“Becca spanks Paul” By levena

Paul had gotten out of work early Friday afternoon; headed home, and immediately jumped into the shower. Forgetting to lock the bathroom door, he turned on his tunes and leaped in, feeling the stress pour off his shoulders from putting out other people’s fires all week; he would melt away in thoughts as the hot shower water started to relieve.
Most days always felt good ending in a hot shower, today would be a little different story though, since everyone forgot to tell Paul, that his wife’s daughter would also be home early Friday afternoon.
As Paul hear his favorite song, ” Shook me all night long” come on the radio, he shuts down the water and, reaches out for his blue and green stripped towel.
“Damn.” Paul thought out loud. “I forgot to grab my towel, from the back of the door.”
Wet, dripping warm water from every inch of his body; Paul makes a mad dash for the bathroom door; swings it opens and turns his wet body straight into the hallway. Not realizing Becca, his step-daughter, had come home already; Paul naked as the day he was born, ran straightforward into Becca’s young teenage body. Naked, embarrassed, and now flush with humiliation.
“Paul!” Becca yelped pausing, staring at him; then looking away giggling and trying not to laugh. What are you doing?”

As soon as she asked the question, Britney becomes conscious to the answer. It was apparent of what he was doing, and Becca rolled her eyes at herself.
She glanced around to make sure no one was listening and then lowered her voice a little, “Forget your towel again?”
Paul gasped and ran directly around her and darted into his, and his wife’s bedroom, slammed the door, and grabbed his towel from behind it. Wrapped it snug around him., and Sitting on the edge of his bed, Paul couldn’t help but put his head in his hands, and wept in silent for a second, OH, the thought of his embarrassment, and immediate future for him, if Becca called either Sammy, “the eldest daughter”, or his wife.
Sammy was Paul’s wife’s oldest daughter, and also had been giving rights to punish Paul, if she felt it was needed. Paul had observed and experienced her punishments time or two, Sammy’s obvious appetite for taking control, and being a woman in charge of things.

Sammy could be mean to her boyfriends, and Paul would quietly listen to her talk to them; then let his mind drift to places it probably shouldn’t, but did when he went to bed that night.
“Paul, I am going to tell my sister!” Paul hears Becca say through the door.
“You’re supposed to remember to take your towel with you.”
“I know Becca, I know, I didn’t know anyone else was coming home.” Paul replies moving his hands from his face and speaking loud enough for someone to hear from the opposite side of the bedroom door.
“Please, I won’t let it happen again, no need to tell.”
“I wanna tell.” Becca says in her girlish feminine voice.
Paul knew the tone well. It was strong and feverish, with the craving of strength, a woman would get when she wanted to delight herself with urges to dominate and spank someone’s ass for being disrespectful, or dishonest to them.
“Is Sammy coming home?” Paul hollered.
“Nope she is staying at a friend’s tonight.  I will call her though and tell her what you forgot to grab again.”
“That’s not necessary Becca.” Paul tried again.
Becca dialed her sister cell phone. Paul listens from the other side of the door. He could hear her mumbling, but could only figure out few words, and the distinct sound of Becca’s laughter. He was not thinking this was funny anymore, and started to get worried, That this could end in a bad situation, for his bottom he wants to sit on all weekend a relax on.
As soon as Paul hears the distinct sound of a muffled goodbye, he stands up and feels the rush of electrified body heat rise through his face and lowermost.
“Okay Paul, my sister says, she cannot come home right now and spank you for your silly forgetfulness.” Paul hears Becca’s voice loud through the closed-door, and felt a sigh of relief.

The relief was so short-lived. The fever ignited as though it was fuel, and sent a searing burning wave through Paul’s body quick, and with fury.
“She however suggests; it would be wise for me to give you some licks with the belt instead.”

“Whha, wh, I what did you say?” Paul muttered.
“Paul you heard what I said, now open the door. I am going to spank you this time.”
Paul had wrapped his towel around him tight, and was standing on the other side dumb founded at what he was just about to have to endure. This was crazier than when his wife gave Sammy the authority to spank him, now even Becca had the permission to strap his butt when she felt it would be needed.
“I, I, I”
“Stop stuttering Paul; get your belt and meet me in the living room.” Becca demanded.
“Lay yourself flat faced on the couch, and then open that towel up, so I can whip you butt.”
Paul heard Becca stomp back down the hall; obviously doing it on purpose so he would hear. He stood froze, “Huh?” he couldn’t stop the boiling of his flesh, it was the intense feeling of humiliation and he was about to whistle out the top of his head.

He opened the door and then stood froze again. It must have been longer then he felt it was, because the screech of his wife’s youngest daughter voice came squeal-hollowing down the hallway.
Paul’s feet started to move faster and he made it to the living room quicker than he thought he would have. That angered sound of Becca’s voice was something he’d never of heard before.

It was fierce and full of order; a demanding expression of full control.
He stood in front her, making eye contact for a blink of a second, handing her his belt, and then immediately looking back to the floor and dashing to just lie down. Paul shoved his face into the couch, so he didn’t have to make contact with her again.

It was humiliating, and he couldn’t believe this was happening; he needed to to get the spanking over, and over quickly.
Paul laid flat on the couch on his stomach, which ached miserably waiting for Becca to start his whipping. His tummy was twisted up, and he felt his bottom scrunch, as Becca opened up his towel to expose his bare buttocks.
How he thought of his reaction when she lashed his bare bottom for the first time with his belt. He had been disrespectful again, and knew there was going to be a consequence.

It had been told to him that if he kept forgetting his towel and having to either have his wife come bring it to him, or if he got caught streaking to their bedroom again to get it, he would get the belt right after getting caught.
Becca seemed happy she was going to get to administer one of those spankings.
Becca holds the belt against Paul’s flesh for just a few moments, letting him anticipate the painful sting that would be delivered by it when the spanking begins. When she finally pulls the implement away, there is a whoosh as it switches back through the air. She halts it back around in a heartbeat, bringing it roaring down across Paul’s butt rondures with force. The impact is racking, sending a burning blaze that cover both cheeks. He had little time to react, before the second, third, fourth and fifth weighty swat landed just a hair below the others. It was a row of crimson belt welts, which were leading to his sit spots, and back of his thighs.
Paul grumbled and then yelped after he felt the belt land several times across his bottom, and the pain from it He couldn’t believe how much Becca could make the sting of his belt hurt.

He found himself hoping he would be able to stay in position for the entire belting. He didn’t get into even more trouble.
As far as Becca was concerned, she can be sixteen and spank her mother’s husband if his behavior merits it. Today, he earned it, so she wasn’t going to be ashamed that she carried out the punishment. She intended to make sure he knew exactly how much trouble, forgetting your towel, can get you into.

She will teach Paul some respect. Disrespecting someone with your nudity in such a rude mannerism,  for sure you will pay with you bottom in Paul’s wife’s house.
Paul got himself into trouble, and he had a very painful punishment waiting for him. Hopefully, the extra embarrassment she planned for him will be enough to shock Paul into never forgetting his towel and miss behaving around Becca again.
WHAP the belt lands solid again and Becca starts scolding,” you should, WHAP-SLAP, be ashamed of, SLAP-LASH, yourself, Paul.” SLAP- WALLOP!
“It is, THWACK -LASH, rude and, SLAP, disrespectful, SLAP, to streak, SLAP- WHACK, through the, SLAP, house naked.” THWACK -LASH!
“My mother, SLAP- WALLOP, has warned, SLAP- SMACK, you about this, and Sammy, said she, SLAP –WHAP, has SLAP-WHAP spanked you twice for this behavior. SLAP-WHAP
SLAP SLAP, I want you, SLAP- WALLOP to get up, SLAP, and go put on, SLAP- SLAP, a sexy pair, SLAP, of my mommy’s panties; SLAP- WHACK then get dressed. SLAP-LASH
I want a new outfit for tonight, SLAP-LASH and you are going to be humiliated, SLAP- WALLOP -LASH, and come and buy it for me, SLAP- WHACK, wearing sexy woman panties, SLAP- SLAP, and watching me try on anything, SLAP-LASH, and everything else I might SLAP-LASH, want.
“GOT IT” Becca then rained about 20 more licks across Paul’s bottom, sending him kicking and whimpering like a little boy.

Shamed and punished hard.

The burn in his bottom was blazing at high temps and Becca showed no mercy.
Paul would never admit out loud, but she even showed her own sister up.

That first spanking Becca gave Paul would never be forgotten, and would be recall for future reference when getting in the shower again without first retrieving his towel.
The added shopping experience was even worse, Paul chose a sexy black pair of lacy panties, they never stayed out of his ass crack, and the itching was horrible, especially when his manhood would swell a little between the cute outfits Becca was putting on, and showing him.

The pain he felt in his bottom from the earlier spanking she gave him, reminded him of a guarantee, his wife will also deliver one when she returns home.
Paul needed to go home, go to bed, whine, and whimper in his humiliation and dreaded anxiety of the next whipping, and find comfort within himself somehow.

9 thoughts on ““Becca spanks Paul” By levena

  1. Hi,
    i am Pauls wife 🙂 i happen to stumble upon your blog by accident and asked Him about you. 🙂 He was very honest and upfront about knowing which i totally love about Him. i subscribe to your blog. im not sure how you get to my blog but its under His crys. i used to blog under a different blog site and lost it all so i told Him i would start blogging again. By the way i love your stories! talk to you soon…. hit me up on yahoo crystalbelt33@yahoo.com *hugs* p.s. i think its great He has friends like you and is able to talk about things with you… i am by no means a jealous wife or anything so have no fear!

    1. Awesome Crys, so glad to have you here at the blog, I will check yours out for sure. So glad you like the stories. I enjoy writing them. Hope to chat.. You are right your husband is a very honest person, and he loves the relationship he has found with you.. Happy reading and “giggles”, spanking.. Maybe we should make a story Crys.

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