Bear In the Park

Bear In The Park
Contrite Girl

Christel stood quietly beside her Mother in the convenience store check out line. They had just arrived late last night and as usual had found they had forgotten a few of life’s necessities. It was a typical summer vacation away from the United Sates and what she thought of as home. Her Mother had a somewhat different perspective as she was born here and always thought of these summer weeks as her visit home. This year was a little different as her older sister had brought her boyfriend along. Christel had no problem with the situation as she enjoyed the company of the young man. Her Mother, however, was not so pleased with the situation. She found his presence to be an unwelcome intrusion. Her Father had silenced objections early on by welcoming the young man along and treating him like one of the family. Truth be told, he was hopeful that his oldest daughter would soon be married to him.

Christel remained unusually quiet because of an incident just a few moments prior. She hadn’t been sure what to expect on this trip since things were different this year. Now she knew that Kyle’s presence would in no way change anything. She was certain this was mostly her Mother’s way of spiting everyone for liking Kyle. She was going to do her best to make him feel uncomfortable and as intrusive as she felt he was. The problem with that was that Kyle wasn’t going to be the one suffering. Christel was all too painfully aware of his sympathetic eyes on her. Any one in the store that spoke English was well aware of what was going to happen the moment they returned home. Well not home for Christel, but home for her Mother.

Christel’s shame was not a result of Kyle knowing. She knew he had been aware of how she and her sister were punished for years. No, the shame was that this would be the first time he was going to see it actually happen. Standing to her Mother’s side she silently cursed herself for being so obnoxious toward her Mother. She was secretly blaming her older sister even though she knew it was unfair. Her sister just had a way of making her feel like she needed to prove she was a mature young woman. Instead, she often ended up proving just the opposite.

Her Mother conversed with the attendant as the miscellaneous items were totaled. The language was foreign to Christel as most everything else in this place her Mother called home. The look on the attendants face was not foreign though, and Christel understood immediately that her impending punishment was now general knowledge. She had little doubt that the old woman was encouraging her Mother and perhaps even offering advice. It was almost more than she could stand. Christel wished to cry, but instead she simply stood in place and did her best to appear sorrowful.

“Bear in the park. You see soon.” The old woman said to Christel in her best English as they prepared to leave to the store. The evil smile on the old woman’s face made her shiver as she wondered why the woman was telling her about the bear in the park. The park was on their way home and Christel has seen the bear and other animal figures in the park many times. She had even climbed and played on them when she was smaller.

The walk toward home was a quiet one. The uncomfortable silence between all seemed to augment Christel’s imminent chastisement. The walk to the tri-corner where the park sat in the middle of three roads connecting, was the longest half kilometer ever walked. Christel bit her lower lip and appeared downtrodden as they crossed the street and began walking north, parallel to the park’s west border. The streets were a busy mess of cars traveling slowly and the sidewalk had a constant flow of pedestrians. The park was relatively empty, although there were a few young children playing watched by their mother’s. The bear that the old woman had spoke of was in clear site and a young girl was sitting high on it’s back and waving at the passing traffic with a grin of pure delight across her face.

Christel’s Mother slowed as they approach a trail opening into the park on their right. She grabbed hold of Christel’s arm firmly and pointed to a bench. “You two can wait there. We will just be a couple of minutes.” She said to Christel’s sister and Kyle.

Christel didn’t say anything or struggle as her Mother pulled her along the trail toward a set of three stretching bars. She had no idea what her Mother was doing, but suspected it was not going to be good for her. She tried to look at her Mother’s face, but she couldn’t get a clear look as she was being pushed and pulled along. Finally they stopped in front of the stretching bars and her Mother let go of her arm with a final push toward the middle of the three bars. Christel looked at it puzzled and then turned to her Mother waiting for an explanation she was certain she wouldn’t enjoy.

“Get them down and bend over the middle bar.” Her mother ordered, pointing at Christel’s shorts.

“Not here Mother! Please!” Christel begged in response as she realized her Mother intended to spank her in the park.

“Get them down this instant young lady!” Her mother replied with austerity.

“No! Its not fair!” Christel replied, violently shaking her head from side to side.

“I’m going to count to three and if they are not down I will take them off you myself and you’ll be walking home without them. Understood?” She paused for a moment gauging Christel’s reaction and still seeing defiance in her daughter’s eyes, continued with, “One!”

“No.” Christel whimpered, but her hands went immediately to the button of her shorts and unfastened it. She looked up at her Mother as her fingers grabbed hold of the zipper. She waited hoping for a last minute reprieve.

“Two!” Was her Mother’s only reply.

Christel quickly tugged the zipper down and dropper her shorts all the way to her feet. She quickly turned toward the metal bar and moved a little closer to it. She had to shuffle her feet as she moved because her shorts were confining her leg movements.

“Panties too, young lady! Don’t even think about arguing or this will be the most embarrassing day of your life.” Her Mother interrupted just as she was about to bend herself over the bar.

Christel reached back, closed her eyes tight and yanked her panties down to join her shorts. She wasted no more time and was instantly bent over the cold metal bar that was so conveniently positioned at the height of her waist. The bar dug into her waist as she leaned over reaching for the ground. Christel had never felt so exposed in all her life. She could hear the sounds of children playing and talking, the birds chirping in the trees, and the cars rolling along on the nearby street. Bent over and waiting to be spanked on her bare bottom she was certain the whole world was watching and waiting.

Christel’s Mother pulled a wooden hairbrush out of her purse and stepped up behind her daughter and to the left. She began with a single hard swing to the lower center of Christel’s right buttock. The resulting smack and Christel’s squeal echoed in the trees. The next smack was identical except it was to the left and Christel squealed a little louder. She continued in a similar fashion at a fairly slow tempo. Each smack was aimed and measured to elicit the maximum response from Christel.

After a dozen smacks to each buttock the lower regions of Christel’s bottom was bright red. Her yelps and squeals had attracted plenty of attention and while Christel was oblivious, there was quite a crowd of young children watching through the trees as Mother spanked daughter. Another dozen smacks across each buttock and the hairbrush began leaving its outline indented on her buttocks. Christel began pleading for mercy.

“Please Mother!” Christel cried out between smacks. “No more! Please” And finally Christel fell back on, “I’m sorry!” and, “I’ll be good!” At this last several of the children watching began snickering and even laughing.

Christel’s Mother was determined to make this a good lesson and so she ended the lesson with a final 12 smacks to each of Christel’s upper thighs. Christel howled in pain for each one.

“Stand up and face me, Christel.” Her Mother ordered still stern as the spanking concluded.

Christel was crying too hard to respond in words. She pushed herself up off the bar which was difficult since during the spanking she had slipped to a point where she was wholly suspended by the bar in her middle. As her feet touched the ground again she turned toward her Mother with tears in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. She shuffled quickly to her and threw her arms around her in a bear hug.

“I’m so sorry Mommy.” She cried into her Mother’s shoulder.

“Shhh. Its alright. I forgive you honey.” Her mother responded while stroking her daughter’s hair and holding her tight.

The two stood there embracing for a long moment even after the words had been exchanged. Christel was so comforted in her Mother’s forgiving arms she had all but forgotten she was ‘bear in the park.’

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