“Behavioral Changes” By William “enema training”

By William

One of the most important aspects of a Dominant’s training for a submissive is proper

speaking behavior. There can be no doubt that, when a naughty sub speaks out of turn,

washing their mouth out with soap and water can be a most effective procedure. The

combination of soap and water discipline with strict bare bottom spanking simply

enhances the beneficial effects.

However, I would respectfully like to suggest that soap and water discipline can also be

most effectively applied at the “other end”. I refer, of course, to a properly administered

enema. From long experience I know that this procedure is intensely humiliating and

produces the most positive behavioral changes, especially when a sound bare bottom

spanking has been administered beforehand. Sometimes a hot seat and warm injection go

well together!

The first step is to prepare the enema solution. I recommend filling a glass pitcher with

16 ounces of lukewarm water and then adding two level tablespoons of liquid soap. After

the soap has been added, the water should be stirred until it has achieved a milky


The second step is to put on a rubber glove and, using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly,

administer a careful and lengthy lubrication of the sub’s nether orifice. Next, a hard

rubber nozzle of fair size should be carefully inserted. Smaller nozzles do not give the

same fullness feeling of larger ones and actually most subs prefer one of size. It is

important that the nozzle be inserted to its hilt. Some subs can become difficult to

yielding to the intrusion into their anus. The cure for this recalcitrant behavior is a

reminder of the consequences – larger enema amount, longer retention time, and if

necessary application of the whip.

With the nozzle firmly in place and your subs squirming subsided, you are ready to

administer the enema. This can be done using an enema bag or a bulb syringe. If using a

syringe, the previous notes on the nozzle insertion differ as it is an integral unit. Either

method is equally effective for pumping the intrusive liquid into its desired destination;

it’s a Ladies choice. Many feel the bulb is more personal and humiliating, especially

when draping the sub over your knee.

Whichever method is used, it is most effective if the procedure is done slowly with

frequent pauses during which behavioral and disciplinary issues can be discussed with the

sub who, I assure you, will be in a most compliant frame of mind. But be careful of being

dissuaded from your mission by a submissive’s please who will agree to almost anything

to stop the process. Carry out what you have begun.

The solution is usually tepid warm water, made only mildly cloudy with soap. The more

soap, the stronger the irritant so the whiter the liquid solution became the more obnoxious

the cramping. Elevating the temperature a bit also adds to the cramping. You can also add

to the cramping by rapid introduction of the solution simply by raising the enema bag

higher. Typically, you want the bag held about two feet over the recipient. Raise it to 4

feet and it will go in to their colon with a vengeance. Squeezing the syringe bulb harder

has the same effect. Faster insertion usually has a positive effect on the sub– watch them


After administration of the enema, it should be retained for one half hour for maximum

benefit. Naturally, the sub will require some assistance for this and, to this end (no pun

intended!). I recommend the use of a rubber plug. Handle any sass that the sub may

exhibit during this time with the addition of a mouth soaping. Warn them that excessive

pleas will lead to longer retention times and possible repeat application. That usually

stops the subs whining. If not, using an implement to “heat up” their bottom will always

work. Taking a strapping while filled with an enema is truly a double whammy for a sub!

Other variations can be used to make an enema even more effective as a training or

disciplinary tool. Making your sub hold that enema while performing some simple

motions like squatting down, jumping jacks or even a few push-ups or sit ups will add to

the urgency of evacuation.

For a really wicked enema, warm milk and molasses will teach a wayward sub the cost of

disobedience. A pint or two of warmed milk mixed with 2-4 tablespoons of black strop

molasses will have your sub glued to the toilet for three hours and close to it for twenty-four.

A submissive who endures this punishment will think more significantly of the

consequences of their actions in the future. After all, it comes down to giving your

submissive the ability to make a reasoned decision on their own and weighing the

consequences of negative behavior. If you want to see a demon turned angel, try this

recipe on them once.

The nice thing for a Mistress about a enema is that they require very little effort on the

part of the Lady. The magic of the easy liquid insertion into a subs anus performs most of

the work. Much easier than administering a good ass whipping from my viewpoint! Not

quite sure how the sub feels about it however. They are both good for teaching proper


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