She knew her mommy would spank her for hitting Kenny in the water and knocking his head, so when her mommy grabbed the hairbrush and started brushing her hair in the mirror, Sara wouldn’t even look up to see if her mommy was going to put in the right color of hair tie. Did it matter what color anyways, she probably wouldn’t have PJ bottoms on to match it, let alone panties. Daddy requires the no panties rule, if you have gotten a spanking. Not till the next day when it’s time to get dressed for school.

Mommy finished tighting up Sara’s hair tie that she had just put in ponytail. Kenny was playing in the warm bath water, pretending to have his own car wash. When all of a sudden he heard his mommies cue, it was sudden, but Sara knew it would happen.

“SMACK, the hairbrush hit Sara’s backside sending a scream, “ouchhhhieeee, mommy noooo, mommy, nooo mommy.” In one full motion, Mommy had Sara bend over her left arm, pinned by her waist, legs off the ground, bottom in full view of her baby brother. One smack after another rained down on her Sara’s little bottom, mommy alternating them from one butt cheek to the other, making sure she hit the back of Sara thighs a good dozen times too. Kenny watches, his eyes blink shut with every smack, he only smiles.

“young lady you know better then to push and hit in the bathtub, it is so unsafe. What if you would have hit your brothers head hard enough and knocked him unconscious, your Daddy is going to be very upset with you.”
Mommy continued to spank Sara, her legs kicking, looking like scissors, crissing and crossing in the air, Sara trying everything to get away from the hair brush.
“Alright young lady, get to your room and your butt placed over a pillow on your bed, Daddy is gonna want a piece of it too.”
Sara ran as fast as she could, right past Emmy and her friend, who was there from school to do homework, so they could see what the screaming and commotion was about. Sara did what she was suppose to do and got into the humiliation position, and shoved her crying face into the other pillow. She didn’t want Daddy to belt too.

Mommy went back to Kenny and helped him stand his naked body up and poured some clean warm water all over his cute body. As mommy fully lifted him out of the water she gave him a kiss on the nose, “young man you know better then to hit in the tubby too.” and then mommy gave him two firm spanks right on his wet butt.

“owieeee mommy, Kenny cried for a brief second, and then felt himself get swooped gently and placed on a warm towel, one mommy had placed on the bathroom floor. As mommy talked and talked to Kenny about all the different things he had did that day; the things that had made him so dirty, that mommy had to give his cute butt a bath every night, and he had to learn the rules too. No startling sisters with cold water, mommy said and giggled.
Mommy kissed his clean toes and blew raspberries on his naked belly, making him laugh and smile. Mommy reached and grabbed for a clean diaper and told Kenny to lift his bottom up. As he did mommy slid the diaper right underneath him, straightening out the diaper and folding up and over for a brief second, to make sure it was placed under his butt just right. . Mommy reached for the cream and baby powder and applied some cream, and then started bitting his inner thighs just hard enough with her teeth to make Kenny laugh even harder. He was ticklish there and he loved when mommy bit him like that. After making her baby boy giggle and laugh, she put some talc powder around his balls and made sure his butt hole had enough cream around it, fastened up his diaper and stood him up so she could help him dress into his ninja turtles pjs, kissed him on his cheek and rubbed his head, turned him around and told him to go.
Kenny ran for the hallway. Stopping at Sara’s door to stare at her red blotchy bottom, he stared for minutes at her over the pillow draped naked body, then approached Sara door eventually walking in to the edge of the bed. Kenny stopped at the edge and stared a minute or so longer at his sister. He had been so quiet that Sara hadn’t heard him, but she soon realized he was there when she heard him say in the voice their mommy seems to adores, and said, “that’s what you get for selling my Mustang in you makeshift sandbox dealer ship.” then giggles and ran before mommy could catch him.

Sara cried harder.


Kenny stood in one corner rubbing his sore bottom and sobbing wondering what just happened. Sara was doing the same thing in the opposite corner. They had both just received a spanking from Mommy for fighting over a toy batman car.

That was the part that Kenny did not understand, Sara was more grownup for Christ sake. Yet when Sara had attempted to take a way the car he was playing with, Kenny had fought like a devil. He slapped her right in the face, and screamed and yelled at Sara, for not taking something that wasn’t hers, it was his toy car. He had it first anyways. He was tired of his sister Sara throwing her fat butt around and taking his things, especially his cars.

Now here he was standing in the corner on a towel, just incase he had an accident while standing in there with a sore bare bottom. Kenny sort of thought that Mommy spanked harder even with out the paddle.
Kenny’s other sister Emmy was still playing on the floor, she grateful that she had not been involved when their Mommy walked in. “Well well we sure have here some naughty babies today?” Mommy walked straight to Kenny “I thought I told you all to behave. Kenny was scared he did not want a second spanking.
“Mommy I am sorry I was naughty I promise it will not happen again please don’t be angry with me?”

“Baby boy I am not angry, disappointed is a better word.” Just then Emmy spoke up “Mommy Sara was not a nice in this, she started the little fight they had.” Kenny was just being a little boy.

“Well Kenny have you had enough corner time, I am ready to take my baby boy to his room for a nap, and go start fixing your dinner. Kenny smiled ran and jump into his mommy’s arms. “yes I think I have mommy, I had about enough time. I am sorry mommy, i need a nappy.”
Both Sara and Emmy gave Kenny a dirty look, even though they knew he was just a little boy, he was mommy’s little angel baby, who usually never does anything wrong in her eyes.

Mommy released Sara from the corner, instructing her to say sorry to her brother, and Kenny was instructed to the same. Sara made her way straight up to Kenny. “Sorry Kenny, I know the spanking was all my fault, Please forgive me I am really sorry.”
“It’s okay, I am sorry too.” you shouldn’t take my toys.

Kenny thought about what Sara had said, he believed that Sara was telling the truth. She was truly sorry, so Kenny gave Sara a hug and all was forgiven. Then Mommy scooped him up on her hip, and started to walk to his room. Mommy told Kenny to wave night night, handed him his car, his bottle and started up the staircase.

Just for spite Kenny peed on his Mommy’s hip half way up the staircase, Mommy chuckled, and then laid him on his bed. Mommy rocked Kenny fast asleep, but right after mommy put some soothing lotion on his butt, and diapered his red little bottom.



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