“Chery’l Uncle

Cheryl’s Uncle – The Frame

by Robert

The story you are about to read is a true account. I have waited for a few years before actually putting it to paper however, each time I reflect back on that particular evening I become aroused all over again, so I thought I would share the experience with others who might get as much , or almost as much pleasure reading about it as I did experiencing it first hand. I was living in an apartment complex at the time and these particular units were spaced so close together that it was not difficult to see what was going on in the next door neighbors bedrooms if the proper precautions were not taken. So, as you might already be starting to guess, if you are into voyeurism and fairly harsh domestic discipline, this story is for you. The unit next to mine had been empty for some time. Then, one afternoon my new neighbors were moving in, a man in his mid fifties, Nathan Tanner and his niece Cheryl who had just turned eighteen at the time. Cheryl had shoulder length brown hair and was a bit on the chubby side, especially around the hips. I guess this is what some would call baby fat. Cheryl was very cute nonetheless. I got to know Nathan and Cheryl fairly well and spent a considerable amount of time at their apartment.

Once while getting the grand tour of their apartment Cheryl took me to her bedroom. It was a mess as all teenage girls rooms probably are. Cheryl’s room had a walk in closet and clothes were pretty much everywhere. I also noticed two Velcro type restraint type things mounted on each side of the closet door frame about three-quarters of the way up from the floor. I thought this was a bit odd but then figured this must be some kind of exercise thing kids are into now. At any rate I didn’t ask what it was for. I would find out later. One evening while visiting with Nathan we were having a few drinks in the kitchen. Cheryl was out with some friends. He must have felt comfortable and began discussing how well Cheryl was doing. I mentioned “you have undoubtedly raised her well”. He went on to say that he was a firm believer in corporal punishment and would not hesitate to use the strap if needed even at Cheryl’s current age. I found this quite interesting, to interesting to pass up so I asked just how Cheryl was punished. Nathan explained that he disciplined Cheryl in the same manner as he had been disciplined when growing up. For minor offences his father would apply a razor strop over his clothes. For serious offences he would be taken to his room, instructed to undress and the razor strop would be applied directly to his bare backside. At this point I began to think of eighteen – year old Cheryl committing a serious offence. I couldn’t resist the temptation so I asked Nathan to show me the strap. He got up, opened a drawer and pulled out a brown leather strap. It was about three inches wide and a quarter-inch thick by about two feet long including the handle, which was carved out of the same piece of leather. He informed me that he purchased it on-line shortly after Cheryl came to stay with him ten years ago. “This is why she is doing so well” he said as he put the strap away. The thought of that strap being applied to eighteen – year old Cheryl Tanners naked backside was beginning to arouse me to the point where I really felt the need to relieve myself. I opened another beer, hoping that the alcohol would take the edge off. By now I had a massive erection. After a couple more drinks I excused my self and headed back over to my apartment. I of course masturbated several times throughout the night thinking about what Nathan had told me and imagining Cheryl taking that strap with nothing on.

A few months had passed and although Nathan and I had several similar visits, some at his apartment, some at mine, the subject of Cheryl’s discipline did not come up again. Nathan obviously did not view his punishment of Cheryl with the strap as a sexual kind of thing and I clearly didn’t want him to know that I was excited about it in that kind of context so I thought it best to leave the subject alone. Well, it turns out that the most exciting evening of my life, as I think back about it now, was just about to happen.

One evening I heard some commotion coming from the Tanners so I went on over to see if everything was all right. It turns out that Cheryl and two of her friends had been caught with a bottle of Gin in the girl’s bathroom at school. The bottle wasn’t Cheryl’s but she had clearly taken several swallows. A notice was sent home informing Nathan of the situation and that his niece had been suspended from school for two days. Needless to say, Nathan was furious with Cheryl. As I left to go back to my apartment I heard Nathan instruct Cheryl to go to her room and ready herself for punishment. You can probably imagine the thoughts going through my mind as I heard this. I headed back to my apartment and straight to the extra bedroom upstairs. I made my way over to the window in the dark and cracked the blinds open just enough to see out. The window of my extra bedroom faced directly across the way to the window of Cheryl’s bedroom. I was in fantastic luck. Although the blinds were drawn they were also cracked open enough to afford me an excellent view into the bedroom. The light was on and Cheryl was in the process of getting undressed. At the time I arrived, she was in her bra and jeans. I was of course instantly aroused. Unfortunately in all the excitement and anticipation I forgot that I had to go to the restroom really bad. I didn’t want to tear away from that window but nature was more than calling at this point and I had no choice.

When I returned, things had progressed in Cheryl’s bedroom. Cheryl Tanner was now completely naked. She was standing in the door frame of her closet facing inside. Nathan was in the process of restraining her arms in the Velcro restraints attached to the door frame. So this is what these things were for. When both arms were secured Nathan left the room. Cheryl was still free to move her arms but the restraints prevented her from reaching back behind her. This was of course for the purpose of preventing interruptions when the strapping was being administered. I gazed at those beefy tender bare buns as Cheryl stood in position awaiting her punishment. The door to her room opened and in stepped Nathan with the brown leather strap he had showed me a few months back. He spoke a few words to Cheryl then positioned himself behind his niece in preparation to begin the punishment. After a few seconds pause, he went to work. The strap cracked across both cheeks of Cheryl’s bare ass. A second or so then again “CRACK”. This continued for several strokes “CRACK” followed by a second or so pause then “CRACK”. Man did those tender beefy cheeks really dance with each swift stroke of that brown leather strap, “CRACK” it didn’t take very long for the tears to begin streaming down Cheryl’s face as her uncle applied the strap. Cheryl began to struggle against the restraints, trying to reach back but she couldn’t. Nathan Tanner continued the punishment “CRACK” both cheeks of Cheryl’s bare backside now a solid deep crimson “CRACK”, the tears flowing heavily.

Finally, it ended. Nathan laid down the strap and released his niece’s arms from the restraints. Cheryl turned around giving me a full frontal view. She had a massive thatch of pubic brown pubic hair between her thighs. Nathan took the strap and left the room closing the door behind him. Cheryl stood there for a few moments rubbing and trying to alleviate some of the burning pain. Cheryl then grabbed some pajamas from her dresser and went into the bathroom. When she came out she was in her pajamas. She turned out the light, left her room and went down stairs. At this point I just stood at the window reflecting back on what I had just witnessed. Now of course, I never let on to Nathan or Cheryl that I had witnessed Cheryl’s punishment. I didn’t see the need to subject either of them to that kind of shame or embarrassment. Although I realize that what I witnessed was a very private family matter and was wrong for me to watch, tell me what spanking enthusiast would have been able to not watch. Be honest.

Soon after the incident, my job called for me to move across the country and as I mentioned at the beginning, this was several years ago. I thought that after all this time other readers might enjoy hearing about what I had the opportunity to experience first hand. So, hope you have enjoyed.


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